Oct 24, 2021

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James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience  

October 22, 2021| Issue 9

Surviving The Plandemicide, Multidimensional And Temporal Wars

I have held back on writing a newsletter due to the fact so many awesome people have actually done a better job of conveying what I wanted to say. Stew Peters and his expert witnesses, doctors, front line nurses and researchers have confirmed all my suspicions and intuitions concerning the jab along with others too numerous to mention. Elena Danaan’s latest videos have verbatim covered what I was going to write about concerning the multidimensional planetary liberation. Peter Slattery’s new video, Multidimensional is a must watch. There are others like Gene Decode and Juan O’savin bringing a lot of truth to the table. The veils between worlds are getting thinner so expect bleed throughs, observing shadow/astral beings seen from your peripheral vision, do clearings and create sacred space. Methods are on the website ww.eceti.org If you, or your family are being influenced, experiencing a lot of negativity, accidents, emotional outbursts we highly suggest doing the clearings given freely on the site. I was told the deep underground reptilian and grey alliance bases along with the dark fleet have been taken out, neutralized and less than 5% are left that are so deep most likely the Inner Earth folks will finish the job. The benevolent Inner Earth beings are part of the Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation of Worlds. The remaining 5% are cut off, cannot surface their portals are closed and have nowhere to go. This includes the bases in Antarctica. The ones isolated are being closely monitored. What is left is the Dark Fleet or Cabal operatives on Earth which unfortunately have gravitated to some of the highest positions of power. This includes the agencies we depend upon for justice. If you want to know who they are they are the ones with socialist agendas destroying economies, mandating masks and the jab due to profit driven false science.

It is up to us, all of us along with the Earth Alliance, the white hats in the military and agencies around the world to rise up, find the courage to do what is right. Brave souls from all walks of life are stepping forward. Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, white hats within the agencies, political leaders, religious and some business leaders are saying enough is enough. They will no longer participate in the, “PLANDEMICIDE”. It breaks my heart to see young people with their whole lives ahead of them, especially the children being critically injured, having heart attacks, paralysis, shaking violently with smug arrogant doctors and nurses dishonoring their Hippocratic Oath accepting the profit driven false science rather than being inconvenienced by the truth. 
  • Did you know many politicians are heavily invested in the vaccine companies? 
  • Did you know factcheckers.org owns 1.8 billion dollars in Johnson and Johnson and is run by a former acting director in CDC? 
  • Did you know the CDC and the FDA are revolving doors of big pharma CEOs holding major positions? 
  • China, the originator of the bio-weapon Cov19 owns the WHO and the United Nations along with major politicians in Ameri-cia. Yes they own the CIA and major generals under Biden. Fact check that. Why do you think China is not being held accountable?

👇🐰⭕ ~ ('Soon you will learn the true meaning of Alice “&” Wonderland.') Changes the narrative a bit. A Ukrainian woman was killed, 30 minutes from Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico (ShellShQck) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Once CIA, always CIA. Once VIP Celeb in Hollyweird, always illuminati member ~ SoTW🤛] ... Saying Alec Baldwin is flashing Satanic hand signals and that those who are making fun of Trump are satanists is so ridiculous I find it amazing you would even say it... Well, you know, I don't know what to think, but I do not TRUST in any narrative from a MSM perspective or point of view or what comes out of Alec Baldwin and all his "brothers in arms" mouths... |

❌😵‍💫PS: How accurate is Oliver Stone’s JFK? Yesterday on the telly, they showed Kevin Costner who plays the lawyer Jim Garrison, who starts exploring the killing and develops a theory of a conspiracy pointing to right-forces in American society as backers of the bad deed. You ONLY have to watch one scene from the movie, that is when he meets with Mr. "X" (Donald Sutherland) in Washington DC, at 1 hour and 40 minutes in the movie, a undercover officer who conducted Black Ops for Pentagon (if you ask me). X is loosely based on Col. L. Fletcher Prouty USAF (Ret.) who served as Chief of Special Operations with the Joint Chief of Staff during the Kennedy years. I'm NOT saying that Mr. X is right about the assassination of JFK, I'm saying, that a shadow government (DS, Cabal) has been in place as long as 100 years to conduct all sought of Black Ops and the danger of Military–industrial complex. I believe JFK was no saint, but it had to do with Kennedy assassination linked to CIA and classified UFO files and or JFK's executive order 11110 abolishing the Federal Reserve. Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve's control over the creation of money.... | 


👸💰🤦‍♀️ ~ (EL raser over Kronprinsens hemmelige huskøb: »Altså, har de også hus i New York, London og Berlin?«) Som en undtagelse kunne skattebetalerne købe sig adgang til jagthytten dybt inde i nordjyske Trend Skov i Himmerland tilbage i 2002. Eller det til vil sige: Mod betaling kunne man få lov til at se på jagthytten udefra (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Det siges, at Konge-Pingo personlige formue er hemmelig. Han ejer så vidt vides ingen større formue, men han har formodentlig aktier i blandt andet A.P. Møller og dermed, en KÆMPE formue. Læser man om hvad han ejer, så burde han være en Arabisk Olie Sheik, badet i materiale ting, vi andre, blot kan drømme om. Aldrig har ejendomsmarked været guld værd i 2020 og 2021 for sælgere (undtagen for SoTW). Har selv boet i "snobbede" Fredensborg - gud fader bevares.. Nu kan man komme til at bo som de kongelige, de udlejer nemlig deres gemakker i de schweiziske alpeby og kongelige skihytte på mellem 41.200 og 65.400 kroner per uge... DER ER INGEN tvivl, om at Kongehuset er de rigeste i landet her grundet alle deres offentlig tilgængelig og hemmelige fast boliger og slotte i Dannevang og i udlandet, og her, kan Anders Holch Povlsen, DK's rigest, og blandt verdens 200 rigeste, ikke følge med... Det siges, at det koster os skatteydere mellem 500-700 mio. Konge-kroner, at oprette Kongehusets velstand om året og det er jo småpenge, i forhold til det engelske, men danskerne vil gladelig skære Deres hånd af for at bevare de Royale bånd til Dannevang - at opretholde den søde "drøm" af det "uopnåelige"... FANDT forleden dag en helt vild artikel fra NordJyske dateret i 2004 (gang lige med xx op til 2021 i værdier) om "kronprinsens private ejendom". Sindssyg læsning. God fornøjelse. I får den i rå form, pas på ikke at sluge morgenkrydderen.. |






"MILITÆR - kronprinsens private ejendom"

09. maj 2004 kl. 06:00


Lejlighed på Marselisborg Slot Kronprins Frederik har sin egen bolig i kavalerbygningen på Dronningens private slot ved Århus. Her boede han, mens han studerede i Århus, og boligen er stadig hans. Ejendomme i udlandet Ifølge hoffet ejer Frederik én eller flere boliger i udlandet. Det oplyses dog ikke hvor. Forelsker han sig for eksempel i en landejendom i udlandet må Kronprinsen punge ud af sine egne husholdningspenge. Til gengæld har han lov til at holde slottet hemmeligt og afspærret fra offentligheden – hvis det kan lykkes ham. Biler - Kronprinsen ejer én af de 215 specialbyggede Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo. Den hører til blandt de meste eftertragtede specialbyggede modeller, og den specielle farve har givet den navnet Blue Lagos. Bilen har kostet omkring en million kroner. - Han har også en Audi S4 Avant, som har en motor med 265 hestekræfter og en tophastighed på 250 km/t. Dens pris ligger på 780.000 kroner. - Kronprinsens Renault Clio 1,4 bruges kun af hans ansatte. Bilens pris er 130.000 kroner. - Endelig kører kronprins Frederik rundt i en Volvo S80, men den har han ikke selv betalt. Den er stillet til rådighed af Volvo Danmark. Aftalen mellem kongehuset og bilfabrikanten har eksisteret lige siden dronningen som 18-årig fik sin første bil, en Volvo Amazon. Kronprinsens sponsorbil fra Volvo Danmark har kostet 758.775 kroner. Motorcykler Kronprinsen har en Ducati parkeret i den kongelige garage og det har været fremme, at han skulle have endnu en motorcykel registreret i sit navn. Penge Kronprinsen modtager lige nu 3,7 millioner kroner fra staten om året. Efter giftemålet med Mary Donaldson vil det unge par tilsammen modtage 14 millioner kroner om året, svarende til 1,2 millioner kroner om måneden. Pengene skal for langt størstedelens vedkommende gå til lønninger af tjenestefolk samt til drift af biler og kongelige stalde, el, varme, daglig husholdning og tøj til personale plus kontorhold. Hvad der derudover er tilbage går til påklædning, gaver, underholdning, større fester og uforudsete udgifter. Ved renovering af statsejede slotte betaler de kongelige som hovedregel for den indvendige istandsættelse, mens Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen finansierer den udvendige vedligeholdelse. Dog betalte styrelsen også for det kommende kronprinspars nye 900.000 kroner dyre køkken i Kancellihuset. Kronprinsens personlige formue er hemmelig. Han ejer så vidt vides ingen større formue, men han har formodentlig aktier i blandt andet A.P. Møller og er ved langsomt at opbygge sig en formue. Kongehusets formue er typisk vokset ved arv. Senest modtog dronning Ingrids tre døtre efter moderens død en formue på skønsmæssigt 100 millioner til deling, og dronning Margrethe nærmer sig sandsynligvis en formue i samme størrelsesorden som sin mor. 

👥⚔️🏴‍☠️ ~ (Failed Dark Cult Border Invasion & La Palma Manipulation!?!) Invasion Of US/Texas Border- Updated - Project Camelot Portal ~ | Blogger: This is from multiple sources: P. Camelot, M. Jaco, Military (Janine take on it)... Apparently, US has ‘Lost Operational Control’ of southwest borders and Cartels have entered northern Maverick county and southern Kinney county, so they claim... Another thing is, that Earthquakes in La Palma are happening in a pattern that is not natural. DS manipulations... SoTW motto is; Put trust in the whistleblowers from the military and White Hat operations. And just because I have served in the Danish armed forces, a 'million' years ago, I have never been to war or killed anybody. Let me make that clear - I'm in the protection spiritual business. Verdensalt.dk is a news portal I'm not making the news up. I do not make one single dime from the blog or have any Patreons, lining up.. That said, ONLY take in what resonate with you and leave the reset behind, until, you're ready to consume more, right?... ANYHOW, I bet you a MILLION bucks, that Kerry Cassidy's sources are within the higher hierarchy echelon of the military's might, that also goes for MIC-SSP. But SoTW is not in the business of Doom and Gloom as a self-fulfilling prophecy survivalists and never have been.. Same goes for Simon Parkes, his sources could also be coming strictly from the military ranks. And of course ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco... Are you also sick and tired of all this secrecy? - tell me about it...I'm looking for clarity and 24/7 real news at "Truth Social" or Elon Musk's StarLink EBS-system. Enough already... |


Sources: TX-MX border. (boots = spec ops recon/combat vets)



….The following is from a source with close ties to the US militia… trusted have known him for years…They got the following from a source at the border as the article says… DEVELOPING…—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot. 10/23/2021

UPDATE AS OF 10:00AM PT I am getting some intel saying that no small town has been taken over by the cartel but we need to confirm this. It may be the situation on the ground is fluid and could be changing by the hour…. working to confirm details of the story below.


DATE: 22-10-21
SUBJECT: Invasion of souther US/Texas borderLate tonight via direct contact with boots at the TX-MX border. (boots = spec ops recon/combat vets)