Jan 16, 2020

😶 ~ 🏳️ Schumann Resonance Update: Pitch Black 🏴 ~ | Blogger: Extremely rare (not anymore) and uncommon data blackout because of the peculiar duration of 1 full day... Last time that happened was Jan 5th, 2020... January 15th, 2020 was apparently the day the Earth stood still... Russian government resigned as Putin proposed reforms that could extend his grip on power. The House delivered Trump impeachment charges to senate, paving the way for a trial and Russia's Integrated monitoring data in Tomsk, turned off their transponders?... According to Disclosure News, it seems that the blackout is over, and we find that there is a strong activity ongoing. At 9 UTC, about 2 hours after the data came back live, immediately a ‘pillar’ that reaches Power 68... |

Space Observing System

👼 ~ 💗 Blessings of Al Nilam Update 💕 ~ |

Source (WLMM)

Since mid-August, we have been doing a daily Blessings of Al Nilam meditation campaign to help purifying the dark energy and primary anomaly by building a Buddhic Column on a number of locations of mind-control sites in the US and locations of Black Nobility Families around the world.

This meditation campaign is still on-going, and it has been quite successful. It is interesting to note that 2 weeks after this campaign has begun, DARPA started to look for new underground facilities sites to rent for “research & experimentation” purposes. They also wanted to rent a new site within short notice.(READ MORE)


🧖 ~ (Vil frifindes) Mand anker sag om voldtægt i borgmesterseng ~ | Blogger: [🙄HOLD nu k*ft for en diplomatisk politisk farce!🙈] ... {#Bryd-et-tabu og Amalie Have modefænomenet: "Se-Mig-egoismen", sex-samtykke, krænkelsesparatheden og krænkelsesdiktaturet} ... Sidder inde med et HAV af spørgsmål, lige så sikkert som amen i kirken, panelet på, 'Det, vi taler om' med Ditte Okman, Folkets Avis og Kirsten Birgit, gør det... Personligt tror jeg det er den STØRSTE politiske rævekage, som er orkesteret, siden Anna Mee Allerslev-sagen... Hvorfor? Ganske simpelt; hvis man skal være kynisk, og kigger meget nøje efter i kortene, findes der et helt ocean af skandaler, der har plaget teknik- og miljøforvaltningen i Københavns Kommune i årevis og mange er blevet fyret, men det passede som (fod i hose) for borgmester Ninna Hedeager Olsen at forsvinde netop dengang, da hendes taburet var ved at vælte. Foregik der voldtægt og blufærdighedskrænkelse i borgmester Ninna Hedeager Olsens seng? Aner det ikke, men historien er så TYND, at den kunne ha' været fabrikeret af kønsdebatten, metoo-bevægelsen, krænkelsesdiktaturet... Ganske snedigt, og mange danskere overser dette, den følelsesladet politiske centraladministration, der lefler for vælgernes følelser, er den seneste trend blandt spindoktorer og kommunikationsbureauer. Følelser sælger nemlig billetter og de billige stemmer, vælter ind. Og det ved de godt, på Borgen - tro mig!... Men alle har vel lov til at have en menning, uden kvindebevægelsen, kaster sig grådigt over os, der mener noget andet, end Retsstaten... |

Kilde (B.T.)

Foregik der voldtægt og blufærdighedskrænkelse i borgmester Ninna Hedeager Olsens seng? Manden, der ved Københavns Byret blev idømt et års fængsel, har anket sagen. Vi sender live fra Østre Landsret.

🛸 ~ GOT IT~Russia Space Force Program Caught On Video? 2020-2021 ~ | Blogger: [🔭Check out the Russian "TR-3" variant military aircraft/spacecraft🚀] ... {more proof and other video clips of TR-3B's in this videocast} ... By the way, the 2017 TR-3 Manta patent has been released (link)... According to secret space program insiders, American, Russian and other nation's space agencies assets, has worked together throughout the entirety of the Cold War despite the narrative that was sold to the masses, and the superpowers of the world continue to collaborate on secret space program agenda items with no concern given to the theatrics regularly employed to keep the people of the world entertained and distracted... |

👼 ~ 💗 The Freedom/Connection Split within Humanity 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🤜When we (humans) seek out "connection and closeness" much more important than food and water, with a social group or partner (whatever), that thing we desperately need, who binds us, but also blind us, the self-sacrifice, obligation, duty, being controlled and losing our sense of self🤛] ... Teal Swan's message is soooo important to understand the (need or desire) for "social relationship". During our childhood or as a child newborn baby, we have self aware identity or individual separate self, but with our parents and society, we are moulded into what they wanted us to become and we then, losses our own identify etc. etc... 💔Personally, one of the major issues i had with my wife and why i had to leave her, was the (golden rule) from our society - the conformity to parental rules.. It came to a breaking point, after my wife from Ukraine smacked her child (out of love, not hate, she claimed). Parenting stress - this unbearable infight with her daughter, Rosa and my wife, and me, in the middle, trying to save the day and after years of psychological violence, i couldn't take it anymore. One day, Rosa, told the kindergarten teacher, she was afraid of her mom and i tried to talk to my wife, offering we could seek counseling and after a thousands of warnings, i told my wife i couldn't do this anymore. She refused, got pissed at me (of course), wouldn't move out, the local authority was involved, police, omg - its was a mess. Last straw i was (forced) to send (heartbreaking) sound scenes of my wife and her daughter "fighting" to the local municipality, and asked friends to step in (not my finest hour). The local municipality was very active, but my wife, hired a man-hater of a lawyer and convinced the local authorities, that I was the problem (Oh My Freaking God)... But i'm a protector of children (and lost soul causes) and has always been, since my own daughter, Isabella, had to choose over my own family and her family of all this bitterness and hatism, towards me (and my family). Why the hell i'm drawn to these woman, i don't know, but it's a (hard) spiritual lesson and if you're a (savoir) and familiar with "the drama triangle" - are you a 'victim', a 'violator' or a 'savior', you know what i'm talking about. A (savior) can't EVER, save a victim. Only if the victim comes out of victimhood... |

☔ ~ 💗 Rain, flash floods and thunderstorms sweep over Melbourne 💕 ~ |

Source (The Guardian)

The rain is forecast to reach bushfire-hit parts of New South Wales and Victoria later this week(READ MORE)

🤴🤥❓ ~ A Week of Royal Headlines ~ | Blogger: [🎩Royalist or Republican? SoTW is neutral. My sister got a kiss from HRH The Crown Prince. Been to a party with our coming King at a Whitney Houston concert, and my old friend special forces officer, has served with the Prince of Denmark🎖️] ... {Thx to OOM2, olfi.dk & You Are Free TV} ... My blog (verdensalt.dk) is about seeking the truth as a worthy goal!.. ♚Last few weeks has been devastating for the Danish Royal Family after it came out, that The Crown Prince couple of Denmark, has in secret a house(s), one in Verbier, Switzerland, which they rent out for £5149 (45.000 Danish Kroner). It goes without saying that is unconstitutional and illegal. Furthermore, the Crown Prince has been caught red handed in a secret military lodge and the question is now, who protects Denmark's future king?... 🎞️ Back to the video at hand, YES, I do understand that some find Jonathan Pie narrative, illustrations and his word choice rude, repulsive and has a filthy mouth (is his trademark), and i'm sorry for that, but he's right about some stuff... 🖐️Harry and Meghan Markle last week announced they “work to become financially independent” and live between U.K. and North America. Free from the ribbon-cutting duties of royal life, but as Jonathan Pie points out, they have millions on their bank accounts. Meghan was rich before she meet Harry and Charles, Prince of Wales, has poured millions to his son, Harry. (Please remember, that the royal family’s wealth could be more than $1 trillion).. 🤔Jonathan Pie is asking why do we need to pay more money, since the brits are already spending £300 million on the family, each year (2.621.070.000,00 Danish Krone) and normal people just can't move to Canada and have Michelle (Michael) Obama on speed dial and the rest is living or born into poverty (good point - 14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK. 8.3 million adults, 4.6 million Children, and 1.3 million pension age)...🤥Let's get everything out into the open. You've been lying to me, haven't you?...😨You Are Free TV (YAFTV) has some new revelations or theory. That is, the Meghan Markle, Prince Harry exit has NOT caused a crisis, because it was in fact, a (new) grab by Linda Rothschild #HRC, connected with back channels with the Queen of England. A new Clinton Foundation (expansionism). Harry is president, and Meghan vice-president, of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust. Harry is also Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Tons and tons of slush money, says YAFTV. Money expansion in Africa and Apple TV series partnering up with Oprah (Oprah Exposed As illuminati) mental health - pushing for mandatory HIV testing, according to YAFTV. Then we have security in Canada for Meghan, Harry could cost more than $10-million annually, expert says of taxpayers money... So what YAFTV is claiming, that we now have a new "Sussex" foundation, a new MASSIVE financial instrument for affecting or influencing people to buy into their lies... (💲💲💲IT'S ALL ABOUT - I NEED MONEY MONEY MONEY LIKE SNOOP DOGG ARE SINGING💲💲💲)... |

"Who protects Denmark's future king? The answer should be obvious, but a number of articles in this media reveal that it is, somewhat surprisingly, blowing a bit in the wind. The Crown Prince's own Chief of Staff, several current and former top officers and members of the top management of the Defense with the Chief of Defense at the head, the auditor (the Chief of the Ministry of Defense's Auditor's Corps), in addition to the Crown Prince's former bodyguard and closest friend, appear to have overestimated their own roles and significance without the risk of their frivolity in relation to the royal house" ~ Peter Ernstved Rasmussen

☠️ ~ Toxic chemicals stole 160 million IQ points from American kids and it’s costing the US trillions of dollars - study ~ | Blogger: And guys - it's not ONLY in America.. This is how much Danish farmers from one of the world's smallest country are poisoning their kids (citizen) and that's not (even) including Chemtrails (Chemtrails as toxic electric clouds of Aluminum and Barium) and (normal) air pollutants like cars and trucks, factories, power plants, incinerators, engines etc. 💀Agriculture uses a total of 2,617 tonnes of pesticides per year... 💀Every year 21,710 km² are sprayed with poison...💀This corresponds to 50.7 percent of Denmark's total area...💀More than 150 different pesticides are used in Denmark (farmers use up to x100 times stronger dosis level of Roundup and other herbicides with glyphosate)... Source: The Danish Environmental Protection Agency's pesticide statistics 2015... 🍭Before Green-Greta Thunberg-Thunder going berserk and lecturing leaders about fossil fuels at World Economic Forum... 🤼Before Greta and her million big fanclub loses their fragile grip on reality and starts blasting away at friends and foe alike...|

Source (RT.com)

Shocking new research indicates that not only do pesticides and flame retardants cause unprecedented levels of irreversible childhood brain damage, but the knock-on effects have cost the US economy trillions of dollars.

The latest research from New York University indicates that polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were the greatest contributor to IQ loss and intellectual disability among American children, resulting in a total of 162 million IQ points lost and over 738,000 cases of intellectual disability. 

Many children were likely exposed in utero – though many household objects are known to contain at least trace amounts of these harmful toxins – and this exposure is proven to be harmful to the developing nervous system.(READ MORE)

🔴💉 ~ BOMBSHELL: WHO Chief Scientist caught on video overtly contradicting public propaganda videos that falsely claim vaccines work “without risks” ~ | Blogger: PS: This is the 2nd video - a pure propaganda W.H.O. created commercial telling us vaccination is SAFE... 🥺WHAT IF.... It was revealed that The Rockefeller Drug Empire founded modern Medicine and killed Natural Cures?. What if, The Rockefeller-Carnegie big pharma scam owns WHO/CDC/ECDC/UNICEF/World Immunization Programme etc. etc.... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... |

(Natural News) Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, M.D.Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization, has been caught blatantly lying to the public about vaccine safety. In a public service announcement produced by the duck she claims “Vaccines are very safe” and that vaccines can “prevent disease without risks.” But in a leaked W.H.O. vaccine summit video that has now gone public, she frets about vaccine safety, saying, “we really don’t have very good safety monitoring systems” and, “[we] learned about adverse events only after the drug’s been licensed and introduced into the population. So I think that risk is always there…”

The blatant contradiction underscores the deliberate, outright lies that characterize the vaccine industry and its propagandists like Dr. Swaminathan. It’s not simply that these people are providing the public false, misleading information about vaccines; it’s that they are fully aware of their lies.

The very same people who publicly proclaim vaccines are “risk free” are caught behind the scenes, just five days later, openly admitting to all the adverse effects (side effects) and failed public safety monitoring systems.

These globalist vaccine pushers are liars. They are criminals against humanity. They knowingly harm children with toxic vaccines that, in their own private meetings, they openly admit to each other are extremely risky.

This video, by the way, would be banned on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Fortunately, we built Brighteon.com so that we could host these videos without being molested by the tech giants. h/t to Del Bigtree and his HighWire broadcast, which Watch and share. The full transcript is posted below: (READ MORE)


🤢 ~ (Sickening) Tesla’s Elon Musk nears record-breaking pay package ~ | Blogger: [🤑Elon Musk gets $50 billion in bonuses until 2028💰] ... Elon Musk is now close to being able to reap the first part of an incentive package which is $346m (2.319.168.800,00 million Danish Krone)... Out of a total incentive package on $50 billion (335.140.000.000,00 Danish Krone) ... So, how much does it cost to end poverty? Jeffrey Sachs, as one of the world's leading experts on economic development and the fight against poverty, stated that the cost to end poverty is $175 billion per year for 20 years... In 2016/2017 Elon Musk doubles down on universal basic income and said; 'it's going to be necessary' - what he meant was, he's not gonna pay for it... In the meanwhile, Germany’s shift to electric cars puts 400,000 jobs at risk in next decade... |

Source (irishtimes)

Tech tycoon’s closing in on first $346m tranche as Tesla market value nears $100bn

👩‍🎓 ~ 11-Year-Old Iranian Girl Gets the Highest Mensa IQ Score, Beating Einstein, Hawking 🥰 ~ |

Source (nextshark)

An 11-year-old Iranian high school student in the United Kingdom is making headlines for getting a remarkable result on her Mensa IQ test that even surpasses those of great thinkers such as Albert Einstein and the late Professor Stephen Hawking.

👾 ~ Top-secret UFO files could 'gravely damage' US national security if released, Navy says ~ | Blogger: ["The truth is out there… but you're still not allowed to see it" ~ Space.com] ... Yeah! In the name of National Security - so what else is new?... |

This infamous video of the USS Nimitz UFO encounter may not be the only one out there... (Image: © To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science)
Source (Space)

In November 2004, several U.S. Navy pilots stationed aboard the USS Nimitz encountered a Tic-Tac-shaped UFO darting and dashing over the Pacific Ocean in apparent defiance of the laws of physics. Navy officials dubbed the strange craft an "unidentified aerial phenomenon," but they have remained mum on what, exactly, that phenomenon could've been. Now, unsurprisingly to anyone who's ever considered making a hat out of tinfoil, the military has confirmed they know more than they're letting on.

In response to a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, a spokesperson from the Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) confirmed that the agency possesses several top-secret documents and at least one classified video pertaining to the 2004 UFO encounter, Vice reported.

According to the ONI spokesperson, these documents were either labeled "SECRET" or "TOP SECRET" by the agencies that provided them, and that sharing the information with the public "would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States." (READ MORE)

🧿 ~ John Petersen Talks Consciousness, Extraterrestrials, and Free Energy ~ | Blogger: [👉"There's been at war for centuries, the Forces of Evil started loosing in 2012, and Forces of Good is now in the Ascendance. We're in the beginning of thousands of years of incredible prosperity and peace" ~ Steele & Petersen👈] ... {Aliens have landed, infiltrated British nuclear missile sites and deactivated the weapons, according to US military pilots ~ Telegraph.co.uk} ... No breaking news, but as Robert David Steele are mentioning, nobody can start nuclear war, even if Israel is desperately trying to start WWIII. Steele got news from Moscow, that, Trump, is not only trying to do regime change in Iran, but also in Turkey (with the Kurds). And as Steele is saying and i quote: "if that happens, Trump will not be reelected after this slippery slope"... Is Trump a genius or a loser, Steele ask Petersen... Trump is a "disrupter" says Petersen. Disrupting the present system which is VERY corrupted. Fearless and courageous - the best guy around right now, who has the potential to break down the "system" and fighting back like crazy. Both Steele and Petersen agrees that Trump is "draining the swamp". 🔴UPDATE: Added a new videolink after YouTube censored the first videocast... |

John Petersen, one of America's foremost futurists with a huge international following because of his ability to anticipate the unexpected, is also one of the pioneers investigating and publicizing the potential of humanity to achieve global consciousness, restore paranormal capabilities, and engage with stellar civilization (what some call extraterrestrials). Robert Steele calls him the Lewis & Clark of the extraordinary. Check out John's book: https://www.amazon.com/Out-blue-surpr... Visit John's website: https://arlingtoninstitute.org/