Feb 5, 2022

👼 ~ 💓(January 50 solar flares. Feb big event US Pluto return on February 22, 2022. Full moon on 16th energy blast as the August 2017 Great American eclipse) February 2022 Energy Report (EOL) 💕 ~ |

February’s big event is the US Pluto return which is exact on February 22, 2022. Remember this is a global Pluto return, it is not just happening in the US. What happened from 1762 to 1778, when Pluto was previously in Capricorn, was a global social change that ushered in the concept of individual sovereignty, individual rights, the abolishment of monarchies, and the establishment of national independence.

What did you think of January’s energy? It certainly went out with a fiery blaze of more than 50 solar flares in the last few days, igniting the spark of awakening and community that is circling the globe. If the energies of joy and freedom are calling you now, it is time to answer them.

In the 2022 Predictions I wrote that the energy theme of Self Ideation would encourage us to seek greener pastures, to find ways to shine our light more brightly, to be open to new potentials, and to wipe away the limitations we believe stand between us and becoming Empowered Masters. That path opens up in February. Are you ready for more joy and freedom in your life? I sure am and we can get started on this new project this month and you can learn all about it in the February Energy Report.


January went by rather quickly and it was a very eventful month. You may not have felt that there was a lot going on but we need to consider what is happening energetically, the activity below the surface of our awareness, whose results are not immediately obvious to us but that are creating powerful undercurrents for transformation.

During the last few days of January the Sun was very active with dozens of solar flares erupting, sending us bright rays of encouragement and the high vibe energy that will empower February’s huge potential for awakening, transformation, and restitution. It’s also the Chinese New Year and we usher in the year of the Tiger, a very fitting mascot for this month.

◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯ ~ (They're trying to work inside fastest sleepers zombie graphene honeycomb snowflakes "Hive Mind") THE 2022 OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY EXPOSED AS A HIVE MIND RITUAL! (A Call For An UPRISING) ~ | Blogger: Same "Fastest Sleepers" will also buy into the Chinese influencers, e.g. Li Jiaqi (small fresh meat), who sells for more than 1,5 billion dollars in 12 hours, beauty products in China... As you already know, The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 was creepy on so many different levels explained to us all what was coming (Corona pandemic). The "Illuminati", for the lack of a better word, is required by their hand manual to show you and me what their intensions are, in plane sight. And yes, there's many many claims circulating that the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 gene-therapy vaksines is around 99% graphene oxide. Graphene has the same structure as honeycomb. Neural network=hive mind? Using our (their) neurons to build the biggest biocomputer? Dove sacrifice to the Devil. Hand over the Heart represents a reminder of the Masonic obligation of silence from the Fellowcraft. Snowflake-shaped cauldron, snowflake six pointed star pattern equals supreme symbol of Satanic tyranny, the 6-pointed star or Hexagram is a Masonic Symbol or Mark of the Beast... |

I'm sorry to spoil your Peking Roasted Duck dinner, drinking whilst Baijiu or Kool-Aid, folks! ~ SoTW

NOW, from athletics to government official all over the world, that has claims about China that touts zero-tolerance for doping, they are taking blood test ahead of Beijing Olympics are basically stealing blood from athletics for military and biolab experimentations, sell it to the medical industry or black market. Athletes is also warned about bringing personal devices, China’s Winter Games are overshadowed by human rights problems and overreaching state surveillance. China’s Orwellian digital surveillance turns to Olympic athletes and everyone is constantly monitored. Former NBC sportscaster Bob Costas called it perfectly. The International Olympic Committee’s decision to award China the 2022 Winter Olympics deserves nothing but “disdain and disgust.”. That’s because (CCP) has earned the world’s disgust, if only for its ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs and other crimes against humanity. This is not a matter of politics. It’s a matter of human rights. But apparently, at IOC headquarters, money matters more than human rights...|   

🙏 ~ 💝 (Its Trucker D-Day! 4 million expected in Ottawa!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: In todays SimonP / Leigh / Oceania / Asia International CC member Meditation to raise consciousness had a comments from a CC-member got confirmation that Justin Trudeau indeed fled to Berlin. One of their friends had a client who works at the airport (must have been one of the many clones or actors). Another CC member said, that 4 million was expected in Ottawa today, and I heard on the Danish news (R4DIO), that it was "2 thousands" expected joining the already "few hundred" protesters (downplaying it as always)... Anywho, below, "Go Canadian Truckers, GO"-picture is from Marlene Swetlishoff newletter. She's Internationally known Scribe/Channel, Author, Healer, Crystal Reader, Energy Facilitator and Activator, who's channeling messages from Hilarion since 2009. Today is also a big British Truckers Convoy, on the 7th, Danish version in Copenhagen. And Italy already started and other countries like Belgium... |


BREAKTHROUGH! What will happen?

January 24, 2022
How will vaccine mandates for truckers impact food prices?

In Canada this past week and continuing 

Start your engines, the convoy has begun!!  

See more links below but first...


🏳️⚒️💟 ~ (Get Involved!) Viral Videos of Hidden History: The Global Group Of Pirates From Birth Certificates to Money - They Own You and Me (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: DO NOT be fooled, that Trump is on my blogpost, but if you have time, deep dive into these video's below to see, how deep, the rabbit hole goes. I'll been through hundreds of thousands of videos as a truth-seeker, lightworker and lightwarrior. It's not enough to show people simple facts of life, spiritual topics, deep spirit sciences, esoteric philosophy or truth, in plane sight, without letting your Ego and defenses down. It takes a looot a time to be spiritual mature and it start when you're 27-30 years of age. You have to start with A not Z. Gradually, it goes past your energy-aura, unconscious barriers, five senses and finally resonate with your inner belief system. You cannot force spiritual things. Such words as compel, coerce, constrain, pressure, demand, do not describe our privileges with the Spirit. For good or bad, Cobra School, has done a lot of good things for me, besides, spiritual personal development and learn to let go of ones ego, child traumas, phobias, chocks and accepted my own inner love. Buuutt, personaly, during my spiritual awakening process, and every day of today, still, gets me bewildered from inspiring stuff I encountered and sometimes I have to rethink what I have learned. Every single day. Lucky for me, I have a good BS-alarm... |

Morpheus: “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes...


Patriots, I never knew I had SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – until this EPIC and POWERFUL video! EVERYTHING you THOUGHT was REAL.is just a LIE or a fabricated reality, made to order by the Luciferian Cabal and their Deep State Puppets! During this ‘Great Awakening’, we’ve found out more about the REALITY of the world in which we live – and these Truths are absolutely Mind Boggling! This video fills in SO MANY GAPS with SO MANY ANSWERS, backed by HORDES of evidence that is, well, UNDENIABLE – and at the same time, it creates SO MANY more questions! Perhaps YOU have some different answers than what are offered here, and if so, then PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US IN THE COMMENTS after you watch this WORLDWIDE BROADCAST EVENT!

To begin with, did you know that at Birth, you are considered Missing, Lost at Sea or Dead. You are, quite literally, considered to be merely a Cargo or a Vessel. Through the demonic Birth certificate system set up in 1933, the people of the United States became the method of finance for the USA. And you think that’s IT?! Not by a LONG SHOT, Patriots! There is SO MUCH MORE to this story than what meets the eye, so BUCKLE UP, grab the Popcorn and let’s travel down this VIRAL MIND-BLOWING Rabbit Hole, shall we now, Patriots?!


👁⃤ 🔱📐~ (Illuminati "Go'Morgen Danmark”-værtinde) Ibi Støving ex-fodboldmand er tilhænger af det hemmelige broderskab. Er Engle & Dæmoner med Tom Hanx autentisk❓👉 (SoTW Arkiv) ~ | Blogger:... 👉Hvad står øjet for i den amerikanske 1-dollar-seddel❓ Er R&B og pop branchen blevet infiltreret❓ Hvad med Okay i trafikken❓ Er KESI over Obama og Helle Thorning❓ Styrer KESI-rapperen hele butikken sammen med Kanye West, Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Beyonce og L.O.C.❓ Det er ikke mig du skal spørge!... Det er sandelig ikke noget SoTW finder på... Mon ikke videoerne og billederne taler sit eget sprog... Hvis nu R&B og pop branchen er blevet infiltreret, hvad med radiostationen The Voice og radioværten Ida Sophia❓. Hvorfor går Ibi bevidst nøgen rundt derhjemme foran sin dengang, 10-årige dreng samt Simon, der smider tøjet for velgørenhed❓ Hvad betyder alle de tegn og tatoveringer på Simon Makienok's krop også, Ibi-alterego❓ Findes der andre, med dette besynderlige mellemnavn❓ "Makienok" = mæˈkʰiːnʌk❓. Nixen -- Hvad er det sammensat af❓ Der er ihvertfald en masse OK'er. Okai. Ok. Oke... Som du kan se, så har illuminati-ordenen infiltreret Dannevang siden Dirch Passer - Mig og mafiaen. SoTW har altså syntes, det var en mystisk død der overgik Dich, faldt død om i Tivoli, modsat den nære ven og inspirerende kollega Kjeld Petersen, som drak sig ihjel og / eller Preben Kaas og Jørgen Ryg.. 👌PS: Entertaineren Amin Jensen, er også frimurer (DDFO) på niende år og de resterende 9,000 logebrødre afgiver nemlig et tavshedsløfte og lover troskab over for hinanden og logens ledelse. Om Simon er "medlem" vides jo ikke. Medico-Mette-Mink og andre er (faktum)... |

Tidligere fremtrædende frimurerleder i Sønderjylland, Flemming Westergaard: »Den Danske Frimurerorden lover broderskab, men ofte møder man kun råddenskab. Hvis ordenen skal overleve, kræver det grundlæggende reformer med åbenhed og demokrati. ~ politiken«





🕵️‍♂️📂🤫 ~ (Dansk anonym advokat) COVID 19 VACCINER: Har verden oplevet større medicinsk eksperiment? (SoTW Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: Jeg må/vil af gode grunde, ikke angive navne på involveret(de) personer, hverken advokat eller hans kilder fx af diskretionshensyn, men især da, vi lidt endnu, er underlagt et meget skarpt syn fra den danske sundhedsmyndighed og måske også, dansk- og udenlandsk efterretningsvæsenet. Alt sandhed, bliver slået hårdt ned på i denne tid og selvom denne advokat, der ikke længere bor i Danmark, gemmer sig godt, rækker armene langt, hos Vanguard Group Inc. og Blackrock Inc., der ejer, hele brancher i denne forbindelse, og sidder allerøverst i magtpyramiden. Foruden alle de andre underligende ”herremænd” - det er jo en KÆMPE agenda og mange er ufrivillig eller velvilligt, involveret, fra top til bund. Det jeg kan sige på SoTW er, det er en mand midt i fyrrerne, som har beskæftiget sig med stort set al jura og har bl.a. også været advokat på Grønland og hjulpet en del, svage, i samfundet... Hvis ikke denne 26 siders rapport, giver grobund for spekulationer om urent trav i processen, så skal du derude, nok gentænke din spirituelle tilstand og intelligens. For os andre, kan slaget om Dybbølsbro, begynde. Fra flaskehals til åndehul... |

Hentet fra: https://www.verdensalt.dk/2021/09/dansk-anonym-advokat-covid-19-vacciner.html

PS: Som nævnt på bloggen førhen, var jeg heldig (det var skæbnen) at mødes med én af mine ældste venner, en aktiv jager/frømand, som har en højt ledende stilling som officer, for et par år siden, inden 2019. Det var rent kagemand. Jeg skulle parkere min bil, han bag ved og en tosse, foran. . Lad os kalde ham "Hans" sprang ud for at puste sig op og jeg ligemed, da "Hans" så mig gav han mig et kram, istedet for. Nu er "Hans", ikke een man skal skal slogs med. Anyways, vi satte os ned på en cafe og snakkede for 3 timer straight. Han havde fået overdraget en tophemmelig dokumentmappe af sin overordnet, han skulle overtage. Han fandt ud af, at aktivering af regionale og landsdækkende krisestyringsorganisation ved sundhedsfaglig hændelse, var plumrådden og at han kun så én udvej. Enten tog han imod opgaven for at stå i spidsen som højt rangerende officer, ellers blev han whistleblower. Vi snakker om det hele; Ambulancetjeneste og Redning CF, HJV, RH, FE, Dansk Krisekorps og hele baduljen. Han var simpelthen bange. Og der skal meget til at gøre en aktiv fullblown proff. soldat fra specialstyrkerne, bange. Fik nogle informationer omkring tophemmelig Black ops, når frøerne er ude i krig, som fik mine, nakkehår til, at rejse sig. Desværre, har jeg mistet kontakten til ham. Måske for, at beskytte ham selv og mig... | 

Vaccine Dok Version 3 Augus... by tim