Oct 23, 2017

Benjamin Fulford Partial Report | Oct 23, 2017 | Past Presidents of Bankrupt U.S. Corporation Go on “Beg-athon” for Godfather Bush | ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis | Blogger: Important Report!!!! I understand this is hard to take, too many people don't trust anything that Fulford predict. However, I'm a believer.. that truly think that the KM is finished, FED, WS banks with their fiat petrodollar computerized scam - bye bye Kansas.. Before we come to a rapid spiritual new paradigm shift, RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA, United States Notes (USN), The Trump release of JFK files and perhaps a prelude to an intel dump on 9/11. Google and Facebook may also be nationalized and/or broken up, major arrests etc. etc.. Before we can celebrate, you cannot just bring a wounded and old dog to sleep, it might bite your finger clean off.. I trust when Fulford and his sources says, the Cabal/Illuminati/KM/different alphabet-soup characters still has the power to pull the plug on the big "internet" (blame Russia), clean all bitcoin wallets with NSA backdoor ($100 billion), and lastly they intend to collapse the system (U.S. Stock Market DOW Jones/Japanese next EU) collecting around $20 Trillion - you might wanna belive that, too.. I guess one MAJOR false flag like 9/11 is going to happen soon enough, before the dog with rabies, get it's lethal injection process started - let's see ... [READ MORE] |

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier. 

Past Presidents of Bankrupt U.S. Corporation Go on “Beg-athon” for Godfather Bush

Udgivet af Benjamin den 23. Oktober 2017

The dragnet is slowly but inexorably closing in on the Bush/Clinton (Scherf/ Rockefeller) Khazarian mafia clan and their Federal Reserve Board printing press. Multiple legal investigations, mass arrests of junior Khazarian mobsters, and public disclosure are now part of regular public discourse, and not just on blogs formerly maligned as “conspiracy” sites.

An interesting sign of the Khazarians’ desperation was the spectacle of George Bush Senior posing with four other former presidents (minus Donald Trump) of the United States Corporation as part of a “beg-athon.”

First, we must note that with computer graphics and body doubles it is hard to know if this event really took place. For example, multiple sources have told this writer that Bill Clinton (Rockefeller) died of AIDS early this year.

Nonetheless, assuming this event did really take place, this is what a senior CIA source in Texas had to say about it:

“The “beg-athon” in Texas is pure BS. Notice that the money goes through the George H.W. Bush (Scherf) Foundation. They are scamming money any way they can get it. The Khazarian mafia cabal must be really desperate.”

The causes of their desperation have been snowballing in recent weeks. Perhaps most deadly have been the ongoing disclosures about Khazarian genocides. This has started with the release of documents showing that the U.S. government was involved in the murder of over 500,000 Indonesians in the mid-1960s.

The Texas-based CIA source admits, “We removed [Indonesian President] Soekarno from power, and we put Soeharto into power.” He regrets that he was a part of the operation back them. His excuse: just doing what he was ordered to do by his boss at Langley.

President Donald Trump promised more disclosure in the following tweet, saying, “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK files to be opened.”

Three separate sources—one NSA, one Pentagon, and one CIA—all said they did not believe Trump would release the real truth about the Kennedy assassination.

However, one senior Pentagon source who has been consistently reliable in the past said that “The Trump release of JFK files may implicate Bush Senior, Mossad, the CIA, and the deep state, and may be a prelude to an intel dump on 9/11, suppressed technology, the secret space program, and other disclosures prior to mass arrests.”

Long-term readers of this blog already know that JFK was assassinated because he was trying, using gold provided by Soekarno, to take control of the issuance of U.S. dollars away from the privately-owned Federal Reserve Board (FRB).

Pentagon sources are saying that in any case, “Khazarian control of the FRB is kaput, as Fed Governor Jerome (Jay) Powell may be chosen as the next FRB, beating the three Jews Gary Cohn, Janet Yellen, and Kevin Warsh, who is son-in-law of billionaire 9/11 conspirator and Israeli asset Ron Lauder…. Stanford PhD economist John Taylor may also be named to the FRB as Vice Chairman or Governor.”

The source continues by noting, “When the global currency reset happens, the FRB may be folded into [the U.S.] Treasury [Department] and issue gold-backed United States Notes (USN). The Texas CIA source, who claims to hate Bush Senior but appears to be closely connected to him, says the Khazarian mafia was ready retaliate by taking drastic action, warning that “The entire Internet has a back door installed and the Khazarian mafia can and will.........

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Arcturian Group Message | Oct 22, 2017 | Channelled through Marilyn Raffael |


Billede af Arcturians iflg.
Arcturians er en race, der kommer fra den blå planet, der kredser den røde kæmpestjerne Arcturus i Bootes konstellation. Arcturus kredser cirka 36 lysår fra vores solsystem. Arcturians er den mest avancerede civilisation i galaksen, transcendere ind i 4. og 5. dimension. Mange kender Arcturians, som velvillige væsener. Men hvad kun nogle ved, er læren som Arcturians følger. Indhyllet i mystik, og tabt i de åndelige oversættelser gennem kommunikation og kanaliseringer af Arcturians til mennesker, en race af væsener synes at eksistere og kommunikere fundamentale love, der styrer eksistensen af ​​fred, kærlighed og glæde. Denne grundlæggende lovgivning tillader Arcturians at skubbe i retning af højere planer af eksistens og give mulighed for fortsat vækst i et begrænset fysiske univers. Arcturians menes at komme fra en kredsende himmellegeme, der ikke har været opdaget af jordiske astronomer.  

Kanaliseret af Marilyn Raffaele
©2017 onenessofall.com

Dear ones, once again we come to discuss the many facets of truth taking form at this time. Each day more are awakening into higher levels of awareness. Many who previously held only a passing interest in truth, are now actively seeking it as they become increasingly aware of a "bigger picture" unfolding.

This is because flowing waves of Light energy have become increasingly intense, exposing much that heretofore existed alive and well hidden in the shadows. You cannot clear or change something if you are not aware of its existence. Awareness is happening for many as chaos illuminates societies' dark corners and displays the secrets resting there for all to see. Gaia is ascending.

Many life long truth seekers remain dependent on certain modalities in order to feel spiritual. Simply resting in Oneness with Source (meditation) is the only modality you really need as all others are simply expressions of separation based in the belief that you must perform some rite or ritual in order to attract God's attention.

There was a time when anyone possessing psychic gifts was believed to be of the devil and was put to death. With time, metaphysics and "new age" modalities became acceptable paths toward enlightenment. Metaphysics has well served as a safe bridge from the many rigid concepts of God and spirituality, heaven and hell, good and evil taught (still being taught) by many organized religions. Metaphysics has served to draw those ready into new and higher understandings of energy, miracles, and psychic abilities allowing these things to become acceptable, natural, and nothing to fear.

You are at or are very close to the point at which you no longer need metaphysical modalities. When overdone, they can prevent a person from being grounded. As awakened human beings you must stay grounded in Mother Earth if you are to be of any assistance personally or globally to the ascension process.

Daily Wire | Oct 23, 2017 | Jimmy Carter Unleashed: Russians Didn't Alter Election, Obama Didn't Deliver, We Didn't Vote For Hillary | .. At 93, Jimmy Carter is cutting loose. The former president sat down with The New York Times recently and chatted about all kinds of subjects. The Times decided to play up the fact that Carter — one of the worst presidents in U.S. history — would love to go over to North Korea as an envoy .. | Blogger: 1. The Russians didn't steal the 2016 election. 2. We didn't vote for Hillary. 3. Obama fell far short of his promises. 4. Media "harder on Trump than any president." 5. NFL players should "stand during the American anthem."... |

READ MORE: http://www.dailywire.com/news/22585/jimmy-carter-unleashed-russians-didnt-alter-joseph-curl

Verdensalt | 23. Oktober 2017 | Alle børnene ville se på en flyhale, undtagen Peter og Dale som troede alle var Bindegale | Blogger: 15-10-2017: Dette var en ganske almindelig Dag med Solen bagende fra en skyfri Himmel - men så skete der noget ganske grufuldt. Dette kunne være starten på en gyser, det var også tilfældet.. CHEMTRAILS er noget giftigt stads, tag ikke fejl.. PS: Min ynglingsvideo, hvor en bekymret borger ringer ind til DMI, er enten blevet censureret på YouTube eller blot fjernet ('Ringer til DMI: Har flyspor ikke noget med klima at gøre !!!! Chemtrails').. |

David Wilcock Update | Oct 23, 2017 | 💣💣Something Very Big is Coming, Part II: Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke?💣💣 | David's FB: "" Drop everything and RUN to read this RIGHT NOW. May be our single most important post EVER. The 4Chan insider has much more to say. It is VERY time sensitive. Wikileaks may be about to DROP THE BOMB. I don't care what you have to do. Stop. Read this NOW! We could be days, even hours away from the big one"" | Blogger: One of the reasons, i'll got totally blocked and censored on Google Plus+ due to what David Wilcock are posting and many of us, understand it's the real deal - verdensalt.dk are NOT afraid to re-post anything... |

Hvem er David Wilcock: David Wilcock er en professionel foredragsholder, filminstruktør og forsker af gamle civilisationer, bevidsthed videnskab, og nye paradigmer af stof og energi. Hans kommende Hollywood-filmCONVERGENCE afslører bevis for, at alt liv på Jorden er forenet i et felt af bevidsthed, som påvirker vores sind på fascinerende måder. Divine Cosmos er den officielle Internet side, hvor derfindes tusindvis af gratis sider af videnskabelig og spirituel information om åndelig vækst, Ascension og udviklingen af bevidsthed. David kommentere altid på hvad Benjamin Fulford udgiver, fordi meget giver mening.

By David Wilcock

Are we on the verge of stunning, public announcements that will change everything we thought we knew?

In 2009, we began providing direct insider leaks from "The Alliance". Everything they told us is now coming true.

The 4Chan insider from our last article is "singing like a songbird" and we will summarize the newest intel in this article.

If what we are hearing is true, Wikileaks is on the verge of dropping a much more damning set of information than October 2016 -- literally at any moment.

This would then set the stage for a much larger announcement that will directly expose the ugly secrets of the FBI, CIA and Fed for the last 60 years.

The Vegas mass shooting may well have been a desperate attempt to distract the public from these impending, epic geopolitical developments.

We have every reason to believe that this collection of data provides signposts that a very big announcement may lead to a defeat of the Cabal.

[UPDATE: Many have reported ridiculous hacks happening, particularly for Part Four. Try a different browser or use an Ipad or Iphone if you have it.]



Just to briefly review what we discussed, the Vegas mass shooting was almost certainly not the work of a "lone gunman" with no clear motive.

Instead, there were multiple signatures of this being orchestrated by a powerful international organization we have been calling "the Cabal".

Las Vegas is just 13 miles from Nellis AFB, which is enormous -- and less than three hours from Groom Lake, site of the infamous Area 51.

Multiple insiders have revealed that there are secret elevators in these casinos, leading to underground shuttles that take you to these very bases.

Certain individuals will have "cover jobs" working at casinos while they actually hold jobs requiring a security clearance at the same time.

The shooter had last worked for one of the most notorious "black ops" defense contractors in the world -- Lockheed -- and showed clear signs of mind control.

He would blow 10 to 30 thousand dollars a day in casinos, was a well-known VIP, and took multiple cruises to countries like Jordan and United Arab Emirates.

He may well have been a black-ops employee involved in smuggling weapons, drugs and / or humans, making tons of cash, and was then set up as a patsy.


Although this may cause fear, anxiety and paranoia, we need to look at this head-on if we ever want this global nightmare to stop.

The international alliance opposing the Cabal is very real, and the most recent events have made that clearer than ever, as we will again discuss.

Information can release fear and inspire confidence. The Cabal is on its last legs. Everyone knows the truth. They are the proverbial wounded lion lashing out.

One young woman who posted about there being multiple shooters, and wanted to organize a group of witnesses, was found dead just five days later.

Her testimony was that gunners on the ground were shooting from both directions, as she and other survivors ran back and forth trying to avoid them. 

Yes, she did have pre-existing health conditions, but the timing of 28-year-old Kymberly Suchomel's death is extremely suspicious.

There are multiple classified technologies, some satellite-based, that can be used to nudge someone over the edge if they already have health problems......... [READ MORE]

Fyens | 23. Okt 2017 | Sex med 17-årig asylansøger: Nu har 52-årig kvinde fået sin dom | Blogger: #Me-Too - inden vi påberåber os den grænseløs feminisme (solidaritet og empowerment er kodeordene) og 'mansplainer' alle mænd som sexgale 'predators', så kan kvinder sandelig også misbruge drenge og unge teenagere - vi hører bare aldrig om kvinder, det handler om mændene og deres pædofiltanker.. Vi hører konstant om SugarDating, om desperate ældre rige mænd, som ønsker sig sexydelser af unge kvinder. Men det går begge veje. Vi hører om DBU og en enerådig mandeverden som sjofler kvindelandsholdet m.m. Ufatteligt, at man fortier kvinder og deres sexmisbrug og noget jeg kalder misbrug af 'kundalini feminismen', som er helt misfortolket. Ja, mænd er altdominerende i verden, men kvinder er mange gange stærkere og bliver mere lyttet til, fordi de består som de svageste i samfundets verdensorden.. Det er korrekt, rent spirituelt og efter den esoteriske filosofi, bliver den feminine energi mere dominerende, end aldrig før, og Det, trænger vi mænd så sandelig også til at føle. For at balancere det mandlige og feminine energiske særlige kvaliteter. Det maskuline er ånd og bevidsthed, det feminine er livet, energien og det ubevidste, siger nogle. Vi skal dog passe på vores CIA kontrolleret massemedier, ikke misbruger den sataniske sensationalismens grimme ansigt, for at skabe splittelse, frygt og had... |

En tidligere kvindelig vikar på på Børnecenter Tullebølle dømt for seksuel overgreb på asylansøger i 2016   
LÆS VIDERE: http://www.fyens.dk/langeland/Sex-med-17-aarig-asylansoeger-Nu-har-52-aarig-kvinde-faaet-sin-dom/artikel/3196784#

24Syv - Aflyttet | 15. Oktober 2017 | Den farlige mobil og det, der er i den. Og danske krigsskibe - made in North Korea | Blogger: ""højeksplosivt emne"" -- Forbrugerisme, konsumerisme, mobil-dopamin-aben, facebookisme samt social- og internet-afhængighed = Digitalisterne kommer! aka Digitalism... Kære forældre, en smartphone er altså mere end en dopamin-pusher -- eller er den??.. Tog løbeskoene på, og drønede i skoven, med podcasten i øret.. ".. Læge Imran Rashid er VOLDSOM kritiseret ude i de ganske land. Især af Anders Hougaard, lektor ph.d. ved Institut for Sprog og Kommunikation og andre specialister og politikere. Han opfordrer os nemlig til, at slukke vores dopaminpusher (læs: mobiltelefon), der konstant bipper og vibrerer i lommerne på os og især børnene. Han mener, vi har stillet hjernen ind på Kanal Distraktion og kan ende med at blive syge af vores ""devices"". Han diskuterer et mobilforbud i folkeskolen med Malene Barkhus (V) formand for Undervisningsudvalget i Frederiksberg Kommune, som også er indædt modstander af Imran Rashid og naturligvis, fortaler for digitalisering og mobiltelefon-fascismen ..". Anders Hougaard har endda tilladt sig at kalde Lægen, Imran Rashid, og det hele for; "forskruende", "moralsk uhyrlig" og "fordrejende", at bruge dopamin i denne sammenhæng.. Vi må ikke snakke dårlig om hele socialiseringsprocessen, den fjerde digitale revolution eller Folkeskolen, uha da da... |


Den farlige mobil og det, der er i den. Og danske krigsskibe - made in North Korea

Læge Imran Rashid opfordrer os til at slukke den dopaminpusher (læs: mobiltelefon), der konstant bipper og vibrerer i lommerne på os. Han mener, vi har stillet hjernen ind på Kanal Distraktion og kan ende med at blive syge af vores devices. Han diskuterer et mobilforbud i folkeskolen med Malene Barkhus (V) formand for Undervisningsudvalget i Frederiksberg Kommune. Senere i programmet fortæller redaktør for netmediet OLFI om sin bekymring for, at nord koreanske tvangsarbejdere har været med til at bygge et skib til Søværnet på et værft i Polen.
Med i studiet er også Aflyttets sikkerhedekspert Jacob Elektro Wolffhechel.

AscensionWitHearth \\ Searlsolution | Oct 21, 2017 | Free Energy Update - The John Searl Story- Searl Effect Generator - Zero Point Energy | Blogger: Exopolitics.org with Dr. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. has for some time ago, told us, that a secret presidential memorandum issued to declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies.. Presidential Memorandum to declassify over 1000 patents from a pool of over 5000. Most of the 1000 patents deal with anti-aging and health technologies, yet some deal with material science and biochemistry and a few involve free energy inventions. These technologies are widely used in a number of secret space programs, and the patents dealing with these have been repressed under national security orders. The USPTO has issued Federal Regulations that govern when patents are classified on the grounds of national security, and subsequently withheld from the general public:.."."... Trump said: We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow..." |

The Searl Effect Generator developed in the 1960s is allegedly capable of cheaply and safely producing electricity without fuel, pollution, friction, or noise. Anti-gravity effects also involved.

John Searl has piqued the curiosity of outside-the-box thinkers for decades, with his stories about a home power unit that resulted in his serving jail time for "stealing" power from the grid, as well as his stories of anti-gravity effects and craft. He may have been one of the fathers of the UFO technology so many have witnesses, which has been kept back from the public by the Military Industrial Complex. Now, all these years later, at the sunset of his life, a very talented and exuberant group of scientists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs have joined together to help Searl attempt to replicate what he accomplished so many years ago. Beginning in 2005, they have now achieved several milestones, with just one major milestone left to prove the last of Searl's primary claims. Then they will have what they need to fully replicate the Searl Effect Generator, which harvests energy from the surroundings. Such a generator could operate anywhere, whether on earth or in space, producing electricity cheaply and safely, without fuel, pollution, friction, or noise. And on top of that are the anti-gravity effects, which are long overdue for public use to transform our transportation to the next level.

Official Website: http://www.searlsolution.com
Thanks to http://www.ascensionwithearth.com

NI News \\ Ritzau | 23. Oktober 2017 | Murer anklages for salg af 125 kilo marihuana i chokoladeknapper | .. Den 46-årige, der kaldes "Moffe", sidder mandag på anklagebænken i Retten i Holbæk i sagen, som har fået stor offentlig omtale. Det har ikke været hans formål at overtræde straffeloven. Han ville blot hjælpe syge og smerteplagede danskere, lyder det. Mandag morgen erkender han at have besiddet 14 pornografiske billeder af børn under 18 år. Materialet blev fundet på murerens computer, hvorfra to af billederne blev videresendt. Tiltalen for besiddelse af billederne blev først tilføjet få dage inden retssagen mandag. "Moffe" har tidligere kaldt de nye tiltaler for intet andet end et karaktermord i offentligheden. - Det er for at få pressen til at koncentrere sig om noget andet end det, sagen egentlig handler om. Der er ikke noget på min computer, som stort set ikke er på alle andres computere, har "Moffe" sagt i et interview med DR Sjælland .. |

Retten i Holbæk har indledt en sag mod en 46-årig vestsjællænder, der er tiltalt for salg af cannabisolie.

Af: Simone Orby Jarolics

En vestsjællandsk murer beskyldes for at have brugt over 100 kilo marihuana, da han i stor stil solgte chokoladeknapper med cannabisolie.

Den 46-årige, der kaldes "Moffe", sidder mandag på anklagebænken i Retten i Holbæk i sagen, som har fået stor offentlig omtale.

Det har ikke været hans formål at overtræde straffeloven. Han ville blot hjælpe syge og smerteplagede danskere, lyder det.

- Det har været hans mission at bringe de syge mennesker tilbage til livet. Vise dem, at livet er værd at kæmpe for. Moffe nægter sig skyldig, siger advokat Erbil Kaya.

Knap 125 kilo marihuana skal ifølge anklageskriftet være blevet anvendt under produktionen.

Visual | Oct 23, 2017 | We Have Never Seen Anything like This... (2017-2018 EVENTS) | Blogger: Latest week: From massive mud volcano turned deadly in Indonesian island of Java, to volcanoes caused violent uprisings in Cleopatra's Egypt. Typhoon Lan, storm 'bigger than Japan' to hit Tokyo. In Ireland and Briitan fighting storms like, Ophelia, Brian and Eireann (After the Storm: Hurricane Ophelia Reveals Ancient Mystery Skeleton in Ireland). Powerful eruption of Tinakula volcano, ash to 10.7 km (35 000 feet), Solomon Islands... Globalresearch".. Selected Articles: Weather Modification as US Military Strategy?: The European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks.."... |

Folkets Avis | 23. Oktober 2017 | "Mener hr. skatteminister Karsten Lauritzen stadig at SKAT skal have adgang til danskernes private hjem uden dommerkendelse?" | .. Der var lidt murren i krogene først på året, da skatteminister Karsten Lauritzen lagde op til at SKAT skulle kunne skaffe sig adgang til private hjem uden en dommerkendelse. ""Det står skidt til med retssikkerheden for borgerne i Danmark"". Og det går i disse år kun yderligere i den forkerte retning. På en lang række områder udvider systemet sin overvågning af og kontrol med borgerne. Det har vi nærmest vænnet os til .. | Blogger: Den amerikaniseret, militariseret danske politistat.. Spørg mig ikke hvorfor jeg har oplevet så meget, men har arbejdet lidt i USA, som altmuligmand, mange år tilbage, hvor vi blev fanget af politiets SWAT's indsatsstyrke, som kom rullende mod et boligområde, og måtte flygte fra hals og hoved, da vi malede huse. Har senere bidt mærke ved, hvordan det kan være, at det amerikanske politi og FBI, uden varsel og uden dommerkendelse, kan storme private hjem. Den amerikanske højesteret har nemlig stadfæstet, at det amerikanske politi har juridisk hjemmel til ransagning og konfiskering af privat ejendom. I stedet for at overholde kravet om en dommergodkendelse, kan politiet undvige reglerne, fordi der ikke er tid at sikre godkendelse af en neutral magistrat, hedder det sig. Det er virkelig skræmmende!. Tror nu rettere, det har noget med DHS og den såkaldte terrorisme, at gøre. The Homeland Security Act (HSA), efter 9/11, der ophæver alle former for borgers rettigheder.. Har også boet en ganske kort periode på Falkoner Alle i en etageejendom, hvor en dansk indsatsstyrke, råbte løs ude på trappeopgangen. Tænkte, hva' sker der! Så igennem dørspionen og kunne se en lang slange af kampklæde politielitestyrke, der snoede sig som en slange op af trappen og råbte en gut an, som lå og sov. Troede jeg boede på det fine Frederiksberg, men alt kan ske.. Måske også at bemærke, da min udenlandske x-kone splittede vores hus ad i raseri, mens hendes datter så på, fik jeg besøg af Nordsjællandsk politi, fuld kampklædt, 2 meter høje gutter, men de virkede helt nede på jorden og tog det stille og roligt.. |

BREAKING | TV2 News | 23. Oktober 2017 | 💥💥💥 Kommuner sender millioner til Tvind - afsløret af en aktindsigt som kommunen.dk og DR har fået udarbejdet 💥💥💥 | Blogger: In English: TVIND ALERT MOST WANTED -- Although five leading Tvind people have been placed on Interpol's global most-wanted list (and FBI's wanted list in 2001) for four years, and Tvind is suspected of tax fraud and fraud in several countries, Danish municipalities (State of Denmark) paid at least ""190 million kroner"" to Tvind in 2016. Mogens Amdi Petersen, leader of the Danish Tvind organisation, has been hiding on a private tropical island (Miami), while earnings from companies in The Third World and Tvind-teacher salaries keep pouring into his coffers. For the last four years, the Tvind organization hides out in a big secured mansion in the desert in Mexico. The cult school leader was tracked down by Policía Federal (PF), in 2014. While there is currently ""no"" extradition treaty between Denmark and Mexico. Latest news from Tvind Alert - BBC exposé of Tvind’s UK school for aid workers... | Noget der kan få mig heeeelt op i det RØDE felt er svindel eller 'soft korruption' i centraladministrationen👿Vi snyder og bedrager og rager til os - like there's no tomorrow. Der bliver himlet op om en velfærdsstat, der kræver mådeholdenhed, generøsitet og arbejdsiver. Vi får at vide, at socialt bedrageri koster staten milliarder. Tilflyttere skal ikke koste kommunen noget. Kommunerne sparer på velfærden, hæver skatterne, mens der ligger milliarder på kistebunden, der sporløst forsvinder. Alle de kloge, som bedrager os - de mindre kloge, er mere optaget af, hvor mange penge man kan hive ud af kommunekassen, i stedet for at bidrage til den. For når naboen kan, så kan jeg også, virker det som om.. Det er nemlig ikke vores penge, men skatteyderens pengepung - et stort ta-selv-bord... Bettina Jensen, Rigspolitiet, og alle hendes veninder snyder os. Kommunaldirektører. Borgmestre. Sygehusfolk. Kommunale havne. Det kommunale affaldshierarkiet. Hele hærskaren af embedsfolk og Politikere. Så lige på journalista.dk, at selv den selvudråbte heltinde, Lisbeth Zornig, der bekæmper fattigdomsbekæmpelse, scorer over 30.000 kroner for foredrag på biblioteker og i børnehaver. ALLE som har en lederstatus eller har erhvervet sig en eller anden form for magtposition i Statsadelen, får åbenlyst overdraget nøglen til Joakim Von Ands' skattekiste, har snablen dybt begravet nede i den offelintige pengetank, fordi de ligger frit tilgængeligt. Nu, også Tvind koncernen, er du overrasket? Det er ikke længere et tænkt eksempel, når alm. borgere skyder penge til Statsforvaltningen-Kommunen-Udt.Danmark-SKAT. Skylder du penge til Staten, Fx børnebidrag eller uddannelsesbidrag (som et eksperiment), bliver der slået HÅRDT ned. Som min advokat siger. ""Pas på - retsstaten tror ikke på man kan leve af ingenting"".. Staten har adgang til ALT, fordi vi er overgået fra analoge borgere, til digitale.. Staten kan tjekke; din danske indkomst, aktuel lønindkomst, pensionsudbetalinger, dagpenge og lignende indkomst. Yderligere kan der også hentes oplysninger om pensionsindbetalinger, renteindtægter og anden kapitalindtægt. Oplysninger om personlig erhvervsvirksomhed i Danmark, hovedaktionær eller hovedanpartshaver i et selskab i Danmark. Og i sidste ende, kan Staten konfiskere dine penge på din bankbog, ligesom de gjorde med Kasi-Jesper og Pandora-sagen. Det er IKKE et tænkt eksempel, det er VIRKELIGHEDEN. Det ser ud til, at de store hajer svømmer frit rundt, og æder sig mætte af små uskyldige fisk, som forsøger at leve et helt almindeligt liv. Har man venner i Statsadelen, kan man leve som baroner... |

Selv om fem ledende Tvind-folk har været efterlyst via Interpol i fire år, og Tvind er under mistanke for skattesvig og svindel i flere lande, betalte danske kommuner sidste år mindst 190 millioner kroner til Tvind. Det viser en opgørelse, som kommunen.dk og DR-programmet Afsløret har lavet på baggrund af en aktindsigt hos landets kommuner.



What next for this site? Tvind Alert Lives On!

 December 12, 2016
What next for this site? Tvind Alert Lives On!This web site was founded in 1999 by British journalist Michael Durham. After 17 years of following the Tvind story, Mike has decided to step down. Having earned a literature degree in his youth, he’s now writing a detective novel set in the Italian Appenines.

But TvindAlert continues, with the web site’s other long-time editor, Danish journalist Frede Jakobsen. And new editor Wade Larsen, an American citizen, has come on board.

A thousand thanks to Mike, not only for starting the ball rolling and sticking with it through ups and downs, but for his incalculable contribution to our knowledge of Tvind.

Last but not least, we thank him for his friendship.