Jan 21, 2021

🛡️⏰⚔️~ ('Intels were correct') 21ST JANUARY UPDATE CURRENT NEWS (SP) ~ |

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🙏 ~ 💝 ('We're all in a Battle: Trump represent the LIGHT. Joe is a Clone & Kamala, Satanic concoction') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟KERRY CASSIDY. VIDEOBLOG JAN 20, 2021🌟] ... Amazing videocast by KC... Some of the predictions and stuff KC says, are the same things, Simon and Charlie, discuss. KC goes much further about E.T. Races, A.I. and the Dark Agenda... SoTW have personally meet her and others, attending a dinner party, after Awake & Aware 2018. As I have stated a few times, and Simon Parkes can confirm this and all the people attended, civilian and black helicopters patrolled the area at Awake & Aware conference/venue in London, all day long. Simon and Kerry was warned beforehand on psychic attacks or EMF weapons happened. Simon lost his voice and had to leave, before I could talk to him and we in the room, could feel the EMF... On multiple occasions SoTW has been heavily attacked, after Cobra conferences and as many times, Demon attacks during sleep of unseen entities and i'm not kidding. You KNOW when you are been attacked - trust me - I always use Archangel Michael to assist and it always helps... The more spiritual open you are - the more sensitive - the more vulnerable... |

😝⚖️🙀 ~ (Hvor sindssygt! Skammer mig at være dansker!) Nick-Bick-Dick Energy & LØGNICKE: "Krav om mundbind i det offentlige rum. Og tvangstest samt tvangsisolation af borgere, der har deltaget i større forsamlinger, hvor der er blevet konstateret smitte" (B.T. fra en række kilder til stede ved mødet) ~ | Blogger: Hvis man skal ud af landet - så pak sydfrugterne NU!!! ... Vent så med at komme tilbage efter Marts 2021... |


Ved et møde afholdt torsdag eftermiddag troede Folketingets sundhedsordførere, at de bare skulle diskutere et nyt tiltag om karantæne ved indrejse til Danmark.

Men pludselig smed justitsminister Nick Hækkerup og sundhedsminister Magnus Heunicke to nye vidtgående tiltag på bordet, som de søgte opbakning til:

Krav om mundbind i det offentlige rum. Og tvangstest samt tvangsisolation af borgere, der har deltaget i større forsamlinger, hvor der er blevet konstateret smitte.

Det erfarer B.T. fra en række kilder til stede ved mødet.

Så er der et egentlig problem her? Det mener jeg ikke - Stinus Lindgreen, sundhedsordfører, Radikale Venstre

🤡🤔🗯️ ~ (Hold nu kaje! din Klovn!) Magnus LØGNICKE med opfordring: 'Hjælp os, tag en test' (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Operation Dark Winter 2001 aKa Event 201 CV-19[84] Plan[Demic] WEF/DK-aftalen👈] ... {Ministerrokade lige efter indsættelse af Joe Biden - der er INTET som er tilfældigt i politik} ... REJS IKKE UD!... Snup en lyntest eller 2... Hver uge - en RT-PCR-test... Hvad med 2 skud Corona-vacciner... Download Smitte|stop app.. Download Samtykke app - undgå sex?... Bliv helst indendøre... Arbejd hjemmefra... Fjernundervisning til unge... Ta' en MASKE på... Brug håndsprit... 2 meters afstand... Undgå at se mennesker... Foretag online shopping, og kun 1 familiemedlem, i supermarked... 🤪 Tusind tusind tusind tak for hjælpen Mette-mus og Co. for at passe på os alle sammen! Tak for at ødelægge landet og gøre det, at være selvstændig erhvervsdrivende, umuligt... #Albuehilsen, #Holdafstand #Spritaf #Vaskhænder #Samfundssind #Vielskerdig Mæææææætte🤗😃🙃... PS: Snakkede kort med min søsters kæreste, tidl. proff. soldat og han sagde, da han har et firma ved siden af sit alm. 8-16 job, at en konsulent fra Skat sagde til ham, allerede i September 2020. At, når de "selvstændige" rammer muren, Marts 2021, (Hjælpepakker, Moms og Skat) så ser vi så mange konkurser, at flere erhverv, ligesom Minkerhvervet, forsvinder fra jordens overflade... PSS: SoTW har også et firma, men måtte opgive under Coronaen og slås nu, med Gældsstyrelsen, for at få lov til at lukke skidtet!... [👋Can You See?👀] ... |


🤥🗼🐼 ~ (DK's richest & DDFO member?) Bestseller rejects charges of using Chinese forced labor (SoTW Archive) ~ | Blogger: [🗣️BOOO! Mr. Bestseller®: The pot calling the kettle black. Caught with hands in cookie jar using Chinese forced labor, but rejects it. Just like H&M that allegedly violated child-labor laws and thousands of other clothing companies🧺] ... The billionaire who has it all... The bestseller family is close friends to the danish Royal House of Denmark... Sold for millions of kroner of useless chinese facemasks etc., to the danish govt during 2020... Going to build a Brandes Bestseller Eiffel Tower of 320m and Village... Underground "Earth Room" '2,100 square meters below the 1400 year old manor house, Constantinsborg ... Landlords want to demolish and rebuild the 3,000 sqm breeding buildings, Constantinsborg, which is now once protected by law, but Anders Holck-Povlsen don't need to lie on his knees for the city's municipal politicians. Also owns the 800 km tourist magnet of Scotland's 'Route 66'. Only private person in the world, besides Queen Elizabeth, who owns most land in Scotland... PS: DID YOU KNOW -- "NORMAL" (besides 'Matas') - a Danish retail chain, that offers customers thousands of everyday products at fixed low prices are the ONLY chain store open, when everyone else are required to close under Corona-lockdown in 2021?... |


Kilde (Information.dk)

"After a telephone call to its Chinese supplier, Danish Bestseller denies that Uighurs are forced to work at factories in the company's production chain. The charges stem from a new report written by one of the world's leading experts. He calls Bestseller's answer a "perfect illustration of the problem" ~ Information.dk

⏱️ ~ 💗 (VOTL! Cobra Fans!) FM 144: "2021" 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🌠Teilen Is The Name: Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew🌌] ... And I would add a Cobra-friendly site, like so may others, "respawning" or "recalibrating" some of the intel or esoteric informations given by Cobra, the only spokesperson for The Resistance Movement, in a more "lighter" way to swallow the red pill. That is how SoTW interpret this stuff, but I could be very wrong... This time, I think it's a Clean-Teilen-Prophecy-Operation, trying to interpret, what the outcome might be for 2021!?! And of course, the Light Forces & Galactic Confederation, will win this fight... To the readers on verdensalt, please always use your own spiritual discernment... |



"So the density of events is increasing more and more and, as already mentioned last year, all this chaos has only one reason: The Dark Ones know that the event is coming and are in panic. This is why they have bunkered themselves and sealed off the planetary surface by using the pandemic and announcing global lockdowns: 
Of course, military force is used for that, but on the other hand, the Light Forces were aware of this and that's why getting the military under control has always been a primary goal.
Last summer, a major false flag or an incident was announced on this blog for the fall that may have nothing to do with COVID-19. In retrospect, it turns out that this was most likely the election fraud in the United States.
Electoral fraud is nothing new, also not in the western world, but it has never been carried out in history in such a scale and with such audacity and obviousness. The scope of this incident combined with the massive censorship through Big Tech exceeds even 9/11. And just as 9/11 led to an awakening among many people, this event, as well as the staged pandemic, will led to a true mass awakening.
Further escalations up to larger false flags are not excluded in the next days, but there have already been further calls for mass meditations to get things moving in the right direction in the United States. 
Even if the situation currently looks gloomy due to the lockdowns, the mood is at boiling point and it is only a matter of time before it tips over. More and more people don't put up with the situation anymore, and in some countries the government is already helpless against it:" ... | 


The year 2021 has just begun and, as expected, the chaotic conditions are increasing.

Lockdowns are being successively extended, tightened and people's range of motion is becoming more and more restricted. Vaccinations would not change this:


The Cabal want to establish "ghettos," so to speak, especially in urban areas, where they can control the population more effectively:



🧧⚕️🏈 ~ (OMG! China & W.H.O. Joe!) NEW - WHO has changed their guidance on the use of PCR tests on the day of Biden's Inauguration (disclosetv) ~ | Blogger: [👉Yesterday WHO changes the terms of a PCI test. Literally: a PCI test means nothing!👈] ... How many new laws, regulations and illegal executive orders is he able to pull of, before he's taken down?... Someone is also saying, and filmed WH now has the "football"? - but I don't believe that he has - no way... |

🔴💉🔥 ~ (BREAKING JUST IN) Fire breaks out at India's Serum Institute, world's biggest vaccine maker (RT) ~ | Blogger: [👉"The company’s top brass have said Covid vaccine production isn’t impacted" ~ RT👈] ... Prayers go out that no one was hurt!... That said, I do really wish, that it was Pfizer and BioNTech belgian factory instead - boosting vaccine production to 2 billion doses this year... How many coincidences do you want????... UK emergency services trying to protect AstraZeneca vaccine factory from flooding-LBC.... Hollyweird Pedo-Tom Hanx hosts star-studded concert for fake Joe Biden's inauguration and Jennifer Lopez slips ‘Let’s Get Loud’... The Simpsons already predicted detail at Kamala Harris' inauguration... 3 dead, several injured in Madrid as explosion rocks Spanish capital... AT&T outage reported across region after Nashville explosion... (and tenfold of other incidents lately) ... Now, we have India's Serum Institute on Fire -- Do you recall, that it was the Boss-man of India's Serum Institute, CEO & Executive Director, Mr. Adar C. Poonawalla, that was suing SII for $676,000 in damages and demanding that these clinical trials are immediately shuttered after whistleblower valiantly come forward to detail the horrific side effects that he experienced from COVID-19 vaccines? SII was then suing the man in retaliation, alleging that he has engaged in “malicious” defamation against the massive corporation and are seeking $13.5 million in damages from the whistleblower!... As always, lets sit back and enjoy the ride - nothing is ever what it seems... |

The Serum Institute of India (SII) in Pune, India © Twitter


A fire has broken out at a production facility belonging to the world’s largest vaccine producer, the Serum Institute of India (SII). The company’s management has said Covid vaccine production hasn’t been impacted, however.

On Thursday afternoon, emergency services were called to an SII plant in Pune, after a fire broke out on the fifth floor.

Executive Director Suresh Jadhav confirmed the facility in question is used for the production of a BCG vaccine – an inoculation used primarily against tuberculosis.[READ MORE] ... | 

💝⏰⚔️~ (Wauv! Thank the Lord and for these guys!) Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, David Nino Rodriguez & Tiana Islam (SoTW) ~ Blogger: ... It rained all morning, like yesterday, and the day, before that... Cold and fearful and angry collective consciousness - feeling spiritually empty or struggling with this Spiritual Numbness - where is the hope in people??... I was very upset about China Joe illegal inauguration and Danish (world) MSM media KNEW about the fake Moon landing "show", yesterday... Thank god and greetings go out to Tiana, Simon, Charlie and David... After Tiana told us, she was in Dubai, and seen more danish influencers are there already or have been there, I'm thinking doing the same.. Dancing all morning by my lonely self to Pop 80 music - yes - i'm that old - and it helped me - Party Like It's 1999 (Prince song)🕺🎶🥳🥰... PS: Yes, I consider myself on SoTW as a (spiritual) influencer and have been in this "battle" in 20 years now. But, people who call themself "influencers", who love to be overexposed in tabloids or on social media platform and earn millions on hidden ads or because they are "pretty" on the outside, and some of them, non-spiritual enlightened in nature, on the inside, is not my cup of tea... SoTW is living outside of the Matrix - my blog is for The People and have no income whatsoever - do you know how hard that is in Denmark? I guess you don't...Living outside the Matrix is habitually making decisions based exclusively upon your own judgment. It is rational thinking and independent living... Of course with help, from these guys below and many others... |


Prerecorded CGI Inauguration Day 2021. 

Trump is still in District of Columbia aKa Washington DC. 

U.S. East and West coast covered with naval ships and alike. 

US military will not have Joe Biden as supreme commander, neither is Trump, at the moment. 

Barack Obama looked like it was a Death-sentenced. 

George W. Bush struck a deal with Trump - Bush jr. was the only one not handed over a "Letter". 

DS actors is gone before March 4th but much faster. 

Trump speech and 17 Q flags. 

‘No Flag’ Above White House. 

Joe Biden symbolic Bible upside down cross.