Jan 11, 2015

R.I.P. - John Glenn Machaffie - nesaranews Google Blogger

Blog Status & Johnnie's Operation

Update: there has been a terrible tragedy today Johnnie was doing fine day 1 and day 2 of his recovery but 3:30 today he had to be in the ER due to complications after his heart rate dropped below 30 he had to be sent into a 2nd surgery to install a pacemaker.

The surgery was successful but in the ICU recovery his heart muscle just couldn't take it and he died 3:30 pm 1/10/2015 of cardiac arrest. The family is deeply saddened and shocked by this sudden turn of events and is recovering and grieving over this loss. John however is in a better place now and his achievements and legacy now live within me and all of you. We appreciate any support you guys might have and all your prayers that you've given and we shall endure over this sudden loss. God bless you all and God Bless Skip. - John Glenn Machaffie 

From: Popeye

To: All
Regarding: Our / My friend John
I got up this morning and realized my morning visit with John was no more. I first met John about 3 years ago.... I was in the shower when he first called me .... I turned the shower off and answered the phone ..... John was calling me to see what my housing for the poor and wounded veterans was all about .... Ever since then I have spoken to him almost every day.  If there were words and statements to describe John MacHaffie, it was SUPER Patriot, a leader by example, a doer, wanting to help others, a listener, an achiever.  He was a friend I never met in person but looking forward to meeting and combining projects to help our nation's people.  There were those that some times never saw things John's way, but they were always the ones sitting on their rears taking potshots and never doing a lick to help out.  John has been there for us ever since he started NESARA Blog, and he poured his ALL into it.... I have not agreed with him on everything, but the man was a people's champion for ridding the world of the dirt bags that are trying to kill us any way they can.  Something not all of you are aware of ...... and that was John had several threats on his life for telling the truth ... He always told them where to go and how to get there. I had 3 very special friends in my life, and John was the one I never got a chance to meet face to face. Somehow for John we need to see how we can keep NESARA up.... Yeshua, please look after John, as he does not need to do NESARA in Heaven.
John could very well be one of the folks on this tune ........ 
John, my friend, you will surely be missed ........

The Split In Reality - January 11, 2014

Carlos Tavares

Contributor, ZenGardner.com

As within so without!

Our mindset, beliefs and attitude literally shape and create the external material world. What is happening in the world right now is rather interesting to say the least. As the one “group” sinks further into density, duality and consciousness the other group (a much smaller minority) continues to awaken spiritually.

These two very different mindsets grow further and further apart daily. Once you start to awaken to the power within there is no turning back, even if the body ego fights back and often times you have a stall, where there is no movement in evolution. In the end evolution and change are inevitable and it will kick in again.

So the one side do not want to delve into the spiritual aspects of humanity. They seek immortality and total power and control through technology and the merging of technology into the human body, commonly called “Transhumanism”. But even this can backfire badly if they give away too much power to Artificial Intelligence. Because “AI” would work on pure logic alone and what humanity is doing to this planet is totally illogical. By destroying so much you will soon destroy yourself. The machines would soon see the humans as the greatest threat to everything else and eliminate them. This group may also include the people that do not want to take responsibility for everything in their lives. They are quite happy to run the existing program and continue to be slaves. (Their present programming is INCAPABLE of opening up to new concepts.) The elite will always need slaves to do their bidding, until even the slaves get eliminated and replaced with machines. Then finally the elite themselves will be taken out by the machines! A dead end in consciousness! Unless some how the machines become so advanced that they themselves can contribute to consciousness.

The awakening ones are starting to realize that the power of the Gods is within them. The power of the fully-awakened mind and spirit to do and create anything, anything at all, through focused intent then fuelled into creation by the energy and power of source energy. Even immortality then just becomes a side-effect of this new state of mind.

These two very different groups are then creating two very different amalgamations of frequencies. We can visualize this as two bubbles of frequency or realities. It would certainly make sense that these two bubbles will drift further and further apart eventually creating two different completely separate realities, totally removed from each other. How this will turn out to happen “materially” we can only imagine. The thing is it has already and continues to happen mentally and spiritually and at any point should manifest materially. We know that a thought form takes a little time to drop into our material frequency but if it has already happened spirituality then for sure that freight train is coming down!



Dansk forsvarspolitik, politi og efterretningsvæsen i cahoots med USA - the untouchable society

Udgivet den 11. Januar af verdensalt.dk

Læs også: USA's marionetdukke & tro væbner - Danmark version 2014

"The Untouchable Society" sætter dagsorden med rigdom, stormagtfordele,  teknologiske- og militære overlegenhed, mens danske teflon politikkere i årtier, ikke tør bøje af, bruge vores værktøjskasse af dekreter, veto, fastholde en vis integritet eller sund værdisæt   

Vi kan lige så godt lade være med at benægte det. Danmark er en af USA's ældste allierede som har formålet at amerikanisere vores kultur, viden og de varer vi køber og i visse tilfælde har været underlagt deres dominans, for at fremme vores indflydelse på verdenscenen og beholde vores AAA ratings. De danske regeringsledere igennem tiden,  bejler og gejler for opmærksomhed hos den amerikanske administration, lobbyister til magtfulde virksomheder, men det er ikke altid solen det skinner tilbage mod Dannevang, vi er små og ikke strategiske vigtige nok.   

Vidste du Danmark anerkendte USA allerede i 1792, og der var en dansk diplomatisk repræsentation i USA allerede i 1801?. I 1827 kom der så en amerikansk diplomatisk repræsentation i Danmark. Kun afbrudt af Tysklands besættelse af Danmark under 2. Verdenskrig har Danmark og USA været nære allierede i hele perioden og især eftertiden hvor begge lande var med til at stifte NATO. Den dag i dag er samarbejdet i NATO, hvor begge lande er nøglemedlemmer, en hjørnesten i forholdet mellem de to lande.

I 1947 blev USAs diplomatiske repræsentation i Danmark ophøjet til ambassade. I forhold til landets størrelse er ambassaden i København ret stor. Den er den ubetinget største udenlandske repræsentation i Danmark og huser en række regionale hovedkontorer, blandt andet State Departments videnskabs- og teknologiafdeling, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Homeland Security og FBI-kontoret. Dansk-amerikansk forening DIF blev stifter tilbage i 1922,
danskere har flere by-steder i USA, så som Solvang i Santa Barbara County (besøgt flere gange),
Danish Windmill Elk Horn, Iowa USA (Spise med Price). Statsministeren og gud-ved-hvem-ellers holder taler ved den årlige Rebildfestival, for markere det stærke venskab og de kulturelle bånd mellem mennesker i USA og Danmark. 2012 fejrede de 100-årsdagen.

Jeg er slet ikke i tvivl om, vi er "fanget" i det game som kommer direkte fra den amerikanske kutur, men også de geopolitiske "hemmelige" aftaler vi har med USA siden oprettelsen af Thule basen på Grønland. USA er verdens største supermagt, som er styret af en skjult dagsorden, indtil videre ihvertfald. Spørgsmålet er om hvorvidt vi går ned sammen med USA, når vi vælger at nurse og pleaser, vende tomefingren nedad til Rusland og dermed også BRIC alliancen? Medlemskabet hos magteliten og de tætte relationer til USA er ikke for hvem som helst jo. 

Thrive Movement: Extraterrestrials — Imagine the Possibilities January10, 2015

By Foster Gamble

I loved your movie, THRIVE, but I really wish you had left out the part on ETs,” he said.

I was preparing for a screening of our documentary at a national Occupy conference, and the A/V tech was sharing this reflection with me.

“I know what you mean,” I told him. “A lot of people have something they wish we had left out, but each has a different idea about what that should be — free energy, conspiracy, banking schemes, even liberty. Our mission was to connect the many dots to help people see the pattern that makes sense of otherwise seemingly bizarre individual topics.”

“I just thought it undermined your credibility,” he continued.

“Actually, not holding back on what we know has seemed to add an element of trust toward us, since clearly we were being true to ourselves and not some political agenda. A remarkable array of people from very high up in the hierarchy of corporate, science, government, military, intelligence or financial institutions contacted us after THRIVE precisely because we did include mention of ETs as part of what needs to be considered in the big picture of global transformation.”

He still thought most people weren’t ready for it.

As we were finishing our conversation, I sensed someone waiting behind me. I turned to see a young woman eager to talk.

“I drove 5 hours to meet you,” she said, “…and to thank you. Your film had a huge impact on my life.”

“Wow, I’m glad to hear it, how so?” I asked.

“I have been having periodic ET contact for several years now. My parents and friends assumed I had gone crazy and wanted to shun, medicate or lock me up. When THRIVE came out I asked them all to view it with me and afterward, finally, they started taking me and the whole issue more seriously.”

I can’t overstate how many interactions we at Thrive Movement have had of this nature. So I want to take a few minutes to share some of my personal reflections on the issue of our having some possible cosmic brothers and sisters.

One of the most important guide words in my quest has been “MAYBE…” So let’s consider for a moment: