Oct 24, 2019

🦸‍♀️ ~ Tulsi Gabbard Needs to Be Stopped. She's Telling People the Truth About US Wars (PFC) ~ | Blogger: Oh nooo... We CAN'T handle the TRUTH!... Tulsi Gabbard for President... |


💸 ~ Tre tiltalt i sag om hvidvask for 166 millioner kroner (anklagemyndigheden) ~ | .. Millioner fra påståede lovovertrædelser i Østeuropa blev ledt gennem danske firmaer og banker .. | Blogger. Kommer det bag på dig, at danske banker, er involveret?... PS: Det er altså ikke kun MÆND, som er problemet mere! Mænd har altid kostet samfundet alt for mange penge, ifølge kvinder. Det er dem, der er voldelige, kører vanvittigt, voldtager kvinder, begår kriminalitet, svindler og i det hele taget ter sig uhensigtsmæssigt og kriminelt... Men, sagen om de hvidvaskede 166 millioner kr og en kvindelig litauisk statsborger, samt Britta Nielsen som alle kender nu, samt den tidligere afdelingschef i Rigspolitiet Bettina Jensen, der hjalp tidligere DR-direktør med konsulentjob, disse ting, "upfront", sætter tingene lidt i et andet lys... |

Statsadvokaten for Særlig Økonomisk og International Kriminalitet har tiltalt en 46-årig kvinde for hvidvask for 166 millioner kroner. Hendes søn og en bogholder fra de involverede virksomheder er også tiltalt i sagen. Sagen er efterforsket af statsadvokatens nye efterforskningsgruppe, der målrettet skal bekæmpe hvidvask.


👧 ~ Video: Dispatches explores Prince Andrew's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (DailyMail) ~ | .. Channel 4's Dispatches programme explores the relationship Prince Andrew had with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in a new documentary .. | Blogger: hmm.. Still gets me upset, that the royal, celebrities and VIP's high up in the ruling elite's NWO of pedophile bloodlust for children, are running around free as a bird - the guilt-free morality... |


⛑️ ~ Trump approves $4.5 million in aid for Syria’s White Helmets (timesofisrael) ~ | Blogger: [😧Whaaat!?... Are POTUS not informed?...🤔] ... {⛑️White Helmets Is Pure Propaganda} ... When I (verdensalt) first watched the trailer for the Oscar-winning documentary The White Helmets, or The Danish-Syrian-made film Last Men in Aleppo - gruelling portrait of a city without hope, I experience helplessness and sadness so intensely. It paints a beautiful picture of saintlike, peaceful soldiers saving innocent civilians from the terror in Syria, with the song “When The Saints Go Marching In” playing in the background. It ignited a fire of compassion and empathy within me for the Syrians plagued by war... BUT when i've later learned it was all a HOAX, and this form of propaganda is so effective, I already knew, human beings, are naturally empathetic and if we see someone hurting (especially children, teens and woman) on the other side of the world, it pulls on our heart strings, then my soul overtook me completely by anger and frustration... Netflix has become a 'master of deception' (Hollywood's deception for the masses) from false documentaries that has only ONE purpose - to deceive us all - sinister way to dumb us down... The US military is using video games and esports to recruit - it's downright immoral - video games were a tool used to escape reality through diversion, they are now extensions of the reality in which we live in... |

Civil defense workers known as the White Helmets carry children after airstrikes hit a school housing a number of displaced people, in the western part of the southern Daraa province of Syria, on June 14, 2017. (Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets via AP)
WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump has authorized $4.5 million in aid for Syria’s White Helmets group, famed for rescuing wounded civilians from the frontlines in the civil war, the White House says today.

Trump ordered the funds for what is formally known as the Syria Civil Defense group “to continue United States support for the organization’s important and highly valued work in the country,” spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham says in a statement.


🎥👐 ~ Time of the Sixth Sun Series Rises - Weds (timeofthesixthsun) ~ | .. Time of the Sixth Sun will launch at 8pm UK GMT on Weds 06 November 2019 .. |

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I've built a web page that explains all. I'd highly recommend you read though it as it's hopefully got all the info you need.


🎥🌌 ~ The Cosmic Secret Trailer - Pre-Order Now (news from ECETI+Peter Maxwell Slattery) ~ |

🎥🧐 ~ Firm date for release and premiere of CE5 film (Dr. Steven Greer) ~ | .. Release and Premiere of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Monday April 6, 2020 .. |

We have a firm date for the Release and Premiere of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.

We have confirmed the date with the Regal LA Live Theater in Los Angeles and our distributor, 1091.

The premiere and film release will be Monday April 6, 2020.

Those of you who have given $500 or more will have 2 VIP seats reserved for you.

We will offer the rest of the seats for sale in early February.

Thank you all for your support and your patience.


💉 ~ Vaccines now being used to harvest biometric identities of everyone; Big Brother merges with Big Pharma (NN) ~ |

Mike Adams
The vaccine agenda is now being used to harvest biometric data from humans all around the world, including homeless people in U.S. cities.

It's all part of a global agenda to track vaccine compliance and enforce mandatory injections with toxic, deadly substances that are routinely formulated into vaccines.

Today's bombshell story will shock you to your core, once you realize how globalists intend to roll this out everywhere.

🛸 ~ MUFON Newsletter - October 2019 - Write your congressman today! (MUFON HQ) ~ | .. This is a major, and we repeat MAJOR, announcement by our military and recognized as such by major media .. |

Blogger: Excerpts from Newsletter:

Write your congressman today!

The Navy recently confirmed in an official announcement what the world has known nearly two years that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena being chased by Navy Jets all over the world are real and they are not ours! In an announcement dated September 18, 2019 CNN reported;

"The US Navy has finally acknowledged footage purported to show UFOs hurtling through the air. And while officials said they don't know what the objects are, they're not indulging any hints either.

The objects seen in three clips of declassified military footage are "unidentified aerial phenomena," Navy spokesperson Joe Gradisher confirmed to CNN.

Gradisher said the Navy's transparency about unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, is largely done to encourage trainees to report "incursions" they spot in the airfield, which threaten pilots' safety.

"This is all about frequent incursions into our training ranges by UAPs," he said. "Those incursions present a safety hazard to the safe flight of our aviators and the security of our operations."

The public clips capture just a fraction of the frequent incursions Navy training ranges see, he said.

"For many years, our aviators didn't report these incursions because of the stigma attached to previous terminology and theories about what may or may not be in those videos," he said.

The only way to find out what those UAP are, he said, is to encourage trainees to report them when they see them."

👩⚖️ ~ Trial of the Year: Not quite Peter Madsen, but the public will be glued to Britta Nielsen case (CPHpost) ~ | Blogger: [🙉AND the public, will forget about fraudulent nationwide DNA-profiles, illegal and dangers of video AI face-recognition surveillance, illegal online snooping plans of session logging, illegal danish justice system that was rocked by flawed phone location evidence, illegally passes law enabling withdrawal of jihadists' and of course gets Alzheimer when it comes to Danske, Nordea & SEB banking biggest money laundering operation in the world🙈] ... {Reverse Robinhood} ... Let's start with Nordea as the Nordic region's biggest bank by market capitalization after Norway's DNB, since Danske Bank and world's biggest €200bn money-laundering scandal, will be forgotten, because they know, 99% of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Zionist Banking Mafia, will never go to trial... Nordea, is screwed, but nobody has noticed it (yet)... AFTER a friendly visit by The European Central Bank (ECB), a 1.3 bln euro charge for defunct IT systems and cost-cutting dragged the $30 bln Nordic lender to a third-quarter loss. But, like Danske Bank, MAJOR contributor to danish government systems, Nordea Bank, and the rest of the dirty dozen six banks, "too big to fail", with their 'smooth operator' attitude, given free to swindle the public, like there's no tomorrow... Soooo, Britta Nielsen goes to trail, and she will likely face a prison sentence of between 8 and 12 years if found guilty, but why don't the danish govt have another Mexican standoff for Amdi Petersen?. Why hasn't any banksters gone to trail? Why are the ministers given divine rights to rule over people, without a fair trial, an agreement to revoke passports of (so-called) Isis fighters, but is that a smokescreen, as well?. What happened to the hunt for Stein Bagger's missing millions?. Why has the CEO's of Amagerbanken, finally got court ruling, to pay 225 million to govt owned, Finansiel Stabilitet A/S, 9 years after the crack, but paid out by AIG global insurance company and not themselves, in person?... Why come only 1 person has been jailed, a 67 old IRS-employee, and therefore, takes the fall for the $2 billion in the so-called tax stripping scandal, that hit several countries across Europe including Germany, Belgium and Austria, while U.S. pension funds and english billionaire, Sanjay Shah and others, are still at large?... So many questions! So little time!... Can you see where i'm getting at?... 'In corrupt systems, decent people have two options: conform or be crushed' ~ Fintan O'Toole... |

BREAKING: after pleading guilty the defendant has been escorted by police and ambulance at the danish court system after heart attack? Smokescreen or real?

Prosecutor will be seeking answers to some of the burning questions, such as how she was able to get away with it undetected for so long

It’s the biggest trial since Peter Madsen – and arguably the second largest of the 21st century in Denmark – and it starts today at Copenhagen City Court. In total, nine court days have been set aside, with a verdict expected on November 29.

Like Madsen, the public have already convicted Britta Nielsen, the book-keeper accused of embezzling 117 million kroner from the national purse.

But does the 65-year-old have a strong defence – after all, very little of the proceeds have been traced, so how strong is the public prosecutor’s case?

⚠️ ~ Ole Dammegard - Copenhagen Special Event Lecture : 2017 Stockholm Truck Attack Links To Copenhagen Terrors / New "9/11 Op" In 5 EU Countries of October (LOC+SP+VA) ~ | Blogger: [🦅 Swedish Sea Eagle 2019 Op - Did We (The People), Ole, Cody Snodgres' & Our Guardian Angels Stopped The Plan or Prolonged The "Execution" Schedule?👼] ...{Agenda titled : 'Connecting the murders of JFK & Olof Palme' was cancelled on a high alert from Övning Havsörn 2019 a.k.a. Operation Sea Eagle} ... 💡A event took place yesterday at a non disclosed location... Among the small audience, owner of transformation.dk, DK Open Mind Conferences, Danish engineer-turned activist, researcher and whistle-blower Frank Rasmussen, friends from Cobra's SoTR, May Day Denmark and many other courageous people... For yesterday's discussion, Ole, walked us through the 2017 Stockholm Truck Attack and later, (possible) upcoming MAJOR false flag attack predicted in a number of European cities as well as London and Manchester. Linked, to a (possible) swedish government employee / military or intelligence services agent, Ola Slettenmark, who literally 'controlled & executed' the FF op, 2017 Stockholm Truck Attack, as an official video (now deleted) presentation showed, an govt / police / military drill simulating went (LIVE) minutes before, a (co-called) Islamist terrorist attack, Rakhmat Akilov, an Uzbek asylum seeker, convicted of ploughing a truck into a department store in central Stockholm... On Ola Slettenmark's twitter, he also gladly brags about the drill 'övning Havsörn' (sea eagle), his part of EU's CTPN (Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network), 500th Ordinary Collaboration Conferences etc. In which Ole Dammegard seems to think, is a cover for Deep State's Operation Gladio (CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/NATO/4Eyes /9Eyes/14 Eyes). "The Global Tour Of Terror", he calls it, where professionnel companies of crisis actors and diff. skilled teams, could be hired in for petrodollars and powerful forces routinely arrange massacres or terrorist, around the world...🙏🏻My prayers and thanks go out to Ingrid, for opening up her home, Ole's tour manager Johnny Cash and of course, Ole Dammegard and their safe return... 🙇‍♂️ PS: I apology in advance, if verdensalt has left out something or "misinterpreted", please watch Webre & Dammegard's interview, to get a teaser... 🔦 PSS: (DEW attacks) - During our session, yesterday, the EMF meter went through the roof, some of us got severe headaches, Mr. Cash got a major back pain and an outside highly sought out alternative (healer) woman, called in and warned us of attacks, Ole's FB went berserk, sound was on and off, hard to get a hold on Cody Snodgres and when we did, (they) cut us off from his satellite phone and many other strange things, (which is normal), by the way. But NOT in this scale, as Mr. Dammegard told us, he and Mr. Cash has been stopped by police on their swedish tour, (someone) planted marijuana smell in their RV, (deep state) was sent to their gatherings (but overturned), which means, we're SPOT ON to something MAJOR, the AWAKENING and Deep State, Cabal, Dark Alliances (whatever) are in panic mode (big time)... 💙Go with Peace, Love and Light... 🕵️‍♂️Verdensalt signs off his debriefing with "off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush"... 🤐 |

Sea Eagle vs. Donald Trump - 2015
Ole Dammegard is the author of Coup d’etat, a masterful book on the death of the Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme… tracing all the various angles and connections between that assassination and other hits around the globe. This includes the Kennedy assassination, the false flags Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombings and more…
Dammegard also discloses how CIA’s Operation 40, originally implemented in 1960 by Vice President Richard M. Nixon, became a super-secret and very deadly assassination squad that was used by the Elite to carry out a swath of destabilizing assassinations worldwide,including the political assassinations of JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, with roles in Watergate and 9/11. CIA Operation 40 was also deployed against visionary musicians like John Lennon and Bob Marley.


Alfred Lambremont Webre : Sea Eagle 2019 is an Oct 23-24, 2019 "9/11 op" in 5 EU countries, unless exposed

Simon Parkes: 

Thanks to everyone who has alerted me to the video about false flag attacks predicted in a number of European cities as well as London and Manchester.

I got these reports 4 days ago with Seattle US as also a possible target.

No question such an attack would put soldiers on the streets in every western country and America - But not Russia.

One of the best ways to dismantle a country’s democracy is to make the legitimate government think it’s about to be toppled so they bring in marshal law.

The problem for me is I only got one report from one source prior to the latest video.

I don’t release until I get two independent sources saying the same thing - So at moment only one source....

Any attack in next 24 - 48 hours according to video doing the rounds