Jul 15, 2020

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🗞️🥳🧨 ~ SoTW's Special Teaser For Tomorrow! July 16th, 2020 ~ | Blogger: [🤜NEVER A DULL MOMENT🤛] ... 👉MORE STUFF about Ghislaine Maxwell and Way Fair and child trafficking. Also, CIA assassins dismember body of money launderer linked to Hillary Clinton & Ghislaine Maxwell... My first story tomorrow will make you think SoTW is mildly colorblind, because I will post stuff coming from ONO source. But he, will never post anything, before he has at least 2 independent sources, so I trust his storyline... 👉👉Massive blaze rips through Iranian port near nuclear power station as seven ships burn - after a series of mysterious explosions around the country... Incident is unfolding 12 miles away from Iran’s only nuclear power station Plant was developed by Russia and Iran as part of a joint nuclear cooperation(MSM media)... 👉👉👉How could you, the humans who now inhabit planet Earth, have ever known that your lives would be the way they are within this NOW. It is difficult to even describe WHAT this NOW is about, WHERE it came from, WHY is it happening, and HOW long it will last? ~ The Arcturians and YOUR Galactic Family... |

👰💍🕵️~ Hvad er MEST tårevædede i dag? Gift'ige' Mette eller CIA Mike? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜At den stortudende hemmelig nygifte AllesLandsmoder Mette-mus fortier sandheden om CV eller Trump udkommandere tidligere CIA chefen, Mike Pompeo, for at købe Grønland med olieboringer, enorme uranreserver og arktisk F-35 oprustning, samt planlægge tophemmelige militære foranstaltninger, mod et livsfarligt Rusland? Mike skal nok også snakke Færøernes samarbejde med kineserne og 5G og hvordan USA kan ødelægge mulighederne for Tyrkiet og Ruslands Nord Stream 2. Noget som 'teenage-predator', udenrigsminister Jeppe Kofod, roser til skyerne🤛] .... Coronakrisen er nok det STØRSTE falske flag begået på dansk jord, og efterlader en gigantisk økonomisk krise, der skal betales af skatteyderne, ikke set siden Danmark tiggede om Marshall-hjælpen i 1951/52 og Staten, der vælger Mega-Emperor, britiske finanshus NM Rothschild, igen og igen (og igen) som sin finansiel rådgiver, der har gennem årene fået næsten 1 milliard for Deres konsulentydelser... Undskyld, men jeg tror simpelthen ikke, at danskere fatter en bjælde af hvad der foregår her! Og selvfølgelig skal Mette og gommen have lykønskninger på sin vej, men som jeg snakkede med min mor om i dag, hun får det næsten, kvalmende dårligt, når hun hører Mette's stemme og tale om råddenskaben i hjemmeplejen og Else og alt andet, hvor der INGEN konkrete planer er for at hjælpe - blot tom snak og verbal støtte... Og jeg sværger, ved min mormors grav, at der er flere og flere sygeplejersker, læger og praktiserende læger (Biofysikere, specialister på infektionssygdomme, epidemiologer, videnskabsmænd eller holistiske naturlæger), som tør tale med om hele dette HOAX, inkl. min egen mor som har 50 års erfaring som sygeplejerske og ledende skikkelse på en Skadestue/Modtagelse. Og selvom det er min mor, så kan jeg love for hun har måtte kæmpe med overlæger og sygehusledelser, gennem årene og bærer på en uset bunke viden og hemmeligheder, bla. hvordan prinsgemalen døde og hvorfor - og det er SLET ikke hvad du tror... |

Sweden's Stefan Löfven, Denmark's Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Norway's Erna Solberg, Findland's Juha Sipilä and Iceland's Bjarni Benediktsson (left to right) posed for a photo in Norway on Tuesday touching a soccer ball
Donald Trump posed for photos with Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as they placed their hands on a globe on May 21

🧪 ~ 😲Ellen Grills Sandra Bullock On ADREN0CHR0ME Usage 🟧⬜🟪The NPC Show Clips (The NPC Show) ~ | Blogger: Talking about Hollywood illuminati weirdness... Only shown to viewers of Lame Stream Media TV in Turkey and Bulgaria... Very disturbing - you have been warned!.. Now with english speaker translation... PS: You are NOT gonna believe it, #SNL, is funny, yes, but all of these actors and celebs, like King of Movies - Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise & Queen of Pop: Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are very high up in the notorious secret Kabbalah Society, who controls the media and entertainment industry... |

🤘🕯️💔 ~ (ILLUMINATI STAR CURSE?) The actress Naya Rivera from 'Glee' dies, makes it the third in the tv show. Similar way Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, died! Now, Kelly Preston, Jas Waters & Cady Groves - all so Young, Magnificent, Full of Life & Mystery (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Natural or kill order? So many mysterious and unsolved deaths! My heart and prayers go out to them all👈] ... 🛎️PS: ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH : 'Former State Senator Linda Collins-Smith found dead from gunshot wound – gag order in place'!?... ... Sudden death of Prince and celebrities who died In bizarre circumstances... 2016 was also a rough year for celebrity deaths: Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Florence Henderson, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin, George Michael, Arnold Palmer, Sharon Jones, John Glenn, Alan Thicke, Glenn Frey, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and more. It made it easy to believe in the myth that "celebrity deaths come in threes." Famous people who died in 2017 include rock singer Tom Petty, '70s teen idol David Cassidy, James Bond star Roger Moore, actress Mary Tyler Moore, rock-and-roll legend Chuck Berry, grunge icon Chris Cornell, comedian Charlie Murphy, filmmaker George A. Romero, The Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks, Oscar-nominated actor John Hurt, "People's Court" Judge Joseph Wapner, actor Bill Paxton, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and more actors, musicians, athletes and entertainers.. (Perhaps 'some' of them were actually victims of 'Skull and Bones' kill order - a branch of the Illuminati organisation or simply their heavenly contract that ran out?)... |

The Kennedys are the equivalent to royalty in The United States. Wealth, power, fame, fortune, and unfortunately death are what we associate with this family. However, it seems “The Kennedy Curse,” (via Wikipedia) refers to “a series of deaths, accidents, and other calamities involving members of the American Kennedy family. The alleged curse has primarily struck the children and descendants of businessman Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., but it has also affected family friends, associates, and other relatives. Political assassinations and plane crashes have been the most common manifestations of the curse.” Now, the latest victims of The Kennedy Curse are Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, 40, and McKean’s 8-year-old son, Gideon Joseph Kennedy McKean. Both are now presumed dead, having been killed in a canoeing accident. The search to rescue them has been called off, and is now a recovery mission for their bodies. ——— Read more at HeyMikeyATL. Com #CurrentEvents #KennedyCurse #maevekennedytownsendmckean #death #HeyMikey #HeyMikeyATL written by @HeyMikeyATL / @heymikeyshow #MichaelJFanning #Mikey #radiopersonality
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🙃🤺🤪 ~ “No One Has Died from the Coronavirus” (PFC+Globalresearch.ca) ~ | Blogger [😵Vauw! Naaah that can't be right, surely not?🥴] ... PS: You would be correct if you were to think the world is going mad it is, figuratively and literally: Obesity diets rich in fat and sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol and drugs, medications, pollution, pesticides, vaccinations, industrial chemicals, radiofrequency radiation are destroying our DNA and Chemtrails, HAARP, and the full spectrum dominance of Planet Earth... Naaaaaaaah, impossible!.. Right?.. AND British scientists warn, second coming of coronavirus to kill 120,000 people in UK & Health experts says, that Miami COVID-19 outbreak similar to one seen in Wuhan - how is even possible to stay sane in an insane World?... |

Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

From Globalresearch.ca:
Source (PFC)

A high-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent.

Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.

Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently “impossible” to create a vaccine against the virus.

He also revealed that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2.

These stunning statements raise major questions, including about officials’ and scientists’ claims regarding the many vaccines they’re rushing into clinical trials around the world.

They also raise doubt about the veracity of claims of discovery of anti-novel-coronavirus antibodies (which are beginning to be used to treat patients).

Novel-coronavirus-specific antibodies are supposedly the basis for the expensive serology test kitsbeing used in many countries (some of which have been found to be unacceptably inaccurate).

And they’re purportedly key to the immunity certificates coveted by Bill Gates that are about to go into widespread use — in the form of theCOVI-PASS — in 15 countries including the UK, US, and Canada.

Dr. Alexov made his jaw-dropping observations in a video interview summarizing the consensus of participants in a May 8, 2020, European Society of Pathology (ESP) webinar on COVID-19.

The May 13 video interview of Dr. Alexov was conducted by Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, chair of the Center for Protection of Citizens’ Rights in Sofia and a former Bulgarian deputy minister of health. The video is on the BPA’s website, which also highlights some of Dr. Alexov’s main points.

We asked a native Bulgarian speaker with a science background to orally translate the video interview into English. We then transcribed her translation. The video is here and our English transcript is here.

Among the major bombshells Dr. Alexov dropped is that the leaders of the May 8 ESP webinar said no novel-coronavirus-specific antibodies have been found.

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🧪🌬️🦠 ~ Mystery as Argentine sailors infected with virus after 35 days at sea: could virus already be aerosolized across the planet? (theextinctionprotocol+ Yahoo News) ~ | Blogger: Thanks to my friend Louis for sharing...hmmm... I don't know about if the NEW mutated COVID-19 Viral Strain II (if it exist) is dangerous at all, but the first version, was V-E-R-Y contagious, like SARS or the flu and other coronaviruses... (Miami new Wuhan) EVEN SO, I saw Mike Adams' posted about that hundreds of covid-19 testing labs have been routinely faking lab test results, reporting 100 percent positive rates, regardless of the actual test results. This is happening in Florida and elsewhere (i can't find his article)... NOT TOO SURE, if you're aware but there have been many nurses and a couple of medical doctors coming forward out of NY City to tell of holocaust style euthanasia of patients in NY City hospitals.... |

Source (theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com)

Buenos Aires (AFP) – Argentina is trying to solve a medical mystery after 57 sailors were infected with the coronavirus after 35 days at sea, despite the entire crew testing negative before leaving port. The Echizen Maru fishing trawler returned to port after some of its crew began exhibiting symptoms typical of COVID-19, the health ministry for the southern Tierra del Fuego province said Monday. According to the ministry, 57 sailors, out of 61 crew members, were diagnosed with the virus after undergoing a new test. However, all of the crew members had undergone 14 days of mandatory quarantine at a hotel in the city of Ushuaia. Prior to that, they had negative results, the ministry said in a statement.

🚸💲⛔ ~ Absolute Shock - Jan Harzan, International Director of MUFON - Arrested for soliciting sex from a minor (OOM2) ~ | Blogger: [🤜WHAAAT!? - I didn't see that coming!🤛] ... SoTW have no idea if this is perfectly timed FBI/CIA operation to smear or close down 2020 International UFO Symposium or this is for REAL! No matter - it must be stopped! Please support Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad and watch this video below...🙋‍♂️PEOPLE WHO ARE AWARE, knows about that UN troops that are accused of sexually exploiting and abusing minors in the Central African Republic and Crooked Clinton involvement with convicted child stealer Laura Silsby and a convicted sex trafficker, American missionaries detained for allegedly abducting Haitian children and other NGO's. In the year of 2019 - 2020 weekly news about (private) citizens, teachers of the state or christian priests of Denmark are arrested for sexual abuse of minors... 🎗️HOWEVER, 30 July is United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons, established to raise awareness of the plight of human trafficking victims, and promote and protect their rights. Let us take this opportunity to give hope to trafficking victims, pledge to do our part and help end this terrible crime...🕯️😥💔PS: IT'S A FACT, that NewsInsideOut.com and fiancée has said, that Exopolitics / UFO investigator Craig R. Lang, Minnesota MUFON director, was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations... ONE of my amercian friends, Patrice Anne (Patty) LONEY (now dead of cancer in 2019) deep concern about her long-time friend, Craig Lang's suddenly death, is still a mystery, he felt ill and went to the hospital in Phoenix and died unexpectedly, but he was NOT alone. Craig Lang with the initials CL, and 2 other people died that attended same conference verdensalt.dk (SoTW) attended (use the search button on SoTW for proof)... |

Absolute Shock

By Richard Dolan | July 14, 20200

(Thanks to OOM2 for sharing) 

This was more than a shock. It was like being punched in the gut to learn of the arrest of Jan Harzan, International Director of MUFON, for soliciting sex from a minor. The arrest actually occurred back on July 3 — a full eleven days ago. The whole thing was kept incredibly quiet until today, when it was released on the website of the Huntington Beach Police Department, in California.
Everyone knew Jan — or rather, everyone thought they knew Jan.

I am supposed to do a live show tonight with the excellent Danny Silva, but my head is just not there. Even talking about Jan feels painful now. In the short term at least, this is absolutely not good for ufology, and really horrible especially for MUFON. I do believe that as time goes by that MUFON should recover. After all, MUFON was around long before Jan Harzan. (READ MORE)


Tim Ballard- Operation Underground Railroad

Source (Alice Down The Rabbit Hole)

FaithCounts.com Operation Underground Railroad ourrescue.org Text HELPTHEM TO 51-555 for more information on helping the children with Operation Underground Railroad.

🦅⚔️ 🐼 ~ Trump signs executive order to hold China accountable for actions against Hong Kong (ARIRANG NEWS) ~ | Blogger: [👉Trump vs. CCP Dictatorship: "You Got What It Takes" - China Promises 'Firm Response'👈] ... 🤭Trump may be laughable, but he's also do not (seem) taking orders from The Deep State, and negative military might, as other presidents has in the past... 🎰Trump may be laughable, Qanon (could) still be a CIA Psyop and the lobbying swamp of GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Rothschild banking is flourishing in Trump’s Washington, but Trump is NOT like ANY other presidents and (perhaps) Donald Trump is the only one that has the balls to hit a home run for the American People & The world of Innocents.. 🤓Trump may be laughable, egocentric behaviour or narcissistic personality and breathtaking self-admiration, but entering office were Obama, Clinton and Bushes failed to stop, divisiveness, bigotry, greed, deception, corruption, violence, impoverishment and war mentality still were rampant... |