August 05, 2016

Bertel Haarder: »Det er et krisetegn, at så mange vælgere kan påvirkes af det, jeg opfatter som ren demagogi og falske fordomme« (»Der er problemer med sammenhængskraften i den vestlige verden, i EU og i de enkelte lande. Skal man være rigtig pessimistisk, kan man godt sammenligne det med 1930erne, hvor der på samme måde skete en opløsning og opstod en stærk mistillid til partierne,« siger Bertel Haarder, der taler med en vis ballast..)

Kulturminister Bertel Haarder: »Jeg anfægter den påstand, at problemet er, at der er for meget religion i det offentlige rum. Og den påstand, at der er for meget fædrelandskærlighed. Begge dele er forvrøvlet.« Foto: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson
Berlingske - Søndag d. 31. juli 2016, kl. 08.00

Bertel Haarder smelter fortid og nutid sammen. Det samme gør bekymring og optimisme om de politiske bevægelser, der i øjeblikket sender rystelser gennem Europa.

I kultur- og kirkeministeren lever Venstres højskoleværdier stadig som en dynamisk kraft. Forankret i den tradition forsøger han at forklare den opløsning, som præger især Europa og i et vist omfang Danmark.

Temaet optager Bertel Haarder. Så meget, at han har valgt at afbryde sin sommerferie for at tale med Berlingske. Så meget, at han inviterer os hjem på Østerbro i København efter en lang dag, hvor den 71-årige folkevalgte politiker har været gæst i Cirkus Summarum og på Roskilde Festival.

Den ene tanke og sildemad tager den næste, mens Bertel Haarder hen over sen aftensmad tygger sig igennem det polariserede Europa. Senest er det blevet understreget med briternes beslutning om at forlade det EU, hvor nationalister står stærkere og stærkere i en række lande, eksempelvis i traditionelt føderalistiske lande som Frankrig og Holland.

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Author Victor Thorn found dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound (.... Clintoncide....Another strange death tied to the Clintons. How more will fall before the election?)

ed note–at this point the info is scant, but the ‘official’ story is that Victor apparently took his own life.

 I knew Victor fairly well and in years past had worked with him very closely. It is safe to say that for obvious reasons this development is very painful to learn about, and whether indeed it was a suicide as the ‘official’ explanation states or whether there is something more nefarious involved as it relates to this year’s election and the obvious gigantic struggle taking place between Trump and Clinton, the one piece of wisdom we can take from it is the following–

Those of us who live our lives in the center of the bull’s eye in fighting this fight deal with incredible pressures, disappointments, discouragements, to say nothing of the very real dangers we face every day while doing it. This is something that those out there who merely participate in this ‘movement’ from a passive position, i.e. by reading articles/books written by those operating at the center of the bull’s eye, listening to interviews, etc, simply do not understand. We live our lives with a target painted on our backs and do so while receiving very little support from those who benefit from our work, while at the same time knowing that any moment, the worst can come our way in the form of trumped up criminal charges, violence against us and against our families, to say nothing of the daily task we all face in dealing with the nutters in this ‘movement’ who sit behind their computers all day long and make a difficult and dangerous job all the more so.

However this pans out, our respects to Victor and our condolences for whatever it was he went through that brought him to this point

STOR SEJR: Sidste store danske kæde dropper buræg (MUST SEE: Sådan lever danske burhøns...)

Fra 2020 kan man ikke finde buræg i de store danske supermarkeder. Foto: Bjørn Kähler / Scanpix Danmark
TV2 Nyheder: 04. aug. 2016, 09:26

Buræg er snart fortid i de store danske supermarkeder, efter at Dagrofa-koncernen, der blandt andet ejer Meny, fjerner æggene fra hylderne. Danske forbrugere vil i fremtiden ikke kunne finde buræg blandt varerne i de store danske supermarkeder. Supermarkedskæderne Kiwi, Meny, Spar, Min Købmand og Let Køb vil frem til 2020 udfase buræg. Det har Dagrofa-koncernen, der ejer kæderne, i dag meldt ud. Hermed er de det sidste af de landsdækkende supermarkeder til at fjerne buræggene fra deres varesortiment. Senest er diskountkæderne Rema 1000 og Aldi kommet med samme udmelding.

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Published on May 18, 2016
For kort tid siden skabte filmen om dansk kødproduktion, Mød dit Kød, stor debat i medierne. Nu er Anima aktuel med en ny film, som giver danskerne et unikt indblik i livet for danske burhøns. Filmen Mit Liv som Burhøne er siden sin lancering blevet set 900.000 gange og delt over 17.000 gange på sociale medier.


“Med filmen viser vi den skræmmende virkelighed bag danske burhøners liv, samtidig med at vi med filmens overraskende afslutning viser, at deres liv ikke behøver at være sådan. Vi kan alle være med til at omskrive hønsenes tragiske fortælling ved at sige nej til buræg, sådan som mange forbrugere og virksomheder allerede har gjort,” siger kampagnechef hos Anima, Lina Lind Christensen.

WHAT THE F... - US NAVY sent to explore ALIEN MEGASTRUCTURE in Atlantic Ocean !!! (Blogger: Don't wanna spin on this, could very well be fake. However do recall Alex Collier has explain to us about the US Navy disclosure of atlantis city. He said on the latest two webinars "...Atlantis is our ancestors, Atlantis is very real - physical proof. Atlantis pyramid was found by the US Navy.. Atlantis has already been discovered by Germans/Hitler. Soon to be declassified acc. to Alex. Three distinct islands. Two of the size of Australia. One above the surface..")

Published on Aug 4, 2016
US NAVY sent to explore ALIEN MEGASTRUCTURE in Atlantic Ocean !!!

July 2016 - Atlantic ocean. Leaked video from US Navy shows military forces sent to explore alien megastructure reported in the middle of Atlantic ocean . Click here to read the complete article :

Mirror: Gigantic nuclear-explosion style mushroom cloud looms in the sky over city terrifying startled residents (Seems more like a gigantic inter-planetary starship clogged in these skies...)

Gigantic nuclear-explosion style mushroom cloud looms in the sky over city terrifying startled residents
Mirror: 16:56, 4 Aug 2016 Updated 17:04, 4 Aug 2016   By Jon Dean

This gigantic nuclear explosion-style mushroom cloud looming over a Russian city certainly gave residents a fright.
The bizarre phenomenon was dubbed 'Chernobyl Sky' by shocked residents, in reference to the 1986 nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine.
The frightening but harmless cloud over Tyumen, in south central Russia, was later blown off by the wind.
One social media user wrote: "Chernobyl-style sky... Crazy. Like a nuclear explosion happened there or something. Sky was unreal." ... read more:


The 2016 Zero Zone Portal (The importance of the number 9 and the second nine year long energy changing, shifting and evolving into the upcomming one. 2016 is lionsgate period and very significant. New zero zone portals coming up for 2017. Numbers 333, 888, 999, 22, 555, 000 are being communicated by our light team crew that are so very close to humanity now. We're never alone and never has been. Emotional stress and exhaustion, near-death experiences like hot flashes from hell, head spins, vision problems, bad eating habits and caos all around us etc.etc. Just ride it out fearlessly with neutrality and profound love of source. Many experience head pressure and pains because our pineal and pituitary glands are evolving dramatically now due to these latest energies. We are all purging and a lot. Drink plenty of water...)

Published on Aug 4, 2016
The 2016 Zero Zone Portal
by Denise Le Fay
August 4, 2016

Revolutionary liquid metals bring shape-shifting Terminator tech closer to reality (VIDEO) - Published time: 5 Aug, 2016 05:04

Shape-shifting Terminator robots presently remain a sci-fi fantasy, but scientists in Australia claim the deadly technology may one day be possible thanks to self-propelling liquid metals.

The mutating T-1000 killing machine was witnessed by moviegoers in the 1991 blockbuster classic Terminator 2.It saw actor Robert Patrick play a robot assassin made from the fictional metal “mimetic polyalloy,” which allowed the advanced Terminator to take on many forms and rapidly repair itself from otherwise fatal damage... read more:

Republic & RV/GCR Intel Update - US Republic Restored and New USN Currency

August 4, 2016

Received via email......

US Republic Restored!

Obama in front of a non-gold frige flag.  USA Inc. has surrendered!

USA, Inc. has publicly surrendered at the Pentagon today.  Look at the flag boarders!!!

The Republic of the United States has been restored!!!

Thank you White Hats!!!

Now we can RV!!!

For more information on why flag boarders mean something, check out the link below!

This is the public cabal surrender we've all been waiting for!!!


New USN Currency

Here's your new gold backed rainbow USN currency.  Looks oddly familiar don't it!

Genius how they tried to sneak that subtle transition by Americans and global community at large.

Almost worked too.  Expect these color differences to intensify over time.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

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