Apr 23, 2021

🧬💉🙉 ~ (Antivaccine fear mongering? Nooooo! Listen & Learn) Geert Vanden Bosshe with Del Bigtree: We Must Stop the Vaccination Program Immediately (GAOG) ~ | Blogger: Even my mom, a pensioned 45-year experienced nurse at hospital ER Department, who vaccinated hundreds of danes, told me today - let's not talk about the bad things, anymore, my son... Well, mom, i'm doing my best, but what if we all just STOPPED TALKING about the bad things in the world, who would wake up then? Yeah, my dad got the jab, who's almost 80 years old, still on prescribed drug for congestive heart failure and sometimes, statin medications, of course i'm worried about him. It's my own dad and I can't do anything about it, but i'm human, mom. And no mom, i'm not like all the other anti-vaccine activists, who enjoy a speed, scale, and reach far greater than those of Dr. Bond’s day. Bottom-up networked activism is perhaps driving the spread of anti-vaccine COVID-19 propaganda. But mom, listen to these people, doctors who's screaming and yelling, world medical personnel, comprises military and civilian medical personnel, who's really studying this subject, that goes by the hundreds or thousands. I'm just worried about countries who wants to buy up all unproven dangerous, experimental gene therapy Corona-vaccines by millions and given it out to their own (autoimmune disorder or healthy) citizens, like it's free candy. Not for forget, that some nurses and doctors coming into contact with vaccinated people are experiencing strange blood clot events / bruising / women having miscarriages etc due to the proteins given off by the newly modified DNA of the jabbed ones. Mom, I just care deeply about what will happen right now after 1 shot, and after receiving at least 2 shots, 3-4 shot and after 6-months to 1-year time, when CV-vaccines are the new "normal" given out on a regular basis, in form of injections, pill-based or Inhalation-based vaccination... PS: Of course, I didn't tell her all that, she knows already, but I understand, if she cant take all "bad news" anymore. Me2 sometimes... |


Vaccine creator Geert Vanden Bosshe discusses with Del Bigtree why he sent out a letter to all medical professionals urging them to stop the vaccination program.





👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Believing is seeing and seeing is believing) Are UFOs or UAPs Being Used To Usher In A ‘New World Order’? (CE) ~ | Blogger: Excerpts -- "Where UFOs Come In So what about the UFO phenomenon? Do I believe it’s being used to bring about a New World Order? To be honest, I am not quite sure. But just as I believe terrorism, COVID, geopolitical issues and much more are all being used by the political and financial elite to gain more profit and control over the human race, I do believe it’s a possibility."... |

A picture above, taken through the window of a laboratory by a U.S. coastguard, shows four unidentified flying objects as bright lights in the sky, in Salem, Mass. on Aug. 3, 1952



  • The Facts:

    Many out there seeking truth seem to believe that the UFO phenomenon is fake, a deception being used by the "powers that be" to usher in a New World Order.

  • Reflect On:

    Does mainstream culture and government engage in misinformation and perception manipulation of real phenomenon? Yes. But not all the time. So where do UFOs fit into this question?


🌍 ~ Who is behind Salt Of The World? What is its purpose? In the Light of Truth (Verdensalt) ~ 🌍 | Blogger: [🤜You have a choice: Either stick to the globalist agenda and their '3-D matrix of illusion' which leads to 'their perception is Your reality' - OR - start confront Your own 'two wolves who are always fighting' to seek out the TRUTH🤛] ... 🤴 I am exactly the same age as our beloved Crown Prince Frederik, the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark. Born on the Three Kings' Day... 🙇‍♂️Consider myself an free spirit influencer, energy-coach, however, the corona-crisis destroyed my company, and wishes to begin a new spiritual education...💡I'm a 100% LightWarrior & LightWorker, like Yin and Yang (The dance between darkness and light), looking for Spiritual Ascension, also known as Spiritual Awakening, a Natural Evolution and Planetary Liberation. I'm thinking of myself as a giant street light lit on a dark street for miles around. Not 30%, 50%, 75%, no, 100% dedicated to the Cause, readers. Deeply (embedded) into the web of Collective Consciousness, Highly Perceptive with a Spiritual Sensitivity, set on DEFCON 1... 😇SoTW bless every single SOUL on Mother GAIA for having the COURAGE to ENDURE the painful experience of WAKING UP (I'm one of us). As with the emotional side of spiritual awakening, the physical aspect of the challenge can be diminished to some degree, by acceptance, and by surrendering yourself to the process without resistance, as much as possible... 🗯️SoTW do get personal from time to time, and it's not my intention. I do get triggered by the daily 3-D matrix of simulated negative (false) drama, because I have gained a well-developed or over-developed sense of justice. I (really) DON'T like the 'common conman', royals or politicians (whoever), that use Trickery and Deception (Distractions) for personal (egocentric) gain and my only wish is, to EXPOSE them, and especially, who's CONTROLLING them (their puppetmaster).... Nothing else... 💑Every SOUL has its own SEPARATE spiritual path... Whatever your storybook carries within its pages, own it with unconditional LOVE, COURAGE AND COMPASSION. Remember that you can change your story at any time- nothing is fixed and we all have free will... 🧂SALT & LIGHT💡... |


🌍'Verdensalt' means - 'Salt Of The World'🌍

Former PM / Network / Design / Technology
Specialist - Banking

Denmark is a very small country... the world is very large...but, the TRUTH gets out in SECONDS around the GLOBE...

 YOU are the salt of the world. WE are the salt of the world. WE live on Mother Gaia/Earth, but our base of operations should also include, the Cosmos. The universe seen as a well-ordered whole - a endless cosmos... Eternal, infinite and living, a conscious cosmos....

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TRUTH is ONLY what you perceive in YOUR OWN SPACE. The person sitting NEXT to YOU, might have a different OPINION and should NOT be FORCED upon. EVERYONE have FREE WILL and having their own SPIRITUAL AWAKENING EXPERIENCE. In other WORDS, STICK to the INNER TRUTH from your HIGHER SELF, that will always LEAD YOU STRAIGHT home.

🙏 ~ 💝 (Is our world a simulation?) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 |


👪 ~ 💗 Elina ST-ONGE: HOW To Change The World' (SoTW Arkiv) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [💟Hvis vi alle tog et øjeblik for blot at observere verden som den er, ville udviklingen af vores arts potentiale, ske natten over🌎] ... Tjek Elinas gratis e-bog 'HOW To Change The World' -- Det starter allerede ved indskolingen og 0. klasse og slutter aldrig, før du selv siger STOP!. Elina siger: 📑"Få år efter vi er født i frihedens tegn, bliver vores umoden og barnlig adfærd (friheden til at lege og udforske), brat afbrudt af behovet for aktivt, at træne os selv til den "virkelige verden" (slippe leg og frihed). Vi kan være så heldige, at blive født frie og uden et begreb om begrænsning, men at overleve i denne tidsalder, kræver, 'mandsmod'. Når livet pludselig bliver til 'noget', vi skal gøre os fortjent til. Vi skal hurtigt tilpasse os "samfundet", som er et meget fortralvende, konkurrencedygtig overlevelse-orienterede spil."📑... PS: Det er svært at finde en kopi, fordi hun har slettet sin første udgave, og arbejder på sin næste... PSS: Hvis man skal vågne op til dåd, så er Elina samt HELBRED DIT LIV af Louise L. Hay, første spæde skridt... 🌴Det er snart 15 år tilbage, hvor min elskede datter Isabella og jeg, var på ferie i Tunesien, og jeg læste bogen (Helbred Dit Liv), tog notater og studerede alt i detaljer, hun lærte mig om ens tanker, selv-helbredelse og selvreparation. En af de første bøger, der gjorde og tog mig til min REIKI-uddannelse... 👼Må hun hvile i fred og flyve med englene!... Og ja, at være virkelig hard-core spiritual som mand, er ikke, en dans på roser. Har siddet sammen med Pernille Sams og andre kendte, sammen med min master, Marzcia Techau, eller spist frokost på tribunen på Krop-Sind-Ånd Messerne, hvor tilfældige forsidefruer sad og de havde det let. De havde mandens penge og kedede sig og nu var de alle blevet "spirituelle" - hehe. Det er bare ikke let for en mand, tro mig. Har ikke én eneste ven tilbage fra bankbranchen, ud af 1,000 arbejdskollegere. Med mindre, man er "kendt" åndelige leder eller spirituel influencer, der stjæler penge fra andre på de sociale medier... |

How To Change The World by Peter Egler

💋🤷‍♀️🤪 ~ (MMM og Co. The Untouchables?) Vi har stribevis af møgsager, avisoverskrifter og samråd: Alligevel, går Teenage-Predator, Messer-shit, Mink-Medico-Mette, Støjberggaten og alle andre fri. Med mindre at Kabal's DDFO-ledelse og H.M. Dronningen, mener de skal gå (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Blæksprutten med helikopter-overblikket: Hvor vigtig var og er, Dannevang stadigvæk for "systemet"?👈] ... 🏭Vi er nok nødt til at acceptere, at indtil videre, vil "systemets" topledelser, de 100K store bank/forsikring/kreditselskaber, 100K store medicinske mafia og BigTech, 1M store centraladministration, aldrig tillade, at toppolitikere som i bund og grund bare er skuespillere, der hjælper "systemet", skal fængsles, med parlamentarisk immunitet, eller ej... ⚔️Det hjælper dig måske lidt, at forstå, det går hele vejen tilbage til vikingetiden, og Danmarks regenter fra Gorm den Gamle omkring år 958 til i dag... 👑I de tidlige middelalder var England under Danmark, men arealet var større i Kalmarunionens tid. Unionen rummede Danmark, Norge med Grønland, Island og Færøerne samt Sverige og dermed også Finland, og desuden var der fra 1620 til 1917 forskellige danske kolonier i Asien, Afrika og Caribien, der efterhånden blev solgt til Storbritannien og USA... 👁⃤ Og så kom frimureriet til Dannevang, oprindelsen til frimurernes såkaldte grader. I 1700-tallet fik en række kongelige, kejsere, adelige og intellektuelle interesse for frimureri. I dag 10.000 "mand" høj... 🔩 NU strammer jeg den også, fordi, vi ved alle, når vores Statsminister, står med hænderne og viser "Merkel Diamanten", "Merkel-Raute" eller "Den Omvendte Pyramiden", "Matrix Morpheus Pyramiden", så er det et illuminati tegn eller frimurertegn på overlegenhed og magt - tegnet foregiver, andre, kan ikke nå ind til vedkommende og 'ændre' deres mening og at, Statsministeren, er et 'troende' medlem. Ligesom Kongehuset, styrer Frimurerne, Ministerierne, styrer politikerne, og politikerne, styrer Folket... 😩Du kan RÅBE OG SKRIGE OG GRINE, indtil dommedag, men det er min sandhed, måske ikke andres... 😮MÅSKE kan man begynde at forstå, at en sammensværgelse er i højsædet omkring de europæiske ledere, som har underkastet sig den udenlandske Corona Corporation og Den Medicinske Mafia... [LÆS VIDERE]... |

'Sprit af eller fuck af' og 'Maske på, hvis du vil ind, ellers forsvind.'



👂PRØV AT HØR, i politik, er der ikke noget som hedder - en tilfældighed eller pludselig indskydelse eller politikere som smeder jernet - alt er planlagt til mindste detalje, af embedsmænd og magthavere, laaaaangt højere oppe i et SINDRIGT MAGTHIERARKI, som ingen forstår sig på, eller tør, tro på.... 

💸TROR DU virkelig, ikke Mette F. ved, at hele DANNEVANG snart går i sort og koster 1.000 milliarder af genoprette og hele W.H.O., SST og SSI's bedrag om talmagi og manipulationer om Coronaudviklingen og Magnus LØGNICKE's Event 201❓... 

👯‍♀️At, alle de sexsager og sexskandaler, som har figurerede i de Radikale, EL, SF, Socialakrobaterne også blå blok, har MMM og alle andre politikere,vist om, siden MMM, var 15 år, har hun selv sagt, men gjorde INTET...   

👱‍♀️At, hun ikke vidste, at Bimo-Bramsen og samtlige af landets Forsvarsministre har underskrevet en erklæring, at fortie om FE/PET/NSA/CIA aftalen, som Poul-cykelhjem Nyrup underskrev i 90'erne, mellem FE og et privat teleselskab om aftapning af datastrømme og overvågning af danskerne, Syrien børnene og alt andet skidt og kanel❓... 

🕎At hun ikke ved, at det er de jødiske banker såsom Rothschild, som styrer, pengeskabelses-bedraget og FINANSMINISTERIET❓ Det har Mads Palsvig bevist, at Sass Larsens mened om Pengeskabelsesprivilegiet!... og blah blah blah.. Vi kunne blive ved og (ved)... 

🤪HOLD nu op, verdensalt - du er en IDIOT... 

🦁⏰⚔️~ ('We need a slap in the face with a wet fish') DAVID, CHARLIE, MEL AND SIMON ~ | Blogger: Very interesting videocast covering all kinds of things for me on SoTW, even so, "most" people cannot believe what they are hearing... From NWO cabal Israel/NATO/Ukraine vs. Russia, to what the percentage are or tipping point to how long the "pantomime" will go on and be ended by "The White Hats", that is 100% in control and let it all be exposed. Right now we are 56% and need 60% of the earth population to wake up, according to Charlie Ward... One of many topics is about the 30000 cargo-filled containers large "Evergreen". Yes you heard me, not 100, not 1000 not 18000, but 30000 containers, which Special Ops US Navy Seals (+ Russian Special forces) found "Cabal & CCP owned" Weapons of Mass Destruction on the six story high vessel, which were believed destined to start a war in the Middle East. Besides the fact, that over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies have been rescued out of shipping containers (many reports has said this, including US Navy Seal Michael Jaco)... PS: I CANNOT TALK about this stuff to my danish shipping CEO friend in Thailand, Anders, who was interviewed by BBC World Asian News saying that "high wind or machine failure" could have done it... First, it would destroy his business if he even believed it for a minute and second, he thinks i'm totally NUTS, wasting my time on this, instead, of working 50 hours a week, like he does ... |