Dec 24, 2017

All News Pipeline | Dec 23, 2017 | Mike Adams Of Natural News Attacked And Forced To 'Water Down' Political Videos On YouTube - War Against Independent Media Reaches Fevered Pitch |

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yet another independent voice is being silenced on Google's video platform YouTube, with threats to shut his entire channel down if he does not "water down" his political commentary. While he is going to comply in order not to be completely silenced, he is also fighting back, not just for himself but by taking the chance and a severe monetary hit by preparing undertake a multi-million dollar project to launch a YouTube alternative website by the summer of 2018, in order to provide a platform for the rest of the Independent Media that is under censorship attack on multiple fronts.

Below: The Health Ranger announces a reduction in posting political commentary to YouTube due to YouTube's outrageous censorship of any ideas which are critical of the delusional Left.

In a follow up video (found here) Adam's details more about his plans to launch the YouTube alternative, where he is very upfront about the fact that he will not be offering the ad revenue to which YouTube offers, at least to those they do not restrict, demonetize and censor for political opinions that do not toe the official MSM line, but that he will be offering an option for donating to creators where users can independently support video creators they enjoy.

What they have done with Mike Adams should be a crime, they could not control him by limiting his "ad revenue" because Mike doesn't use their ads, he creates his revenue by selling his awesome products, so they went straight into intimidation, and threats of completely silencing him on their platform. Remember, Google once blocked hundreds of thousands of Mike's pages from their search engine, with no justification.


Nyhedsbrev | 23. December 2017 | Biodynamiskeforbrugere | ~ Jordbrugsfonden ~ | Blogger: sover aldrig, fordi fake news tv-nyhederne dør eller er på vej ud, ind kommer alternative nyhedsstof, til eftertanke... 🎅 ❤️ 🎄 |

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The Free Thought Project | Dec 20, 2017 | Top Ten Conspiracy Theories That Turned FACT in 2017 | .. 2017 was a year that vindicated those who the media has constantly referred to conspiracy theorists, exposing the establishment in the process .. |

In 2013, Professor Lance Dehaven-Smith—in a peer-reviewed book published by the University of Texas Press—showed that the term “conspiracy theory” was developed by the CIA as a means of undercutting critics of the Warren Commission’s report that President Kennedy was killed by Oswald. 

The use of this term was heavily promoted in the media by the CIA. And—up until recently—it has served its purpose.Now, however, in 2017, those who were once called “conspiracy theorists” are being vindicated as they watched instance after instance get exposed all year long. To be clear, we are not talking about outlandish, unprovable, and off the wall theories that completely lack evidence. We are talking about well-researched cases that were deliberately dismissed and ridiculed by the mainstream as a means of oppressing the information and protecting the establishment.

Ironically enough, 2017 is the year the conspiracy theorists were proven right as the mainstream media and government began pushing wild conspiracy theories without evidence to back them up.

To show just how vindicated the well-informed are, below is a list of the top 10 conspiracy theories that were proven as real in 2017.

1. Hollywood and the political elite have been exposed for their rampant and horrifying sex abuse against men, women, and children alike

Just last year, as good people tried to point out that although Pizzagate may not have taken place in some restaurant in DC, the idea of sex abuse among the elite was no laughing matter. However, anyone who mentioned sex abuse among the elite was scoffed at and ridiculed by those in the mainstream.

This ridicule was in spite of the fact that the former speaker of the house admitted to raping multiple little boys and was sentenced to prison last year. This ridicule was also in spite of the fact that whistleblowers have been shouting from the mountain tops about the rampant abuse—for decades—only to have their cries fall on deaf ears.

This year, however, it was different. With Harvey Weinstein as the catalyst, former victims came forward and began publicly naming their abusers and even getting the police involved. The American people also learned that their ostensible representation in D.C. was spending millions to silence the victims of their apparent uncontrollable sex abuse.

No longer will companies like Disney be able to hire convicted pedophiles as the world looks the other way—nor will sicko politicians be allowed the immunity to rape and pillage as they see fit. 2017 will be known as the year the victims fought back.

2. Weather modification just jumped from “chemtrail” conspiracy theory into mainstream reality, as Congress began holding hearings on geoengineering

BREAKING | TV2 NYS | Dec 23, 2017 | Politisk flertal vil tvinge forældre til at dele børnechecken | .. 651.000 danske forældrepar vil fremover blive tvunget til at dele den skattefri børne- og ungeydelse .. | Blogger: (kan ikke forstå hvorfor skatteministeren, Karsten Lauritzen, er indblandet, men han skal sikkert indkassere nogle billige point 🤔)... Vi ved med garanti, at skilsmisse økonomi skaber ofte problemer for skilsmisseforælder... 'TAGS' DEN! 🤑 Jubiii til alle MÆND!! 😘 Er desværre nødt til at starte det sådanne, har kæmpet med det rigide Statsforvaltning i en menneskealder, som MAND!! Endelig en opvågner i det kvindedomineret 21. århundredes nye Jerntæppe af Statsforvaltningen... Der er OGSÅ (man skal passe på her) rigtigt mange singlemødre, som udnytter det fede singleliv, med ekstra børnetilskud, boligstøtte måske, og ekstra, ekstra børnebidragssatser fra forsørgermanden, uanset hvad moderen tjener (uretfærdigt)... "Børne- og socialminister Mai Mercado (K) oplyser til avisen, at det nye tiltag bliver en del af forhandlingerne om en større reform af familieretten og hele skilsmissesystemet.".., 🗣️🗣️🗣️👨‍⚖️👨‍⚖️ Kære Mai Mercado, måske burde du også kigge på de 'manglende' kvalifikationer (blandt jurister og børnepsykologer), der skal tale med børnene i forbindelse med skilsmissesager i Statsforvaltningen... Dertil kommer at anbefale en familiedomstol til at håndtere skilsmissesagerne. Vi skal væk fra den skandaløse håndtering, som navnlig Statsforvaltningerne har stået for gennem de seneste mange år. Statsforvaltningen støtter kun op om moderen men mange dårlige forklaringer, og optrapper større konflikter imellem forældre... Så skal vi have flere kvalificerede MÆND ind i systemet, fordi hovedparten som det er nu, består af 80-90 pct kvindelige ansatte (både sagsbehandlere, jurister samt børnesagkyndige). Hvis parterne bliver mødt som ofte af en kvinde – der skal vejlede begge i en meget konfliktfyldt stemning, hvor stærke følelser er i spil. Stoler ikke på, man fra systemets side bilder sig ind, at man kan rådgive begge parter, hvor særligt den ene part – nemlig faren, føler sig overset og utryg (MÆND er gode til at skelne/skille skidt fra kanel) ... Så skal vi straffe Advokater HÅRDT, som hjælper forældre til at lyve i børnesager. Løgne og beskyldninger er ikke en sjældenhed i kampen om samvær med barnet. Flere advokater opfordrer deres klienter til at fortælle halve sandheder og løgne, fordi det ikke er strafbart... Det var nogle forslag, som DU, Mai Mercado burde tage til efterretning.. PS: Lyt til Pernille Rosenkrantz, hun kæmper faktisk for BØRNENE og ikke kun for SYSTEMET. Joan Ørting og mange andre har også blandet sig i debatten... 🕵️‍♂️ |


GAOG | Dec 23, 2017 | CEO Resignations from Sept-Dec. 2017 |

December 23, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Resignations from Sept to Dec in chronological order

by Q Anon, Dec. 21, 2017

Equifax CEO Richard Smith Sep. 26, 2017

Dentsply Sirona Inc CEO Jeffrey T. Slovin Oct. 2, 2017

Greater Naples CEO Paul Thein Oct. 4, 2017

Pepsico CEO D Shivakumar Oct. 9, 2017

Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun Oct. 12, 2017

Oman Air CEO Paul Gregorowitsch Oct. 16, 2017

ASCENDAS Funds Management CEO Chia Nam Toon Oct. 20, 2017

Hudson’s Bay CEO Gerald Storch Oct. 20, 2017

Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region CEO David Brady Oct. 28, 2017

BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth Oct. 29, 2017

Podesta Group founder Tony Podesta Oct. 30, 2017

Menninger Clinic CEO Dr. C. Edward Coffey Oct. 31, 2017

U.S. Department of Justice DOJ Press Releases & News Update | Dec 22, 2017 | Attorney General Sessions Reiterates Support of DEA Efforts to Investigate Hezbollah’s Drug Trafficking and Related Activities and Orders Review of Prior DEA Investigations | Blogger: The Power of Zionists: jpost: (“Obama must return his Nobel Peace Prize,” if the Politico story about Hezbollah is correct, Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid said.) -- Israeli politicians lashed out at former US president Barack Obama after an exposé in Politico alleged that his administration had blocked a major investigation into Hezbollah’s global drug trafficking activities so that Iran would sign the 2015 deal to curb its nuclear activities.... |

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today directed a review of the handling of Project Cassandra, a law enforcement initiative targeting Hezbollah’s drug trafficking and related operations in the United States and abroad, to evaluate allegations that certain matters were not properly prosecuted and to ensure all matters are appropriately handled.


ZeroHedge | Dec 23, 2017 | Saudi General Reportedly Tortured To Death After Refusing To Fork Over His Fortune | .. Rumors that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has hired mercenaries to torture recalcitrant royals and officials sleeping in the ballroom of the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh have been circulating since shortly after last month’s “corruption crackdown” naked cash grab .. |

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

  • Major general Ali Alqahtani, who was detained in early November as part of an alleged anti-corruption drive, had been working in the royal guard forces.
  • He was the manager of the private office of Prince Turki Bin Abdullah, the son of former king Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, according to the newspaper.
  • Alqahtani died on 12 December after being tortured with electric shocks, and his family struggled to recognise him after receiving his body, according to sources, the newspaper reported.


INFOWARS \\ DeceptionBytes \\ Tracy Beanz | Dec 22, 2017 | QANON LINKS RESIGNATION OF GOOGLE’S SCHMIDT TO TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER | .. Trump attacks international human rights abuse by going after the money .. | Blogger: QAnon & MegaAnon is REAL! You gotta believe it!!.. If you have some extra time during the christmasvacation days ahead, listen to the two videos below... |

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The highly secretive intelligence operative known as “QAnon” set off an Internet firestorm on Friday by posting a cryptic message on 8chan suggesting it was no coincidence that Eric Schmidt resigned as the executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, around the same time President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday.

The executive order allows the Treasury Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to confiscate the U.S. assets of anyone materially assisting, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support to those engaged in human rights abuses and/or corruption.

An annex published by the Treasury Department simultaneous with Trump signing the executive order made clear Trump has empowered the Treasury Department to implement the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act by confiscating the assets of “malign actors worldwide” who violate this act.

Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act was passed to replace the Jackson-Vanik Amendment from the Cold War aimed at imposing trade sanctions forcing the Soviet Union to allow Jews and other minorities to emigrate, with a more current punishment denying access to the U.S. banking system to international criminals guilty of abusing human rights – an act named to honor Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky who died in a Russian prison in 2009 after trying to expose corruption and human rights violations in Russia..... [READ MORE]


The Proofs of Q: A Video review with CBTS Board Creators


4Chan Q-Anon (Part TWENTY-THREE) The Jaw-Dropping World of Q