May 13, 2018

Aljazeera | May 13, 2018 | ~ Netanyahu: I will not resign ~ | .. The Israeli prime minister calls police allegations 'biased', as calls for his resignation grow .. | Blogger: [where is the homogeneous societies without political or intellectual traditions of xenophobia or racism ] ... PM, Lars Løkke (and former PM's) being indicted and people on the streets asking for his (and other) resignation? Not for a million years! We've too proud, chicken people or deeply compartmentalized & institutionalized and no tradition to demonstrate against money, power, corruption and illegal rights against the weak and alienated nationalists (refugees, immigrants and poor) ... |

if Netanyahu is indicted, he will almost certainly have to step down [Gali Tibbon/Reuters]


'Netanyahu resign!' Israelis protest against US embassy move, Jerusalem Day parade (VIDEO)

Intellihub | May 13, 2018 | ~ Man with large weapons cache, body armor, found posted up in Waikiki hotel, claimed to be federal agent on a mission ~ | .. A man claiming to be a federal agent was found posted up in a Waikiki hotel with a large cache of weapons, knives, and armor, much like Stephen Paddock and Francho Bradley who also possessed their own large weapons cache and were likely sheep-dipped .. | Blogger: Now, we've seen MANY episodes, were Russia’s FSB foiled terrorist attacks, latest on massive V-Day Immortal Regiment march in Moscow (so they claim). Why, (why) can't we STOP the massive so-called terror-attacks in US and EU? Because some of them are False Flag Operations... You be the judge ... |

By Shepard Ambellas - May 13, 2018, @8:31 am EDT

HONOLULU (INTELLIHUB) — Police and FBI are investigating a 38-year-old man after finding a large cache of weapons during a raid of a Waikiki hotel room after authorities were alerted of several disturbing social media posts in which the man claimed to be a federal agent who’s hunting terrorists.

The man’s arsenal included a high-powered rifle, a tactical shotgun, and an assortment of other guns, military style knives, and body armor, along with fully-loaded magazines and 800 rounds of ammunition.(Honolulu Police Department)

(Honolulu Police Department)
It was the FBI that tipped off local police which prompted the raid in room #803 in the Equus hotel at 1696 Ala Moana Blvd.

The weapons were found to be legally registered to the man which prompted police to release him without incident pending a mental evaluation at a local hospital after authorities discovered a psychiatric medicine inside the man’s room.

According to police, the man has been living in a Makiki apartment for three years but was only recently staying at the Equus.

Withal, the man’s weapons will be rightfully returned if he’s deemed mentally stable, according to a local report.

The scenario seems to mimic that of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s stay at the Mandalay Bay and Francho Bradley’s stay at a Massachusetts hotel where large weapons caches and tactical military gear were also found. It also seems likely that all three men were working under the FBI’s direction and may have been cut loose or detached for reasons unknown (possibly to be used as patsies).

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RT - Russia Today | May 13, 2018 | ~ Mass stabbing in Paris: French authorities investigating attack as terrorism ~ | .. Several witnesses earlier told media outlets that they heard the assailant shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he was stabbing passersby and attempted to storm into a restaurant near the Opera House in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, where the rampage took place on Saturday evening .. | Blogger: [👳Same procedure as every year, James (2013 La Défense attack). FF Ops Same Template Used? Fake Agenda Of Muslim Terrorism?🕌] ... 2018 - CONFUSION -- Reports claim that he was born in Chechnya but had French citizenship. Since news of the attack hit the headlines, there have been conflicting reports about the nationality of the assailant. On Sunday, a judicial source told AFP that the man was “French, born in Chechnya in 1997.” However, earlier reports in BFMTV and Le Parisien suggested that the attacker was Russian... ("radical Islamic circles” or NOT - Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack, so the MSM reports) ... PS: It would appear that the Zionists are doing a world tour with their new age tactic of “hoax terror” as they reached out to France to join in on the previous forays in Denmark, Norway, Belgian, Boston and London etc. etc ... Let's see what The Goldfish Report with Fetz and Ole Dammegard can dig up... |

Beforeitsnews | Marijuana Debate | May 11, 2018 | ~ State Sanctioned Abduction: Child Kidnapped From Army Vet by State and the Reason Will Shock You (Videos) ~ | .. .. On the morning of March 22nd, Ashley was home alone with Zoey, about to eat breakfast, when two social workers from the Idaho Department of Health Welfare, Child Protection Division, showed up at their door. The social workers looked around the home and told Ashley that they had to call the police to report the paraphernalia. The social workers waited outside of the house for the police to arrive .. The police confiscated everything they found, including Edward’s legally-obtained firearm .. Both Edward and Ashley were booked into the jail, each on three felony charges – Manufacturing a Controlled Substance, Manufacturing a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver where a Child is Present, and Injury to a Child .. A No Contact Order with Zoey was requested by the Department and granted, forbidding Edward and Ashley from any contact with their daughter .. | Blogger: [Idaho Wants to Convict These Parents as Criminals – Forever Altering Their Future.The People of Idaho do not want our Veterans locked in cages, or their children taken away, just for choosing a non-toxic plant over dangerous pharmaceuticals] .. O-M-G! UNBELIEVABLE heartbroken story. Read it though! ... My heart & prayers go out to Edward Thomas and his family 🕯️ ... |

Zoey Thomas. Photo from Justice for the Thomas Family Facebook Page.
Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More...

The reason the precious little girl above was kidnapped from her loving family, due to the fact her father, Edward Thomas chose to treat his crippling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with medical Cannabis.

On March 22nd, 2018, the Thomas Family of Eagle, Idaho, experienced first hand just how harsh the state of Idaho can be when someone chooses to use medical cannabis, rather than dangerous pharmaceuticals.
Edward Thomas with daughter Zoey. Photo from Justice for the Thomas Family Facebook Page.
Edward Thomas is a 29-year-old, Iraq Veteran of the Army National Guard.

He spent a year stationed within a combat zone in Baghdad and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by the horrors of war he witnessed during his time in battle.
Edward Thomas served his country in Iraq. Now, the state has removed his daughter simply because he found relief for his PTSD and seizures from medical cannabis. Photo supplied by family.
In the past couple of decades, it has been common knowledge that soldiers suffering from PTSD are almost always prescribed a strong cocktail of psych drugs, that more often than not, have toxic side effects that are worse than the disorder itself.

U.S. military vets are committing suicide at a higher rate than seen before and we are losing more of our veterans to suicide. The suicide stats even dwarf the number of fatalities due to war.

Edward Thomas also suffers from a small benign tumor in his brain that has caused several epileptic episodes in the past.

Edward currently works as a customer service representative in Boise, Idaho, to provide for his small family, including his wife of six years, Ashley, and 2-year-old daughter, Zoey.

Edward and Ashley are also currently expecting their second daughter, Scarlet, due to arrive on June 22nd, 2018.

Ashley is a 27-year-old, disabled mother, that suffers from scoliosis, heart issues, as well as chronic depression and Bipolar disorder.

Both Edward and Ashley have found relief from their suffering due to their various conditions, through the use of medical cannabis.

Edward stated:

It helps with my nightmares and insomnia caused by my time overseas. I used to wake up in a panic from dreams that I was killed in an explosion or seeing my family killed in one. It helped me stop taking several pills for depression and anxiety and even helps with my chronic pain.

PFC \\ The Good Gut | May 13, 2018 | ~ This is why you’re fat… and it’s not over eating ~ | .. It’s the food you eat – not the calories that count .. | Blogger: I'm a sugar junkie! I will admit it! ... BUT, i do reset / detox / keep my own PH-balance, during a day with NATRON (natriumbicarbonat), Colloidal Silver, MSM, tea with lemon and ginger, lots of exercise and my beloved infrared sauna and meditate etc... |

In the last few years scientists around the world have begun to discover the remarkable truth behind why so many of us are fat – and getting fatter..

..and it’s not why we thought

There was much talk some years ago about our genes making us fat – for some people this even became an excuse. It was something I heard a lot – “it’s not my fault, it’s my genes – I was born that way”.
“it’s not my fault, it’s my genes – I was born that way”
Well for the most part it was an excuse – and while there are some interesting discoveries linked to our genes – including some linked to body weight, actually 99.9% of our DNA is identical to our neighbour whether they’re fat or thin.

However looking back at this now – there is some truth to it, only it’s not your genes making you fat, but the genes and make up of the bacteria and microbes that live inside you.

Each of us is home to huge numbers of bacteria and micro organisms that live mainly in our intestines. Counter to popular perception only a small fractions of bacteria are bad for us – most are harmless and some are actually very useful. These strains help us digest our food, fight infections and generally keep us healthy. In fact they’ve evolved with us and shaped us – without them we wouldn’t exist.

Although we’ve known about the existence of these microbes for some time, scientists havent paid them much attention until recently.

Its only in the last fifteen years that scientists around the world have started to investigate these bacteria and microbes properly and discover some remarkable secrets about them. How they influence our health, and disease, our weight, even our mood and mental health are shaped by them.

This emerging field of research is hugely complex, challenging some of the greatest minds to piece together exactly how this is happening – but essentially it is changes to the make up of microbes inside us that is making so many of us fat, and ill

Ever wondered why some people never put on weight?

Maybe you have a friend – or colleague – who eats the same diet as you or worse – and never puts on an inch of fat?

My sister is one of these people. She eats everything she shouldn’t. She snacks constantly between meals. Her diet consists of cake, more cake, sweets, doughnuts, burgers, soft drinks – basically anything bad.

..And yet she has never put on an inch of fat, unlike me.

Well it’s not down to her genes, but now considered to be because she is one of a lucky few blessed with a particular make up of gut bacteria and microbes that keeps her slim.

Unlike the rest of us – for us it’s a daily battle to keep the fat and the weight off

So if gut bacteria is making us fat, can we get rid of them?

Messages from Ann & the Angels ~ Channeling through Ann Albers | May 13, 2018 CET | Newsletter - Excerpts only | ~ The You Beyond Death... ~ | Blogger: Soooo powerful ... 💖 |

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! There is no death. You live eternally, changing costumes, changing lives, and yet never you never lose the essence of who you truly are. You let go of the illusions of your material life each time you transition, but you keep the memories, the lessons, and most importantly the love.

Let's do a little exercise to illustrate this. Shut your eyes and imagine that you are having a life on an exotic tropical island. What might you be doing? Who would be around you? Next, shut your eyes and imagine that you have a life in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. What does it look like? Who is around you? What is that life like? Keep this up with as many lives as you like. You can imagine present lives, "past" lives, or even lives in the future.

As you continue to imagine different lives, realize that they all live within you. You can check in on each one of these and see how each one is doing. As you learn something in your “inner” life on the island, perhaps you will apply that wisdom to your “inner” life in the mountains, or even your “outer life” that you live now.

If you play with this exercise each day, asking each personality what it has learned and perhaps gently suggesting and guiding each, then you have become like your very own soul!
If your lives are like roses, the soul is the rosebush.

Your soul is the real you, the essence of who you are. Your lifetimes are like shows that you act and star in. You write the script and edit it as you go along. Just like an actor or actress has a "true identity" above and beyond all the parts they play, your soul is your "true identity." Beyond that even, the Divine is your true identity... but we'll leave that discussion for another day.

Now, can you imagine... Everything is happening right now. Your soul is starring in past, present, and future lives all at once, as surely as an actor or actress might star in several television shows playing all at once. Your soul has an awareness of all of these roles, and helps them learn from one another.

Kimberly Meredith | 13. May 2018 | ~ Happy Mother’s Day 2018 with a Big Open Heart Chakra Thank You! ~ |

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Friends,

On this beautiful day dedicated to the traditional and non-traditional mothers of the world, we would like to take a moment to send love and blessings to each of you. With the love and light you express by simply being you, we are grateful to have had the chance to work so closely with each of you, and experience miraculous healing with you.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your presence, prayers, volunteer assistance, generous donations and willingness to spread the word of your experience and healing to others.

On behalf of Kimberly Meredith & The Healing Trilogy, we would like to extend the following Mother’s Day prayer blessing filled with love and light just for you:
A Mother’s Day Prayer for All

PrayingMedic | May 12, 2018 | ~ Special Edition - Iran Deal's Extortion Plot Exposed ~ | Blogger: [⚠️To Impose Trump Impeachment or to see his Term Ended: Obama & Clinton has Jumped on the Secret Iran-Deal Train with EU Leaders⚠️] ... Extracts from video: Traitor & Entertainer Alex Jones. Iran Deal's Extortion Plot Exposed (how much money EU leaders took to let Iran-deal continue). France and Germany came to WH, for the sole purpose of pressing POTUS, to remain in the deal (Q: Treason is only 1/10th) ... 🙋PS: Divine Frequency (Teresa Yanaros) has also exposed the "Dark Journalist", Daniel Liszt, as Fake News Deep State operative. Among many examples, a smear campaign to take down Corey Goode, and anyone associated with him ... You be the judge ... ☝️ PSS: We live and operate in a world that always has two faces. One face is the reported world, the world we see on the surface through the media, entertainment, education and other social/political sources. Most of us know the reported world is a false world, one the controllers/cabal wants us to believe. It is the world we grew up believing as it was what we were taught. We believed it until we began to wake up to what was really going on around us. A process called cognitive dissonance is what keeps most people focused on the reported world and asleep to the shadow world. The shock of truth is so hard on the individual psyche that the individual ignores the truth of a statement and then goes back to believing what is reported ... |

In this update, we look at past Q posts about the Iran deal 
and a recent threat to extort western politicians. 
Original Twitter thread with links:

Jason A World News | May 12, 2018 | ~ Prophecy is Happening in the Middle East! ~ | Blogger: I've been enjoying his channel, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but he is offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events around the world... PS: VERY strange that IAEA nuclear inspector Tero Varjoranta steps down after US quits Iran deal with no explanation whatsoever ... And, while the Westerns MSM media & leaders are silent, Israel reportedly strikes Iran-linked military base in Syria after U.S. pulls out of Iran deal (Observers fear the increasing tension between the bitter enemies could soon boil over into a new Middle Eastern conflict) ... At least one killed, hundreds injured as Gazans protest near Israel border ... |

Website: israel iran middle east 
jason a world news 2018 2019 ww3 | 13. May 2018 | ~ 11:11 - helps you to manifest what you wish by sending the intention to the source ~ | Blogger: [👨‍💻Denmark is a very small country... the world is very large...but, the TRUTH gets out in SECONDS around the GLOBE...👨‍💻] .. This is my 11111 blogpost, since 2014 when i started. Yes, over 10.000 posts and if it resonate with you, use my SEARCH button or TRANSLATOR. Now, a SSL friendly site and no more performance issues .... ❔Who am I: Lightworker, truth-seeking debater, conspiracy untamed truth-oracle, awakening soul, spiritual advisor. I am no fortune-teller, but I can spot bullshit from a blimp in a fog storm!. Self-driven-awake-soul who has always had a feeling, there is more than meets the eye and life offers. Awaken to some insight or opened my consciousness that's greater than myself to bring the message to others who wish to receive it... TRUTH is ONLY what you perceive in YOUR OWN SPACE. The person sitting NEXT to YOU, might have a different OPINION and should NOT be FORCED upon. EVERYONE have FREE WILL and having their own SPIRITUAL AWAKENING EXPERIENCE. In other WORDS, STICK to the INNER TRUTH from your HIGHER SELF, that will always LEAD YOU STRAIGHT home... 💭 PS: I never posted anything that has not been researched and resonated with me. That means, all videos and articles has been skim through and sometimes read, studied and understood carefully. Yes i'm a follower of many highly spiritually people (not so many in Denmark, don't ask me why) and commenting on stuff sometimes, but hosting a serious blog is a full time job and i don't get paid a dime. It's all for you guys out there.. Always use your own spiritual discernment.. Research, Research, Research! .. Stay tuned! and thanks for reading on my blog... Namaste!🙏💟 | | 12. Maj 2018 | ~ Erik Brandt i clinch med Kongehuset: Nu blander prins Henriks nære ven sig ~ | .. Han kan slet ikke kende det, der er blevet sagt .. | Blogger: [👑DR Presseinvitation: ""Hele Danmark"" fejrer Kronprinsen. Vil det sige, vi ikke har noget valg? Er ALLE - Royalister?🦁] .. Så, Erik Brandt har fået Kongeligt påbud (har han udtalt, samt trist over dengang, prins Henriks demens-diagnose) og Løkke, vildtjæger, H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik, Prins til Danmark, greve af Monpezat, R.E. SKmd er tronarving til den danske trone, fordi han har været for Russiskvenlig kollaboratør (IOC-medlem stemte kronprins Frederik imod regeringens linje)... Se OG Hør kan afslører, at Mary og Frederiks svimlende forbrug: Så mange penge bruger de om dagen. Selv om Mary har skotske aner, bliver der ikke sparet på noget, når kronprinsparret svinger dankortet. Mary og Frederiks indkøb svarer nemlig til intet mindre end 15.000 kr. i døgnet.... Er kongehuset korrupt? Spurgte, om engang ♕♕♕ ... 💬Hvis vi anfægter troværdigheden og om Dannevang har brug for Kongehuset, anklages vi for at være fordømmende, illoyale, uden fædrelandskærlighed og borgerdyd. Det ikke er troværdigt, at pille ved ""glansbilledet"" omkring kongefamilien. Kongehuset er den sidste bataljon af folkekære, elskelige og troværdige ildsjæle som udbreder danske interesser rundt om i verden. Kongehuset ønsker dog ikke at være ulydige overfor folket. Formelt er kongehuset hævet over loven, og myndigheden til at drage for eksempel H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik, til ansvar, ligger hos H.M. Dronningen, men reelt overvåges kongefamilien af en kritisk offentlighed og rådgives af centraladministrationen.. Konstruktionen forudsætter, at kongehuset følger den rådgivning .. PS: 💭Når udgiver blog indlæg omkring Kongehuset, ønsker jeg ikke, at vække utilsigtet følelser op i folk omkring illoyalitet og upatriotiske sammensværgelser, formidler bare en realitet, set ud fra mange års interesse i tabloidpressens dokumentation (BT,EB og information m.fl.) og de få som 'tør' - kritisk journalistik.. Er helt klar over, der er mange som opfatter vores konstitutionelt monarki som en hellig institution og statsoverhoveder, som urørlige og trofaste, mod vores nation. Dog, kan vi konstatere, 'magteliten' har særdeles gode forbindelser igennem Kongehuset og Kongehuset har særdeles gode forbindelser til politik og som tilnærmelsesvis truer hele den selviscenesættelse af magtvælden ... |


Universe Inside You | May 13, 2018 | ~ School Kills Creativity: Here's Why ~ | Blogger: [🍬1600 børn skal til regeringens nye stopprøver i 0. klasse og Sprogprøver indføres i udvalgte områder☠️] ... (konformisme; om person trang til at være i overensstemmelse med flertallets væremåde) - Som højst sandsynligt, vil skabe endnu flere børn med STRESS, og inklusion af børn med adfærdsvanskelige adfærdsmønstre, som ADHD, der ikke kan klare mosten i et senere skoleforløb ... UPDATE: 2-1-18: JP Debat Camilla Schwalbe Blog -- Liberal Alliance har fået knald i låget med deres forslag om STOP-prøve i 0. klasse.. Mere konkret betyder det, at partiet mener, at børn skal kunne bestå en danskprøve for at kunne avancere til 1. klasse. Laura Lindahl, Liberal Alliances integrationsordfører, argumenterer med, at STOP-prøverne ”vil få forældrene til at tage deres ansvar på sig og lære deres børn dansk”.... | UPDATE: 11-10-17: TV2 Nyheder, kan netop berette, om en noget desorienteret og skuffet ung dame, den 19-årige Freja Bechmann, som fik 12-taller i folkeskolen, valgte hun dog alligevel en erhvervsuddannelse som kosmetiker, og det har hun måttet høre meget for, fortæller hun i 'Go' morgen Danmark' -- Lærer: Jeg bliver sur, hvis du gør det -- Folk mente, jeg skulle noget andet, noget mere og bedre, lyder det fra Freja Bechmann Jensen. Men på trods af, at folk kaldte hendes fag for et ”dullefag” og et ”overfladisk” fag, gik hun alligevel den vej. Første gang Freja Bechmann Jensen oplevede, at folk rystede på hovedet over hendes uddannelsesvalg, var, da hun valgte en erhvervsrettet 10. klasse fremfor gymnasiet -- Lærerne var dybt chokerede --... 💭 PS: Har læst, at man allerede som lille baby i Danmark, får besøg af sundhedsplejersken (med kommunerne i ryggen), som foretager et 'skøn' - vurdere baby-barnets helbredstilstand, trivsel og sundheds- mæssige pre-crime-skole-parathed-skøn til en fremtidig Indskolingsundersøgelse. Et skema bliver udfyldt, spørg selv (en baby må jo ikke koste kommunen penge, slet ikke et 'mørkt' barn).. Efter de nye danske regler, er der indført engelskopgaver og engelsk grammatik for 1. 2. og 3. klasse og andre fag, som aldrig har været der førhen (I den danske folkeskole skal der kun gives standpunktskarakterer på 8.-10. klassetrin). Elever i 3. og 4. klasse lider af eksamensangst! Test og prøver fra 0. klasse i folkeskolen resulterer i, at de yngste elever begynder at udvikle eksamensangst. Det er ikke kun skoleelever i 9. klasse, der i disse dage er pressede over folkeskolens afgangseksamen, og som i nogle tilfælde udvikler angst over for test og prøver. Stressorer hele vejen gennem skole- og institutionslivet, såsom mobning, faglige problemer, skoletests og lignende. Det er intet sammenlignet med, skolesystemet gør vores børn syge, de fleste børn er intuitivt klar over, halvdelen af det stof som præges fra historiebøgerne, er fup og svindel! Derfor mister, især vores indigo- og krystalbørn, modet og opmærksomhed er rettet andetsteds... |

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OOM2 | May 13, 2018 | ~ UFO News ~ The Best UFO Sightings Of 2018 plus MORE ~ | Blogger: [🛸Please be cautious with all UFO video(s) or advanced antigravity craft, back-engineered by humans, until a case investigation is complete👽] ... Bonus Stories is about possible Black Satellite sightings & In footage released by the European Space Agency, Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is Italy’s first woman in space, can be heard shouting out in shock at something she saw during the docking of the Soyuz spacecraft ... Many of these video cases has been filed with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database and analysed by MUFON Field Investigators ( helping study the latest UFO sightings) ...


Daily Mail Online | 12. May 2018 | ~ Terrifying Black Mirror-style robots by Boston Dynamics can now CHASE you, climb stairs and even find their way around on their own ~ |

Boston Dynamics, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, has posted two videos showing off the new skills of two of its advanced automatons, SpotMini and Atlas. In one, Atlas, a humanoid robot, can be seen jogging around a grassy field (top left), before leaping over a log that's obstructing its path (top right). In the second, a SpotMini robo-dog navigates its way around an office building (bottom left), climbing and descending a set of stairs with ease (bottom right), all under its own direction.

  • The firm posted two videos showing off the skills of two of its automatons
  • In one, Atlas, a humanoid robot, can be seen jogging around a grassy field 
  • It then leaps over a log obstructing its path in a surprisingly smooth motion 
  • In the second, a SpotMini robo-dog navigates its way around an office building 
  • It can be seen climbing and descending a set of stairs at its HQ with ease