Sep 26, 2016

Geo Engineering Gone Wild: Snowstorms and Raging Wildfires in the Same Region on the Same Day (Se også: Billeder fra Nordsjælland som er blevet værre og værre for hver dag der går...)

The chemtrails are off the scale in out area. So is asthma, upper respiratory infections, gastrointestinal problems, muscle and joint pain all byproducts of chemtrails. Chemtrails are a monument to the lack of honor, integrity, intelligence and courage of the milittary leadership who have sworn an oath to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic. We have been sold out to the NWO agenda which is at war with humanity and the earth. How much more blatent does it have to be?

Alex Collier - SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 Webinar Replay Video Now Available! (Alex: Today we are going to talk about: Current stat, Nibiru, Humanity etc. We are seing "The Power That be" (TPTB / Hidden Hand / Elites / NWO, Cabal etc) are in total panic now - they are shitting a brick, because the chicken is coming home to roost. Benevolent forces are gettting closer and closer to earth and energies are intensifying by the minute. Alex is very concerned about the upcoming president elections and what's going to happen to the USA. Alex will continue to discuss the secret underground facilities and all the UFO/Nazi coverups that will come up to the surface due to the high speeding positive energies. Normal people are getting angry and frustrated, which Cabal are fully aware of and use this to move and push fascism into place at the same time also to increase Black Ops and SSP and False Flags...etc.)

Jay PeeAlex CollierJames Harkin
Alex Collier Andromedan Contactee Webinar - Sept 23, 2016! CET
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The Big Wave Of High Dimensional Frequencies Is Now Coming Through ~ Romeo Baron

It Has Begun! The Equinox Vortex has created a frequency jump further through the 4D gateway portal that will cause more high vibrational interstellar energies of the original Christ Light consciousness to permeate the etheric and physical structures of mother Earth.

The anchoring of these higher ascension energies will further raise our personal vibrations and our energetic fields, and that of mother Earth as well for the complete shift into the new Earth reality. This will enable us to fully open and access newer energies and shift the etheric structures of our physical bodies, which will help to re-balance and accelerate not only mother Earth and her healing and activation process, but our own.

This alignment will be particularly crucial, as our entire solar system spirals out to pass through long distances of cosmic clouds within the space-time continuum to go around the Great Central Sun, entering the Harmonic Universe.

In November 2016, the opening the Ascension Portals will be completed and this will allow the original Christ light consciousness to REMOVE anything that is not in harmonic alignment with the original divine plan for mother Earth.The negative rulers of our planet can only do their dirty work here until then, before the Divine Plan makes life impossible for them to even exist.

The powerful opening of the Ascension Portals will transform the planet and all life into higher vibratory states…bringing us closer and closer to the Cosmic Bodies of Light which we truly are. With the opening of these Portals, it completes mother Earth’s Multi-Dimensional template activation and that of our own.

The complete opening of these Ascension Portals will allow all Star-ship fleets of the Alliance to travel through mother Earth. These Star-ships from the entire Cosmos will be able to travel Inter-Dimensionally here through the Star Gates as our planet will once again be a HUB for the harmonic Universe.

We will become a new humanity and once again the Guardians of the Universe who are the most loving, benevolent beings who reflect the Christ light consciousness of the absolute Divine.

So be it.

Within Harmony, Divine Love, and Oneness.

~Romeo Baron

Moon Training & Suicide Missions on Mars – 20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs – Pt2

Written by Dr Michael Salla on September 25, 2016.

In this second episode of an interview with Tony Rodrigues conducted at Mt Shasta on August 29, we continue to learn critical information about how personnel are treated in secret space programs. Rodrigues says that he completed a 20 and back program from 1981 to 2001 in a number of covert programs including service with the least known of the programs, what has been called the “Dark Fleet”.

Unlike prior participants of secret space programs who have come forward, Michael Relfe, Randy Cramer and Corey Goode, Rodrigues did not undergo a formal military induction process where he signed recruitment papers outlining the terms of his service, and the process by which he would be returned to civilian life.

Instead, Rodrigues was forced into service as a slave where he had no rights, and had to do whatever his superiors desired, as exemplified in the first episode where he was used as a drug courier and then as a sex slave.

In this episode, Rodrigues resumes his story after a three year period in Seattle, where in 1988, at age 16, he was again taken to the Moon, and given rudimentary training as a slave soldier who would be expected to perform suicide missions against insectoid and other extraterrestrial species.

The advanced healing technologies in these programs allowed for seriously injured slave soldiers to be rapidly healed so they could perform multiple missions.

After his short training on the Moon, Rodrigues was taken to Mars where he was expected to conduct suicide missions which would support regular Mars super soldiers in their battles with insectoids and other indigenous races.

In the following interview segment, Rodrigues describes his trip to the Moon and training there, before being taken to Mars to perform what amounted to suicide missions.

Click here for Part 1 of this series of interviews

Announcement: Documents and whistleblowers revealing the creation of antigravity spacecraft belonging U.S. secret space programs, and the testimony of whistleblowers will be presented in an upcoming lecture and workshops in Los Angeles (Oct 8-9) and San Francisco (Oct 14 & 16) by best-selling author Dr Michael Salla. More info here.

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Bedrag: Her støtter 60 danske soldater en god sags tjeneste med "Knæk Cancer 2016" (Blogger: Hvorfor spiller vi offerrollen? Er jeg den eneste dansker som ved med garanti, at TV2 samt Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Red Barnet og deslige, er en direkte forretning til, at føde store løninger til CEO's og ejerene, som er Big-Pharma-kontrollerede medicinske-industrielle kompleks? Hvorfor smider vi penge efter 'shows' som 'føder' medicinalindustriens(farmaceutiske) forskning via lægemidler, som igen levere os kræftmedicin som er det rene gift for vores kroppe? hvis du bliver 'diagnostiseret' med f.eks.vis. uhelbredelig cancer, er der kun een vej i vores sundhedssystem nemlig - medicin, operation, stråling, kemoterapi og anti-hormonbehandling. )

Besætningen om bord på Forsvarets støtteskib Absalon sætter fokus på kræft og vil i uge 43 samle ind til Knæk Cancer-kampagnen. Foto: Forsvaret / Forsvaret

Besætningen om bord på Søværnets støtteskib Absalon sætter fokus på kræft og vil med forskellige fysiske aktiviteter samle ind til Knæk Cancer

Læs videre:


Knæk Cancer: Enerverende trælse påstande og misvisende råd fra Kræftens Bekæmpelse omkring 'Kosttilskud og naturlægemidler' hvis man lider af kræft og ønsker supplement til kræftbehandlingen.... (gratis detox-kur vedlagt)

Udgivet første gang den 18. September 2015 af Verdensalt

TV2 Show - 145 millioner kroner kr. til at knække cancer - 
Hvem arbejder Kræftens Bekæmpelse egentligt for?
NB: BREAKING NEWS 16-11-2015: Kræftens Bekæmpelse fik penge fra industrien før stor HPV-kampagne. Kræftens Bekæmpelse modtog 675.000 kroner fra producenten af HPV-vaccinen Gardasil forud for lanceringen af HPV-kampagnen 'Vidunderlivet'. Det møder nu kritik. 

Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts that Gardasil will Become the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time

Læs også: Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime (The Danish Pharmaceutical Industry are Furious, tried to discriminate Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, but failed )

Inden du dykker helt dybt ned i emnet om Kræftens Bekæmpelse, deler jeg vedlagte dokument på en "detox-kur" alene mine egne observationer og fra andre mennesker som enten kan være ramt af et kræftsygdomsforløb (og andre sygdomme), hentet fra alternative behandlere, noget jeg selv benytter mig af, kortlagt gennem flere års undersøgelser på nettet.  

Hvorfor smider vi penge efter 'shows' som 'føder' medicinalindustriens(farmaceutiske) forskning via lægemidler, som igen levere os kræftmedicin som er det rene gift for vores kroppe?

Lad mig lige slå en ting fast. Det er meget vigtigt, du selv undersøger tingenes rigtighed og finder frem til de elementer, der resonere 'mest' med dig, inden, du selv begynder at transformere, det at "helbrede" sig selv som et studie, der virker. De fleste mennesker som er syge, har nemlig den opfattelse, at 'alle' eksperter omkring lægevidenskabens klare lys, skal kunne vejlede/medicinere dig mod 'helbredelse', men faktisk finder de blot - 'symptombehandling'. Med det mener jeg, hvis du bliver 'diagnostiseret' med f.eks.vis. uhelbredelig cancer, er der kun een vej i vores sundhedssystem nemlig - medicin, operation, stråling, kemoterapi og anti-hormonbehandling
"Der findes ikke noget som et sikkert lægemiddel"... "Vi er uddannet til at misinformere" - tidligere farmaceutiske whistleblower sladre om bedraget hos den farmaceutiske industri....

Sådan helbreder du din krop med dine manifestationer


Just another false flag…

Banker malker milliarder af realkredittens polstring (Blogger: Realkreditlån udgjorde næsten € 360 milliarder ved udgangen af 2013, kun overgået af Spanien (lige over 400 mia €) i samlede beløb. Bestanden af særligt dækkede obligationer (SDO) svarer til 143 procent af BNP, mere end fire gange så stor som i noget andet land. Den overdækkede obligationsmarked er også næsten fire gange større end den danske statsgæld. Selvom foreningen fairbidragssats virkelig har kæmpet med næb og klør sammen med eksperter og ombudsmanden, NÆGTER blå blok i Folketinget at følge anbefalingen fra et ekspertudvalg om at gøre det billigere, at skifte realkreditinstitut. Nu hører vi også pensionskassernes magt vokser og sætter topfolk i dobbeltroller "..Krav om større egenkapital har været angivet som årsagen til gebyrstigningerne, men det matcher dårligt med den opgørelse, som Finanswatch har foretaget.."."..Den viser, at bankerne i 2015 hev 5,6 millioner kroner ud af realkreditselskaberne. Det svarer til en stigning på 83 procent siden 2007, selv om udlånene kun er steget med 33 procent siden da.."."..Ifølge John Norden, Mybanker : De danske politikere har gjort rigtigt meget gennem de senere år for at hjælpe og beskytte det danske realkreditsystem..")

Ritzau Finans (business)

Banker malker milliarder af realkredittens polstring

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Dr. Greer: Explanation of the NRO document - 1st Doc in the Obama Briefing (".."It's the National Reconnaissance Office document. .....The reason it's important is not so much for its content... ..... Take note of the distribution list, please. ..... .......'Blue Fire', which is a code name, 1991, Commander's Net, Royal Op's, Cosmic Op', cosmic've heard of this? It's not a myth. It's real...")

Click on document to go to all the pages.

In his workshop - "Expose of the National Security State", Dr. Greer explains this document and many others. It is absolutely fascinating and essential to the understanding of this subject and its secrecy.

Here is just a tiny portion of the explanation and one of the high level meetings Dr. Greer had in relation to it. This document was the 1st document in the Obama Briefing it is so important.

"It's the National Reconnaissance Office document. .....The reason it's important is not so much for its content... ..... Take note of the distribution list, please. ..... .......'Blue Fire', which is a code name, 1991, Commander's Net, Royal Op's, Cosmic Op', cosmic've heard of this? It's not a myth. It's real. Maj Op's, MAJI...It's MAJIC Op's. It goes through a whole bunch of them...Nellis Division, all these code numbers and you get down to some really interesting things. MOC is Military Operating Center and MOA is Military Operating Area. SOG is the Special Operations Team...but you get into Red Flag, Dark East, Dark South, Paput Mesa, Sally Carter, Groom Lake, Dreamland, Black Jack Team...Black Jack Control is at the Edwards Complex in California, Roulette Team, Aquatech, Sea Spray, and others. .........this secret document went to the admiral [Admiral Tom Wilson] prior to our meeting, and he actually recognized one of these entities and made an inquiry, and it was being run by a contractor. ..... And the of these corporate contractors...when he called them up, he said, 'I'm Admiral Tom that time he was Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff... I want to be read into this project.' Guess what happened? They said, 'Sir, you don't have a need to know.' This is the guy who's supposed to give the intelligence briefings for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States. He was told, 'You don't have a need to know'... and Admiral Wilson said, 'Goddamn it, if I don't have a need to know, who does?' They said, 'Sir, we cannot discuss this with you further' and they hung up and blocked his line. This all happened before the stand-up meeting I did for [him with] Edgar Mitchell...6th man to walk on the moon...myself, my military adviser, and a few other people met with the Admiral in what's called a 'stand-up' briefing. I was doing the presenting. It was supposed to be 45 minutes.

It went for 2 or 3 hours. "
From: Expose of the National Security State - workshop by Dr. Steven Greer

Julian ASSANGE : WIKILEAKS e-mail we've put CLINTON in jail! (Also: Obama implicated in Clinton email scandal – New FBI docs.."..'No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case': Clinton staffers given immunity deals by FBI..")

Published on Sep 25, 2016
Julian ASSANGE : WIKILEAKS e mail we've put CLINTON in jail ! : Published time: 24 Sep, 2016 21:22
 President Barack Obama used a pseudonym when communicating with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by email, while her IT company referred to her email deleting as a “cover-up”, new FBI documents reveal.
The heavily-redacted documents, almost 200 pages, include summaries of interviews with senior Clinton aides concerning the private email server, and brings to light details previously unknown

Hilarion's Weekly Message - Sept 25-Oct 2, 2016 ("..People are asking the important questions as they go within. They want to know what the purpose of their life is all about, why they are here on Earth and what do they need to know in order to find a secure foundation and foothold..")

Hilarion er Chohan af den femte stråle af healing, videnskab, vision og sandhed. Han er det hierarkiske niveau  af Sanhedens templet på det æteriske plan i nærheden Crete, Grækenland. Hilarion var ypperstepræst i "Templet af Sandhed" i Atlantis, og han transporterede flammens sandhed sammen med artefakter af templet til Grækenland kort tid før forliset af kontinentet. Han arbejder med sjæle til at beherske det tredje øje - chakra og grøn-ray kvaliteter, herunder healing og videnskaben om at holde den ubesmittede koncept. Hilarion har ikke kun indflydelse med healing, men også omfatter musik og videnskab og målrettet "vision" gennem opfattelser af tredje øje. En kilde tilføjer, at Hilarion arbejder ofte med Ærkeenglen Raphael, der ligeledes tjener på det femte-stråle.

Kanaliseret af Marlene Swetlishoff
© 2016 therainbowscribe

Beloved Ones,

The winds of change are upon the inhabitants of the Earth. The sweeping reforms to the existing structures of the old paradigm, begins in earnest. The crumbling and decay are evidenced everywhere and people are feeling the effects of the failure of the old paradigm systems that were in place. It is a time of intense self examination within each human heart. People are asking the important questions as they go within. They want to know what the purpose of their life is all about, why they are here on Earth and what do they need to know in order to find a secure foundation and foothold. It is a difficult time for these awakening ones and extreme kindness and patience is needed by those who are awake and aware.

We have said many times before, as more increased levels of Light from the cosmos filters into the atmosphere of Earth, the old ways of doing things that were not of the highest integrity will no longer be supported. It is happening now and you need to be aware of this if you are not already, so that you can maintain balance and peace within. It will take determined concentration and effort to resist the pull of the old energies that are prevalent everywhere during these times. As you make the effort when this happens, it helps to dissipate the effects on the collective consciousness of humanity. Allow yourself the nurturing that your four body system (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) requires when this becomes evident to you.