Jan 20, 2018

HALTurner RadioShow | Jan 19, 2018 | PROOF: British Intelligence Spied on Donald Trump at the Direct Request of President Barack Obama and a later Renewed Request by Susan Rice - NO WARRANTS! |

Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is an intelligence and security organization responsible for providing signals intelligence and information assurance to the government and armed forces of the United Kingdom.

On August 28, 2016, then-US-President Barack Hussein Obama requested that British Intelligence begin SPYING on then-candidate for US President, Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization (his business entities) and on his Presidential Campaign "Donald J. Trump for President." The spying included foreign and US DOMESTIC signals Intercepts (SIGINT). This generally includes phone taps and planting of bugs/listening devices. They did all this without a U.S. Search Warrant or Court Order.

By doing this without a US Search Warrant or Court Order - at the direct request of the President, both The British Government and President Barack Obama committed federal FELONIES punishable with prison, for violating wiretap laws and Constitutional protections afforded to then Mr. Trump and his people. These actions by the British and by Obama were CRIMES.

About two weeks later, on September 15, 2016, the British Government being run by Prime Minister THERESA MAY approved what they called "Operation FULSOME" and began spying on Donald Trump, his businesses and his Presidential campaign.

The spying continued for about ninety days.

On November 17, 2017, nine days AFTER Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, then Director of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, requested a RENEWAL of permission to continue the spying! Hannigan KNEW that Trump had won, and STILL sought permission to keep spying on him!

The letter which asked for permission to continue Spying was sent on November 17 to . . . . .

Boris Johnson, the Secretary of State for foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.
Johnson - and presumably his boss, Theresa May -- APPROVED the continued spying.
But this time, the continued spying wasn't sought by President Barack Obama directly. This time, it was sought by "US National Security Advisor (Susan) Rice", who told the British to continue the surveillance during the "Transition Period" before Trump was sworn-in. The reason given to the British by Susan Rice: ". . .internal US Intelligence is potentially compromised by the incoming Trump Administration."

In the Interests of Full Disclosure . . .

As most of you know by now, for fifteen years, from 1993 thru 2008, I worked covertly with the FBI. In my final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). According to sworn testimony by Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Amy Pickett of the FBI New York City Division, I handled things like "National Security, Terrorism, and Foreign Counter-Intelligence." (See Brooklyn Federal Court Transcripts, December, 2009)

In January, 2005, I was granted "Fully operational status" by the Office of Intelligence at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, and also granted "Extra-Territorial Authority" to operate covertly OUTSIDE of the United States. In that role, I worked with many people in the Intelligence Community (IC) including folks in the military and law enforcement, in many countries around the world. The relationships I forged with these folks endure to this day.

Thanks to my contacts in the IC, I have now obtained the TOP SECRET MEMO from inside British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) proving the facts laid out about above concerning spying on President Trump.

This is one of the TOP SECRET Documents being mentioned to members of Congress in the four page FISA Abuse Memo released by the House Intelligence Committee to members, which has now resulted in the trending #ReleaseTheMemo social media effort.

The TOP SECRET MEMO from GCHQ is herewith published below:

READ MORE: http://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/world-news/1937-proof-british-intelligence-spied-on-donald-trump-at-the-direct-request-of-president-barack-obama-and-a-later-renewed-request-by-susan-rice

Tracy Beanz Youtuber \\ TheRumorMillNews | Jan 19, 2018 | ~ The Great Awakening: The Storm Is Upon Us ~ | Blogger: Tracy Beanz is VERY popular - Twitter folks appear to be well-pleased with this new videocast... There's a list of about 25 links to related and/or supporting information in the Description area at YouTube; click the link if you'd like to examine those. (Many YouTube links don't transfer well to RMN posts) ... |

Support me on Patreon (THANK YOU!!) http://patreon.com/tracybeanz Paypal: tracybeanz@aol.com Follow me on Twitter/Gab: @tracybeanz Subreddit: Http://reddit.com/r/cbts_stream 1. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/... 2. http://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG0... HMTG-115-IG00-20180118-SD002.pdf 3. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/republic... 4. Gaetz and Dems: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/... -rep-gaetz-calls-congress-release-shocking-secret-fisa-memo-threatens-democracy-core-video/ 5. Sean Hannity- Full clip: https://youtu.be/oVc_G1cvVXc?t=533 6. Release the Memo hash: https://twitter.com/hashtag/ReleaseTh... 7. GOP on FISA abuses; https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politi... 8. Trump at Pentagon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWw5E... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-sp... https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-... 9. We need to keep fighting-- they really can not ignore the public outcry- they will not have a choice but to respond- for too long we have been complacent we need to speak loud and speak often 10. Senate passes FISA: https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/18/16...

The Vigilant Citizen | Jan 19, 2018 | Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies”: The Great Illuminati Reversal | .. What is the meaning behind Justin Timberlake’s Supplies? Why are there people worshiping an Illuminati pyramid? Here’s a look at the intense symbolism of the music video Supplies .. | Blogger: 😈💀🤖💩💩💩 Satanism, Witchcraft, Cannibalism, Pedophilia, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Feminisme = The Illuminati & AI's Transhuman Agenda? And the resurrection of the Jezebel Spirit (Without question, the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning, and seductive spirit in Satan’s hierarchy has to be what many call the Jezebel spirit)... |

Supplies features Justin Timberlake and his love interest – played by Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez Reyna – running around and causing heck in a dystopian society. While the setting is somewhat futuristic, the themes addressed are very 2017: #MeToo, racism, immigration, feminism, Harvey Weinstein, Black Lives Matter and, of course, Donald Trump.

In the most striking scene of the video, a crowd of people worships a gigantic Illuminati pyramid that emits light. Then, Reyna, who plays the role of a rebellious leader, sets it on fire. Later, the world is apparently in ruins. What’s going on? Is the video a call for an uprising? Is Justin Timberlake now a rogue, rebellious, troublemaker?

Not really. The video is actually a call for … doing nothing. It is simply part of the gigantic mass media wave that is defining what can and should be discussed and what can and should be celebrated. It is part of the communication technique called “agenda-setting”:
“Agenda-setting is the creation of public awareness and concern of salient issues by the news media. As well, agenda-setting describes the way that media attempts to influence viewers, and establish a hierarchy of news prevalence. Two basic assumptions underlie most researches on agenda-setting:
– the press and the media do not reflect reality; they filter and shape it;
– media concentration on a few issues and subjects leads the public to perceive those issues as more important than other issues.
These core statements were established by measuring the changes in salience through the use of surveys with the presence of more frequent news coverage.”
– Wikipedia, “Agenda-Setting”
There’s a lot of agenda-setting going on in Supplies. Like so many other videos out at the moment, it helps define what the masses should care about (or obsess over) these days. However, in order to reach young people, the agenda-setting is clothed as a revolt against an oppressive system. But there is no actual “revolt” going on, just an industry puppet doing what he is told for the cameras. Then, he cashes his check from RCA records and goes back to his mansion.

Eternal Puppet

Justin Timberlake began his show-business career at age 11 as a cast member of the Mickey Mouse club, alongside several future industry stars.

This edition of the Mickey Mouse club included Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling.

Timberlake then found super-stardom as the leader of the boy band NSYNC.

The album cover of No Strings Attached features the group (including Justin) as literal puppets.
In 2002, Timberlake launched his solo career. Once again, album art was highly symbolic.

Dressed in A Clockwork Orange-inspired outfit, Timberlake does the 666 one-eye sign of the industry pawn.
The cover of his last album features a subtle (yet still very present) one-eye sign.
READ MORE: https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/justin-timberlakes-supplies-great-illuminati-reversal/

BT | 20. Jan, 2018 | Storbank i Danmark forbyder ansatte at købe populær vare | .. Den store bank Nordea har forbudt 3.800 ansatte - herunder en del i Danmark - at handle med den populære kryptovaluta bitcoin samt andre kryptovalutaer .. | Blogger: (Spar Nord, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Saxo Bank, SEB og Santander er eneste sted, hvor man tager imod Bitcoins)... Snart kan danskere ikke benytte sig bla. af det populære 'Coinbase', som er en hjemmeside, der giver dig mulighed for at købe og sælge Bitcoin, Litecoin eller Ethereum ved hjælp af din lokale valuta med enten et kreditkort eller en bankoverførsel. Hvorfor?? VISA vil nu føre en krig mod Bitcoin, ved at afvise det som en valuta. ".. Den største kryptovaluta, Bitcoin, er en vare og ikke et betalingssystem, ifølge Visas administrerende direktør..". Visa vil heller ikke give bitcoin eller andre kryptovalutaer en platform for overførsler og udvekslinger.. Uanset hvilken kryptovaluta som 'overlever' og ikke allerede er inddraget så som Bitcoins, via NSA's bagdøre og kompromitteret, så er det et faktum, at kryptovalutaerne - ikke er Basel III compliant... "Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency" ( Simon Parkes:) ".. The NSA has both the legal right and the technology to press a couple buttons and drain your cryptocurrency account to zero in a nanosecond, therefore physical gold is a bit more stable, provided it’s not gold-plated tungsten.." |

Nordea har lagt et forbud mod nogle af sine ansatte. Foto: KIMMO BRANDT
LÆS VIDERE: https://www.bt.dk/erhverv/storbank-i-danmark-forbyder-ansatte-at-koebe-populaer-vare

Fox News | Jan 20, 2018 CET | Las Vegas shooter Paddock had child porn on computer, FBI investigating person of interest: sheriff | Blogger: MSM pushes narrative, that Paddock was your 'normal' sexual predator, like his brother, Bruce. Oswald the Lone Gunman theory. "Paddock was described as 'germaphobic' and had strong reactions to smells.". His girlfriend, Danley testimony. The wire transfer to an account in the Philippines and hundreds of other ""false facts"" from the released of an 81-page preliminary investigative report.... |

READ MORE: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/19/las-vegas-shooter-paddock-had-child-porn-on-computer-fbi-investigating-person-interest-sheriff.html

AE911Truth Bulletin | Jan 19, 2018 | Plasco Building Demolition: When Will the World Notice?... |

1/19: One Year After the
Plasco Building Demolition

One year ago today, Tehran’s iconic 15-story Plasco Building was leveled to the ground following a fire and a series of explosions. This national tragedy in Iran claimed the lives of 16 firefighters and six civilians who were inside the building.

Upon reviewing videos of the incident that day, we at AE911Truth quickly recognized that the building’s total destruction may have been caused by demolition rather than being a result of the fire. The following day, we issued a press release urging the Iranian government to investigate the possible use of explosives. One month later, we published a preliminary assessment of the collapse, which we also published in Farsi this past October.

Today, in remembrance of the 22 innocent victims, we released a short video online — in English and in Farsi — in an effort to bring greater attention to this crime, which was covered up by the authorities in Iran and has gone essentially unnoticed throughout the world.

There is still every opportunity for the people of Iran to find the truth and hold accountable those who were responsible. Please help by watching and sharing this video — and our report.


Go to Facebook and click “Share” on the video to show to it all of your friends.


Send the YouTube link to everyone on your list and embed it on your website.

 Farsi (on YouTube)

Send the Farsi video to any and all Iranians you may know.

Must-See | GoldFish Special Report | No. 181 | Jan 19, 2018 | ~ 'UNITING THE LIGHT' w/ COBRA, James Gilliland, KP, Winston Shrout ~ | .. 'Uniting the Light' Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele, and Winston Shrout. This exclusive RoundTable focuses on Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure, the status of disclosure, the players and obstacles in disclosure, and plans for First Contact. Videos of craft and other ET related material are shared and discussed .. |

For more information about James Gilliland and ECETI Ranch please visit www.eceti.org, to learn more about COBRA and The Resistance Movement visit http://2012portal.blogspot.com/. To learn more about Kauilapele's Blog please visit www.kauilapele.wordpress.com, to follow Winston's work please visit www.wssic.com. To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, www.thegoldfishreport.wordpress.com you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at www.facebook.com/thegoldfishreport and to help support these and other programs please visit www.thegoldfishreport.com to make a donation and also you can make a donation to the links posted above. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!

BREAKING | TV2 NYS | 20. Jan 2018 | Politikere melder fra til Puigdemont: - Han har begået højforræderi | Blogger: (In English:) Danish Politicians sent a clear message to Puigdemont: - He has committed high treason in Spain, REJECTING meeting with him at Tuesday, 23rd of January 2018 at The Danish Parliament (Christiansborg Palace)... HER HAR DU BEVISET! Hvordan ved man, om hvorvidt regeringen og centraladministrationen (herunder Statsadelen og de politiske familiedynastier), underbyder sig selv i offerrollen eller udsteder en blankocheck overfor samtlige vestlig godkendte doktriner, som verdenseliten har opstillet? Ved at forbyde den catalanske separatistleder, audiens blandt danske folketingsmedlemmer. Ligesom man nægter, at føre dialog om pengeskabelsen, amerikanske kapitalfonde erobring af Dannevang, hemmelig partistøttemidler, det militærindustrielle kompleks, der tjener penge på krig og starter plyndringskrige og destruktionskrige, som de bagefter kan genopbygge mod betaling + renter. Og de ejer alle de andre storsvindlende, storforurenende multinationale selskaber. Klimahoax'en bliver proponeret af Rothschild, Rockefeller, Al Gore og selveste uber-pædofile Jimmay Saville's bedste ven Prince Charles. Og så naturligvis i Danmark banksternes, EU diktatur elskende Alt-er-naivitet - vi kunne blive ved (og ved)... Eneste grund til Danmarks magtfulde elite, stadig lever i verdens skyggeregering, er fordi, man falder til patten, HVER gang... Personer der lider af sindslidelserne Cognitiv Dissonans eller Stockholm Syndrom, som ikke ønsker at blive kureret, skal se bort for alle mine kommentar... |

Henrik Dahl, udenrigsordfører for Liberal Alliance. Foto: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson / Scanpix Denmark
LÆS VIDERE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/politik/2018-01-20-politikere-melder-fra-til-puigdemont-han-har-begaaet-hoejforraederi

You Are Free TV | Jan 19, 2018 | Q Posts, 1/19: Q Asks #WETHEPEOPLE to #UNITE And Press for #RELEASE THE MEMO | .. Today, Q asked Americans to UNITE and look beyond MSM created divisions. It's time to keep our AIM steady and true and to IGNITE a Unified #WETHEPEOPLE as this historical Unrigging of our government gains more and more Momentum in the #STORM unfolding. Q HAS FURTHER REPORTED 10 DARK DAYS and the teh GOV'T Shutdown is imminent as of 8pm Pacific .. | Blogger: (Awakening process is long, ugly and redefine your soul's purpose) 😵👼😇-- Note! Many people fall for the wrong Guy! Cliff High is for me one of these Gurus, who brainwash his victims with some truth mixed with falsehood intel (Deep State Informant). He's been on Corey Goode and David Wilcocks backside, forever and many others (i don't trust people who's condescending). Deep down we haven't got any clue if either QAnon, David Wilcock, Deepak Chopra, The Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, pope Francis, Trump or thousands of other so-called spiritual leaders, wish the very best for humanity OR using the oldest trick in the book - Mind Control techniques both Churches and Cults use... PS: THIS IS IMPORTANT! We must enter the shadowlands, and come face to face with our shadows, traumatic childhood, authorities, the curse of religion and the reincarnation and the Holocaust... Awakening is kinda destructive process - there is no easy road to enlightenment. Make no bones about it, awakening is not a walk in the park. It is a ride through hell. It is the tearing down of all of your cherished beliefs and everything you thought about yourself. There is no way around this... These real-life "glitch in the matrix" experiences and hundreds more first-hand accounts of reality, expands your subconscious which is in direct line to your Heart Chakra (mind) and electrifies the (real) conscious mind - a first 'Aha' moment towards a subset of layered individual awakening tiers. Does it make sense at all?? We've all on different spiritual stages of the path from Awakening to Enlightenment to Ascension. Listen to the true mind of your heart chakra and avoid any other distraction... Namaste!🙏 |

To check out Carbon 60: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTp2J...

To get the Carbon 60 I am taking, that Cliff High recommends: https://www.c60purplepower.com If you would like to support You Are Free TVL https://www.patreon.com/youarefreetv

Aljazeera | Jan 20, 2018 | US government shuts down over immigration impasse - Dems, GOP blame each other | Blogger: ( “Mexican standoff.”) -- The innocent citizens, seems to be equally at a loss, Donald Trump who is NOT stupid - TheDeepState ain't either. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and the Master of Manipulation’s defense, Demonizing the enemy. Who will blink first in Trump vs. TheDepState "Mexican standoff" ??? Don't fall for Divide & Conquer tactics ... |

Essential agencies such as the military and homeland security will continue to operate despite the shutdown [Reuters]
READ MORE: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/01/government-shuts-immigration-impasse-180120050747561.html