Sep 14, 2018

A Message from my Higher Self | Sep 14, 2018 | Channelled through Mike Quinsey | .. Various updates particularly those from David Wilcock are able to bring us the latest developments, and I recommend his video “On Ascension”. Personally I do not feel anyone can yet pin down the year that Ascension will take place, but in general terms it seems that it could be as early as the late 2020’s to the early 2030’s. If correct, that is encouraging as in reality it is so near to happening. I know Lightworkers will keep spreading the Light, and collectively they do have a big influence on what is taking place. So well done everyone, it has been a long arduous path to follow, but the prize at the end of the rainbow is well worth waiting for a little longer .. |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
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14th, September 2018

Progress may seem slow but in reality so much is taking place. You are looking at worldwide events that are slowly but surely pushing the dark Ones back, and preventing them from being able to prevent good progress being made. What only few of you will know is that the Lightworkers operate at a high level, where they have the influence and power to set moves in position that will further advance matters to the benefit of the Light. There has always been a plan to oust the dark Ones who had reached a stage where they were lulled into false confidence into believing that they were close to taking over control of the Earth and its people. The plan has always been to see that once Humanity passed the marker, those souls who were ready would in any circumstances successfully reach Ascension.

If you could see the many souls overseeing your activities, ensuring your success and protecting you from the negative forces you would have no doubts whatsoever where Ascension was concerned. It is a very special time in your history as although few have recollections if any of previous lives, you have spent many thousands of years trying to lift the vibrations sufficiently so that you could pass the marker, and continue moving towards Ascension. Can you imagine the joy that rippled through this Universe, as you have yet to realise what a magnificent achievement your progress has been. It matters not that you have been helped along the way and that has largely been to ensure you were not interfered with, although for karmic reasons you have had to face many challenges on the way. Your friends from outer Space are drawing nearer and nearer to you and as you have already informed, are eagerly waiting to greet you on the Earth and welcome you to the higher dimensions.

Where in the past the dark Ones have infiltrated many aspects of industry and financial companies, they have in many instances been replaced with those who are of the Light and slowly but surely the balance is changing in their favour. It obviously takes time to undo what has been built up over a very long period of time, but success is taking place and it will continue until they are back and completely in charge. You will probably know that nothing of importance happens by chance, as all happenings are planned to help those involved to experience according to their needs. It may seem an impossible task to get the appropriate people together for such occasions and indeed it takes quite some planning. You are “persuaded” by your Guides to take certain actions that bring together those needed to play out the karma involved. Believe it or not, we can assert such control over you that you will do our bidding, but that is only in special circumstances.

RT | Sep 14, 2018 | ~ Fake hurricane Florence image depicts Sharknado scenario ~ | .. Ever wonder what happens to the thousands of evacuees who flee the state to wait out an impending natural disaster, while fretting about what will be waiting for them when they return? Why they create fake news, of course. Category 1 hurricane Florence made landfall on the US East Coast early Friday, and already more than 60 people have been rescued from a collapsing motel that was succumbing to the battering wind and pelting rain .. |


collective-evolution | Sep 14, 2018 | ~ Wilcock Insider: “Coming change defies all imagination. We are living through history.” ~ | .. THE FACTS: Wilcock's latest update provides more stunning evidence that there might be a major action to take down the Deep State coming soon. REFLECT ON: Does the evidence David provides in his update give you reason to think that while a takedown of the Deep State has been predicted before, we have every reason to believe that this action truly is imminent? Is our consciousness ready now? .. |

David Wilcock’s latest update, published on his Divine Cosmos website Sept. 8th, is entitled ‘Stunning New Briefings: Spy Satellites Down, Deep State Arrests Finally Imminent?‘ For my money, the lengthy and comprehensive update delivers fully on its title’s promise.

While some people may complain that too often, events David has called ‘imminent’ do not end up happening, a more accurate assessment would be that the insiders David gets his information from have often spoken with near-certainty that a major event–often involving the takedown/arrests of the Deep State/Illuminati/Cabal–was about to happen.

The fact is, firstly, that no one can truly predict the future. People may have compelling reasons to believe something will certainly happen based on all they know, only to come to realize that unseen forces continue to have an impact on imminent events. In this update, David takes us through some of those earlier projections, and constructs a through-line in which we can understand why so many ‘false starts’ to this major event have occurred, and why there is reason to believe that this time, and event of unparalleled historic proportions is about to occur.

JFK21 - JordenFrihedKundskab Nyhedsbrev | 14. Sept 2018 | ~ Foredrag: Censur, fake news og geopolitik ~ |

Nyt foredrag af Mads Palsvig
Kære Alle,

Har du også oplevet ovenstående?

At når du nævner facts, som  modstrider det tilladte officielle narrativ, så vender alle ellers normalt velfungerende mennesker imod dig med en enorm fuldstændig uventet fjendtlighed?

Hvor kommer den fra?

Det vil jeg forsøge, at give mit bud på, herudover vil jeg blandt meget andet komme ind på:

Hvad er censur?
Har vi censur i Danmark?
Bliver vi hjernevasket?
Er der fake news i medierne?
Har det konsekvenser?
Hvordan ser den geopolitiske situation ud?
Er der grund til optimisme?
Kan de gode kræfter endelig vinde?

Håber du har tid, lyst og mulighed for at komme og høre mit nye foredrag:


Vi holdt det for fulde huse i lørdags, og holder det nu igen på lørdag
(se detaljer længere nede i nyhedsbrevet).

Mads Palsvig, formand for JFK - Jorden Frihed Kundskab.

Hvorfor er "fake news" i mainstream medier livsfarlige?