Jul 8, 2018

Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics.org | July 8, 2018 | ~ Extraterrestrials Working with Humans in USAF Classified Programs ~ | Blogger: [🛐Easy to lose Hope & Faith👼] ... According to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, she says we cannot trust Exopolitics due some incidents. Well, who can WE trust these days. Corey Goode & David Wilcock, is under 24/7 protecting from bodyguards and managers and gods knows who. Part of a bigger money scamming business organisation? .. Verdensalt.dk has meet Dr. Michael Salla IRL, must say he's a little bit strange, but no doubt in my mind, he is telling the truth from his own view, people, whistleblowers and inside military sources. I have learned to trust my instinct, discard my ego defense mechanisms and be open-minded fearless being. YES, everything you read on the internet (that includes verdensalt.dk) has part truth, part falseness... BUT, you 👉yes YOU! must go out and explore, do research, meet people yourselves, not just eat every bit of information you can get from the internet, blogs and MSM media... Example: verdensalt.dk trusted the RV/GCR for a looooong time, and Dave Schmidt (Dave Schmidt banking and finance, plus as a State Senator and a seminary graduate).... It's so confusing and frustrating .... Dave Schmidt tell's us one ting ... (dont expect any RV/GCR just yet, have faith in the collective consciousness, until NESARA or new government shows up, no changes will be happent, dont believe what you hear or read of conflicting reports and different blog writers about WDS)... ZAP Office Of Poofness, Dinar Gurus another thing ...whether you have faith in ZAP, Dave Schmidt, John MacHaffie, David Icke, Alex Jones, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, St. Germain, Sheldan Nidle, Montague Keen, Karen Hudes, Neil Keenan or other supposed enlightened beings / individuals, just wonder sometimes, if their embedded messages, are for their own personal gain or business enterprise to survive, then it's all BS.. Easy to lose Hope & Faith...Every single thing is not transparent and secretable and away from public eye ..Who are the good guys and who are the bad...so be ware, the draconian/illuminati/cabal is still out there and serving their master and old administration. Same goes with WDS. I have heard this before, from Ron Van Dyke, aka Paradoxman316 and red dragon Ambassador. WDS will not save us, just push Gaia in the right direction... PS: THIS BROKE MY HEART ... [Verdensalt.dk was there!] .. One of my friends, Patrice deep concern about her long-time friend, Craig Lang's suddenly death at The International UFO Congress 2018, is still a mystery, but he was NOT alone .. Craig Lang with the initials CL, was mentioned in this article - 3 people died that attended same conference verdensalt.dk attended. O-M-G!!! Who would do that... |

READ MORE: https://www.exopolitics.org/extraterrestrials-working-with-humans-in-usaf-classified-programs/

Aircrap.org | July 8, 2018 | ~ United Airlines – Full Wing On/Off Chemical-Aerosol Spraying ~ | Blogger: Undeniable proof USAF uses commercial airliners to spray Chemtrails?... |

Mike Decker July 6 2018 – Full Wing On/Off Chemical-Aerosol Spraying By United Airlines UA262

Do you consent to this toxic waste product being sprayed in our skies?? Links below for more information-Footage taken over Wyoming using a Nikon P900 2017-18

Also see Ongoing Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering

Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program https://geoengineering.environment.harvard.edu/

Aerosolized Coal Fly ash: Risk Factor for Neurodegenerative Disease


EB.dk | 8. Juli 2018 | ~ Pape har fået nok: Advokat-millionærer på skattekroner ~ | .. Unikt indblik: Advokater skovler skattekroner ind med begrænset kontrol ifølge en ny undersøgelse, og nu har justitsministeren fået nok. Ren hetz, mener forsvarsadvokater .. | Blogger: (En advokat står til at have fået udbetalt 5,5 mio. skattekroner om året for at forsvare kriminelle ved domstolene.) ... Søren Babapapa Pape Poulsen VIL være populær for enhver pris... Vil simpelhen ikke finde sig i mere, og får hans kærste fri og skærper tonen for 6.000 offenlige advokater, undtagen Kammeradvokaten, som har et årligt overskud på 80 millioner. Senste sag om en kvinde der sagsøger Staten og Hospitalsvæsnet om et kræfttilfælde, som hun VINDER i Østre Landsret og Højesteret, den beskikket forsvarer og det offentlige der tabte sagen, tjente 510.000 skattekroner, mens kvindens private advokat, blot 180.000 kr., der VANDT sagen. Hvordan kan det lade sig gøre i Danmark? Fordi, centraladministrationen slipper afsted med ALTTING. Det er samme embedsmænd, som tager pegnene fra den ene off. kasse og lægger det ned i en anden off. kasse. Men det er ikke DERES penge, MEN, vores penge... "Confused? You won't be, after this week's episode of...Soap." ... ||

LÆS MERE: https://ekstrabladet.dk/nyheder/politik/danskpolitik/pape-har-faaet-nok-advokat-millionaerer-paa-skattekroner/7218609

30:09 - Advokater lukrerer på det offentlige