Jul 27, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (The Great Awakening) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟#HOLDTHELINE: Anti-Vaxxers Versus Big Pharma (we are strong together)🌟] .. |

🔭🌪️⛈️ ~ (Is Monsoon rain normal in EU? Absolutely NOT!) HAARP as a space-based weapon of mass destruction? HAARP & DEW Activity Over Europe? Conducted by high-tech Norwegian ‘HAARP antenna farm’ - the EISCAT Ramfjordmoen facility? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉England, Poland and now Denmark, is the latest countries after Germany, Belgium, Holland and Austria to be hit with FLOODS! Now India, China and Ukraine at the same time?👈] ... All we know is, that following a cross-volley of interpretations of the Dec. 9, 2009 blue-green light vortex over Norway on the eve of Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech (Russian missile; ETs destroying Russian missile), two researchers have independently posited that HAARP, a space-based weapon of mass destruction one of whose antenna fields is close to the site of the Norwegian spiral light... PS: I have experienced many bad weatherstorms, Florida Thunderstorms, was the worst. Then in Morocco and Caribbean. But nothing, could be compared to (HAARP injected) Harvey, Irma and Maria or Typhoon In-fa (Typhoon Fabian) that has hit Taiwan (China)... |



AP: Nov. 9, 09 spiral light at Tromso, Norway


Norway torsion map


HAARP antenna site near Tromso, Norway

👼 ~ 💗 (Grounding) What does grounding mean for your quality of life? How to make a bad day better, with small spiritual baby-steps (SoTW Archive) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🙇I'm sorry beautiful light beings, SoTW, cannot always hold your hand around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart!! 💞] ... 💭I know what you're thinking - it's too darn easy sitting on (my) spiritual keister and post anonymously, day after day, on a blog, without conveying its messages through an open forum, on youtube or holding seminars, like Anthony Robbins, awaken the inner giant in others... It's easier said than done when you are a private person facing loneliness on the spiritual path and a minority in a society that does not praise spirituality, openness, living the art and virtue of defenselessness... In a dysfunctional society, which knowingly rejects the existence of our extraterrestrial ancestors and fact-truth-giving conspiracies. Don't forget that we all hold the truth inside, recovering empath lovely sensitive, introverted or extroverted, but not ego-narcissistic. Verdensalt.dk do (also) writes about things that our "deep (dark) state" does not like. Themes and Topics may appear 'negative' but are just a deep basic understanding of fact giving - in our 3-D Matrix of Illusion, that we all live in. The question that you probably have to ask yourself is: What is Fake News, alternative facts, source criticism, post-factual, lies and rumors? As REIKI healer (although I am not inaugurated REIKI master) I know how hugely important it is to be grounded to Mother Earth / GAIA. I don't always reach every single meditation, every day, but affirmations and positive thinking - is my guide to active positivity manifestations. LET US RECEIVE OUR DAILY SHOTS OF HEARTLY GROUNDING TO FIND 'OUR' OWN INTERNAL TRUTH 💙❤️💚💛💜💗 ... |

 From: https://www.verdensalt.dk/2020/08/grounding-what-does-grounding-mean-for.html#more

Spirituality - the quality of being concerned with the human spirit (with Alien DNA) or Soul as opposed to material or physical things...

Our Spirit Guides has stated it very clearly. We are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. That means, we are all spiritual beings. If you believe there is more than life itself in the present of now, then in my book, you are becoming aware of one's own spiritual state. Spirituality is not a religion. It does not come from your parents or Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking (just an example). Spirituality arises from somewhere deep inside you (HIGHER SELF or SOUL). It's a inner belief taking root in the heart, without having any visible evidence or proof of why. We have all agreed to stay on earth in this "present-moment-awareness" to experience our Five Senses. That also means, we need to listen to what our thoughts, intuition and gut feeling and act on it. When you learn to actually listen to the inner voice, the result will inevitably be - changes. Because life itself in our 3D Matrix of illusion, begins to fall apart. You begin to questioning everything that surrounds you, what we been taught in school, news media, parents, government and politicians, religion beliefs. Next thing - rollercoaster emotions - angry, fearful, , disappointed, confused, exhausted. Determine to understand. Fear holding You back? Break free from the chains of fear and begin to explore...

Verdensalt.dk (SoTW):

(1-minute grounding meditation -Ask your guides, ascended masters or guardian angels, to assist you)

  • Take a seat with your feet on the ground. Eyes closed and hands were it feels comfortable
  • Take a deep breath in. Feel your body as you inhale
  • Take a long breath out. Notice your body as you exhale 
  • Try incorporating a set inhale-exhale ratio (3 times or as you feel comfortable)
  • Follow your breath in and out
  • Rest your mind on your belly or your chest or at your nostrils
  • Just be aware as you breathe in and aware as you breathe out
  • Kindly ask to be joined with the inner Earthly Star of Gaia and to be grounded with her
  • Say thanks and send LOVE to the healing your have receive from above 

    2. (Extended grounding - Ask your guides, ascended masters or guardian angels, to assist you)

    🤩🤫😩 ~ (Almost) Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World (SoTW Archive 2015) ~ | 10-15 min reading time | Blogger: [👨⚖️You Be The Judge, but do not be like Judge Dredd or Judge Judy. Do The Inner Fight - Ego vs True Self - Whoopi Goldberg vs. Jeanine Pirro👩⚖️] ... 😱 Have you recently been awaken from the beauty sleep, this Face-off, might come as a CHOCK and your EGO power center, shaking out of fear. Imagine if you could convince the Conscious Compartmentalizing, that 'our controllers' has manipulated us for a century... Before you play jack-in-the-box, swearing its all FAKE, perhaps even manufactured by Gray Cardinal (Putin ) & 70-Year-Old Toddler (Trump) and their Administration, please reconsider... PS: Sorry about the missing pictures...|

     Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World

    Source (HAR)

    Everything is fake in our society today – or at least a great many things are. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. 

    The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. The idea that virtually everything is fake can be empowering rather than depressing. 

    Sure, we’ve all felt overwhelmed, sad, angry and impotent at times when we’ve seen just how easily our (mis)leaders can fool the masses with sophistry and empty rhetoric, but they’ve all been placed there to challenge us to wake up more quickly and fully, and reclaim our world.

    Here’s my list of the top 40 pieces of fakery in our world today:

    1. Fake News

    Let’s begin with the MSM (Mainstream Media), better called the lamestream media, and their “news”, which is essentially corporate infotainment. The MSM waters down the news and makes it entertaining to further distract people from things of real significance. 

    There is nothing balanced, impartial or fair about MSM news. In the US, Australia and many other Western nations, the news is dominated by a handful of for-profit corporations who are legally bound to provide a return on investment to their shareholders. 

    This means running “news” pieces which either promote the agenda of the corporate owners (especially the military agenda) or censoring stories which would hurt political allies and advertisers (like Big Pharma, who is the biggest contributor of funds for advertising on MSM according to former US Senator Robert Kennedy Jr.).

    Additionally, the news is literally fake – remember the CNN green screen stunt where they pretended they were being bombed in Saudi Arabia but were really in a studio? What about lying news anchos like Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly (Bill O’Leilly)?

    Evidence that the Main Stream Media is fabricating news for propaganda reasons:

    1. CNN caught producing fake news during the Gulf War;
    2. CNN caught producing fake news during the Syrian conflict;
    3. CNN caught producing fake news during Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon "Bombing";
    4. Former CNN journalist: "CNN is paid by foreign and domestic government agencies for specific content";
    5. FOX News - and all other news agencies - are 'corporate persons' and can LEGALLY LIE their viewers;
    6. New York Times openly admits MSM stories are scripted by the White House;
    7. MSM censored/ignored a shocking admission of highest level Turkish false flag against Syria, which would have triggered a war between the two nations;

    2. Fake Journalism

    Alongside fake news, of course, comes equally fake journalism. MSM journalists today are not the true investigative reporters of yore. There are exceptions such as journalists who used to work for the MSM Big 6 and are now working independently (either leaving of their own volition or having been fired) such as Ben Swann and Sharyl Attkisson

    However, they are few and far between. Most journalists function as little more than parrots repeating the corporate party line, and are too scared to rock the boat for fear of losing their jobs. 

    The White House strictly controls who has “access” to the President and other officials. In general, if you want more access, you have to toe the line and ask easy, softball questions that make politicians look good.

    Additionally, the Government admitted it made video news releases or prepackaged news for the MSM, which then broadcast these releases as “news” without disclosing to its viewers that the pieces were premade by the Government!

    3. Fake Entertainment

    💣🏦💱 ~ (Hvorfor forlod jeg den finansielle sektor?) Var med til at opbygge én af de største Cisco-netværk i bank-EU, samt dealer-stationer. Startede som supporter af Win95, senere tekniker af OS/2 Servere til Cisco Firewalls og overall produktionsinfrastruktur, som Network Engineer. Koordinator, PM, TSM, CM og andre stillinger (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉GEBYR-SCAMMERS & BANKERS INTRANET-FORVIRRING - hvad må du sige til kunderne!!👈] ... Set i bagspejlet, var det nu også en klog beslutning?... Sad lunt i svinget. Startede i Fujitsu ICL Sorbus (tror jeg nok det hed, hedder) under Microsoft, senere Falck Care, under IBM med OS/2 og IBM produkter. Sad med nogle hardcore drenge, venner med de Finske Linux-nørder. Senere, var jeg heldig, at komme direkte ind i Netværksafd., uden en civilingeniør- og eller dataloguddan. Arbejdede stortset i døgndrift for banken, troede på det, uvidende, at jeg arbejde for GoldMan SLachs, Vampyr Squid (og Deres masters - Rådenchilds). Fik også tilbudt en stilling som PM i Nationalbanken, men lugtede det var kedelig og konservativt, men kunne have været et job, for livet.. Med en god startløn (altid vigtig) fik jeg til sidst, 60K om mdr. godt hjulpet af fagforenings årlige lønstigning og tillæg til lønnen. 7 ugers ferie. Frihed under ansvar. Hj.arbejdsplads. Free-seating. Flextid. Hjælp til stress og sygdom. Gode forsikringsordninger, udlandsrejser og alle de udd. jeg ville have m.v... Tjooo, måske, måske var det ikke en klog beslutning, men kunne ikke mere, ondt i hoved og trist at gå på jobbet, hver dag!.. Jeg var nok kørt mentalt træt efter 20 i samme storbank (10 år udliciteret til IBM DK) og 5 år som konsulent for en anden storbank.. For mig, handlede det om min egen spirituelle udviklings- og opvågningsproces. Og tilmed, at træde helt ud af samfundetsordenen, som en prøveklud, for at se, hvad der fandtes på den anden side af vor 3-D Matrix af illusionen, har været en fantastisk oplevelse, men også ret hårdt. Var måske lidt for naiv at tro på, at efter 2012-fænomenet, brydningstiden og Mayakalenderen, der går videre mod afsløringer, der ville komme et massivt skift i Bankbranchen og vi fik indført, GESARA og NESARA og mine sølvmønter, blev guld-værd (de er dog 85% mere værd end jeg har givet).. [LÆS VIDERE]... PS: Neeej, du kan ikke regne med, jeg jobbede for de banker, på billedet... |

    Får vi snart bankernes længe ventede kontantløs Krypto Digital Statsbank med Digitale Konto-penge? Eller findes det allerede?


    Har måtte sige farvel til min kone og hendes datter, Rosa, som kaldte mig far. Min energi-frekvens stig opad, hendes egen, nedad, indtil hun gravede et hul i jorden og begyndte at lade sin frustration, gå ud over sin datter, og der sluttede festen, for mig (Pas nu på SoTW med smukke østlændinge)

    ...Nu, hvor jeg sidder alene, i princippet arbejdsledig, uden penge på hånden, som u-vaxxed, ikke kan komme på restaurantbesøg indendørs, i svømmehallen, på fitness og snart, ikke længere rejse, uden CV-pas, bekymrer mig lidt.

    Men har åbenbart underskrevet den guddommelige kontrakt, at det er min skæbne lige nu, som spirituel-influencer-ish...

    PLUDSELIGT gik det op for mig, hvem jeg arbejdede for... 

    Cibor-snyd, hvidvask, skattely, panamapapers, bøder, ECB-krav, FCC, Audit, rigide processer og administrations-mareridt, nye likviditetskrav, finansiering af terrorisme, giftige realkreditobligationer, fup med subprime realkreditlån, kreditkriser, imageproblemer og ikke mindst, "Direktionsskift" er lig med organisationsrotationer (HELE tiden). 

    Intranettet var plastrede med ting vi ikke måtte sige og om ting, vi måtte sige, under disse enorme perioder med stor mediedækning og skandaler... og Bankfolk var RASENDE...  

    Snyd, bedrag og hamburg skabte enorme frustrationer, men også en del stress blandt os, lønslaver - vi skulle nemlig, rende hurtige, fordi nogle, 'snyd' systemet, blandt generalerne med stjerner på. 

    'New Normal', siger du sikkert, men det går ALTID ud over dem på gulvet, mens lederne slipper fri. 

    Den amerikaniserede cost-benefit analyse/model inkorporeres stille og rolig i MUS-samtalerne, både i det private og offentlige system, hvor alt bliver endevendt, scoreskalaen, og hvordan du bedst betjener aktionærernes mulighed for at tjene flest penge, de næste fem år, ind i fremtiden (hvem kan svare på det spørgsmål?). 

    Et IBM'sk implementering af 'Business Conduct Guidelines' - hvor du skal underskrifte alt, lige fra kodeks for forretningsadfærd og etik til, at du ikke selv bidrager til hvidvask. Det er det 'nye norm' i realkredit, forsikrings- og finansielle sektor, i Danmark og DET BLIVER KUN, VÆRRE.... |

    ♻️🤥🤦 ~ (Taget godt og grundigt i røven!) Bøvser, prutter og kokasser: Elektrificering, Biokul, CO2-lagring, fyrtårnsprojekt & Power-to-X, Hockeystav, Fatamorgana & Fugle på taget. Mæætte-HunDragen er væk i en sommerferie-sæk fyldt med blæk og statsministereffekt! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜"En kineser spiser et forkølet bæltedyrs røvhulshul, og så har vi balladen" ~ Kirsten Birgit🤛] ... Alt imens, forbereder, #DenFalskeKlimaDanBaron, #TotalteaterMogens (22 klimatips) DerParodiereNyrup og #LeaVæmmelig - BaronessenFraBenzintanken et GIGANTISK FUPNUMMER, som redder Dannevang og den elefantastiske beretning om Baron Munchausen' LØGNEN og #Coronakrisen! 81 Hip hip hurra! og så de 15 korte HU!... For ikke så langt tid siden, præsenterede Damernes NøgenModel kommunisterne North Sea Wind Power Hub som en ren overskudsforretning uden behov for statsstøtte. Nu viser det sig, at de gigantiske vindmøller og energiøen, kommer til at koste Danskere 210 mia. kr... Den gik så bare ikke, nu har de en ny løsning; fangst og lagring af CO2 som skal starte, i 2025, og dermed, afsætte de 210 millioner kroner fra forskningsreserven til undersøgelserne af den danske undergrund. HVOR FÅR DE ALLE PENGENE FRA OG HVAD BLIVER DEN ENDLIGE REGNING NÅR REGERINGEN ER VÆK OG BORTE I 2025 OG EN NY LØSNING ER PÅ BORDET?... Fremtiden ser SORTfossil ud: Corona, Krigskasse eller Klima? Hvem skal nu betale - Coronakrisen kommer til at efterlade en gigantisk milliardregning til den danske befolkning... Det kan godt være i VISSE henssender, vi ALDRIG skal tilbage til tiden før Coronaen, for det ville hverken mennesket eller klimaet OVERLEVE, men hvad gør den kommunistiske regering for KLIMAET, lige nu, ikke i 2025 og 2030??? Ikke en skid, fordi, de har ikke en jante... 🙎DU er en skændsel 5GKlimaDan og BognørdenDiez, er både naiv og forblindet usammenhængende individ, der burde kigge sig selv i spejlet... Bliver man klogere på verden, hvis man har en Ph.d.-uddannelsen eller læser mange bøger? Neeej... Verdensalt har haft 16 år i skole og 25 i bankbranchen og ikke blevet klogere, af den grund, det var først, da jeg brød ud af vor 3-D matrix af illusionen... (husk på det hele er (lidt) for sjovt - er bedøvende ligeglad hvad politikere og Deres unge kvins går og laver - det hele er alligevel fup og svindel)... |

    "Aftalen, der skal sende CO2 der fjernes fra røgen og puttes tilbage i undergrunden. Partierne er enige om at afsætte 210 millioner kroner fra forskningsreserven til undersøgelserne af den danske undergrund. - Vi har muligheden for at udvikle en helt ny industri, som kan eksportere klimaneutrale brændstoffer til resten af verden."


    Katherine Diez havde en ph.d. på ønskelisten til sin kommende mand - sådan en havde Dan Jørgensen ifølge wikipedia også. I hvert fald indtil klokken 01:13 i nat.


    👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra - Always Above) Ponder This… (GAOG) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) Ponder this... 📑"There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden"📑 (David Wilcock and Corey Goode Consciousness Life Expo 2016)... 🙏PS: Sorry, this is my personally experience and don't get me wrong, SoTW, have been a steady follower of GAOG and in my last 10 plus years I'll learn to trust what is bad and what is good for my self-awareness that is the conscious state of running that simulation on your own mind... One thing is Len Satov is Canadian, okay! SoTW have been in retreat with Linda Dillon from Council of Love, amazing experience and listen to the many channelings from Mike Quinsey etc.. GAOA (goldenageofgaia.com) is also runned by Canadians, sure! Steve Beckow is founder of the Golden Age of Gaia (formerly 2012 Scenario) who still believe former President Obama is a Saint, Savior and not a Satanist (perhaps because Steve himself is a gay person?). GAOG still push reports from ZAP Office Of Poofness, surely is a SCAM and Cliff High and his followers that are (still) in war and haterism flourishing with James on the ECETI Ranch, which SoTW have meet in person. Aaand, lastly, they sent out repeats of call-out for Prayers and Rain needed for Wildfires in BC - what about prayers for the whole world in dire straits from floods and droughts? All I'm saying, take only what is resonating with you and your higher-self, and leave the rest, behind. And please learn by your mistakes - SoTW - get surprised every day, what I thought was the truth, is a big fat lie... Beg my pardon, GAOG, don't take it personally, but Canada, is not the center of the Universe... |

    ©️ Verdensalt.dk SOTW
    -- wondering what the (One, Unity, Humanity, One) logo is about? It's the official logo of
    Citizens of Asgardia - breakaway civilization (no that i trust it anymore)

    📑 (..).. "There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden. What we’re talking about here is a secret space program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public. But a program that was paid for by the public. When you look at the Apollo moon missions, the Vietnam war, etc, it was all money laundering to fund these programs. Lower level secret space program is funded from money laundering operations on Earth, but the higher level programs are self-funded via their own trading platforms with other groups and ET races. [These higher level groups would be called breakaway civilizations because they are no longer dependent on society to achieve their goals.] During the crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 the government grabbed technology and reverse engineered it, but kept it secret so it can be exploited by this hidden group. But one person broke through the ranks and is spilling the beans, as an insider and whistleblower, that’s Corey"..(..)📑


    Ponder This…

    July 26, 2021 by Len Satov

    There are about 400 billion stars in our galaxy (and The Milky Way is not a particularly large galaxy).

    There are about 2 trillion galaxies in the universe.

    There are about 100 billion planets in our galaxy.

    The leading version of string theory in physics predicts a multiverse, in up to 11 dimensions made of up to 10 to the 500 universes. That’s a one followed by 500 zeroes.

    These numbers are so vast that we can’t really get a sense of how vast. Maybe this will give you a bit of a feel for the unimaginable scale of all this:

    1 million seconds equals 11.5 days
    1 billion seconds equals 31.7 YEARS!
    1 trillion seconds equals 31,700 years!

    So when you’ve pondered this unimaginable vastness for a bit, do you think we humans are the only sentient life forms in all of this?

    But then, no worries. It’s also been postulated, if not proven absolutely, that this, time and space, are all an llusion anyway.

    Have an expansive day!


    ⛱️⛓️💉 ~ ('Last summer of freedom: 1% = 10,991 Death = 1 million on VAERS') 1 MILLION OR MORE DEAD. THEIR SCREAMS ARE BEING SILENCED BY THE MEDIA. IT IS MURDER. IT IS GENOCIDE (12 min video by HerbalGurl & STFN) ~ | Blogger: SoTW is not here to push any agenda. My sole purpose is to investigate, analysis, document, reveal, disclose, inform and make followups etc. etc. And yes, commenting and opinions expressed are sometimes solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of others. But I do try to always have links to reports both from Lame Stream Media platform and Alternative Media... I have learned to trust my instinct, discard my ego defense mechanisms and be open-minded fearless being. YES, everything you read on the internet (that includes verdensalt.dk) has part truth, part falseness (CIA are masters of deception - Media Operation Mockingbird)... BUT, you 👉yes YOU! must go out and explore, do research, meet people yourselves, not just eat every bit of information you can get from the internet, blogs and MSM media... PS: (STFN) stands for "Stranger Than Fiction News" with Ron Johnson and very popular in the alternative media platform... |


    💯🆗😃 ~ (Top Viral Video of The Day) Great 4 min video for people just starting to question the Scamdemic (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤛25 Q: "If there really is a pandemic..."🤛] ... 'They' will NEVER EVER stop this Plan[Demic] because then they loose the power and control over the world population... DID YOU KNOW, that The New York Times, is pushing for George W. Bush to be the US vaccine envoy??... Yes, same guy, known for starting unwinnable wars and turning the world against the US, and personally engaged in the planning of September 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, have long tried to secure him a more favorable place in history. Now they think they have one: Covid-19 vaccine envoy. The “Bush” family was created to destroy America and IV Reich in the USA - George Bush Sr aka Scherf - The Rockefeller & Nazi connections... |