Nov 18, 2019

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⚖️ ~ Tre bankchefer dømmes til at betale 150 millioner (MSN News) ~ | Blogger: Hallelujah...Finally some justice...🙋‍♂️ In a nutshell : 10 years ago the Danish authority by Denmark’s banking administrator, Financial Stability, took over Faroese bank Eik Banki, after failing to meet solvency requirements.. After intense dogfighting and 45 court meetings, three bank executives are slated to pay DKK 150 million ($22 million)... |

Efter 45 retsmøder får statens selskab medhold i sag mod chefer i færøske Eik Banki.

En direktør og to ledende bestyrelsesmedlemmer af den færøske Eik Banki dømmes mandag til at erstatte tab for 150 millioner kroner.

Retten på Færøerne har dermed givet det statslige selskab Finansiel Stabilitet medhold efter en retssag, der har lagt beslag på 45 retsmøder.

De tre skal hver betale en tredjedel, fremgår det af dommen.

Derimod er en fjerde mand, der også var sagsøgt, blevet frifundet for at skulle betale erstatning.

Han havde også titel af direktør, men havde ikke et overordnet ansvar for kreditsagsbehandlingen og havde heller ikke deltaget i de konkrete arrangementer, som sagen har drejet sig om, fastslår retten.

Eik Bankis ledelse udviste ikke tilstrækkelig omhu og forsigtighed i forbindelse med nogle konkrete lån.

Banken påtog sig en overhængende risiko for tab, men undlod at sørge for, at bevillingerne blev tilrettelagt således, at risikoen blev elimineret.


🐠 ~ Current Update about Humanities Freedom from The Dark Cabal and Reptilian E.T. Threat - GoldFish Report with Alex Collier (ascensionwithearth) ~ | .. Must listen update about the current situation regarding humanities freedom from the dark cabal and reptilian overlords. Alex Collier on The GoldFish Report #400 ~enerchi .. | Blogger: Oh wow! - Enerchi! I thought this site was gone, for sure after he got a baby. Used to follow this amazing blog, for the longest time... SoTW has meet Alex Collier back in 2015 and talked to him, but sometimes his spiritual insight and advanced views, goes over my head... |

bibliotecapleyades: Alex Collier claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts. I have analyzed Alex Collier's information, had phone interviews with him, and also interverviewed him over a four day period in September 2005. I have witnessed some physical evidence he has provided to support his testimony. I have also spoken with a direct witness verifying various aspects of Alex's contact experiences. Alex has also revealed that he was the recipient of threats from shadow government agencies and abruptly chose to stop disseminating his information in 2000. Furthermore, Alex has give face to face interviews with veteran UFO researcher Paola Harris who has had the opportunity to examine the evidence supporting his testimony and concludes he is credible. My conclusion from my investigation so far of Alex is that he is very credible and very likely a genuine contactee with a 'friendly' extraterrestrial race. I therefore recommend taking the information he has to reveal very seriously. All those interested in galactic diplomacy and understanding a variety of extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity, will find Alex's work to be very helpful.

※🔴Benjamin Fulford Partial Report | ~ Final showdown with Elders of Zion looms ~ | Weekly geo-political news and analysis |

Who is this Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Final showdown with Elders of Zion looms

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s repo- rts for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time. Especially after Cobra and David Wilcock and others latest outbreak of mistrust in BF postings... With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...
Published by Benjamin on Nov 18, 2019 CET

It’s time to call a spade a spade. Most of the world’s problems originate with a group known as the Elders of Zion. This is an undeniable fact and has nothing to do with the Jewish people. Rather, it’s a group of inbred families who own most of the world’s corporations and have been plotting to murder 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. That’s why they have spent $6.4 trillion on war and mass murder (according to recent calculations by the Watson Institute) since they orchestrated their 9/11 terror attacks and fascist coup d’état.

This was enough money to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and launch humanity into the universe. Instead it was spent on a project to create a Greater Israel from which to rule the survivors of their planned artificial Armageddon. Let us be clear: the problem originates with the inbred group of families that control monotheism.

As a reminder, we are ruled by a govern- (control) ment (mind) that uses religion (re-ligare: to rebind) to bundle us into a fascii (a bundle of sticks), or fascism. Fascism is also known as “rule by corporations.” A Swiss study has shown that 737 people control 80% of the world’s transnational corporations.

These people are also known as the Elders of Zion. They control a system of Babylonian debt slavery through their ownership of most of the world’s central banks. That’s why their servants, the top 10% of the people, control 93.2% of the world’s financial assets, while the bottom 90% are burdened with 72.4% of the debt.

💰 ~ 200 boligejere får mindre skatteregning end frygtet (ritzau fokus) ~ | Blogger: [🎅Santa Claus Coming 2 Town? For 2018 - 485,000 Danes Get Their Debt Erased. For 2019 Denmark's Crisis-Torn Tax Authority 'Skat' Promise 1200 Homeowners an 3 Years Zero Taxation Early Xmas Present? Because Their Fraudulent IT System Has Not Worked in Decades?🤥] ... Property Tax and Property Value Tax.. In Denmark, homeowners pay two types of real estate tax - 'property value tax' to the State and 'property tax' (basic tax) to the municipality... In reality, "the property value tax" is a "personal taxation", they managed to convince homeowners in that the hated tax was abolished, but in reality it was a political fraud who succeeded... The property value tax is in fact the same as the old tax on rental value of own property. It was a tax that for many years met widespread opposition in large population groups, especially with private homeowners, who raised the question of why one should pay taxes on a fictitious rental value simply because one lives in one's own house. The criticism culminated in the 1970s with the result that the political majority in Christiansborg saw the need to respond to the criticism of the citizens... In the meanwhile, The Nordic chapters of Transparency International said in a joint statement that "the Nordics’ reputation for good governance and business integrity is repeatedly being challenged". The reputation of the Nordic countries for transparency and low corruption levels is "repeatedly being challenged", an anti-corruption campaign group has warned. This comes after Danske Bank, Nordea and Swedbank and other Nordics banks scandals... ⚠️PS: As mentioned before, SoTW used to work in a major bank with IT. We oversaw a lot of transaction and codes going in and out from the bank and tax authorities. A former consulent, worked in Skat with the fraudulent EFI-system told me a looot of stuff and actually warned the government, just before all hell broke loose and billions disappeared.... |

Et bredt politisk flertal har besluttet, at 1200 boligejere, der på grund af fejl ikke er blevet opkrævet boligskat i mange år, slipper med at betale tre års boligskat.

Det meddeler Skatteministeriet i en pressemeddelelse.

- Det er en god og balanceret løsning, vi er blevet enige om på tværs af Folketingets partier, siger skatteminister Morten Bødskov (S).

- Den tager hensyn til boligejerne, mens vi sætter en streg under, at alle selvfølgelig skal betale den korrekte skat.

- Samtidig er jeg glad for, at de berørte boligejere kan få vished, og vi kan komme videre med at genoprette ejendomsområdet, siger skatteministeren.

Foruden Socialdemokratiet er Venstre, Radikale Venstre, De Konservative, Liberal Alliance og Alternativet med i aftalen.

De såkaldte nulskattesager handler om, at ejerne af cirka 1200 ejendomme igennem en årrække har betalt for lidt i ejendomsværdiskat på grund af fejl i vurderingen af deres ejendom.

Skatteforvaltningen fastslog, at boligejerne efter gældende regler skulle opkræves ejendomsværdiskat i op til ti år.

Nu bliver lovgivningen imidlertid ændret, så boligejerne slipper billigere.


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Spirit Broadcast 

DayBreak Nov 18, 2019

🤥 ~ I nat klokken 01:13 forsvandt Dan Jørgensens p.hd. på mystisk vis ( ~ | .. Katherine Diez og Dan Jørgensen har fundet sammet. Jamrede over manglen på mænd - nu har hun scoret en minister med ph.d. .. | Blogger: [🤔OG de 2.671 mennesker som likede opslaget fra Katherine Diez instagram, verdensalt synes naturligvis, også, at det er FANTASTISK💌] ... Hviiiis, hvis det er ÆGTE kærlighed, så ja.. Men, er det hele spil fra galleriet?... Katherine Diez skriver om Christopher Columbus, Zeus og om Neil Gaiman, hvor hun har genlæst verdenslitteraturens største romantikere og først rigtigt fundet mening i dem nu; "Jeg har mødt mit livs kærlighed. Og jeg har eksisteret kun i dén. I ham."... Wauuv.. En ung, smuk kvinde-Influencer, der (børnelokker) hengiver sig til en mandlig 15 årig ældre VIP politiker med eller uden ph.d. via debatindlæg / en kontaktannonce på Berlingske, for at være midtpunktet i magtelitens højborg og skabe opmærksomhed på sit eget egotrip, en ny CV-karriere, så hun kan promovere sit manglende intellektuelt og spiritualitet - waaauv... Det kan godt være, at Katherine Diez "har mødt verdens kærligste, klogeste og mest idealistiske mand og menneske", som hun skriver, men 😟 hvad gør vores elskede klimaminster (og tidligere) for at STOPPE nye giftige skifergas prøveboringer efter salget af Mærsk Oil for 47 milliarder kroner til den franske oliegigant, TOTAL, der overtog endnu en bid af Nordsøen af Chevrons del af Dansk Undergrunds Consortium i Nordsøen. Som desuden fik en KÆMPE skatterabat. Svaret er INTET!!! Som i NUL og NIKS!!! Danmark, er FULDSTÆNDIGT afhængige af saudisk oliegiganter og andet godtfolk som Total, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell og BP!... 😟Eller nettoafregning af solceller på hustage, som er en gevinst for regeringen og ikke Hr. og Fru Jensen... 😟Eller 2020's stigning af afgiften på elbiler fra 20% af den beregnede fulde afgift til 40% ... 😟Eller danskerne, der rammes hårdt af skyhøje el - og fjernvarmepriser ... 😟Hvad gør vores elskede klimaminster (og tidligere), for at STOPPE, 5G-netværket, det mest højteknologiske altbindende og sofikeret mikrobølgebestråling, der skader børn og menneskers DNA. 5G vil medføre ekstremt forøget bestråling og brevet "Stop udrulning af 5G" til teleordførerne, hvorfor ignorerer han dette??? Fik MAY DAY, andre organisationer samt specialister på området, svar på tiltale???. Et brev direkte stillet til politiske interesseorganisationer og embedsværket i centraladministrationen, en henvendelse til folketingets teleordførere fra “5g taskforce”, men kom der feedback fra StatAdelen og hvorfor sætter man ikke udrulningen på pause, indtil man har undersøgt sundhedsmæssige problemer ved netop mikrobølgebestråling (wi-fi, mobiltelefoni, smartmetre osv.)... 🙎DU er en skændsel Dan Jørgensen og Katherine Diez, er både naiv og forblindet usammenhængende individ, der burde kigge sig selv i spejlet... Bliver man klogere på verden, hvis man har en Ph.d.-uddannelsen? Neeej... Verdensalt har haft 16 år i skole og 30 i bankbranchen og ikke blevet klogere, af den grund, det var først, da jeg kom ud af vor 3-D matrix af illusionen... |

Katherine Diez havde en ph.d. på ønskelisten til sin kommende mand - sådan en havde Dan Jørgensen ifølge wikipedia også. I hvert fald indtil klokken 01:13 i nat.

Katherine Diez og Dan Jørgensen har fundet sammet.

OG det ikke så længe efter at Katherine Diez havde specificeret sine krav til en kommende mand i et debatindlæg / en kontaktannonce på Berlingske.

Katherine Diez skrev blandt andet:
Men jeg har på fornemmelsen, at jeg ikke kun taler på egne vegne, når jeg proklamerer, at jeg, en kvinde på 30 i København med humanistrødderne stadig solidt plantet i den højbårne KUA-litteratur, har overraskende svært ved at finde en partner - selv i egen sociokulturelle baggård, hvor en ph.d. vejer langt tungere i vægtskålen end en fed årsindkomst, og et månedligt, intellektuelt besøg i Operaen vejer langt tungere end tre ugentlige, kropsidealdyrkende i det lokale Crossfit-center.

Har man fulgt mig herinde, ved man, at jeg aldrig har holdt mig tilbage, når det kom til at dele ud af personlige – ikke private; der er forskel – fortællinger fra mit liv. Når jeg i den seneste tid har været mere SoMe-introvert end sædvanligt, findes der en ufattelig god grund: Jeg har mødt mit livs kærlighed. Og jeg har eksisteret kun i dén. I ham. Jeg har genlæst verdenslitteraturens største romantikere og først rigtigt fundet mening i dem nu; jeg har revideret min tro på meningen med livet, følt mig som Christopher Columbus i min opdagelse af det forjættede land og lært et nyt sprog. Hjertets. Flydende. Altopslugende. Med schwung, overgivelse og inderlig, inderlig stolthed og lykke. Jeg tænker: Det er sådan her, Zeus må have haft det, første gang han løftede tordenkilen. Se, det fede ved kærligheden er, at man kommer til at formulere ”simple truisme” eller fortærskede klichéer som de dybeste indsigter, når den i virkeligheden kan portrætteres så sårende ligetil som ”jeg elsker ham”; han, som nat og dag holder mig i sine stærke arme og i samme åndedrag holder min angst for døren. Han, som har viet sit liv til sin politik, sine drømme og ambitioner om en bedre verden. Han, som tager af sted tidlig morgen og kommer hjem sen aften og stadig har mandsmod og styrke nok til at tøjle mig, sin sarte mimose og hendes længselssuk. Neil Gaiman skrev i ’The Sandman: The Kindly Ones’, 1996: ”Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can ge tinside you and mess you up.” Ja. Sådan er det. Men jeg har mødt mit livs kærlighed. Og jeg har mødt verdens kærligste, klogeste og mest idealistiske mand og menneske. @danj.klimaminister
Et opslag delt af Katherine Diez (@katherine_diez) den

👼 ~ 💗 A Spontaneous Jesus Message. As always, inspiring and uplifting. There is only NOW! 💕 (Jesus through John) ~ |

The Ascended Master Sananda / Jesus / Christ / Yeshua serves as a teacher of the whole world, and was one of the greatest spiritual healers who walked on our beloved planet Earth / Nova / Gaia. It is important to understand that all our ascended masters and galactic friends, so to speak, are not allowed to use their powers to change the course of civilizations, only in very rare cases. Law of the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness.

channeled by John Smallman 
© 2019 johnsmallman


Jesus channeled spontaneously on Thursday May 29th 2014, and, as always, inspiring and uplifting. There is only NOW!

Be silent, quiet your mind and know God.

You are a beloved child of God, and in that you are no different from any other human being, past, present, or future.

God eternally loves all of His children, all of His creations, which are sublime, perfect, infinite in number, eternally existing, multitudinous and yet only One.

God Is. You are, therefore, an inseparable and essential aspect or part of God, the Source, All That Exists. There is No One else, No Other, because All is One, period.

No exceptions, no meaningless discussions, no scientific or theological hypotheses are in any way pertinent. They are distractions that draw you away from uncovering, disclosing, or remembering your true and only nature as One with your Source.

Be silent, quiet your mind and know God. That is all that you need to do, then He will make Himself known to you.

Do not be impatient. Time is an illusion, so let go of or release its apparent demands on you. Bliss will follow.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

🔻~ Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring (60 Minutes Australia) 🔺 ~ | Blogger: [😵U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during Fiscal Year 2019 (HSI) has initiated 4,224 child exploitation cases resulting in 3,771 criminal arrests, and identified or rescued 1,066 victims – an increase of nearly 18% over FY 18😱] ... {🤜RIGHT NOW IN BREAKING NEWS: US Congress cracks down on ABC News for ‘Epstein coverup,’ demands to know WHO killed the story and WHY. But is all but a crackdown to take down Amy Robach and her whistleblower, to protect the Elites?🤛} ... CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT - Like the cult Nxivm has cycled through a host of famous and influential followers. Now 60 minutes talks to the victims and top recruiters to heiresses and billionaires, which says, thousands of young girls between 14-17, younger than better, has been through Epstein, 2-3 times a day Happy ending massages. He was a billionaire, child trafficker, child abuser and untouchable... ✴️ PS: Why do SoTW keeps posting about this Pedophilia stuff, which nobody wants to hear about, because it's so gross or too nauseating, too dangerous not to??... For me at SoTW, this case is properly THE most important "CATALYST-KICKSTARTER", in human history of sexual abuse children, besides the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal (of 1,000 victims), that would end up, taking down THE #GlobalPedoGateNWO and unseal the 134,570 sealed indictments...😕If we could deviate from MSM media attempt to create chaos and fear of mass shootings in America, to create yet another period of heightened public support for gun control, once again, last night 4th incident in Peach/Pine in Fresno, where supposedly 10 people were shot in California after a gunman opened fire at a family gathering, police say... 👁️THIS is about Deception and Fourth Horseman and black magic in Now You See Me. We are being lured away, like blinders on horses by The Dark Alliance of Deep State CIA Child Sex Trafficking Scheme... ☝️DID YOU KNOW, the FBI Records Vault recently released a treasure trove of declassified documents about a 1980s sex cult known as “The Finders” – and the details are sure to shock you??... 🏴The “black book” of Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier and now-accused and (dead?) child sex trafficker, is a smorgasbord of high-profile, powerful people, including Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, Woody Allen, professors, judges, politicians and former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and convicted sex assailant and comedian Bill Cosby, Epstein’s former neighbor etc. etc. etc.... | ...

Jeffrey Epstein
Aug 10th 2019
Jeffrey Epstein was a prolific child trafficker and sex abuser who was highly connected to the rich, powerful, and elite around the world. Jeffrey was the owner of the infamous Epstein Island in the Caribbean aka Little Saint James aka CarisJames. This island functioned as a sex trafficking hub and a secret meeting ground for the global cabal where they performed satanic rituals and other horrors. Many of the rich and powerful around the world, including famous celebrities, politicians and businessmen visited Epstein's island and Jeffrey kept a detailed black book and flight logs of who visited. When Jeffrey was arrested it sent tremors across the globe -- he knew too much and had to be eliminated. Jeffrey was arrested on July 6th, 2019 and was being held in a high security Manhattan jailhouse. He was found dead on August 10th, 2019 in this jailhouse. Originally ruled a suicide, which hardly anyone believed, recent autopsy reports point to strangulation and homicide.