Apr 17, 2023

๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿคณ (Reblog Sept 2022: Tarot readings, Jinn or Djinn, Cobra and RV) SoTW's Higher Self Message channeled through my DK holistic doctor. You're in for a treat: Brutally honest Q&A 'upsetting' news that 'could' trigger many people ~ Apr 17, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: A dialogue with my Higher Self. What does my Higher Self (H-S) tell me about 2022, predictions that affect us globally. As you know, the negative collective energy by almighty powerful reptilian Queen-Lizzie is dead and that alone, could alter the "positive" timelines and create a ripple effect. I.e., accelerate the timeline collapse towards Freedom, liberty, and sovereignty - Planetary Liberation... |  

The universe is eternal, infinite and vibrant, a conscious cosmos: ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿคณ (Tarot readings, Jinn or Djinn, Cobra and RV) SoTW's Higher Self Message (channeled through my DK holistic doctor). You're in for a treat: Brutally honest Q&A 'upsetting' news that 'could' trigger many people (SOTW; REPOST SEPT 15TH) ~ 5. October 2022 ~ | (verdensalt.dk)  

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Recorded on iPhone at Zealand in Roskilde, September 9, 2022 by Verdensalt.dk and Louis holistic ND - Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice + more.

๐Ÿ™‹ 1. Vietnamese Dong & Iraqi Dinar Revaluation - after RV/GCR-reset will these 2 currencies increase it's value? YES! When will revaluation take place? Within 2 years aka 2024, according to my H-S. 

P.S. I have one spiritual grassroot humanitarian project in mind, if I get millions on my accounts after the "reset"...  

๐Ÿ™‹ 2. Ismael Perez: In what percentage of "truthfulness" should we read into everything that he says in public? 40% is truth out of 100% - rest 60% - take it with a grain of salt. Hence, what IP is delivering to the public is only partly truth - rest is ego or sells tool - take a pick - i don't know (will upset many) 

๐Ÿ™‹ 3. All general popular fortune tellers or tarot card readers (like Tarot by Janine).  The accuracy or correctness of truth of them all in percentage what they say. Close to 60% truth. 

- Who 'controls' their intuitions? Who are behind or has invented the "tarot system"? Ego, haughtiness, high-mindedness, higher-self, Jinn (jynx), demons, ghosts - spirits - alien energies? What is it? When a tarot reader picks it cards, is it by ones own H-S? NO! 

- A Jinn or Djinn - good or teasing "trickser" spirits? YES! 

๐Ÿ™‹ - Once again, we're asking; Does any of the "famous" tarot readers that are using their own H-S? NO! (will upset many and think Janine will not agree)

P.S. Louis talks about his knowledge of Ouija board, Spirit of the glass      

 ๐Ÿ™‹ 4. C.O.B.R.A. R.M.   We asked a lot of questions and below is the end result;

P.S. - Rumor in the very top hierarchy including my ex-girlfriend on SoTW told me that the leader (cobra-resistance.github.io) of this huge spiritual organization was inspired, seduced and controlled by an American spouse called the "Dark Queen." who killed the former spouse called Isis Astara which SoTW has meet in 2015 etc.

- Are there any present and living humans on Earth who controls leader of Cobra2012? NO! Does the so-called named "Dark Witch" controls Cobra? NO! 

- Is Cobra himself from the The Pleiadians? NO! 

๐Ÿ•‰️๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ’— (2 medi: 'Light Booster Meditation' Apr 20. 'Portal of Light Meditation' May 1st) A New Cobra Interview and Portal of Light Booster Meditation ~ Apr 17, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: Please use your own spiritual discernment... I have had some bad experiences in regards to Cobra RM. Been among the upper echelon and left 2018 due to his money greed in Brazil + extra stuff. Since then, I only had contact with my ex-girlfriend once, that left him "Cobra RM" in 2020 with the entire core group of this spiritual organization. But as you know, people leave all the time and other replacements take their places. I have talked with my DK holistic ND through my Higher-Self and it's not the "good Pleiadeans", he's in contact with. Anyways, that's my own experience and not yours. So please think and feel encouraged or disheartened, by his teachings - it's up to you... | 


Who's Cobra: Founder of the blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com; This blog is the official communicator of resistance from the Resistance.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

A New Cobra Interview and Portal of Light Booster Meditation

A new Cobra interview about the Portal of Light has been just released.

You can read the transcript in English here:

or listen to the video version here:

It has already been translated into many languages.

๐ŸŽด๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ˜Š (EXTREMLY BIG Flash & EMP within 9 ds/wks/mos from Sun or Beyond know universe. Dark Forces created the "Green Fog") SOLAR FLASH - EMP - Upgrade of Human consciousness? - End of modern World? ~ Apr 17, 2023 ~ |

Editors' Note: this time, Izabela, will use Citrine Crystal Ball (highly associated with the Sun) and tarot cards. And since, it cost money to join Tarot By Janine, I highly recommend, Izabela. Some ppl do not like her, som does. It's all up to what resonate with your inner beleif-system... In this video, Izabela, is doing a readings about Solar Flashes, EMP and on what could happen in the future. An upgrade of human consciousness maybe?. Izabela will also do a video on clones and hybrids... | 

๐Ÿฆน‍♂️๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿ”ž₊สš๐ŸŒŸษž₊ (Soros MI6 executed. NATO & Ukrainian forces lost Ukraine. Wall Street Epstein Problem. HUmans INTEGRATING more LIGHT) Rose Rambles: Kat Is The Sea II ~ April 17, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: P.S.: As you know, Simon Parkes, ONLY, reveal any real intel now, at his own Mighty Network closed channel. At a late night DK-CC meeting yesterday, he told coordinators at their weekly Friday meetings, 2 things, out of many, that SoTW finds interesting. One is that, [masked-up actors playing] Joe Biden, will be GONE, very soon. The other thing is, that, Scandinavia, is in a very bad place right now [heavily influenced by dark forces?] that Simon thinks, is gonna be touch countries, to liberate, and will take, some time... | 


Kat Is The Sea II – April 16, 2023 – Rose Rambles…

4-16-23 JUAN O SAVIN
w/Lewis Herms


A 4th person I became aware of
from members of the INTEL community, retired,
has been called back to sit on Tribunals..
That’s not public. It’s not at Gitmo, it’s at other facilities..
Those hearings are being done totally 
behind closed doors. 
At a later point others will be public..
Yesterday somebody posted
Soros is an MI6 operative..
Where did the attack on Trump begin? The dossier. 
Out of City of London with former MI5 & MI6 officers.
The whole Globalist green revolution
trying to create a new tax across the whole world 
by un-elected leaders
is being orchestrated out of the City of London
& Trump’s not going along with that.
A primary player is George Soros.
So Trump re-Truthing that—is he trolling the other side?
Then you come back to 



War in Ukraine is being lost by NATO & Ukrainian forces worldwide.