Aug 21, 2019

👾 ~ Disclosure: David Wilcock On The Alien Agenda ~ | .. Host Tim Ray and David Wilcock discuss the Alien Agenda in the Deep State.The Good Intentions Show .. | Blogger: [🦸Ancient Civilizations : David Wilcock’s Apology Letter to Gaia Inc. (Spiritual) Awake - The Million Dollar Game Show?🤩] ... PS: Verdensalt do apologies in advance, but it's getting old, Divine Cosmos, has become a Netflix show (Awake: The Million Dollar Game - Don't Sleep)... ON the positive side, David Wilcock, and his bestest buddies, are doing their best, to be 'a representation' of a spiritual partner of 'Disclosure' or 'Awakener', and verdensalt respect what he / they do, but like so many other "shows", there's no NEW revelations in today's, 'The Good Intention Show". In fact, Wilcock and Ray, is repeating, for me, a very negative patten about Cabals mind-control, ancients reptilian & satanic (adrenochrome harvesting) luciferian agenda and what have you. It's getting a little tiresome, listening to this repeating (negative) information, without new real spiritual positive content... Verdensalt attended 2018 Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles (ECETI recruiting session & The International UFO Congress etc.) and it was in fact, great, because of the many american gifted spiritual teachers, intuitive healers etc. etc. But, i'm not spending any more money on 'Full Disclosure Projects' like 'Dimensions of Disclosure 2019', that has already sold out of the $777 all access passes. Who has this kind of money in their pockets? Spiritual (pretending) millionaires?... These gigantic conferences, like International UFO Congress, just an example, seems to be more like (controlled disclosure) gigantic cash-cows, rather than (positive) "Full Disclosure" intended... Don't' get me wrong, we all take good intended bits and pieces from anything we see, hear and learn from others, but i think i have outgrown these MAJOR U.S. EVENTS, that of course, also has positive outcomes from 'people' getting enlightened, expanding their spiritual awareness with personal and spiritual growth of themselves, their families and communities, but at the same time, WHY does it have to cost thousands of petrodollars to educate ourselves, sold to large multinational corporations, who makes sure, that we stay informed, but in a "controlled manner"?. Area 51 'Alienstock' Festival doesn't cost ANYTHING!... Don't tell me, that David Wilcock inc. or personalities like Dr. Greer, has been allowed to stay on open air, for that long, by avoiding naming names or revealed the (real) truth about what's going on, behind the scene. Please remember, we're still being monitored 24/7 by 3-letter agencies who again works for the higher hierarchy of aggressive aliens. The 3-D Matrix of illusion is still intact, until our galactic benevolent friends in the skies, give us the go-ahead coming from Cosmic Pleroma/Galactic Central Sun and the (real) EVENT comes true inside our own I AM Presence... It's just an opinion.. PEACE☮️... |

Who is David Wilcock: David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, film director and researcher of ancient civilizations, awareness science, and new paradigms of substance and energy. His Hollywood movie "CONVERGENCE" reveals evidence that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness that affects our minds in fascinating ways. Another new release is "Above Majestic" is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity... Divine Cosmos is the official Internet site, containing thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual information about spiritual growth, ascension and the development of consciousness. David always comment on what Benjamin Fulford publishes because much makes sense.

By David Wilcock

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