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BREAKING | Ni News | 23. Maj 2018 | ~ Ministerium havde backup af slettede mails i Tibet-sagen ~ | .. Ministerium havde ifølge DR backup af mails fra ministre og embedsmænd, der tjente under kinesiske statsbesøg .. Sagen om, hvad Tibetkommissionen havde adgang til, tager nu en ny drejning. Det viser sig, at Udenrigsministeriet havde backup af slettede e-mails, der kunne være relevante for Tibetkommissionens undersøgelse og konklusioner. Men kommissionen fik aldrig adgang til dem, oplyser DR-programmet P1 Orientering onsdag. Da Tibet- kommissionen i 2016 bad Udenrigsministeriet om at få udleveret "mailkorres- pondance fra og til relevante medarbejdere", lå ministeriet således inde med flere former for backup. Det var af slettede e-mails fra eksempelvis fratrådte ministre og embedsmænd. Men det fik Tibetkommissionen aldrig at vide, da den skulle undersøge, om medarbejdere i Udenrigsministeriet kunne drages til ansvar for ulovlige ordrer .. | Blogger: Sikken en overraskelse 🏳️‍🌈🔫🚨... Nej - vel?... |


NI News | 23. Maj 2018 | ~ Nordiske statsministre varsler lynhurtigt internet Norden ~ | .. (In English:) - Must be the first integrated 5G region in the world. - The Nordic prime ministers have agreed at a meeting .. |

Reuters/Tt News Agency


5G tech in city street lamps causing nosebleeds, stillbirths, insomnia...
Mike Adams
If you live in a city, you're now being exposed to a barrage of brain-altering, disease-inducing frequency broadcasts from "5G" devices. | May 23, 2018 | ~ TV Exposé on Plasco Demolition features AE911Truth ~ |

Persian-Language Channel Airs
Groundbreaking Exposé on Plasco Demolition, Draws Significantly from AE911Truth Report

Watch the Show – Help Us Continue to Make the Difference

Watch the Show – Help Us Continue to Make the Difference

One month ago today, Persian-language channel Manoto TV aired a groundbreaking exposé about the demolition of Tehran’s 15-story Plasco Building in January 2017, which killed 16 firefighters and at least five civilians. Manoto TV is estimated to be watched by at least 30 percent of households in Iran.

The half-hour segment from Manoto’s investigative news series Reportage highlights most of the key evidence covered in AE911Truth’s February 2017 report and also features an interview with one of the report’s co-authors, Ted Walter.

After working hard for the past four weeks to translate and subtitle the Persian-language show, we are pleased to finally release it.

This episode of Reportage marks the first time that any media organization — other than the staunchly anti-government, reformist Amad News — has reported the truth about the Plasco Building demolition and the mass murder of nearly two-dozen people who were inside the building at the time of this heinous act.

After you watch the show, we invite you to become a sustaining member of AE911Truth. Your support will enable us to continue disseminating the truth about the World Trade Center demolitions, just as we’ve done with the Plasco demolition.

It’s only a matter of time before the political conditions become right for the Western media to begin reporting truthfully about 9/11 in the way the Persian-language media is now beginning to report truthfully about Plasco.
Thank you for your support of AE911Truth.  Without you, we wouldn't exist. | May 23, 2018 | ~ Russia says UK could be holding Skripals AGAINST their will - SHOCK claim ~ | .. RUSSIA has said the UK could be holding former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, against their will following their poisoning on British soil .. | Blogger: PS: Police officers stand guard outside of the home of Sergei Skripal, in Salisbury, Britain. But are they protecting them or keeping them from going outside, like Assange? ... |

Russia latest: Maria Zakharova said the UK could be holding the Skripals against their will

CNBC | May 21, 2018 | ~ Goldman Sachs: The fiscal outlook for the US 'is not good' ~ | .. ↠ Jan Hatzius, chief economist at Goldman Sachs, sees the deficit ballooning to $2.05 trillion (7 percent of GDP) by 2028. ↠ "Lawmakers might hesitate to approve fiscal stimulus in the next downturn in light of the already substantial budget deficit," the economist said. ↠ The Congressional Budget Office projects that debt could equal GDP within a decade, a level not seen since World War II .. |

READ MORE: | 23. Maj 2018 | ~ Danskerne slår rekord i opbakning til EU-medlemskab ~ | .. Mere end tre ud af fire danskere mener, at EU er en "god ting", hvilket er den højeste andel nogensinde .. | Blogger: O M G! ... [🇪🇺KAN VI STOLE PÅ Eurobarometer-undersøgelsen, foretaget på vegne af Europa-Parlamentet, som måske er politisk korrumperede??. Det ville være det samme som at udlicitere “Bubber”, fra Løkkefondens bestyrelse, til at styre centraladministrationen.. EU-modstandens førstedame, Rina Ronja Kari, der repræsenteret Folkebevægelsen mod EU i Europa-Parlamentet: Vi skal have daxit-valg i 2019, men bliver stoppet af den danske mind-kontrollerede befolkning, som nægter, at se sandheden i øjnene🙄] ... (In English:) year after year after year, The Standard Eurobarometer, that was established in 1974, annonce Denmark and danish citizen a true WINNER of EU, since 75 percent says, EU is SOOOOO GREAT, with absolutely no clues, whatsoever, what EU present and who rules it (behind the scene).... Did you know, that it was EU, who created the refugee & immigrant crisis, in the first place? ... Did you know that, EU & NGO's has created a HUGE scam of illegal human trafficking system at the Libyan coastline, and other countries, with among many, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International, former Prime Minister of Denmark, as contributor???... Did you know, that the danish Attorney, lawyer Klaus Ewald, who has reported Helle Thorning's organization to the police, believes that the former prime minister uses collected funds for a particularly serious type of smuggling??? ... | Davids Icke & bibliotecapleyades:... We discuss the Origins and the Symbolism of the European Union with David Icke. The EU is the reemergence of the (Holy) Roman Empire. We talk about the Catholic/Vatican influences in the EU and the Royals, especially the Hapsburgs (and Rothschild etc), who are behind its inception. We talk about Religious Symbolism and the Babylonian/Sumerian Origins of those Symbols. Where is the EU heading with the Lisbon Treaty? ... |

Den danske opbakning til EU er større end nogensinde, viser en ny måling fra Parlamentets Eurobarometer.


The Scary Truth About The European Union - David Icke



Humans Are Free | May 23, 2018 | ~ Ceremonial Magic & Sorcery — How An Ancient Art Became Perverted By The ‘Global Elite’ (VIDEO) ~ | .. “The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols.” – Carl Jung .. | Blogger: [🍬this needs to be stopped in any way, shape, or form🚸 Can we even deny, that Peter Madsen, is one of THEM?] ... YES - it's very HARD to understand and accept... (replace yourselves with an child sex slave:) - It's a mindset you have to get your head around when being very young, but when you get older, the facts get even harder to deny, because of the spiritual growth, inside you - and then it scares the bejesus out of, that you have been sexual abused, in the most disgusting way possible... Just think about child sexual exploitation and missing children... Then add, satanic ceremonial magic perversion, out comes Crooked Hillary (rumors) and many other celebs and VIP's, who thrives on other people's fear, creates wars, money laundering operations, depopulation programs and other people's misfortune and unimaginable sexual motivation etc. etc.... 😟 |


Disclosure News Italy | Aggiornato il 22 May, 2018 | ~ QAnon Update – Full Disclosure ~ |

QAnon Update May 22 – Full Disclosure. By Interstellar. Source 8Chan. Updated 20:28 UTC

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 622a94 No.1497716 May 21 2018 18:04:49 (EST)

Military OP.
General K [JFK]
Full Disclosure.
General Statement:
Once the ‘extremely guarded & highly classified’ information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must recuse or forcefully terminated.
[RR] problems.
What was RR’s Senate Conf Vote?
WRAY reports to RR [important fact].
Who do you TRUST?
[RR] recuse/fired who has direct oversight of Mueller?
Sessions un-recuse or #3 [until refill]?
Who is Rachel Brand?
Why was Rachel Brand dismissed?
Think timing.
“The succession question is actually a bit complicated. By default, under an obscure statute known as the the Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, Brand’s temporary successor as the “acting” associate attorney general is her principal deputy, Jesse Panuccio. That same statute would also allow the president to choose someone else to serve as the “acting” AAG on a temporary basis for up to 210 days; the pool of individuals from which the president could draw in this case includes individuals already holding Senate-confirmed positions elsewhere in the executive branch (like EPA administrator Scott Pruitt) or senior civil service lawyers in the Justice Department, specifically.”
When does the clock run out?
Why is Schneiderman’s removal ‘extremely’ relevant?
TRUST (name).
These people are stupid.

Q !CbboFOtcZs No.98 May 22 2018 11:52:25 (EST)

Slowly & carefully.
Did you see the Ryan [PR] interview a short time ago?
When you are no longer seeking another term you are ‘FREE’ to make better decisions.
‘Flood is coming’
Future proves past.

Anonymous ID: cbbe22 No.1506500 May 22 2018 12:30:28 (EST)


Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | 2015 - 2018 | ~ Er vi i stand til at helbrede os selv? Grounding og meditation er hvad du selv gør det til - musikken kan hjælpe ~ | Blogger: [🙇Er ikke ALTID selv god til at meditere, hver dag, har altid en god undskyld. Men Grounding / Englebeskyttelse og Bekræftelser, er ekstrem vigtige redskaber for en REIKI healer og alle burde Grounde - hver dag 👐] ... Her er nogle ideer til, hvordan du kan med lidt øvelse, komme dybere ned i en trancelignede tilstand, hvis musik, hjælper... 'Solfeggio Frequency Music' med selvvalgte Solfeggio frekvenser er en god start, der ikke kun hæver din vibration, men også rydder negativitet og fjerner underbevidste blokeringer m.m ... Hvis man er til guidet stemmemeditationer, så har Clairvoyant og spirituel lærer og mentor, Jette Harthimmer, flere podcast øvelser (gratis til download). Fik selv noget af min REIKI-master, Marzcia Techau .. Har skrevet lidt om KROP-SIND-ÅND-messerne, og den som slå ud i lys lue og jeg VIRKELIG var dybt nede på minutter, var hos Lea Bodin fra Allerød ... Tilbage til musikken, engelske David Bailey Music, kan også varmt anbefales, siges han får healende hjælp fra afdøde komponister og spirituelle hjælpere ... Der findes et hav af internet baseret guider såsom Bentinho Massaro, Linda Dillon Council of Love og Teal Swan som kan downloades gratis.. Det lidt mere langhåret musik som glider direkte ind i det tredje øje, er fra Alex Collier's forslag (som ikke mange kender), påstår, at have besøgt et ship fra Andromeda- galaksen. Musikken som er nærmest heartbeatet fra sådanne et skib, Steve Roach - Structures From Silence (koster næsten ingenting at downloade) .. Men det bedste jeg har fået smidt i nakken, er en CD fra Conscious Life Expo 2018, 'Letting Go Into Bliss' - an Ascension Experience - eller (den hedder 'Earth Ascension' video, første på siden og kan klikkes på, som en lille appetizer) ... |

Udgivet den 7. Januar 2015 af

Svaret er Ja - med meditation og musik, er det en start. Der skal dog en længere forklaring inden vi kommer til det. Mange af os som har opgivet gamle Doktor Hansen på hjørnet, masser af år tilbage, hvor standardsvaret på alle diagnoser og prognoser er enten virus eller bakterier, som ikke kan stå alene og retfærdiggøre og opløse kroniske sygdomme, fysiske skavanker- og smerte, angst, en fobi, et traume, savn, sorg eller følelser som vrede eller depression. Men, at ordinere medicin i massive mængder, det kan han, præcist som din uvildige bankrådgiver ikke længere er rådgiver, men sælger bankprodukter, har lægen, Big Pharma i ryggen der fremstiller syntetisk medicin, der giver dig bivirkninger. Tag nu ikke fejl, det er penge og Big Business. 

Lad os antage er øjeblik at alternative behandlingsformer, forbedre vores levestil og sundhed. Masser af danskere valfarter frem og tilbage og bruger enorme summer som sikkert glæder alle de mangfoldige terapeuter og alternative behandlerne med eksotiske navne og behandlingstilbud. Var selv på vognen engang og har prøvet en del fine tilbud. Har selv lidt Reiki uddannelse. 

Dog, har jeg fundet ud af, selv med deres fine kvaliteter, det der gør dem unikke og specialiseret indenfor deres felt, gør dem ikke til guruer som hjælper os med at fjerne alt ondskab i verden med ét trylleslag. For at få en vejledning frem for vildledning, så skal alle disse terapeuter og alternative behandlerne selv være HELT balanceret, elske sig selv, m.m. inden de kan projektere det over på dig. Og det er meget svært at finde, så snakker vi indiske guruer så som Swami Shankarananda Giri eller Sri Ramanamaharshi som ligger et sted på sjette og syvende dimension af bevidsthed, som også har det guddommelige aspekt, kan manifestere sig sig via de tre T'er: Telepati, Telekinese, Teleportere. De er 100 pct i balance med sig selv og omverden. De kender også til den virkelige "sandhed" af vores illusioneret 3D Matrix som vi lever i alle sammen - tro mig. Desværre vokser Indiske guruer ikke på træerne i Danmark, så vi må nøjes... 

Mange mennesker giver allerede op efter et par behandlinger. Hvorfor, fordi vi nu skal bevæge os hen i et ukendt territorium, tage imod den håndsrækning der bliver stukket frem med fysisk håndspålæggelse eller mentalt åbenhed, lokalisere os selv, heeelt nede fra det dybe hul, hvor vi selv har valgt, at placere os med hjælp fra vores underbevidste SELVET. Tør vi nu give slip fra angsten og frygten, pinligheden ved at blotte vores sjæl overfor en fremmed, utilpashed svedende, åndenød, småhulkende, følelsesmæssigt kompromitterende eller hvad det nu kunne være. Puhaa det er da svært for mange. 

Ud af de mange, mange behandlingsformer, er min egen opfattelse, der findes én fælles nævner - nemlig vores frygt og følelsesmæssigt barndoms- og voksenstraumer fra nutids og flere inkanitioner tilbage i vores liv. Alle aflejret via vores eget Astrallegeme.

Mange inkanationer tilbage projekterede vi vores frygt ind i vores organer, vi blev syge fysisk, følelsesmæssigt og mentalt. Vi projekterede vores frygt på planeten, der ikke havde andet valg end at reflektere tilbage til os de mønstre af ufuldkommenhed og vores Himlen på Jorden blev til helvede. Vi projekterede vores frygt over på vores "andet Selvet", og vi oplevede flere adskillelse gennem fattigdom, racisme og krig. Vores tro på adskillelsen var så stærk, at det fulgte os selv ud over vores tilsyneladende død - organernes undergang være det ultimative bevis på, at vi faktisk var begrænset, begrænsede væsener. Så når de forlader vores krop, sagde vores karma til os, "Du har ikke lært dine lektioner! Gå tilbage i den fysiske form, og prøv igen ... men denne gang forsøg at gøre det rigtigt" Denne gang slipper vi ikke, hvis vi nu skal tro på vores spirituelle lysguider.  Læs også: Åndelig livsstil. 

Vi har alle en guddommelig kontrakt for at arbejde os hen mod selv-healing og gøre vores verden et bedre sted at leve.   

Hjælp til selvhjælp med meditation og musikkens unikke helbredende egenskab

Message from Saul | May 23, 2018 | Channeling through John Smallman | ~ Truly, There is Nothing to Fear Because There is Only Love 😇 ~ |

Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddah, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

Kanaliseret af John Smallman 
© 2018 johnsmallman


As humanity continues to grow in wisdom and maturity, and it has always been in the process of doing this, changes of an amazing nature will continue to occur. You chose to build the illusory world of separation in order to experience aloneness, abandonment, and loss of meaning and purpose in your lives so that you could then evolve spiritually and return from that experiential state to the Source from which you have never been separated.

This endless journey back to Source is your life purpose and gives it meaning. It is endless because time is endless . . . until you choose to be aware that time is illusory, that there is only the ever-present now in which all of creation has its permanent and endless existence at One with Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.

Time is a tool that you use so that you can evolve in meaningful steps that suit each of you individually. There is only the One, but that One expanded and extended Itself in Love that gives and shares and extends Itself limitlessly. Everyone who is conscious, sentient, alive – and everything in form in the visible universe, from rocks to humans, has some consciousness – is evolving spiritually and purposefully!

But because you chose to be unaware of your permanent and unbreakable connection to Source, to Love, you are struggling with a sense of insignificance, inadequacy, and often intense worthlessness because in physical form you are so insignificantly small compared to the vastness of the universe around you.

Source, God, Love, is utterly perfect, complete, and totally without needs or desires of any kind, because . . . IT IS! You, humanity, evolving spiritually as humans have forgotten this, and are evolving in order to remember and know this. Every now and again one of you does, and then attempts to share that knowing, but, unless a certain level of awareness or wakefulness has occurred in those whom that one is attempting to share the knowledge with, the message is incomprehensible.

DR FNYS | 22. Maj 2018 | ~ Efter DR-afsløringer: Facebook fjerner "islam" og "kommunisme" ~ | .. Facebook har slettet nogle få personfølsomme anonnceinteresser, men langt fra alle... | Blogger: PS: Mens, Zuckerberg var glat som en ål og EU-høringen, endte som en kæmpe fuser (ligesom høring i Kongressen), så er han ikke den vigtigste brik i spillet... kan rapportere, at 'Following the Money Trail' med hensyn til (den skjulte hånd) og Cambridge Analytica (British Political Consulting Company) 👉 Trump Trap 👉 Angreb i Syrien 👉 Ødelægge 'ley lines' & skjulte historisk uerstattelige kulturgenstande i Syrien 👉 Mark Zuckerberg er blot en syndebuk 👉 Slaget om det æteriske Archon nettet / Gudinde feminine energier ("Compression Breakthrough" The EVENT & The Hidden Hand (Dark Forces) vs. Resistance Movement) ... HVIS, man tror på den slags ... PS: General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years ... |



Operation Crossfire Hurricane = TREASON. The attempt of the Obama Administration's DoJ and FBI to spy on presidential candidate Donald Trump, prevent his election and undermine his Administration has been uncovered. The 2nd special counsel into the FBI and DOJ was requested today by Representative Ron Johnson, Chairman!! The Deep Stater's in the Department of Justice and FBI who participated in this treasonous operation will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, we need YOU to sign the petition to end the Federal Reserve in America! PLEASE TAKE ONE MINUTE TO SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION: The blog with links:

RT - Russia Today | 22. May 2018 | ~ Private jet from Texas splits in half on takeoff in Honduras ~ | Blogger: [🛫Another Day, Another Plane Crash!🛬Thank God nobody got hurt in this accident💜] .. Coincidence?? Texas school shooting, now VIP's from Texas, crashed!? - Temporary closing down Toncontin International Airport ... (11:11 (numerology) - The Honduran Aviation Agency said that the incident took place at 11:15 am [5:15 pm GMT] on Tuesday as the plane was departing from Tegucigalpa 5:15 = 5+5+1= 11 .. Tuesday 05/22-2018 = 5+2+2 = 9 / 2+0+1+8 = 11 ... |

A Gulfstream G200 Galaxy N813WM suffered a runway excursion on landing at Tegucigalpa Toncontin Airport on Tuesday. The aircraft went down a slope and came to rest across a road. There were no injuries among the 2 crew and 5 passengers onboard.

Folkets Avis | 22. Maj 2018 | ~ Leder: Vi bliver kvalt i bureaukrati ~ | .. Nu skal man have 39 tilladelser for at holde en markedsfest .. Bureaukratiet hører vi som regel om fra sygeplejersker som skal udfylde en masse skemaer. I dag er bureaukratiet overalt. Lad mig give tre hurtige eksempler som for nyligt er omtalt i pressen: 1. - Man skal have hele 39 tilladelser for at holde en markedsfest. – JP - betalingsmur. 2. - Stigende mængde papirarbejde presser landmænd psykisk. – Landbrugsavisen. 3 - Kontrol og papirarbejde tærer på tandlægerne: Halvdelen overvejer at lukke klinikken. – TV2 Nord.. For hver af de eksempler, som finder vej til medierne, findes adskillige andre .. |