Jan 2, 2022

📸💥🖼️~ (All hands on deck) On my Birthday: Thurs. 6 Jan 2022 President Trump having a “News Conference” which is also a Little Christmas and Three Kings Day (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Let's be Optimistic and Celebrate truth has to come out: 📑"The Cabal’s US Inc, Crown, Vatican and their Central Banks now dead. “Midnight Fri. Dec. 31 London’s Big Ben bell didn’t ring. They turned the switch like in V for Vendetta. Then the complete system and power structure collapse. Kaboom! This marker means they flipped the switch! We are FREE now! Awesome news for Q Annons and People. The corrupt dictatorial Globalist power structures has been turned OFF. January 1st is Basel 3 London deadline. Means all banks needs to be backed by Gold or they will close. So they activate the new QFS Quantum Financial System backed by Gold. Happy New Year! It all starts now in 2022! It’s a new beginning. Global RESET GESARA NESARA Activated! The People victory! Commonwealth Game Over! Congratulations everyone"📑 (DC)... PS: Sorry guys, altered my blogpost after ROSE RAMBLES (and @TheRealKimShady + @MJ_Innocent) had kinda the same idea, how important that day is, as I had, on Verdensalt.dk (SoTW) in regards to Jan 6th, 2022 (which is my birthday btw). I loooove spiritual synchronicities... |



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How is January 6 Defined? 


Book of Daniel Delta 1335 results in January 6, 2022.


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There is 222 weeks between:

Jan. 6, 2022 👉Trump press conference from Mar-a-Lago &

Oct. 5, 2018 👉 Trump’s “Calm before the Storm” message.




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Important upcoming dates.

1/6/2022 👉 Epiphany Season Begins

1/6/2022 👉 Trump Presser from Mar-a-Lago

1/6/2022 👉 Day 4 of Shevat 👉 11.4

1/7/2022 👉 Eastern Orthodox Christmas


🙏 ~ 💝 (Hele Coronahistorien er fup, men vi vil så gerne have, Du tror på os lidt længere) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: DEN er god nok! CCP-Corona-Corporation og 25. Marts 2025 er projektets slutdato indsat i et hemmeligstemplet dokument, uanfægtet, hvad WHO's Tedros, har været ude og sige, at året 2022 og Coronakrisen er ovre. Kan ikke huske hvor jeg så det henne, men én af videoerne fra "SPACEBUSTERS". Noget må der sgu snart ske. Har brugt 20 år nu, kan snart ikke længere. Mange lysarbejdere er ved, at køre trætte. Dog, ser jeg i kortene og mit Højere Selv, at Marts 2022, er det hele, overstået. Vi ved med garanti, at Magnus LØGNICKE deltog på EVENT 201, noget han selv har bekræftet på twitter og at, LLR og Co., har underskrevet, WEF/DK-aftalen, i 2018.. 📑"Mere konkret forpligter aftalen mellem WEF og den danske stat til, at der samarbejdes om ”biotechnology” og præcisions-medicin og om det såkaldte ”internet of things”. Desuden samarbejdes om ”digital trade/cross border data, Artificial Intelligence / machine learning, Big Data, data ethics, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain”. Denne konstellation af begreber peger direkte i transhumanistisk og singularistisk retning."📑 (Thomas Aastrup Rømer). Noget, der går, meget, meget længere tilbage, nogle siger, hele vejen tilbage til Agenda 21 (senere 2030), der blev vedtaget på FN's konference for miljø og udvikling, UNCED i Rio de Janeiro i 1992. Under 1992-olymperne forudsagde 2020 / 2021 Corona-agendaen (check video). Sidse Kærsgaard samt Louise Nikolajsen vaksine-historier, er hjerteskærende og kan ikke forestille mig, det over- eller underdrives... |


👑🧪👩🏻‍🦳 ~ (RUMOR: BETTY WHITE = 137 = THE QUEEN IS DEAD = OPERATION LONDON BRIDGE INCOMING?!?) Gives me no pleasure to find dirt on Adrenochrome-Queen, Snow White, Queen-Daisy or Queen-Lizzie! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: VIP: Betty (could) be ONE of the final pieces of the puzzle been slotted into place .. IMPORTANT note is, Betty's paternal grandfather was "Danish" and her maternal grandfather was Greek, with her other roots being English and Welsh. Makes sense to me after Tarot by Janine told us that Denmark (or Greenland) was one of the places they created Adrenochrome and the whole Monarch-Moloch-Bunch (Janines horrific and shocking dark tarot reading about Denmark's royals, hunting parties, Maersk/Evergreen Line & secret cult vaca Greenland)... Queen-Daisy is also VIP-member of The Committee of 300 (with Anders 'Fog of War' Rasmussen) and Queen-Lizzie, the Head of that organisation, that practically, runs the world(claims)... Yes, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Margrethe are related: they are third cousins. For Margrethe, it's easy to follow. She descends from the three Danish Kings who succeeded Christian IX, including his son Frederick VIII—whose sister, Alexandra of Denmark, married King Edward VII of the UK and became royal consort... All Kings of Denmark are connected to the The Danish Order of Freemasons (Danish: Den Danske Frimurerorden, abbr.: DDFO) since it was conceived 300 years ago. Queen Margrethe's Grandfather did frequently visits DDFO on Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen. As several other of Denmark's Kings were Christian X Freemasons and Grandmaster, IE Leader of the Order in Denmark... AS ALWAYS, use your own Spiritual Discernment. Go and research it for yourselves. Rumors will not die in regards to the {SnowWhite}... |

(Sily rumors??)





"Watch the Tributes coming in! They will all OUT themselves! Think Logically She never looked a day over 55! Check out her birthday and her death, 17 days! In her ever changing wiki bio there is mention of Both her grandmothers being Canadian! The other names in Wikipedia also OUTs the other Witches in Hollywood!"… Continue reading





 "Queen" of comedy birthday is "17" 

🤘 RIP - actress BETTY WHITE passes away aged 99 (66) only weeks before she would have turned 100. Rumored out of many Illuminati kingpins, who also attended (now closed) cloning centers!. She isn't dumb and sweet little old lady like her character on the Golden girls. Seen with The Horned Hand or "Cornuto" the depiction of the woolly Goat of Mendes or Baphomet, or the Horns of Cernunnos which has long been portrayed as a synonym of Satan or a demon. Like Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson, Pop Francis etc.... | 

Betty White is Barbara Bush’s sister.
The Bush’s created the OSS/CIA and 322 Yale Skull and Bones.
Barbara Bush and Betty White are the daughters of Aleister Crowley
Barbara handled all the politicians for the CIA
Betty handled Hollywood for the CIA.
Betty was {SnowWhite} The QUEEN of Hollywood and the CIA’s Adrenochrome harvesting/child trafficking network.
“Snow White. CIA Dream”-17
{Betty White Crowley}
Barbara was a man.
Betty was a woman.
(rumors from a telegram group called ༒𝐊𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐑𝐀༒ ) 

🔴💊🔵 ~ (The Matrix's Blue Pill MSM Dependant-Delusional Drug) Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20% (A Final Warning) ~ | Blogger: [👉1st case of ‘flurona’ reported in Israel- influenza and Covid simultaneously👈] .. Rumor has it, Mainstream media (MSM) and it's six corporations, or sometimes only five that supposedly control 90% of our media mind-controlled content, will be that last thing to be completely converted and cleaned out of false news reporting. It's rumored, CNN HQ, has surrendered, but it takes time to rebrand and everything is a chess game of perfect timing for the White Hats... Click on "read more" for all stories about COVID... |


A Swedish study involving four million people raises several red flags concerning covid vaccines and death rates. The preprint paper took a closer look at real world vaccine effectiveness. The study revealed three main issues. The paper found that the vaccine doesn’t offer protection at all. Its so-called protection plunged significantly after six months, even for severe cases of COVID-19. The study doesn’t just show that vaccine effectiveness is waning. It shows that the protection is a fallacy altogether. The study concluded that those who are vaccinated are more likely to be infected and suffer severe disease than people who aren’t vaccinated.


Source: Jim Hoft

A new study in Germany of 4,206 Coronavirus patients found that 4,020 were fully vaccinated individuals.
186 of the Coronavirus patients were unvaccinated.

🔭❤️‍🔥 ~ (Patty Greer: 'I NEVER get sick. 2 weeks later, I'm still sick, EVERYBODY is SICK by Chemtrails or WHITE floating toxin thingy appeared') Colorado town gets hit with HAARP, DEW's, Chemtrails and 5G as fires explode on nearly 1000 homes (Unleashing Intuition1) ~ | Blogger: 😮MSM outlets says, that hundreds of Colorado homes destroyed, tens of thousands of residents told to evacuate by an estimated 6,000-acre "grass fire"... 🤫Michael and Patty Greer document how the (10+ separated) unnatural fires, trucks tipped over by unpresented 115 mph high winds gust (lasted all day - strange - compare Typhoon Rai in the Philippines as Typhoon - 195km/h (120mph) and silent wars continue as Colorado gets hammered by directed energy weapons and bioweapon people who get sick of "unsmellable gas" or chemtrails. It’s warfare by the deep state against targeted Americans near Boulder CO... ✌️People are saying "We have Won". QTrump-Team is now in 100% in control of all Weather Warfare... Ahhh Hell No... Perhaps they have control of 'some' of the heavy stuff, and most of the HAARP facilities, like in Norway and Alaska (perhaps not in China etc.). They might also have taken over the Lockheed Martin's Advanced Test High Energy Asset system, also known as ATHENA, Laser-DEW and USAF's "Rods from God". But, not all... 🤔Why is this important? Going north from LA towards Mt Shasta in 2015, back in my mind got some newsflashes that wildfire jumps highway in California and vehicles catch fire. My companion and I went by fields (interstate highways) that still smelled burned, watching black clouds and white clouds of smoke.. Again I (verdensalt) were in California in 2017 and 2018, and saw the wildfires, which was enormous, from the airplane and on the ground.. You be the judge... |

Another "weather" disaster - very, very sad tragedy in Colorado and many other places in the world. All our hearts, donations and prayers should go out to people who has been affected, victims and sick... That also goes for Philippine death toll from its strongest typhoon of year tops 500 and 530,000 houses were damaged.. 🕯️😔💞