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Attended Workshops or lectures: or Salt Of The World (SoTW) Blog started in 2014

Linda Dillion - The 2014 Annual Council of Love Gathering (Live Stream)
Teal Swan - The Spiritual Catalyst (Live Stream)
 Field Therapy TFT/EFT- Lars Mygind
Matt Kahn/
Cosmic Vision News 2014-2017
Dr. Steven Greer - Sirius Disclosure (VoD)
Secret Space Program Conference 2014-2017 (VoD)
Clairvoyant Jette Harthimmer 2011
Interplanetary Cultural Exchange Summer Conference in Mt. Shasta 2015
Swami Shankarananda Giri horoscope & Kriya Yoga
The Open Mind Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark 2015 (VoD)
Klarsyn 2016 - Marzcia aften
Alex Collier- Webinar #1-100
Mads Palsvig, Open Mind Conference og Gaia TV
Starseed Denmark (intro)
Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness (member)
Q&A with Wolf Spirit Radio Short Show (not anymore)
Kirsten Birgits Troldehær (member)
PAOWEB - Galatic Heart - Sheldan Nidle (VoD)
HighVibrations2 - Dennis Søndergaard(1 Niham session)
Q&A-workshop med Josef Hanji (WBTV-DK)
Nils Harrit sessions / foredrag 20xx
THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE By Cobra and Isis Astara, Grete 2016
Steinar webinar with Robert Peng - Life Force Energy - The Qi energy
Politiken Live: Frygtens Pris #3 Tro og terrorisme 2016
Foredrag om at være særligt sensitiv - Lotte Palsteen 2016
Hvad betyder smart city for os mennesker? 2016
Teal Swan: Prague Synchronization Workshop (VoD)
Maj 2016 - Første LIVE optræden i køkken "Superfoods/smoothies"
Summer Solstice - Global Initiation into the 13th Octave (webinar with Linda Dillon)
Open Mind Conference 2016 Copenhagen
Joined New Danish Political Party: JordenFrihedKundskab(JFK21
(not anymore)
 Citizens of Asgardia - breakaway civilization (not anymore) 2016
Citizens of Liberland - Free Republic of Liberland 2017 (passive member)
Ultimate Live Symposium Oct. 14th - 16th 2016, Hosted by Ty & Charlene Bollinger.
Dr. Greer: The Cosmic False Flag Webinar - Portal to Ascension - Sunday November13TH, 2016 
KROP-SIND-ÅND Helsemesse i Brøndby Hallen d. 3. - 5. februar 2017
Featured: Ty and Charlene's Story | The Truth About Vaccine #1-7 miniserie 
Gode Penge - konference 'Fremtidens Penge' d. 6. maj 2017
MINI AI Conference | | 17. Maj 2017 
MUFON Symposium 2017 Las Vegas (US)
Native American 'Rahelio' Sweat lodge & Mystic Tours, Sedona (US)
'Sund Livsstil i Øksnehallen 2017' - 29 Sep -1 Okt 2017
Los Angeles - The Conscious Life Expo 2018
Arizona - The International UFO Congress 2018
THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE, By Cobra  Budapest, Hungary, April 2018
UFO Academy - Project Camelot - Awake & Aware - July 2018
Turkey, AlanyaRomania, the Sphinx, Babele, and Ialomitei Cave Sep 2018
Mission workshop in Bucegi Mountains Romania 2018 September
Sund Livsstil messen, Øksnehallen
Ole Dammegaard - Copenhagen Special Event 2018
David Icke - 12th October 2018 – Copenhagen – Everything You Need
Mission in Italy, November 2018
THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE - December 1st-2nd, 2018, COBRA Brazil
Nyt Niels Harrit Foredrag: Dokumentet, der sendte Danmark i krig og startede strømmen af flygtninge
Tachyon Healing Chamber - Danish council member (Hårlev)
The Sisterhood of the Rose DK - admin - but not that active anymore
Krop-Sind-Ånd Helsemesserne og Mystikkens Univers 2019
David Wilcock -- Ascension Mystery School: 5-Week Online Program 2019 (dropped out)
Ole Dammegard's SPECIAL Home Delivery Copenhagen | ~ "The Ultimate Dot Connector" ~ | w/Ole's Swedish organizer, Johnny Cash |
Copenhagen 2019 UFO´s and Remote Viewing w/ Richard Dolan - Chris Aubeck - Tracey Garbutt
USA Road Tip 2019 - Pranic Healing & Sedona UFO Tours, AZ (Nevada, California, Mexico)
Martin Hejlesen - Foredrag baseret på bogen Kroppens celler husker alt 2019
Thailand Visit. Bangkok and Koh Chang - Khob-Khun - AcharnCho or อาจารย์โช.
Stop 5G. Mark Steele & John Kitson lecture plus 5G march - JFK21
Vacay Barcelona : pro-catalonia supporter - the spiritual Montserrat mountains & monastery - famous known for UFO-sightings
The Planetary Federation: Universal Balance In Diversity and Respect 09/09/2019
Landsforeningen HPV-bivirkningsramte - HPV-Konference - Roskilde Feb 2020
Sammen For Frihed - demonstration for fællesskab, åbenhed og de grundlovssikrede rettigheder - Maj 2020
Potter.pander-fakkeltog demostrationer i Aarhus, Aalborg og København
Sviptur Tyskland under lockdown 
Sviptur Göteborg under lockdown 
Romania 2021
Southern Denmark vaca with the rich elite
The Rebild Festival 2021
Demonstration mot vaccinpass - Göteborg 2022
FN store bededag-demonstration 2023
RT-PCR testen og hvad deraf fulgte Foredrag Niels Harrit KBH Indre By 
(special invite May Day for tv-optagelse)
PM tale ved demonstration ved den russiske ambassade den 24. feb 2023
First Nordic CC meeting + meeting on HUmanitarian Projects


  1. Consciousness and Contact 2021 is over and, by all accounts, a big success. Our speakers were extraordinary with John Lamb Lash joining us from Spain and giving his first public presentation in 20 years. This is the final conference in this series. In the future, these activities will be available to the writers and artists participating in the Thunderheart residency program.

    Without my knowledge or permission, Alfred Lambremont Webre invited Ananda Bosman to participate in his video presentation for this conference. When I emailed Alfred that we would eliminate Ananda's portion of his talk, he threatened to sue me for ten million dollars. My response was that we would delete his talk completely. His presentation was an ad on and not included in our brochure. Knowing in advance that Alfred has attacked others in the past through his videos and medial platform, I was prepared for his attack on me. Karma is real and what he has put out will return to him in some way. As my mother always said while I was growing up, "if they are talking about you that means they are leaving someone else alone." Alfred knew in advance that I would not welcome Ananda Bosman as a speaker. He invited him anyway. Alfred is responsible for this entire mess. These boys are simply angry because they were not invited to the party. Neither Alfred Webre nor Ananda Bosman were connected to the Consciousness and Contact 2021 Conference in Wasta, South Dakota in any way, shape or form and were told they were not permitted to use it or its name in any way.

  2. Hey Tim
    I want to send you something. Do you have a mail connected to your website? I cant find it. Thanks