Aug 23, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Energy-madness: 2005 Decom. Barsebäck plant. Demolition 2028. 2022 leaks. That's not all...) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🤜EU drought ‘worst in 500 years’. This Winter----War? Famine? Shortages? Natural disasters? Economic collapse? Societal collapse? Seriously and realistically… all the above!?!... Put your TRUST in the PLAN and not the MAN🤛] ... LOL OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME... To set the stage - 2 weeks ago, not in 2005 when there was a major leak, nooo, 2 weeks ago, Barsebäck, had to be cleaned up after the release of radioactive particles and they tried to dismantled, reactor 2. Six people were exposed in that incident. Media gone dark?... Now, and the joke is on me, now, swedes, wish to restart Barsebäck - WHAAAT!?! - a decommissioned nuclear plant that has leaked a number of times and has been a major threat to Denmark and 2,2 million people on Zealand, Sweden and Scandinavians. Why you might ask? Because of the energy crisis and due to the General elections on 11 September 2022 people try to force politicians to get cheaper energy prices (9/11 - get it?)... Die Dumme Dänen, sure - buuuttt - "dumber Swede" - dumb swede Reference to the John Candy movie "Summer Rental"... Before World War II, Hitler planned to invade and occupy Denmark and fouled Danes by selling them cheap jeep-like Opels that Germans later confiscated, calling them "Die dumme Dänen". The Opel-cars could pull a cannon!... At the same time, Germany's decision to restart old coal plants and perhaps restart nuclear power plants is even more insane. Big Auto and Big Oil killed the electric car once? As you know, 'electric' cars powered partly by fossil fuels, the production cost to get the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is out-of-this-world driving by slave-children inside dangerous mines. etc. etc... Of course, NO-ONE talking about free energy devices and the 6000 sealed, secret and amazing suppressed technologies that could change, the world, in a couple of weeks. The crazy thing is, that Elon Musk and Secret Space Programs has it all. Nikola Tesla FREE energy patents... Disney's "Pinocchio" - Give a Little Whistle... |

Barsebäck måste saneras efter utsläpp av radioaktiva partiklar | SVT Nyheter
Svenskerne frygter, at strømmen går, og at elprisen fortsætter mod himlen. Nu vil politikere genåbne københavnernes gamle skræk (
Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia
Stadig dumme? (
Urban Dictionary: dumb swede

😠🤑✋ ~ (Rigmanden Joakim von And, fattige Anders And og Rip, Rap og Rup's sparegris...) Landmændenes høst, Danske Bank, Kongehuset, Salling, Coop, Danfoss, Mærk, Novo og Guld1000 selskabers- og regerings statskasse svømmer Joakim von And i ufattelige mange penge, mens Anders og børnene, må gå fra hus og hjem snart (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Glade fattige og ulykkelige rige i Anders And?... Danske Bank vurderer, at inflationen i Finland vil være på 4,4%. Sverige 4,0%, Norge 3,3 men DANNEVANG, 4,5%. Historiske højere prisstigninger på vej i supermarkederne og energikrisen og 'Cold Winter' som globalistene, har døbt den nye vinter-agenda, er snart over os alle... Hvor meget mere kan befolkningen klare? - er vi så hjernevasket, vi "bare" ændre vores livsstil, end at gå på gaden med fakler og høtyve? Hvor meget skal der til? Coronakrisen er slut og folks korttidshukommelse ser ikke tilbage på elendigheden, vi vil bare se fremad. Det er også godt, bare være i nuet og leve og vise samfundssind, dele skat og licens og næstekærlighed. Men har den alm. danske familie med 2 børn overskud, til at udvise omsorg og give noget til andre, når de selv, ikke har råd til rejser og Legoland? De "fleste" danskere, viser sig at have MASSER af penge på opsparingskontoen og overskud i ens mursten og villa. Men, der bliver flere og flere, som syntes der er noget "galt" med vores samfundsordenen og kan se, de rige er blevet rigere og de fattige fattigere... Og glem alt om 12 milliarder i skattelettelser - LilleLars, generalen fra Indre Mission's Græsted, er den største korrupte skandaleramte, af dem alle... |


😮 ~ 💗 (SoTW's FB friends amok & now PAO/Galactic Heart??) MICHAEL LOVE EXPOSED AS HOAX NOT WORKING FOR THE LIGHT? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Many of my so-called Facebook-friends on SoTW are now reposting and liking MICHAEL LOVE video, like there's no tomorrow. Now the newsletter of Colleen and Sheldan Nidle, is doing the same. And it's always very, very positive messages and hurrah for that, but please be aware of all the fakery out there... Last 10 minutes Nyla will expose "Michael Love" that thousands of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are listen to everyday with pleiadian light forces transmissions and light codes and buying his $500-1500 Dark Crystals which is actually "cullet glass" that goes for a few dollars on the internet, she claims... 🙏As always, please use your own spiritual discernment! Only pick up what resonate with your inner voice - the voice from the soul - or start to learn how you evaluate inner guidance!... |


🦹‍♂️⛓️✨ ~ (BREAKING FAUCISM) Dr. Evil or Dr. Death is Steeping Down. One of the Unholy Five Men and Woman; Crooked Clinton, Obummer, Nobama, 4th Reich Bush Sr. and the Black Pope - Superior General of the Society of Jesus (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Finally some good news... At least according to the lying MSM media, White House expert, 81, who has led National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, are leaving December to ‘pursue next chapter’ of career... Buuutt, in the truth-movement and the awareness of clone factories (most are destroyed by White Hats), we all know better. He's properly been executed by hanging (door knob) just like Bill Gates. Anthony Fauci, who's not really a doctor, has been involved in the creation of Bioweapon Program since forever, as of HIV, Ebola, SARS and now COVID-19 etc... RFK Jr: Fauci funded nefarious evidence hiding technique to Chinese scientists to stop Bioweapon discovery... Laura is saying that we're moving closer and closer to a MAJOR event. August 30th 2022 told by Tom Numbers? Anyone thinking of 9/11 anniversary false flag of 2022? November 5th, people are remembering V for Vendetta & Guy Fawkes?... |