Nov 26, 2016

Norway’s highest court refuses to grant Snowden no-extradition guarantees ( Danish Minister of Justice, Søren Pind gave the Americans permission to run a hunt for Edward Snowden with concealed FBI-plane in Copenhagen airport back in 2013. In 2015, Edward Snowden to be extradited if he came to Norway to receive Ossietzky Prize (Bjørnson-prisen). Summer 2016, again, Snowden were threatened to be extradited by the danish government if he attended in person in one of the largest festivals in Europe, "Roskilde Festival 2016". However Snowden did manage to talk to the 100.000 thousand of paying guests at the festival by a video-link. So, all the countries who's part of the NATO-alliance and follow the US interests to the letter, will never back down in regards to prosecute or extradite Snowden, no matter what...)

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Norway’s Supreme Court has rejected Edward Snowden’s request for guarantees that he will not be extradited to the US if he enters the country to receive the Ossietzky Prize for outstanding efforts in the field of freedom of expression.
This was the last chance for the 33-year-old whistleblower to appeal for entry to the Scandinavian country without the fear of being persecuted.

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Læs også: Edward Snowden til festivalgæster: I har ikke privatliv (Søren Pind gav amerikanerne lov til at drive klapjagt på Edward Snowden med hemmeligholdt fly i Københavns lufthavn. For en måneds tid siden risikerede Edward Snowden at blive udleveret, hvis han kom til Norge for at modtage Bjørnson-prisen. Når der er tale om amerikanske interesser, så knæler undersåtterne....)

Live Breaking News - Nuclear Confrontation between Russia and NATO (fiction) (Blogger: Did you also know that NASA, FEMA had a asteroid emergency planning exercise, but failed to deflect incoming asteroid in drill? NASA and federal emergency responders ran simulations on how to deal with a “city-killer” asteroid coming close to hitting the planet. Officials simulated what to do if a “city-killer” asteroid with a 2 percent probability of impact neared the Earth on Sept. 20, 2020. As the asteroid got closer, the simulated odds of an impact ultimately increased to 100 percent, with the strike likely to crash into Southern California...)

Published on Nov 25, 2016
Serious incident between NATO and Russian forces in the Baltic region reported, but a more larger strategic confrontation is under way. Russian invasion of Estonia and Latvia is being reported with significant Russian troops movements towards western Europe.

This fictional dramatization is intended to present a scenario that is a real possibility in the near future and which represents an existential threat to us all. We hope to make people reflect on how prepared they are for such an eventuality, how much they rely on resources that are more fragile than we care to imagine, and how little say we all have in the decisions of military powers that do not speak for the will of the people of the world. This is merely a work of fiction and is not happening in fact.

Top US & UK Generals In Terror – Militaries Are Completely Compromised – Useless

Friday, November 25, 2016 14:49

(Before It's News)

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

VIDEO: US & UK Military Leaders In Terror – YouTube

Top US and United Kingdom Military Leaders are now in total terror and the Readiness of their military forces is revealed.

First – As you recall Russia shut down several destroyers and the USS Aircraft Carrier Roosevelt several months ago.

2) Second – the USS Zumwalt – the most expensive US Warship built in History – had it’s engines shot down a few days ago by a Chinese Made Computer Ship. The ship was Killed in the Panama Canal.

3) The UK had it’s most expensive built warship ship ever built completely shut down a few days ago as well.

The Chinese Chips – called Killer Chips – have been ordered to be used in every US Aircraft, Ship and Nuclear Missile by the leaders of the US (Obama) and the UK.

What this mans is that every US and UK Ship, every Jet, every Helicopter, every Vehicle, and every other piece of electronics theses nations have are completely and totally compromised.

What makes this even worse is threat these “Chinese” made chips were often times subcontracted to be made in countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, etc.

So these Private Manufacturers of these chips can literally shut down the entire military at the push of a button.

To add insult to injury – the VA is still selling Active Duty Military Records around the world to get Grant Money from foreign corporations so their Directors can get hefty Bonuses.

This writer has been warning the American Military about tehse problems for about 10 years bow using TV, Radio, Print and now You Tube to no avail.

We even whet up to the Supreme Court with a case to stop these actions but – the US Supreme Court in DC and in Pennsylvania per the US Organic Act of 1871 DO NOT hear cases from Foreign Ambassadors – the US Constitution of 1793 and the US Organic Act of 1871 are completely ignored.

We have become a lawless nation at the top. Treason, murder, compromising National Security do not matter in Washington DC.

The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Regimes have committed Treason on a mass scale in order to pad their own pockets.

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Replay - The full truth about the Dakota pipeline / Robert Kennedy Jr, "Trump Has A $2 Million Stake in the Dakota Pipeline"


Blogger: Robert Kennedy Jr. explains how the "The water protectors want a full Environmental Impact Statement" done on this 1700 mile long (2735.89 km) pipeline. The pipeline corporation is illegally using a "special permit 12" to segment the pipeline into many little segments thus avoiding a full Environmental Impact Statement required by US law. The pipeline company (corporation) is the law breaker.

On one side you have a group of people who are exercising their constitutional right to petition and protest and are doing it peacefully without breaking any laws. On the other side you have a law breaking corporation. The sad thing is you have the police power of the state, extremely violent sophisticated military power has been deployed against a peaceful group on behalf of a law breaking corporation.

BrasscheckTV Report

On this day where we supposedly give
thanks for the Native Americans who
saved the Pilgrims from freezing and
starving to death...

Let's get some things straight about
the Dakota pipeline:

1. The entire project is based on
fraudulent permitting and Obama can
shut it down with the stroke of a pen.

2. This pipeline was deemed "too dangerous"
to run nearby Bismarck so it was moved
to this area where it threatens the only
fresh water supply in the region.

3. The entire Missouri River is put at
risk by this poorly conceived project.

4. This pipeline is only economically
possible because the 40+ year LAW forbidding
the export of oil from the US was recently

5. We are trading the future of our fresh
water supply for the chance for a few billionaires
to make a killing by exporting US energy reserves
that we should be retaining for ourselves.

Please share this widely so your friends, family
and colleagues understand what's at stake
and support the heroic effort thousands are making
to stop it.


- Brasscheck TV

Global synchronized prayer event for standing rock saturday november 26, 2016

26. november kl. 14:00 MST til 10. december kl. 14:00 MST

Join us, wherever you are in the world, on Saturday November 26th at 3pm Central Time, 2pm Mountain Time, 9pm GMT

Here's a link to timezones near you:

#PraywithStandingRock is a synchronized moment of Prayer across the world giving thanks for Mother Earth, Clean Water and the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

Keep in touch for regular updates here:

Using the word 'Prayer', rather than 'meditation' or something similar, is a native led request. Standing Rock is a prayer camp. You can pray in whatever way is appropriate for you. You don't have to be religious. You can follow your heart. Prayer can also mean taking action on the ground, but in a sacred way.

Pray for Standing Rock has been approved by the Tribal Council at Standing Rock and we wish, as allies, to respect and support the native leadership and be inclusive of their participation.

Learn about the Seven Lakota values here:

GLOBAL WOPIDA on December 10th

Then, on December 10 (United Nations Human Rights Day), join us along with Chief Phil Lane and many other traditional leaders for a Global Wopida. Wopida is a Dakota word that means "giving of gifts, and thank you".

Take action by contributing to the Protector's Alliance on-the-ground initiative here:

Jason A YouTube Channel (Blogger: I've been enjoying his channel, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but he is offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events..)

The Worst Black Friday Fights - CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (2016)

Published on Nov 25, 2016
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black friday fights 2016: compilation attacks black friday brawls shopping chaos black friday videos mall

Published on Nov 25, 2016 
David er slet ikke imponeret over de danske butikkers tilbud til black friday. Det er simpelthen for svagt!

Med en omsætning med Dankort på godt 2 mia. kr. blev dagen den største shoppedag nogensinde i Danmark

Mike Quinsey: A Message from my Higher Self ("..The dark Ones and their cohorts are proposing to put into action one last major attempt to regain lost ground, by faking an extraterrestrial attack upon you. It would be very realistic and you would perceive Spacecraft and Beings that looked exactly like those you are familiar with. Some craft would only be holograms and look quite normal, you are therefore warned of their intentions so that fear can be lessened or prevented as far as possible. Creating fear is the objective of such an event and it is as you would term it, “their last throw of the dice” and could easily fool those who are unready or ill-informed. If it ever comes to be a reality those of you in the know can be invaluable to Humanity by helping prevent mass hysteria... You should know that not every situation is as it seems as sometimes they are used to help create something different. For example the victory of Trump was to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning even although the voting was meant to be rigged in her favour. Trump is therefore expected to resign very soon and Paul Ryan who is the acting Republic President will stand as the interim President until new elections can take place, and it is quite likely that he will then go on to become the President Elect. This should convince you that you are not fighting a lone battle against the dark Ones. So regardless of what happens know that the outcome will ensure that the Light will be the winner..")

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

25th November 2016. Mike Quinsey.

The dark Ones and their cohorts are proposing to put into action one last major attempt to regain lost ground, by faking an extraterrestrial attack upon you. It would be very realistic and you would perceive Spacecraft and Beings that looked exactly like those you are familiar with. Some craft would only be holograms and look quite normal, you are therefore warned of their intentions so that fear can be lessened or prevented as far as possible. Creating fear is the objective of such an event and it is as you would term it, “their last throw of the dice” and could easily fool those who are unready or ill-informed. If it ever comes to be a reality those of you in the know can be invaluable to Humanity by helping prevent mass hysteria.

Be assured however that no actions will be allowed to get out of hand and the Forces of Light are standing by, but for karmic reasons they cannot directly interfere in such events to prevent them from happening. It will be the only time that you should have to confront such a situation. It would be a great wake up call for those who have unknowingly given up their freedom, and allowed the dark Ones a free hand to carry out their plan for world domination.

In the long term events will progress as you have previously been advised, so keep in mind that the Light will always be victorious over the dark Ones. Even at this time they are being removed and placed where they can no longer cause great harm to you. The war between the dark and the Light for control of the Earth is destined to soon be brought to a conclusion. The outcome has always been predictable even if momentarily the dark Ones seem to be in the ascendancy. However matters cannot be taken for granted and it needs those of the Light to focus on the right outcome.

You have many helpers around you in addition to your Guides, so although you may be unaware of their presence they know much about you and will ensure you follow your life plan. In your moments of meditation or prayer they can come close to you and plant ideas in your mind. Much of your work is carried out in your “out of the body” activities when you are asleep. You may recall some of your experiences but usually you cannot bring the details to mind. You may for example meet with other Beings of Light and arrange aspects of your work in advance. It may seem at times that you are fighting a lone battle but be assured that is far from the truth.

Saul via John Smallman: Love is Melting Away the Last Bastions of Bitterness and Hate That Have Been Enveloping Humanity

Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddah, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

Kanaliseret af John Smallman 
© 2016 johnsmallman

Saul Audio Blog for Thursday Nov 24th.mp3

Humanity’s awakening is accelerating. Do not be distracted by the worldly news of conflict, betrayal, and intense suffering. Yes, it is ongoing, but it is now clearly perceived for what it is, a massive release of an enormous and long held collective state of bitterness and resentment that has supplied the corrupting energy for the eons of suffering that the illusion has brought into your lives.

Love is melting away the last bastions of bitterness and hate that have been enveloping humanity, and, as that occurs, the weights that have dragged you down into the bitter and painful distractions of the illusion and seemingly anchored you there are being untied.

There now remains very little to hold you collectively entangled within the illusion. It has served its purpose – allowing you to experience separation from Source – and is now disintegrating all around you. As you make a habit of engaging only lovingly with yourselves in your own individual human lives, and letting go of negative and invalid self-judgments, your experience of life is lightening, freeing you from the self-imposed guilt and exile of eons.

A vast cleansing of the human energy field is under way as your awakening process draws you unstoppably forward toward your divine and heavenly destination – Reality, the Source of all that exists – which in truth you have never left.

The changes that each of you are experiencing and undergoing personally and collectively, and that the mainstream media is completely unaware of, are phenomenal. Love is your nature, and daily more and more members of the human family are realizing this and becoming increasingly desirous of engaging only lovingly with each other, but still afraid that they, each individual, are alone in feeling this.

Wake up Call: St. Germain, Nov 26, 2016 CET

St. Germain - menneskets evolution
Opstegne Mester Saint Germain, Le Comte de Saint Germain, den Europæiske vidundermand, og mange andre navne som tilhører den fascinerende mystiske mands kronik så som, "Manden der ved alt og aldrig dør". Han er kendt for sit engagement med at forme det 18. århundredes Europa. Han var et yndet gæst i Versailles, fortrolige med Kong Ludvig og Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Katarina den Store af Rusland, og mange andre statsoverhoveder i dette tidsrum. Han var kendt for at have levet i 300 år aldrig aldrende, delvist på grund af den mystiske Elixir og andre alkymistiske stoffer, han skabte.

Saint Germain har været fabrikanten af hele vores generation af kommende velgørenhedspakker, RV, GCR, PPP m.m. Hvis man forfølger de meddelelser fra vores opstegne mestre som sprøjter ud i øjeblikket, kan man sammenfatte sande beretninger og den fundamental forståelse for vores race. Kan naturligvis blot tale om min egen oplevelse og bevidsthedsniveau.

Kanaliseret af Nancy Tate
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

Wake up Call: St. Germain, November 25, 2016

I am here today to let you in on a little secret, or not so little according to where you are and what you part is in it. I will first tell you that there is coming a definite clearing of many bundles of merit that have been elevated to the truth energy that is needed, and is being expelled around the world. I am involved in a true feeling of being a part of the fixtures that are being replaced with the truth of what has been taking place around the globe. It is now being exposed for what is the drudgery that has been being felt by so many people. What is now taking place is that the truth of so many delays in the system being activated that you all, through your intentions and acknowledgments of what the truth really is about the universal solar systems and all that is involved with your history, is being brought forth to co-operate as was originally intended when this planet began it’s ascent to what is being seen as the ascension from the duality that has been in place for so long.

We are now finding that so many people are able now to recommend to others what is to take place and why, in order for the truth to come out to the people, and they will believe it. They will begin to question what they have been being told is the truth about this planet, and they will then be able to recognize that what they have been feeling of late is not something to just push to the back of their minds and disregard what it seems to feel like. They are now seeking the reasons for so many truths to be coming to the front, and finding most of their answers within. It is a matter of them then seeking clarity to the answers they have been receiving. That as well allows more of the truth from within to come forth and serve itself as the eye-opener for all that is to come and is already in action.