Oct 8, 2018

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Celia Fenn FB | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ There is a Massive wave of Gold/Violet frequency passing through at the moment ~ |

There is a Massive wave of Gold/Violet frequency passing through at the moment.

This is one of the new Angelic frequencies that is forming the basis of the New Earth. As we head towards the 10/10 and the 11/11 we can expect these waves to intensify.

Those of you who are "tuned" to New Earth will be feeling changes in your Pineal/Pituitary gland frequencies that may also be accompanied by physical symptoms such as head and neck pain, dizziness and exhaustion. This is a Major Rewiring and can cause major physical shifts, which I have been feeling so much I have been unable to write about it.

Just know that as the Pineal is opened and enlarged for the New Earth it is becoming twice the size it was before. It is also "spinning" energetically twice as fast. And at the same time it is creating a web of light around the head that is becoming the "Crown of Gold" that receives and transmits the Angelic

Frequencies of the New Earth.

Just breathe....and breathe.....and ground....these new Angelic Frequencies are weaving the New Earth!

And don't get caught up in the drama of old earth....it really is empty and meaningless.

Focus on what you are creating now and keeping your balance in the New Earth grids.

Verdensalt.dk | 8. Oktober 2018 | ~ Se far!, Se.... de flotte fartstriber på himlen.. Hvor? Nååå, ja min dreng, de søde skyer, kommer fra udstødningsgasserne af et fly. Er de farlige, far?! Selvfølgelig ikke, du skal ikke bekymre dig mere om det! 🤔😮😣 ~ |

Overbevisende nye billeder fra den 7. Oktober 2018 i det NordsjĂŚllandske...

Benjamin Fulford Partial Report (later Full Video) | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination ~ | ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis | Blogger: ⚠️😣😟DISCLAIMER: Content Warnings -- Some viewers may find this disturbing, viewer discretion is advised... Please turn away from this special report from Benjamin Fulford, only if it resonate with you, continue... I ENCOURAGE YOU NOT - NOT TO WATCH THE VIDEO... But, the TRUTH most come out even if it hurts and 57,000 indictments may be unsealed to take down the Khazarian mafia, that have been torturing, murdering, and cannibalizing children on a horrific scale, and the world is about to find out as military tribunals begin... |

Hvem er sĂĽ denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, DenInternationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage pĂĽ Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmĂŚssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en rĂŚkke bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sĂŚlgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre pĂĽ internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet pĂĽ internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock pĂĽ Fulford's blog. Virkelig spĂŚndende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig nĂĽr ud i de officielle medier.

The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination

Udgivet af Benjamin den 8. Oktober 2018

The Khazarian mafia have been torturing, murdering, and cannibalizing children on a horrific scale, and the world is about to find out as military tribunals begin. Some very disturbing images and testimony sent by the New York Police Department and the CIA show just how evil the Khazarian mafia really is. These people are beyond truth and reconciliation and do not deserve even a quick death.

Let us start with FBI statistics on missing children in the U.S., so that skeptics can prevent the sheer evil of these deeds from shutting their minds. In 2015, 442,032 juveniles went missing; of these, 42,032 were not found.

By comparison, in the same year in Japan 17,971 children (the equivalent of 44,927 in the U.S. when adjusted for population difference) went missing, and close to 99% of these children were found.

The photographs below, sent by the CIA, are linked to CNN star and FRB Vanderbilt heir Anderson Cooper and may give a hint as to what happened to at least some of these children.

Even more gruesome is the video still-shot linked below that was sent to the CIA via courier by the NYPD. It shows a young girl whose face was allegedly peeled off by Hillary Clinton in a satanic ritual. Be warned, it is graphic and I stopped watching shortly after the 2 minute mark.
(blogger - link - censored) 

Now I begin the understand the look of sheer horror on the face of George Soros when I asked him a question at a press conference about the families that own the Federal Reserve Board (FRB). He had probably seen some of this sort of stuff firsthand.

The prosecution of these criminals is set to finally start now that the U.S. military government backing President Donald Trump has secured a majority on the Supreme Court with the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Pentagon sources say. “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already met with the real special prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Huber in Utah, so that the 57,000 indictments may be unsealed,” the sources explain.
“The seating of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court should unleash declassification of FISA and other documents as well as military tribunals,” the sources say. Furthermore they add, “The Senate unanimously approved a resolution calling for declassification of 9/11 documents, so the stage is set to take down the Zionists and the deep state.”
Another aspect to starting the prosecution of these criminals is the ongoing U.S./Russian military action against the rogue state of Israel, the sources say. In particular, “Russian electronic warfare is aimed...

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Venue Information for David Icke | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ Venue Information for David Icke in Copenhagen ~ | Blogger: FINALLY!!!... Will not disclose the Venue information location since David Icke has been targeted so many times around the world, please be prepared for last minute changes. Look into your mailbox for tickets and location 🙏 |

GameSpot Universe Trailers | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ Star Trek: Discovery - 'Spock Revealed' Season 2 Official Trailer | NYCC 2018 ~ | Blogger: WAUUUUV..!!🎬👼🤩🎆🖖🛸... |

🔴 Nibiru2018.altervista.org | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ Enorme “oggetto extraterrestre” ha interagito con il Sole per evitare una potente “Tempesta Solare” diretta verso la Terra! (VIDEO) ~ | ~ Huge "extraterrestrial object" has interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful "Solar Storm" directed towards the Earth! ~ | .. Huge "extrater- restrial object" has interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful "Solar Storm" (or Solar Flare) directed towards the Earth! NASA , while witnessing the scenario that was appearing in front of the Sun, thanks to the images received by the SOHO and SDO space probes, have therefore decided to close the 6 solar observatories scattered all over the world, so that no one was witnessed what was happening. This is hypothesized by some UFO experts of CSETI Italy (Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Studies), after analyzing the videos of the researcher Maria G. Hill of Salem, Indiana, who photographed something extraordinary near the Sun, that is, a huge alien spaceship and a massive UFO fleet .. | Blogger: Translated from Italian... |

Then, on 6 September 2018, without warning to local law enforcement agencies, the FBI rushed into the national solar observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, and the local post office, thus evacuating the whole area including residents nearby. Everything happened without further explanation, stating only that this closure was for "reasons of national security". Workers at the observatory today have no idea what's going on!

Arcturian Group Message | Oct 8, 2018 | Channelled through Marilyn Raffael |

Arcturians er en race, der kommer fra den blĂĽ planet, der kredser den røde kĂŚmpestjerne Arcturus i Bootes konstellation. Arcturus kredser cirka 36 lysĂĽr fra vores solsystem. Arcturians er den mest avancerede civilisation i galaksen, transcendere ind i 4. og 5. dimension. Mange kender Arcturians, som velvillige vĂŚsener. Men hvad kun nogle ved, er lĂŚren som Arcturians følger. Indhyllet i mystik, og tabt i de ĂĽndelige oversĂŚttelser gennem kommunikation og kanaliseringer af Arcturians til mennesker, en race af vĂŚsener synes at eksistere og kommunikere fundamentale love, der styrer eksistensen af ​​fred, kĂŚrlighed og glĂŚde. Denne grundlĂŚggende lovgivning tillader Arcturians at skubbe i retning af højere planer af eksistens og give mulighed for fortsat vĂŚkst i et begrĂŚnset fysiske univers. Arcturians menes at komme fra en kredsende himmellegeme, der ikke har vĂŚret opdaget af jordiske astronomer.

Kanaliseret af Marilyn Raffaele
© 2018 onenessofall

Dear readers, the time has arrived when both the awake and the un-awake are discovering that a great deal of change is beginning to take place within the status quo you are so used to. When change comes to firmly held belief systems, it causes a great deal of anxiety and fear because there is comfort and security in knowing what is going to happen, when, and how.

Wanting to plan and know the when and how of everything is a facet of the third dimensional mind set, one that sees itself separate from others and from God and thus must plan for every contingency in order to be safe and survive.

You are well aware at this point in your spiritual evolution that you are not separate and must begin living these truths and trusting that there is a bigger picture going on behind the scenes separate from what you are seeing and hearing on the news.

Dense creations of the three dimensional belief system are being exposed so that they can be recognized for what they are and changed. Each day more and more awaken to realize that a large number of commonly accepted laws, beliefs, teachings, and promotions are simply not true and do not serve the highest good of mankind.

Enlightened ways of seeing and doing are replacing many false beliefs in spite of the fact that there remain some willing to go to any length in order to maintain the status quo.

A huge component of the evolutionary journey throughout the ages has been the ongoing imbalance of masculine and feminine energies, each of which is actually fully present within every person. Attaining this balance is a necessity for anyone seriously seeking to spiritually evolve because the low resonating energy of separation cannot be brought into the higher energies of Oneness.

This is the reason so much cellular clearing is taking place at this time--accumulated false and lower resonating energies are simply unable align with higher frequencies--you can't bring them with you.

Verdensalt.dk | Arkivskabet | 12. Juli 2018 - 8. Okt 2018 | BT.dk | ~ Anonymt tip fælder Stryhns: Laver mad til danskerne i klam fabrik ~ | .. Håndteringen af fødevarer på fabrikken, der laver Graasten Salater, er så mangelfuld, at Fødevare- styrelsen har stanget bøder ud for 100.000 kroner alene i 2018. Direktøren for Stryhns, som ejer Graasten Salater, beklager og lover bedring .. | Blogger: [😣CODEX ALIMENTARIUS🤢HVEM BESTEMMER, HVAD DER KOMMER I VORES MADVARER? -- Det danske Folketing er medskyldige i, at 7 giftstoffer, som blev forbudt i 2001, bliver tilføjet madvarer. Herudover ligeledes i at al mad tilføjes antibiotika, væksthormoner, bliver bestrålet, konserveringsmidler og pesticider. Det er bogstavelig talt livsfarligt, ifølge Mads Palsvig, JFK21 🛑] ... (Det chokerer dig måske at vide, at den gennemsnitlige person har omkring 300 eller flere giftige kemikalier i deres blod. Mens kroppen er i stand til at behandle en moderat mængde af toksiner, er 300 giftige kemikalier for meget for nogen at skulle bære) ... Mayonnaise, der viste tegn på skimmel -- Grøntsager og salater kaldes tilbage efter fund af listeria -- Kyllingelår tilbagekaldes efter fund af tarmbakterie -- Mayonnaise bliver kaldt tilbage efter fund af skimmel -- Schulstad tilbagekalder tre slags rug- brød, fordi der har været mug i brødet -- K-salat tilbagekalder et parti æggesalat, da der er risiko for klar plast i produktet -- Metaltråde i bagels -- Smoothie klem pose med mug på emballagen ... |

Graasten Salater laver bl.a. makrelsalat, som sĂŚlges i hele Danmark


Codex Alimentarius: Control Food and You Control People!


Hvorfor er vi sĂĽ mangelfuld pĂĽ rigtige nĂŚringsstoffer sĂĽsom mineraler, vitaminer og fødevarer med højt fiberindhold? 10 eksempler pĂĽ hvorfor vi bliver syge og 10 pĂĽ total helbredelse

Udgivet første gang den 28. Marts 2015 af Verdensalt.dk

Bonus tip (Kolloid sølv) hvad 'kunne' kurere de fleste kendte almindelige vira og som mange mennesker kĂŚmper med hver dag. Kolloider er en vigtig aktør i fordøjelses- og ekskretionsprocesserne i den menneskelige organisme. Alt liv befinder sig i en kolloidal tilstand. Før end nogen som helst føde eller medicin kan blive optaget i kroppen, mĂĽ den ĂŚndres fra et krystalloid til et kolloid. Fra kolloidale mineraler og metaller, som vi normalt fĂĽr gennem den mad vi spiser.". 
Kolloid Sølv fremstilles med en højteknologisk, elektro-kolloidal metode, hvor smĂĽ sølvpartikler (med 15 atomer og derunder), bliver elektrisk ladet, bundet til et proteinmolekyle, og fastholdt i en ”svĂŚvende” position i demineraliseret, destilleret vand. - Kroppen, som bestĂĽr af billioner af celler, kan optage denne livskraft (elektricitet/elektromagnetisk energi)".... Som min naturlĂŚge sagde til mig forleden, gamle dage, fortalte han forĂŚldre, at Deres børn skulle sutte pĂĽ en sølvkugle som giver samme resultat. Han har lige kureret en teenager pige, hvis levertal var sĂĽ dĂĽrlige, at lĂŚgen forbød hende, at bevĂŚge sig (virus-Mononukleose-kyssesyge). Er sikker pĂĽ han ogsĂĽ behandlede hende med kinesiologi og mĂĽske akupunktur, men hovedentegrinsen var Sølv pĂĽ sprayflaske. Mener min naturlĂŚge snakkede om 4 dage efter, kunne hun spille hĂĽndbold igen..... Har selv haft oplevelsen af Mononukleose i mine teenager ĂĽr, frygtelig virus....

Har du nogensinde spurgt dig selv om, hvordan du vil kunne sammensĂŚtte en sund og nĂŚrende kost? Eller bliver bedre til at fastholde de gode vaner for kost og livsstil? 

Mon ikke vi efterhünden er ganske selvsikre pü hvilken madprodukter samt snack, vi alle skal holde os fra? Hvis du spørger folk pü gaden, sü virker de ganske overbeviste, syntes de selv.... Selvom du i perioder intenst forsøger at undgü indtagelse af de 'forkerte' ting, har jeg en fornemmelse af, der er mange som ikke forstür hvor giftigt vores madprodukter faktisk er. Faktum er, raffineret / forarbejdede fødevarer er stort set renset fra deres oprindelige mineral, vitamin og fiberindhold. Det sørger fødevareindustrien for, desvÌrre.

Mange mennesker har svĂŚrt ved at forstĂĽ, hvordan de kulhydratrige fødevarer, de spiser som brød, pasta, kager osv. kan bidrage til vĂŚgtøgning og problemer med sundheden og helbredet. Syre-base balancen er ekstrem vigtigt, en sur krop er grobund for mange sygdomme og mange symptomer, der kan gøre livet surt. Kroppen har brug for at vĂŚre let basisk, sĂĽ fungerer den bedst og forebygger sygdom. Hvis vi tĂŚnker os rigtigt godt om hver dag, har vi heldigvis en rĂŚkke gode muligheder for at opretholde en god syre-basebalance, ikke mindst gennem det, vi spiser og drikker..... Hvilken naturlig produkt som vil hjĂŚlpe os med en ubalance syre-base kommer jeg tilbage til senere... 

To ingredienser som er stensikre i alle vores fødevarer i dag og alle burde holde sig fra: 
Det hvide raffineret sukker (ikke det brune, rene økologiske rørsukker) findes i ALT idag. Coca-Cola, hvidvin, juice, slik, morgenmadsprodukter, marmelade, pĂĽlĂŚg, sild, øl, stort set alle madprodukter. 
Raffineret salt (ikke som Atlanterhavssalt som indeholder naturlige mineraler kokke benytter) som ogsĂĽ er stop-fordret i vore madprodukter  
I Dannevang har vi ikke meget af et valg. Ser vi bort fra discountbutikkerne, sü kan hverken de større butikskÌder som ejes af Coop Danmark eller Dansk supermarked Gruppen levere kvalitetsprodukter og sunde økologiske fødevarer der tilfredsstiller alles behov uden tilsÌtningsstoffer. Den danske fødevareindustri holder forarbejdningsprocessen af vores mad, tÌt til kroppen, prøv at lÌse en varedeklaration. Det er ligesom at lÌse en mindre kemibog eller blot en opremsning af en rÌkke E-numre.
Har du nogensinde sat foden inde i Costco i USA, en Tysk Metro, Svensk Maxi, Ukrainsk super market, eller Italiensk, som jeg har, sü vil du gür i chok over udvalget af fødevarer - IsÌr kvaliteten af de friske økologiske fødevarer i Italien, kan du slet ikke sammenlignes med de Danske.

Vores mad, forarbejdet eller ej, er smĂŚkfyldt med usunde tilsĂŚtningsstoffer 

Let's get down to brass tacks, som man siger: Den mad, vi spiser, er tilsat en lang rĂŚkke stoffer, som pĂĽvirker madens farve, holdbarhed, konsistens og smag - kun fĂĽ tilsĂŚtningsstoffer tilsĂŚttes fødevarerne af ernĂŚringshensyn. Den stigende industrialisering af fødevarerne har medført, at producenterne i stigende grad bruger tilsĂŚtningsstoffer i et stadigt stigende antal fødevarer, og at forbrugerne i stigende omfang køber forarbejdet mad.

Det betyder, at problemerne med tilsĂŚtningsstoffer vokser hele tiden. De børn der vokser op nu, har indtaget en lang rĂŚkke problematiske tilsĂŚtningsstoffer helt fra fødslen, ja faktisk allerede fra fosterstadiet. Denne lange pĂĽvirkning af kemikalier kan gøre dem ekstra følsomme for ethvert sundhedsmĂŚssigt problem, der forĂĽrsages af tilsĂŚtningsstoffer. 

Alle godkendte tilsÌtningsstoffer har et E-nummer, der er tildelt af EU's Ministerüd efter indstilling fra den Videnskabelige Komite for Levnedsmidler. Pü varedeklarationen pü alle fÌrdigpakkede fødevarer skal stü, hvilken gruppe tilsÌtningsstofferne tilhører og enten stoffets kemiske navn eller stoffets E-nummer.

GMO - Genetisk Modificerede Fødevarer (ogsĂĽ kendt som biotek eller gensplejset mad) henviser til afgrøder, der er blevet modificeret i laboratoriet for at forbedre ønskede karaktertrĂŚk, sĂĽsom resistens over for herbicider eller forbedret nĂŚringsindhold. I kan lĂŚse lidt om Monsanto og GMO

Ser vi bort fra tilsĂŚtningsstofferne, den korte version pĂĽ eksempler, hvorfor vi bliver syge: 

wakeup-world | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ Astrology Forecast: October 7-14th 2018 ~ | Blogger: [🤕Old injuries, wounding, resentments and disowned memories are surfacing, demanding release and acknowledgment. Watch for news of public reckonings and revelations between October 8-12🌟] ... To summarize what verdensalt.dk has been 'cried wolf', so many times that it shares some of the blame for the fact that our stubborn egocenter, believed it could do whatever it liked... We're entering a time period of nonstop bombarded divine pure love light, in which, our avatar body cannot contradict, or retreat from... |

October 7th, 2018

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Kali or Kwan Yin? Your Choice

Tread softly, cautiously and carefully this week. This potent astrology is concealing deep hidden undercurrents. Venus, in the Via Combusta and Pluto’s own sign, descending into the underworld, is at odds with Mars in detached Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus; the New Moon in Venus ruled Libra conjunct Ceres is a Kali Moon square Pluto and on the constellation of trickster Corvus the Crow. Mercury activates the Nodes of Fate and the Great Attractor, the Voice of God bringing new information direct from the noosphere or cloud.

Erupting from the New Moon/Pluto Kali activation, emotions will be running high with many people hyper-sensitive, volatile and full of rage. The obvious trigger and release point is the extreme polarisation between the entitled masculine and the marginalised feminine playing out in the USA and across the world. Old injuries, wounding, resentments and disowned memories are surfacing, demanding release and acknowledgment. Watch for news of public reckonings and revelations between October 8-12.

During Venus’ 40 days and night in the retrograde wilderness between October 5th and November 16th, you’re stripping and being stripped right back to essentials. The more you withdraw your energy from anything external that leads to soul defragmentation, the more energy you have available to self-sustain, self-generate and self-realise and the more energised, present and alive you become. Draw up an Absolute YES / Absolute NO list based on your core values — What is so essential to you, it feels like breathing? Then whenever a choice arises, listen to your body signals. If it’s not an absolute YES, it’s a NO. You’re letting an old life go dark and allowing a new one to light up.

What you say NO to is as important as what you agree to, so ask yourself:

What is chronic, repetitive or inflamed in my inner or outer life?
What am I settling for, putting up with or barely tolerating?
Where, with whom and with what am I finished /done?
Where am I resisting what I know to be true?

And what am I going to do about it?

The way through this polarisation is to express and vent your true feelings — Kali — whilst being a “Good Mother “to yourself — Ceres/Venus as Kwan Yin. When the world feels unforgiving, demanding, harsh and negligent, generously and lovingly give yourself what you need.

“Magic working simultaneously from two divergent levels. The regular, human, everyday magic of holding yourself together as a complex mix by sheer intent. And the deeper magic of yielding to the passions, desires, impulses of the subconscious levels. Utterly absorbed in the deep forces of body and soul. But meanwhile bending over backwards to frame everything as normal. This is extremely difficult to maintain. It is fragile, delicate, and dangerous. You urge yourself onward to work this magic and wield it with the same kind of life-force that stands at the edge of an abyss and stays on that edge in a balancing act that may capsize at any moment. And it is the most dazzling cross between sheer foolishness and a wizard’s mastery.”

READ MORE: https://wakeup-world.com/2018/10/07/astrology-forecast-october-7-14th-2018/

Council of Love | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ Council of Love Monday Message ~ | .. Taking Time out (repeat) .. |

Spirit Broadcast 

DayBreak October 8, 2018 

The Joy of Coffee 

Det Røde Felt - Radio24syv | 8. Okt 2018 | ~ Intet lært af finanskrisen ~ | Blogger: [🙄Bankerne er (stadig) for fede til at fejle🤑] ... |

Finanssektoren er boblet op og er nu blevet endnu mere urørlig, end da krisen ramte for prÌcis 10 ür siden. Prisen betales endnu engang af de lavest lønnede. Alle alarmlamper blinker, men myndighederne ser igen passivt til. Senest har Finanstilsynet konstateret, at Danske Bank ikke engang har rettet ind efter alle de krav, som er blevet stillet. Hvad pokker er det, som sker? Hør Enhedslistens Pelle Dragsted om det manglende opsyn med finanssektoren. Müske er det tid til at splitte storbankerne op? Analytiker i Cevea Frederik Lasserre medvirker ogsü i debatten. Har vi overhovedet lÌrt noget af finanskrisen i 2008? Ny stor rapport fra AE-rüdet tyder bestemt ikke pü det. Danmark er blevet fattigere permanent efter krisen og mange personer er stadig mÌrket af krisen. Hør cheføkonom Erik Bjørsted om, hvordan krisens ofre fortsat halter efter pü lønnen.

Berlingske | 8. Oktober 2018 | ~ Sundhedsstyrelsen advarer mod anti-videnskabelig strømning: »Det risikerer jo at gøre skade pĂĽ folks helbred« ~ | .. Halve sandheder spreder sig hurtigere end nogensinde i sundhedsdebatten. Der er grund til bekymring for samfundets sammenhĂŚngskraft, mener Søren Brostrøm, direktør i Sundheds- styrelsen. Sundhedsguruer giver udokumenterede eller direkte skadelige rĂĽd pĂĽ sociale medier. Der spredes mere eller mindre obskure diĂŚter, som menes at kunne kurere livstruende sygdomme. Og det hĂŚvdes, at vacciner kan give alvorlige lidelser .. | Blogger: [😵OMG! Hvordan kan disse 'mennesker' kaldes sig selv for under- søgende journalister, forskere og lĂŚger!!!... PĂĽ indersiden af den belgiske ejet Berlingske Media's Operation Mockingbird nyhedsdesk, sponsoreret af Rockefeller’s medicinsk-industrielle kompleks💊] ... (Peter Qvortrup Geisling er meget overrasket over topplacering lige efter Løkke) ... ALLE der bejler og lever med sygdom, via negative melankolske tilstande, fra tv-doktoren til disse falske nyhedsstrømninger samt Sundhedsstyrelsens propaganda-agentur, vil sluge denne historie rĂĽt for usødet... 🤔Nu er det bare sĂĽdanne, at »Kroppens celler husker alt«... 📰 Denne falske historieskrivning og postulater fra Sundhedsstyrelsens magtcenter, betyder, at der statistisk set er stor sandsynlighed for, at mange mennesker bider til bolden. Der bliver skabt to konfrontationer, to modpoler, som konstant, modarbejder hinanden. De oplyste, som pure nĂŚgter at modtage medicin eller vaccinationer til dem selv eller Deres børn (hvis de kan undgĂĽr det) og dem, som stik modsat, gør, hvad der bliver sagt. Lidt traumatisk komisk ikke sandt??... Hvad fatter gør, det er altid det rigtige.. PĂĽ de sociale medier, ser vi ubehagelige og direkte modbydelige reaktioner fra desvĂŚrre lidt naive, underdanige, selvretfĂŚrdige, ubevidste autoritetsafhĂŚngige pro-tilhĂŚngere. Disse lovlydige borgere og ligesindede, slĂĽr hĂĽrdt ned pĂĽ alle folk med anti-vacciners meningsdannelser, fordi, de(vi) gennem en menneskealder har vĂŚret underlagt en tro pĂĽ, at andres autoritet, som Staten, kun vil os det bedste og kan ikke LYVE... PS: 🚩Det er en grund til, at Hansaplast Universal antibakterielle plastre med Sølv, er FJERNET fra danske apoteker. AltsĂĽ sammenlignes med 'kolloid sølv', en vand- behandlingsprodukt, der kan drĂŚbe bakterier, svampe, virus og encellede protozoer typen amøber og Plasmodium (malaria), Mononukleose, ADIS, paravirus hos hunde. Listen er ane lang... 🚩Der er en grund til, at enerver- ende trĂŚlse pĂĽstande og misvisende rĂĽd, kommer fra KrĂŚftens BekĂŚmpelse omkring 'Kosttilskud og naturlĂŚgemidler' hvis man lider af krĂŚft og ønsker supplement til krĂŚftbehand- lingen... 🚩Der er en grund til, at en meget billig husholdnings- produkter kan helbrede krĂŚft, natriumcarbonat, samt opretholde PH-vĂŚrdien, syre-basebalancen, men bliver skjult af sundhedsmyndighederne... 🚩Der er en grund til, at min holistisk naturlĂŚge, mĂĽ gĂĽ igennem ild og vand, for at fĂĽ skaffet 'Tulsi ~ Holy Basil' (de Heilige Basilicum) kapsler, fordi danske sundhedsmyndigheder har forbudt det... 🚩Der er en grund til at, at MSM, et økologisk livsnødvendigt svovlpulver, er taget ud af fødevareproduktionen, som nu er tilskudsfoder til hunde, katte, ĂŚsler-og heste... 🚩Der en grund til, at 'Boron' synes at pĂĽvirke mĂĽden kroppen hĂĽndterer andre mineraler sĂĽsom calcium, magnesium og fosfor, men Google har slettet alt om emnet... 🚩En grund til de ringe fremskridt i kampen mod krĂŚft er, at krĂŚftbehand- lingen er big business med stĂŚrke alliancer mellem krĂŚftinstitutionerne og medicinal- og kemisk industri... OG JEG KUNNE BLIVE VED (OG VED OG VED)... |

Foto: Henrik KiĂŚr. I bogen »Kroppens celler husker alt« beskriver den alternative behandler Martin Hejlesen terapiformen metasundhed. Det er en del af anti-videnskabelig bølge, mener direktør i Sundhedsstyrelsen
LÆS VIDERE: https://www.berlingske.dk/samfund/sundhedsstyrelsen-advarer-mod-anti-videnskabelig-stroemning-det-risikerer

Business Insider Deutschland | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ A supervolcano that could destroy humanity is ready to erupt — and NASA is trying to figure out how to contain it ~ | Blogger: 💨Haiti struck by strong earthquake, Capital Port-au-Prince shaken up 💨 Death toll from Indonesia mag 7.4 quake, tsunami and landslides likely to be around 10,000, at least, 5,000 still missing 💨 Tropical Storm Michael Strengthening in Northwestern Caribbean Sea, Could Threaten Northeastern Gulf Coast as a Hurricane Midweek 💨 Hurricane Sergio threatens southwestern U.S. ... |

Below Yellowstone National Park, there's a huge magma reservoir that has the potential to destroy humanity.
  • Yellowstone erupts roughly every 600,000 years, and it's about 600,000 years since it last exploded.
  • An eruption at Yellowstone National Park could lead to the end of human civilisation.
  • However, NASA has a plan that could prevent such an explosion and could also create a geothermal plant to generate electricity.
READ MORE: https://amp.businessinsider.com/nasa-is-looking-at-how-to-contain-a-volcano-that-may-wipe-out-humanity-2018-10

SPACE - NASA | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ US Air Force: Don't Worry About Those Weird Lights and Booms Sunday, It's Just a Spaceship ~ | .. If you're in the vicinity of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Sunday evening (Oct. 7), you might hear some strange booming and see some weird lights in the sky. But the Air Force would like you to know that there's no need to worry; something entirely normal is going on — a rocket that heaved its way up into space will be falling back to Earth, correcting its trajectory with "multiple engine burns," and then (if all goes well) settling comfortably back on its landing struts in the vicinity of its launch site. The Air Force released the warning because, while Floridians have had ample time to grow comfortable with the spectacle of SpaceX landings, this will be the first attempt to land a Falcon 9 rocket on the West Coast. It will not, however, be the first launch from Vandenberg .. |

SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Dec. 22, 2017, with bystanders on the ground getting a gorgeous light show.Credit: Maxwell Harris/Getty Images

READ MORE: https://www.space.com/42043-spacex-sonic-boom-california-lights-sky.html

Shift Frequency | Oct 8, 2018 | ~ Oil of the Christ ~ | .. The Sacred Secret [w/ Video] .. | Blogger: What a beautiful interpretation of the sacred science of physiological regeneration and the interconnectivity with masculine and feminine aspects from glands, cerebrum, christ blood etc.... |

Doreen Ann Agostino – According to Santos Bonacci and ancient Hermetic wisdom, our bodies are alchemicalinstruments. We have the ability to turn lead into gold. There are truths known and hidden that are so sacred and I feel like we should be learning this kind of stuff in school from early age.

We should advance kids even faster! I say this because kids really have it figured out. They know no limits. They have no conditioned limiting beliefs about money or possibilities.

It’s not some type of religion. It is esoteric truth and forbidden knowledge. I rely on my intuition a lot and everything about this information resonates with me on many levels. I encourage readers to keep an open mind and have an awareness of your inner voice as you look over the included blog post video.

Santos puts emphasis on the idea and understanding of “As above, so below.” Which if you don’t know about, you will certainly find out what it’s about if you take the time to check out some of his videos. Most of his recent ones are shockingly eye opening.

Your Body is the Holy Land

According to said source, there is a sacred secret kept from the masses. That secret is the esoteric science of physiological regeneration. Yep, you heard that right- REGENERATION. Apparently, our body has the ability to produce new bloodand awaken our dormant brain cells as the ‘final product.’

The sacred science of physiological regeneration is also spoken about in the bible as allegorical symbolic stories. There’s a much deeper meaning to it. Some of our ancient ancestors used this science to live for hundreds and even thousands of years. When the new blood is produced, the old toxic blood is disposed of by the body’s own methods.

You Might Be Asking Yourself, “Ok so how does it work?”

I was getting to that part. The ancient sacred knowledge has to do with astrology and how KNOWING astrology can SAVE you. It is not some rubbish pseudoscience. “Astrology” is an innocent term. “Astro” means the stars and “logy” is ‘the science of.’ Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci knew of these secrets.

Twelve times out of the year, or once a month, there is a secretion from your cerebrum when the moon is in the sun sign that you were born under. I happen to be an Aquarius and have an Aquarius sun sign. To find out when the Moon is in your sun sign click here http://www.moontracks.com/lunar_ingress.html

This is the story of Jesus and his 12 apostles. And funny how the sun is also compared to being symbolized as Jesus. The sun passes through 12 signs of the zodiac throughout the year. This is also indicative of the “As above, so below” concept.

Oil of the Christ

Verdensalt.dk | Archive | NewsInsideOut.com | July 12, 2018 - Oct 8, 2018 | ~ BREAKING NEWS UPDATES! FiancĂŠe: Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations ~ | Blogger: [🔭〰️Did you know, that most negative thoughts, are not yours? It's the collective energy, lifelong programing (implants) and playful ego subconsciousness mind. ONE of the reason why 'Spiritual Contracts Revocation' is incredibly important. The Archons will drain you with their vampire energy during your dream stage for negativity, seeding, as a mind control device. Your ego, low self-esteem, envy, jealousy, greed or any other lower frequency, will feed them. Become conscious about your thoughts, emotions, entry points which allowed negative patterns to enter in your energy field. There is so much help available right now from the Light Forces and benevolent angelic beings, ascended masters. The only thing you need to do is just acknowledge your wounds and ask for help🙏] ... As stated many times before, verdensalt.dk attended 2018 UFO Congress, and, one of my US compadres longtime friend, Craig R. Lang, died, along with 2 other attendees, at that particular congress... (March 2017:) -- One of my friends, Patrice deep concern about her long-time friend, Craig Lang's suddenly death at The International UFO Congress 2018, is still a mystery, but he was NOT alone .. Craig Lang with the initials CL, was mentioned in this article - 3 people died that attended same conference verdensalt.dk attended. O-M-G!!! ... I did notice a guy sitting in the back of the room of the conference with a 'deadly cough' and tried several times to approach him and offering him my 'colloidal silver'. And as i mentioned before, the energy was veeeeery strange in comparison to The Conscious Life Expo 2018. Almost, as we all were exposed to EMF attack or DEW's.. My friend Patrice is very concerned about verdensalt.dk - she says, that It sounds like almost everyone there was targeted 🤢 ... Craig Lang was a hypno- therapist and Minnesota State MUFON Director who died in Arizona while attending the UFO Congress conference. He felt ill and went to the hospital in Phoenix and died unexpectedly (have no more info at this time other than i saw two police cars from mcdowell sheriff's office going in the conference and hanging around the parking lot). My deepest condolences to CL's friends and family and all who has been targeted 🙏... PS: Remember the murdered holistic doctors that had discovered Autism/Cancer-causing enzyme intentionally being added to all vaccines... THEY will kill you, if you use Name-dropping on SSP-insiders, post articles to the public, reveal about (the real truth on) Aliens or the evil pharmaceutical mafia... |

FiancĂŠe: Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations
Listen to TrueTube-NewsInsideOut Interview: https://vimeo.com/279368703

FiancĂŠe: Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations
Listen to TrueTube-NewsInsideOut Interview: https://vimeo.com/279368703

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – In a recorded 11:17-minute July 10, 2018 telephone statement with Alfred Lambremont Webre of TrueTube.co-NewsInsideOut.com, the fiancĂŠe of the late Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang, has stated prima facie substantive reasons why she believes that:
-her husband-to-be Craig R. Lang was targeted and murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress

-using exotic weapons

-in order to stop Craig Lang’s ongoing disclosure investigations into anti-personnel weapons

-under development by negative covert elements in “government and aliens [Extraterrestrials]”

-to target the human community by “altering their brain waves”, according to Craig R. Lang’s disclosure research.

Summary of Testimony of Craig R. Lang’s former FiancĂŠe

In her 11:17 minute statement that she plans to present to local police, District Attorney and FBI investigators along with other evidence and her criminal complaint, requesting criminal investigations to arrest, prosecute, try and convict the perpetrators of Craig R. Lang’s suspicious death, Craig Lang’s fiancĂŠe states that:

-Craig R. Lang was targeted by a destabilizing honey trap that led to the dissolution of his prior marriage and derailed Craig from ongoing disclosure investigations into negative government and Extraterrestrial anti-personnel agendas and weapons to be directed at humans.

-After Craig’s recovery and engagement with his fiancĂŠe, Craig resumed his disclosure investigations and traveled to the Feb. 2018 International UFO Congress.

-At the Congress, he texted and communicated that “something was not quite right, people were paranoid, and he was being followed” by a perpetrator.

-Craig R. Lang stated a woman wearing a “sweet smelling perfume that made him feel sick” followed him into an elevator. Craig’s fiancĂŠe says Craig felt sick and checked himself into a hospital, where he was admitted to ICU. As his fiancĂŠe was making arrangements to fly into Phoenix AZ to see Craig at the hospital, the ICU called her to say that Craig had “passed over”, as his family had agreed to have life support taken away/