June 03, 2018

Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | 3. Juni 2018 | ~ Menneskets Opstigen og Åndelige Hierarki ~ |

Udgivet første gang den 19. Januar 2015 af Verdensalt.dk

Vær opmærksom på, at verdensalt.dk's forsimplende version af Det Åndelige Hierarki med pyramide- diagrammet kan gradbøjes og fortolkes på forskellige måder. Min er ikke entydigt korrekt i andres vurderinger. Det er en god ide, at sætte sig ind i Bevidsthedsudviklingenden Esoterisk filosofi og Visdom, Antroposofi samt Det Hierarkiske Princip.

Forståelsen, at alt i universet er energi, og at al energi er på forskellige niveauer af vibrationer og frekvens, angiver, at alle planeter og deres indbyggere vibrerer på forskellige niveauer

Alt i universet er skabt ud fra de rene lys elektroner kendt som ''kroppen af Gud'. Disse elektroner udgør atomerne i den fysiske verden. Den geometriske udformning og hastigheden af handling omkring den centrale kerne (plus andre faktorer) bestemmer hvilken type atom og dets hastighed på en vibration. Planeter, mennesker, dyr, planter, træer alle udsender en bestemt sats for vibrationer. 

Pyramidediagrammet (nedenfor) viser lysspektrets tæthed (Density), jo tættere vibrationsniveauet, des laveste niveau i lysspektret.

I modsætning til Densivitet, omfatter Dimensioner hele realiteter og overlapper hinanden. Lavere dimensioner er indeholdt i højere. For eksempel den tredje dimension indeholder de nederste to (1st+2nd).

Gode sider og kilder som kan hjælpe dig igang med vores Spirituelle Guider, Åndelige Hierarkier, Vores Chakras, Reinkarnationsprincippet, Karma, forståelse for Universet energi, Oneness og meget mere!: 👉 


PFC \\ Resistance Movement \\ COBRA | June 3, 2018 | ~ Knock, Knock -who’s There? part 1 ~ | .. When Truth came calling, what did you do…? .. |

By Anonymous Guest Author (Light Player),
Welcome Dear Friends of the Light Tribes,
In agreement with Cobra, (which adds to my own guidance for Divine Timing in relation to the first time I should post something publicly) I Am offering a fresh new perspective on this latest division of the Light Tribes. There have been unknown Hidden Starseeds in the Divine Plan  for some years now, (myself 5yrs).I Am the first of them to come forward at this Linear Time to support Cobra and the R.M.I Am neither of the frequency of Being of a Light Warrior nor a Worker , Divine Inner Self told me I Am a Light Player, (and there has been Un-Light too, as well as new De-Light.) Another title is Guardian Companion for Beloved Mother Gaia. And as such, you will find that I deliver my wisdom-sharings  ‘A little differently’.  My instructions were to disclose my Human/ Galactic Self personality as the New Prototype, as much as to disclose with the teachings/ sharings. So through this, you will also find how ‘normal’/new Human normal, it is to begin to become this New way of Being.
There is no simple answer to this Present Now, and the reactions to Cobra’s recent intel, without some more information that I would have reserved for later.  And so I Am pulling some parts  out of Future sharings/lessons to include here, as well as having to reveal more.  Be aware, that in answering your concerns honestly, that it may get a ‘bit uncomfortable’,  if you are still influenced somewhat by implants and the Old Matrix/programs. What I have to say, may not be what some may want to hear. However, even if you did accept Cobra’s intel well, without re-action, you will still en-joy this, and hear what you want to hear.
*From now on, the Old Program of a false Subconsciousaffecting this current situation ,is referred to as O.P.I could use other labels but they wouldn’t be ‘polite’ or Loving. Although insidious Odorous Pest in your head has come for a label a few times.
And there is a lot it does not want you to admit to Self, this O.P.in order to find Authentic Divine Self and Self Love in Balance. This sharing then comes from an Observer and Wayshower of Multi Dimensional levels of Truth reality, given in Love to Ones of the One who seem confused and in some fear, as well as those that still support Cobra and thus the True Divine Plan. I always had a feeling that at some point I was going to have to ‘defend’ Cobra as if it was a part of the Mission, partly because his intel became one of the main guides to My what, when and why, and without its Metaphysical and Occult intel, I could not have fulfilled the Mission. So here we go..I Am surfacing as they say, or popping out of the rabbit hole, because yes, in a War on Truth ,it does need defending sometime -especially if the ‘battle’ is going to create even more delays..
First I need to talk about Truth as I have Wayshowed and integrated it. Fear exists according to the level of Truth reality this of One’s Self  is in, (and I Am not talking about that part of Ego/Subconscious that tells you not to step out in front of a bus-because you might ‘die’. ). It’s more about the programmed fear of the Unknown, because the next level to the one you are on, is unknown to You, and always will be until you are ‘there’, and as You are the One unfolding the next Moment towards the New Creation, then you can’t even Imagine it-although it will be a De-Light-Full surprise when it ‘arrives’ in the Flow of Divine Will . I have added something here from a prepared longer lesson, to illustrate and express Truth realities in regard to energy, and the real problem in the Matrix of Conscious Chaos ,the anomaly, and Anti Life codes ,needing Divine Intervention. So,’ Truth ‘rises’ with you. When Present on a level, it can be comprehended, yet the next can barely be Imagined, because there is a barrier known as the veil (very ‘thin’ now but still effective) – which limits Perception and also  creates a  fear of the Unknown, which is the next level of your Truth reality. And thus, until in the next level, (with previous ones accumulating and integrating into the Present experience,) it cannot be comprehended. I call it comprehension, and also the present understanding as explained to Self, so in a week I could have yet another level of Another level of comprehension, that the ones of yesterdays makes  way for, through Allowance of most possibles. Allowance is a difficult concept I had to Wayshow , that will make taught belief so ‘yesterday.’ These most possibles in Allowance, to a Human is still all that could be imagined ,yet not All (in the reset) that is possible outside of present Imagination, as that created the problem in the first place. It cannot be experienced in fear frequency , so You can be offered it by Divine Self, and Gaia, but choose not to accept. Usually though ,it is in an illusion of  Free Will because of O.P. O.P. throws Darkness, shadow and belief from Past, over the natural Divine Light spark of curiosity that learns from putting meaning into the Now. So, when able to rise through these levels, You can always look back, but you cannot look forward and know what you cannot yet Allow to exist as Truth for You.
This is very relevant to Cobra’s last post, the previous ones, and the shock, surprise factor that some felt, and therefore began to think he was ‘compromised’ in some way. This is why I introduce these concepts . It also, is a gift from Gaia ,as it is a way to show you how to think for yourself out of the influence of O.P. and begin to see the Light of Her new grid generated Light Self.
A rain of Living Light from Sol. Every one is a Conscious fractal of the One Light
The Truth reality levels of Free energy as understood and real-eyes-ed  through Cobra’s intels and My own Mission.
Read from bottom (lowest level) to top. From Anti Source- Chaos-Inorganic, to Pro Life -Love- Organic Energy.

Jacob Israel | June 3,2018 CET | ~ Immortality PROVEN? Eternal Life For Sale By 2045 Declared - The Elites Theft Of Eternity ~ |

Activist Post - Alternative News & Independent Views | June 1, 2018 | ~ Trump Only Notices Mass Surveillance When He is the Victim ~ | .. It really is quite remarkable supposedly educated and intelligent people actually believe the president has control over the NSA or for that matter the FBI and the CIA. These are elements of the national security state, now in place for over seventy years. Presidents come, presidents go—and yet the agenda of the Deep State remains unaltered, unassailable, locked in a protective cocoon beyond myriad laws that apply to the rest of us .. I don’t know if the liberals and their conservative counterparts—both supporting the establishment by playing its political game of parties and distraction—are capable of fully understanding what’s really going on. We live in a police state. In many respects, it doesn’t resemble a police state. Our collective perception of a police state is goose-stepping Nazis and Gestapo thugs in trench coats crashing through the door at three o’clock in the morning. That’s old school tyranny .. |

From Donald Trump’s perspective, the intelligence operation directed against his presidential campaign is “one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history.”

The Donald doesn’t like to read. He prefers his information in small digestible chunks, delivered verbally by aides, who are increasingly neocon in orientation. Fox News is his primary source of political information.

Clapper has now admitted that there was Spying in my campaign. Large dollars were paid to the Spy, far beyond normal. Starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history. SPYGATE - a terrible thing!
SpyGate, as Trump calls it, has gone on for more than a century. It began in earnest after the First World War when the state read telegrams in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment and continued and increased and accelerated this process as the FBI became the state’s political police force.

It really came into its own in the 1960s when COINTELPRO began “neutralizing” (as FBI boss Hoover put it) opposition to the establishment. Thousands of citizens were victimized by this illegal operation and others, including Operation CHAOS run by the CIA.

The NSA has perfected the art of surveillance—reading our emails, chats, DMs, texts, following us around on the web, and listening in and tracking our phones, which are described as “smart.”

For Donald Trump, this massive unconstitutional surveillance is not a problem.

In January he signed into law a bill renewing the NSA’s warrantless internet surveillance program. For the president, there are different kinds of surveillance—the kind that concerns him, and the other kind that victimizes the rest of us.

“This is NOT the same FISA law that was so wrongly abused during the election,” Trump tweeted after signing the bill. “I will always do the right thing for our country and put the safety of the American people first!”

Strange Sounds | June 3, 2018 CET | ~ Environmental threat? 900 previously unknown methane seeps found since 2015 off the coast Oregon near the Cascadia Subduction Zone ~ | .. For the past two years, scientists from Oregon State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have surveyed the Pacific Northwest near-shore region mapping sites where underwater bubble streams signify methane gas is being released from the seafloor. But it is not yet clear whether the methane presents an opportunity for a new source of energy or a potentially serious environmental threat .. And what they have found is eye-opening. Since the first evidence of underwater methane was discovered in the late 1980s, only about 100 “seep sites” had been identified along the Northwest coast through 2015. They often were discovered by accident, when fishermen would spot anomalies on their fish-finders that turned out to be acoustic reflections of the bubbling methane gas. But over the past two years the scientists – aided by new sonar technology on the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus, owned and operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust – have purposefully gone seeking evidence of underwater methane and have expanded the total number of offshore seep emission sites to a whopping 1,000 locations .. |

Researchers detect more than 1000 Methane Seeps along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
READ MORE: http://strangesounds.org/2018/06/environmental-threat-900-previously-unknown-methane-seeps-found-since-2015-off-the-coast-oregon-near-the-cascadia-subduction-zone.html

The Guardian | 1. June 2018 | ~ Russian pilot found after three decades missing in Afghanistan ~ | .. Military veterans group says man whose plane was shot down wants to return to Russia .. | Blogger: WHAT!? 🙃 ... Since David Copperfield was forced to reveal magic trick in open court last month in 2018, celebs of missing person, reappears, like a great magic trick (3D Matrix of Illusion) ... 1. Saudi Arabia releases video to ‘prove’ Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is alive after assassination and coup rumours (TheSun) ... 2. Russian journalist reported dead shows up alive at news conference; Ukrainian officials say they faked his death (Yahoo News) ... 3. The Flights MH17/MH-370 will show up on Epstein's pedophile/sex island?? ... 4. Friends of poisoned Yulia Skripal fear she and her ex-spy father are already DEAD – and the British Government is covering the news up (now ALIVE - Daily Mail) ... 5. Soon we will see pictures, that Barbara Bush & George Herbert Walker Bush, walking down (wheeling) a street in West Oaks, Houston?? ... | “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called "The Pledge". The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course... it probably isn't. The second act is called "The Turn". The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you're looking for the secret... but you won't find it, because of course you're not really looking. You don't really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn't clap yet. Because making something disappear isn't enough; you have to bring it back. That's why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call "The Prestige".” - ― Christopher Priest, The Prestige ... |

Afghan guerrillas who fought Soviet forces, pictured in 1980. Photograph: AP
READ MORE: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/01/russian-pilot-found-after-missing-for-three-decades-in-afghanistan

Verdensalt.dk | Arkivskabet | 3. Juni 2018 | ~ Dagligdagen med Vasana - Åndelig livsstil ~ | 10 min læsning | .. Vasanas er blevet beskrevet af andre som "sovende vulkaner" (S.N. Goenka) og "smerte krop" (Eckhart Tolle). De fleste psykologer og studier for selvudvikling har nogle bestemte måder at referere vasanas på.. Hvis man ser på den kanaliseret litteratur, kan man sige, at en stor del af det har været omkring vasanas, fortæller os igen og igen, at vi skal fuldføre vores uafsluttede sager; dvs at "udjævne" vores vasanas .. |

Latente adfærdsmønstre, vaner styre os
Udgivet første gang den 3. Juni 2014 af Verdensalt.dk

Denne artikel handler om "Vasana". Kort fortalt, stammer navnet fra vedantisk litteratur - Dharmiske Traditioner, filosofisk retning inden for hinduismen (oplysthed). Et uundgåeligt begreb eller tilstand som indtager vores daglige liv mere og mere, man kan vel definere det som en slags kognitiv dissonans.  Vasanas kan bedst defineres som de automatiske, mekaniske eller vanemæssig måder, vi har for, at reagere på situationer. De er indgroede adfærdsmønstre.

De kan også opfattes som vores ubetalte regninger i livet, vores gæld, vores kreditorer. Vasanas er vores karmiske rester eller aftryk, som påvirker et menneskes nuværende opførsel. Vores gamle latente oplevelser, afsluttede sager eller overskydende bagage i livet. De forvrænger vores adfærd, og vi er sjældent klar over, at de er i drift. Mens de er almindeligt kendt hos studier for selvudvikling og spiritualitet, aner de fleste mennesker ikke hvad vasanas er. 

Vasanas er den væsentligste hindring for vores velbefindende og lykke i livet.

Et gammel udtryk er besværende korrekt for dele af vasanas : "Brændt barn skyr ilden";
Ubehagelige hændelser husker man tydeligt, og man er meget opmærksom på at undgå dem i fremtiden

Vi dykker længere ned og ser på hvad det betyder for os

Sri Ramana Maharshi lærte os om vasana
Sri Ramana Maharshi lærte os omkring Vasana. Fordi vi er bundet af vores ego, oplever de fleste af os, lavere niveauer af oplysning mens nogen guruer har en oplysthed så høje som syvende chakra Brahmajnana (Gud Realisering), også kaldet kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi, men hvor de stadig har vasanas (indeholder personlige udfordringer).

Først efter Sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi (den permanente og naturlige tilstand af samadhi eller komplette selvoptagelse) er den åndelige hjerte (hridayam) permanent åben, mens  vasanas slukket. Så vi er befriet fra fødsel og død. Vi har nået moksha eller frihed fra fysisk reinkarnation.

Med vores opvågnenhed, forstærket bevidstheds-følelse, begyndende spiritualitet om man vil, forøges vasanas gradvis i os selv, fordi det skal hentes frem-behandles-afvikles, livet føles hårdt, uskånsom kaos og illusion, men ud af dette kaos, dukker også ro frem, hvis man forstå at lytte til sig selv. Ramana Maharshi skelner mellem gode og dårlige vasanas. Gode ​​vasanas, ligesom vi nurse vores egne forældres behov, kærlig til alle mennesker, yde velgørende formål , som alle fremmer naturens love, ikke skader, mens dårlige vasanas, der går imod naturens love, gør.

En dybere betydning af hvad Vasana er og hvorfor det er kommet for at blive

Vasana, er hvad blikmanden, tømmermanden, trolden og heksen er i Alice i Eventyrland, visualisere. Alle eventyr om disse væsener er, i sidste ende, om vasanas.

Vasanas stammer fra beslutninger som en reaktion på tidligere hændelser eller episoder i livet, der er involveret chok og tab, som overbeviste os selv om, aldrig at udføre visse ting, men udleve andre. På en måde, lukker mange mennesker af for deres dybeste følelser og livet, fordi de ikke kan li at mærke, hvordan de virkelig har det. De fortrænger, fornægter, flygter fra, hvordan de har det indeni. Dermed reagerer de spontant ligesom en robot.

mm.dk | 3. Juni 2018 | ~ Løhde udskyder kæmpereform ~ | .. Innovationsministerens drejebog til den formentlig største reform af den offentlige sektor i 10 år begynder at tage form. Den vil bestå af fem-seks store delreformer og udspil, der får omfattende konsekvenser for de 800.000 offentligt ansatte. Selve reformen er dog udskudt til efteråret .. | Blogger: [ 🚧 VENSTRES CHARMEOFFENSIV BREDER SIG FOR 800.000 ANSATTE INDEN VALGET - ELLER - IT-MINISTER SOPHIE LØHDE'S UDSKIFTNING AF MENNESKER PÅ JOBBET MED ROBOTTER 🤖 ] ... Undskyld mit franske, men regeringen vil da skide højt og flot på menneskelige ressourcer - StatsAdelen aka embedsværkets elitekorps af partisoldater, har for længst beregnet sig frem til en cost benefit model og kommet frem til et resultat, der brænder de offentlige ansattes lys af i begge ender. DE OFFENTLIGE ANSATTE koster for meget, af have siddende (godt gammeldaws Venstre politik) ... Til gengæld, har erhvervseliten og banksektoren, fået en hjælpende håndsrækning med garantien om konstante fyringsrunder, hvor mennesker, bliver erstattet af ROBOTTER, lige siden Sophie Løhde, blev ny minister for offentlig innovation .. Sophie Løhde er IKKE en CYBORG lige nu, men en Genetisk Modificeret Politiker, som vil ændre Danmark med hidtil uset form for digitalisering- & robotiseringsteknologier. Det betyder vi nu har en it-minister og en kommende digitaliseringen samt robotisering (A.I. - kunstig intelligens) af Danmark og især banksystemet, som vil udbrede sig til resten af sektorer, hvor mennesker, primært beskæftiger sig med ADMINISTRATION.. Med andre ord, Sophie Løhde kommer til at stå i spidsen for ny teknologi, digitalisering, innovation og disruption. En minister som er tvungen ind i teknologibevægelsen »The Singularity« eller Singularity University (sponsorer som Google, NASA, Cisco og biotekgiganten Genentech) der henter inspiration fra NASA Ames Research Center i USAs tech-mekka Silicon Valley. Her finder de svarene på, hvordan vi overlever og skaber forretning i en fremtid befolket af selvflyvende droner, selvkørende biler, selvlærende robotter, biologiske 3D-print, kunstig intelligens og et arbejdsmarked, uden MENNESKER 👶👦👧👩👴👵 ... Noget der passer perfekt til den danske industri, den offentlige sektors sparerunde og finanssektorens strategi om simplificering, standardiserede it-systemer og global arbejdsdeling. Som skabt ud af lobbyisternes støbeform til danske Erhvervsvirksomheder ... |

READ MORE: https://www.mm.dk/artikel/loehde-udskyder-kaempereform