Apr 29, 2020

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😮 ~ Novo-fond i tæt partnerskab med Bill Gates: »Vi kommer til at spille en større rolle i samfundet« ~ | Blogger: [💭Det er jo galimatias det her, måske drømmer jeg? Av! Av! Av! Stop så med a nive mig i armen - tid til at vågne op, venner!⏰] ... Bill Gates har betalt funny-money under bordet, for at være i lederskab med Statens Serum Institut (SSI), der har overført Instituttets vaccineproduktion til AJ Vaccines A/S og snart udkommer som førende poliovaccineplatform samt CV19-vaccinen... Nu skal de største fonde Novo og Co. som også er medspillere hos Monsanto (MonSatan, NaziBayer) via Novozyme i samfundet til, at tage en endnu mere aktiv rolle i samfundets udformning. Hvorfor?!?😳 Måske er det (VED) at gå op for folk at Bill Gates er samme person som har kontrollen med Corona patentet (gennem PirBright Institute)?... Vidste du, at omkring seks uger før udbruddet af coronavirus-epidemien, i begyndelsen af ​​december 2019 i Wuhan (Kina), blev en øvelse arrangeret af Davos World Economic Forum i samarbejde med Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security og Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?... Den gik under navnet EVENT 201... Øvelsen blev afholdt i New York den 18. oktober 2019 med det specifikke formål at kortlægge de transnationale selskabers og regerings reaktion på en coronavirus-epidemi. 15 verdensledere deltog i denne øvelse, inklusive de to kinesiske og amerikanske embedsmænd, der var ansvarlige for at bekæmpe epidemier... Det store corona-spørgsmål er nu, var den erhvervsdrivende Novo Nordisk Fonden, ekskommunisten og elitelægen, der blev coronageneral, Søren Brostrøm og hans alvorlige wingman, Kåre Mølbak, velvidende om dette EVENT?... Hvorfor er det lige NU, at Novo slå knuder om Bill Gates og kommer ud af æggeskallen og prostituere sig som helterollen, når Danmarks største fond, knytter formaliserede bånd med flere af verdens mægtigste fonde, herunder Bill Gates' fond, amerikanske Rockefeller Foundation, Englands største fond, Welcome Trust, samt WEF?... Hvorfor var det ikke lige, du kunne se sammenhængen, før nu? Dette fænomen kaldes kognitiv dissonans, en forskel på hvordan vi opfatter verden og hvordan verden er i virkeligheden. Nu er du måske parat til at acceptere, du lære bedst sandheden at kende, når du finder ud af hvor dybt kaninhullet går... |

Kilde (Berlingske.dk)

Danmarks største fond knytter nu formaliserede bånd med flere af verdens mægtigste fonde, herunder Bill Gates' fond, der efter etableringen i 2000 i dag betegnes som den største humanitære organisation på verdensplan.

Det sker, når den erhvervsdrivende Novo Nordisk Fonden i forbindelse med det økonomiske topmøde i schweiziske Davos bliver såkaldt strategisk partner med World Economic Forum, der er organisationen bag topmødet.

Dermed kommer landets suverænt største fond, der i 2017 havde værdier for 358 milliarder kr., i eksklusivt selskab med Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, amerikanske Rockefeller Foundation samt Englands største fond, Welcome Trust, der også er såkaldte strategiske partnere med World Economic Forum, WEF. (LÆS  VIDERE)


🤬 ~ ‘You misspelled censorship!’ YouTube expands ‘fact checks’ to protect Americans from coronavirus ‘misinformation’ ~ | Blogger: [👉I Know What You Did Last December - Theme👈] ... {the attack on so-called “fake news” is an outright campaign for censorship of the TRUTH} ... Everyone who pays attention KNOWS that YouTube (GoogleGestapo), Mark Zuckerberg (Adrenochrome addict) Facebook or other free internet services on social media platforms or WordPress blogger services or (4++, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E) telecommunications services, you name it, is in cahoots with our "CONTROLLERS" under and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ruled by The Rockefeller Big Pharma Scam, who also owns CIA-controlled Mockingbird Op Lame Stream Media... Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me... This is (not) THE FINAL COUNTDOWN -- Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay Inc. and many other friends with benefits, will serve their master and create a Berlin Wall of Internet Censorship (or Mexican Border Wall). But don't despair: the 3-D Matrix of Illusion and Simulation fight is ONLY over if you think it is and Humanity leaving the planet in a Spaceship because Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by Nuclear Wars and Asteroids, said by the lyrics of The Final Countdown' by Europe, is not gonna happen. Swedish rock band 'Europe' is asking us: 'Will things ever be the same again?'... Noooo... After the fake CV-19 world arena storm is over, nothing is EVER going to be the same... We, The People are going to WIN this BATTLE... |

Source (RT.com) 

YouTube will now “fact check” US search queries, expanding a feature tried in other countries last year in an effort to eradicate “misinformation” about Covid-19 – but some netizens are seeing hints of Orwell in the project.

The video-sharing giant rolled out the new feature on Tuesday, announcing that its “fact check information panels” will now appear on American searches, in which “authoritative sources” will show up below the search bar to correct claims that YouTube deems suspect.

“We're now using these panels to help address an additional challenge: misinformation that comes up quickly as part of a fast-moving news cycle, where unfounded claims and uncertainty about facts are common,” the platform said in a statement, citing unverified claims that Covid-19 is a “bio-weapon” as an example. (READ MORE)

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Posted By: Namaste
Date: Tuesday, 28-Apr-2020 13:33:33


This is nothing more than irrational fear used to control people, at any time!

60 Minutes Swine Flu [VACCINE] 1976 - Lets see how long this video stays up before YouTube kills it

Shutting down society is not only illogical, and unscientific, but immoral (way more suffering and death will happen due to shutting down, than even the contrived numbers they attribute to the oogie boogie virus. This brings me to another issue I have, in how they supposedly knew there was an outbreak at all.

With such a basic symptomology of cough, fever, and weakness, and in more severe cases, shortness of breath, there would have never been any way for them to know the origin or source of this supposed organism. There would be no way to know of “patient zero.” There would have to likely be 1/2 a million or more cases worldwide before there’d be enough of a red flag raised in order to dig deeper and find out what is going on.

The umbrella of diagnosis is large enough to cover several hundred thousand extra deaths with flu, pneumonia, etc, without any suspicious warrant to bring in groups like WHO or CDC

🛸 ~ Live Alien Interview? More Stringfield Bombshells. Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure ~ | Blogger: PS: Richard Dolan were laughing about Stom Area 51, at the Copenhagen event 2019 (UFO´s and Remote Viewing w/ Richard Dolan - Chris Aubeck - Tracey Garbutt)... SoTW attended in CPH event and also lucky to travel through 4 states and Mexico back in 2019, did of course make a pit stop at Vegas and after some heavy security checks, entered The Storm Area 51 “raid”, with Bud Light and Collective Zoo... But for me, the September 2019 event has something to do with spiritual bonding with others, a meet-up with ONE common goal, no (spiritual) leaders to tame us or misguide our minds, to seek full disclosure, without any aggressive approach, avoid raiding anything in fact, no pickup arms not violating any laws (nobody can get 50 miles from Area 51, that abandoned and sealed off anyway). Simple being part of a creative initiative, growing trend, a positive leap of transformation from our individual perception, sensation and awareness to collective consciousness, towards a better good... |

Source (Richard Dolan)

Although the UFO news is currently talking up the latest Pentagon admission of the validity of those pesky videos that were released over two years ago, they are still in the "we don't know what these are" phase of public discourse. But the research of the late Leonard Stringfield shows how weak that position is. Stringfield pioneered the research of UFO crash retrievals. He made contact with countless individuals. Unlike many of today's researchers who talk about "whistleblower" testimony, Stringfield was actually careful and professional, vetting his sources to the greatest extent possible. His cases are worth careful review. Richard and Tracey discuss yet another incredible Stringfield case, this time an alleged one-on-one with an alien being. This was one of Stringfield's last cases -- he died in 1994. You don't want to miss this one.


⚠️ ~ URGENT! Breaking News & Updates from Dr. Greer ~ | Blogger: I honestly don't know what to think anymore, but we're are NOT allowed to questioning about, if there's more of us out there in the vast universe... |

News and Updates

Dr. Steven Greer LIVE tonight 04/28 on Fox News
on Laura Ingraham at 7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern talking about the Pentagon UFO video confirmation.
"The release of this has associated with it a false narrative" - Dr .Greer

As predicted by Dr. Steven Greer,
the US government admitted today the the UFO footage leaked was in fact a deliberate release. As stated in Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind this footage was provided to master disinformation operative Luis Elizondo and TTSA with the false flag narrative of an
"alien threat". Find out the TRUTH
Stream CE5 HERE

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