Aug 4, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Cuteness overload can this get any cuter 😍 #humanrace is one #freedom is #love #cutenessoverload - posted by Ivana Basilotta🌟] ... It reminds me at SoTW how much I miss my beloved (biological) daughter after she left me and my family, without a word, 9 years ago, soon to have her 22 year old birthday in september. No explanation, no remorse, no heart, but it broke my heart and her aunt, the kids and grandparents and nobody understood her choice, except, that her mom hated my guts, since I left her, 21 years ago and wanted revenge, ever since. Fighting in the 'govt system' for 15 years is tough to be allowed to see one's own daughter and Isabella, at some point, gave up on her danish family to be with her polish family. It's almost like hearing about muslim Turks, and girls and women's equality in Denmark. My daughter is so beautiful with blond hair, blue eyes and loved her dad, she really did, when she was "allowed" too.. The picture below, looks more like my 2nd wife' daughter, Rosa, of a recent ended marriage, she was half ukraine and kurd. She was also so so so pretty, clever as hell and had the best heart, but her mom, really hurt her mentally and physically (because of her upbringing in Russia).. Lessons we could learn from this story... Don't marry woman from eastern countries -no, just kidding!... I will PROTECT "innocence", in every sense of the word. In regards to women, men, children, animals, nature and alike.. And we don't OWN anybody!...I believe, EVERYTHING is a life lesson and challenge, do we plan birth and choose DNA blueprint and parents? Yes sir!. The Universal plan may be that the natural child stays with the natural mother or father, but it's not carved in stone... |

👼 ~ 💓 Matthew’s Message: Covid-19: specialists’ information, surging statistics; peaceful demonstration infiltrators; reptilians; little greys; angels; “walk-ins”; clones; visitors, settlers from other civilizations; light grid 💕 ~ |

Channeled by Suzy Ward
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Blogger's note: It's so exciting how Matthew's messages resonates with me and many others. Catch the moment of truth and level of explanation easing to expand our understanding in our low density or world of 3D matrix of illusion. Similar to our Galactic channeled Sheldan Nidle messages and deceased Montague Keen.

August 3, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. What we see in Earth’s energy field of potential can be likened to the excitement of unceasing fireworks. This is a reflection of activity on the planet as awakened souls are throwing off the yoke of millennia of dark domination.

The coronavirus and protest movements are primary in this activity, and first we shall address the virus. Factual information is coming from growing numbers of medical specialists who are speaking out about viruses, vaccines, masks, immune systems, treatment for covid-19 patients, and inflated statistics about cases and deaths attributed to the disease.

What we can tell you that they cannot, because they have no scientific evidence, is why the disease is surging in regions where it had notably decreased. The dark ones who released the virus in China several months ago have been releasing more; and people whose immune systems have been weakened due to stress caused by fear of getting the disease, confinement, financial burdens, unemployment and mask-wearing regulations now are susceptible whereas a few months ago they were not. Another source of stress is separation from family in hospitals or who died without the comfort of loved ones at their side.

🌱 ~ 💗 (Make your own Quinine) Home Made Hydroxychloroquine by Lora Liddle, registered nurse (The Rumor Mill) 💕 ~ | Blogger: I have nooo idea if it works, but amazing that is, if it does... Thanks to Lora Liddle, registered nurse and The Rumor Mill... |

Home Made Hydroxychloroquine by Lora Liddle, registered nurse
Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Monday, 3-Aug-2020 13:04:59


Home Made Hydroxychloroquine by Lora Liddle, registered nurse. I am NOT a doctor of any sorts and only offer this from my own data research. I am not prescribing this in any way, and it is up to the individual reading this to do with this information what they want, in accordance with our Freedom from the United States Constitution.

What is Hydroxychloroquine exactly? It is nothing but Quinine. Something that anyone can make at home....and something that is being manufactured each and every day in the form of something we have all seen at the grocery and liquor stores.........None other than TONIC WATER. Yes....Tonic Water has the exact same Quinine that this drug being used to treat the Covid virus has. This was NEVER supposed to be leaked out...because even a full treatment regime of pills from the Doctor is less than a 100.00 for someone that does NOT have insurance. Something else you may find interesting is that when they created this virus, they also put a STRAIN of HIV in it. This was to make it even more fatal. But the Quinine kills that part of the AIDS virus as well. Can you see now why they were screaming that this was a Dangerous Drug and NOT TO DARE USE IT. Behind the scene studies are now coming forth that show it being effective other diseases as well and even on Cancers. I think in the days to come, we are going to find out a whole lot more than we ever thought we knew.

👼 ~ 💗 The Phoenix Collective: Rebirth (EOL+DLH) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉"The time has come to remedy our miscalculation. Now humanity needs to recognize its own infinite potential as a whole and as individuals as undeniable fact." ~ Dawn Phoenix👈] ... |

Source Eraoflight)

We came through this one here as quite the surprise today! Your world has not had very much conscious connection with us-at least that you can remember. However, rest assured we meet with many of you in your sleep, when that untethered aspect of you is free to explore the astral plane.

Who are we, you might ask? A name is just a name, after all. Words are powerful, yes, but also limited in what they can convey.

We call ourselves The Phoenix Collective for your benefit, so you have a name to put to the energy encoded in our transmissions. We represent the embodiment of rebirth, renewal, and renewal after a seeming death. While we realize it is ironic for non-corporeal beings to speak of something which happens to a body, we are qualified to do so because we did inhabit physical bodies at one time.

This occurred many of your years ago, hundreds, if not thousands of them. Numerous cultures in your world speak of “fire birds” and the ashes of creation brought about by their deaths. It is true we were able to reincarnate after death from the substance you call “ashes”. Those ashes were really the physical representation of infinite Source energy potential. This energy is always around you, but most of you only see physical representations of energy, rather than that which is beyond the physical realm. We incarnated into form for your benefit.

👼 ~ 💗 Can you Feel the Massive SHIFT Happening right NOW? (LL+PK+SoTR) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Posted by people from Cobra's Sisterhood Of The Rose - Switzerland👈] ... (SoTW) Yeeeees! I can feel the shift DEEPLY! ... I'm not angry, but UPSET and SUFFOCATING!.. I wish for CHANGES to HAPPEN!... I can't stand all the LIES & DECEPTION in the world!... The missing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE towards our fellow HUMANS!... WHEN will we finally SHIFT to 4-D and next 5-D and ASCENSION PATH!?... Knowing we are Infinite Creators Creating Everything... I have a CHOICE... And I chose FREEDOM and CALMNESS and letting the DNA activation and Spiritual GROWTH anchor more DEEPLY into my Mind Body and Soul... So be it, and so it is!🙏... |

🔞🧸⚖️ ~ (#GlobalPedoGate) The Pedohile 'Kentler Project' in West Berlin, Several Scandalous Information From Court Documents Further Burden Prince Andrew & List Of All US Politicians Charged Or Convicted of Sex Crimes Against Minors (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Sorry, yes, here we go again!.... |

🦊🎂🤑 ~ (Rævekagen) Magt-Mette bevilger sig selv 9,6 mio kroner ekstra som statsminister ( ~ | Blogger: [👉"Organisationsudvidelse i Statsministeriet" kalder de det! Med Mette samles magten på færre hænder! På mig virker Mette Frederiksen stadig mere diktatorisk for hver dag der går..(..) ~ Lennart Kiil👈] ... DENNE artikel er fra 2019, men den passer som fod i hose på 2020... LIGE NU sender Ringsted kommune coronasmittede til nabokommuner og påstår, det er (polakker fra Danish Crown), dvs. udlændinges skyld, fordi de er FOR 'fattige, uhygiejniske og lever under uhumske vilkår' og ikke kliniske (race)rene, som os danskere... Kåre Mølbak som er CEO for SSI og Bill Gates nye Corona-vaccine & SundhedsKongen Magnus Heunicke, er MEGA-MEGET bekymret over udviklingen og siger; "Epidemien kan komme ud af kontrol"... Ifølge Vibeke Manniche, så er dagens tal FREDLIG og Bornholm været UDEN én eneste smittet hele juli!, skriver hun (og vi VED, at hele Danmark, har rejst til Bornholm i den periode!)... Desuden skriver VM at Kåre Mølbak fra SSI IKKE er en myndighed, det er Søren Brostrøm, fra Sundhedsstyrelsen... SSI/SST CE-mærkede MUNDBIND, bare stiger og stiger i pris, og FOLK er gået i panik og køber mundbind, som var det toiletpapir(påstår man)... Men jeg var ude og kører MTB i går og jeg så INGEN på strækningen, Solrød Strand, Jersie, Køge og alle skovene, gå med mundbind og bange... HOLD NU K**T HVOR ER JEG TRÆT AF.... OG når vores elskede AllesLandsModerMette-Mus går på talerstolen igen, scorer hun en jublen, sangkor, klapsalven og piften, ikke set siden afslutningen på 2. Verdenskrig... |

På mig virker Mette Frederiksen stadig mere diktatorisk for hver dag der går.

👊😨😯 (Empty Hospitals, Cornell RFID Patent, Gates & Fauci) A Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci, who was roommate with none other than Bill Gates. Are you paying attention (Harry Callicotte) ~ | Blogger: [🤜True Pundit & Top virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits, is shedding some well-needed light on the mysterious death of top scientist Kuan-Teh Jeang, who was second in charge under Dr. Anthony🤛] ... 😒(SoTW) AS we just heard, there might "NEVER" be a ‘silver bullet’ for Covid-19, the WHO’s & China Controlled Cabal Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says... 😒First masks, and now a face shield and goggles? It’s time to resist this madness... 😒And that's not all - Big Pharma granted total legal immunity covering coronavirus vaccines and is a tool for RFID-enabled tattoo on (human) as a 'livestock', tagging and tracing - it 'used' to be a depopulation weapon, but it's just to get us sick and tagged, by design (Agenda 21-2030)... 📑"A society obsessed with health is a sure sign of sickness. The commands coming down from on high are increasing in their absurdity. Face shields and goggles are next, but there is absolutely zero evidence that any of them work. Dr Anthony Fauci, the man described as America’s top infectious disease expert, has told the American public, “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.” These are the words of a would-be tyrant, a little Napoleon who lives to boss others around while he flouts his own stupid rules."📑 ~ |

👯‍♀️🤿🎖️ ~ (Trine of Forsvaret) Mørklagte oplysninger udløser kulegravning af dansk efterretningstjeneste: »Det er ikke set før« (B+OLFI+R4DIO) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Det Hemmelige PET / FE / Specialtropperne & Forsvaret: Svindel med Offentlige Midler, Korruption og Bestikkelse, Stripteese, The Antonelli Orchestra, føler sig Forfulgt, problemer med Spioner -- et netværk af Løgn, Latin, Vennetjenester og Nepotisme! Trine Bramsen vil fyre folk og rydde op til bunds, men der sker INTET ifølge OLFI🤛] ... "Tilsynet med Efterretningstjenesterne (TET) har indledt en "særlig undersøgelse" af Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE). Det sker, efter at tilsynet er kommet i besiddelse af "en betydelig mængde materiale vedrørende FE".. Institut for Menneskerettigheder, der blandt andet beskæftiger sig med demokratisk kontrol af efterretningstjenesterne, mener, at sagen er opsigtsvækkende. - Det er usædvanligt og rejser en række spørgsmål, siger Louise Holck, konstitueret direktør hos Institut for Menneskerettigheder, til Berlingske. TET ønsker over for Berlingske ikke at fortælle, hvad undersøgelsen konkret drejer sig om." ~ Ritzau... |