Dec 8, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (Unfreakingbelievable illuminati symbolism: Vaksine, control & social engineering of the masses) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🌟Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande & Megan Thee Stallion Remember ‘Masked Christmas’ In New Music Video🌟] ... Freddy Krueger would be embarrassed over this insane music video... There has always been Monarch programming aka mind-control technique, since humans could think... As you know, Ariana Grande, is the BIGGEST MK ultra beta sex kitten Angel of Death. She began her career as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show Victorious and she quickly became an idol to millions of children. Once she “graduated” to her solo singing career, it did not take long before her fans were introduced to intense sexualization and elite symbolism. That is how the industry works, over and over again... Jimmy Fallon and his Late Show is a well-known jokester and also a illuminati stooge like Megan Thee Stallion... You can't make this stuff up... PS: More bizarre scenes is when Prince William, tearfully recalls Tina Turner singalongs with Princess Diana or Twitter, suspends popular Ghislaine Maxwell ‘trial tracker’ account. What are they trying to hide? We know. Platforms providing cover for evil pedos is a new shameless low. Oh yeah - I forgot - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses is also all masked up with unique Hogwarts face masks... |


👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: Planet X) SECRET SPACE: The Hunt For The Elusive Planet Nine (rielpolitik) ~ |

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  • “….An object lurking in the outer region of our solar system may well be the elusive Planet 9…Possible evidence of a mysterious planet up to 10 times bigger than Earth, with a distant orbit around the Sun, has been unveiled by professor of astrophysics at Imperial College of London, Michael Rowan-Robinson. Aiming to prove – or rule out – the existence of another big planet beyond Neptune, the UK scientist decided to conduct a new analysis of data collected by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) in 1983″

Mysterious new planet possibly spotted in solar system

Mysterious new planet possibly spotted in solar system

© Akirastock / Getty Images

An object lurking in the outer region of our solar system may well be the elusive Planet 9, a leading British astronomer has suggested after digging through the telescope archives of 250,000 point sources.

Possible evidence of a mysterious planet up to 10 times bigger than Earth, with a distant orbit around the Sun, has been unveiled by professor of astrophysics at Imperial College of London, Michael Rowan-Robinson. Aiming to prove – or rule out – the existence of another big planet beyond Neptune, the UK scientist decided to conduct a new analysis of data collected by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) in 1983.

The astronomer has looked through some 250,000 point sources detected by the telescope, which took a far-infrared survey of 96% of the sky. Having analyzed the data, keeping in mind the hypothetical planet’s size and distance, “at the very limit of the survey,” he singled out a moving object that the satellite picked out on three occasions.

The candidate for Planet 9 would be up to five times the mass of Earth, according to the IRAS data. Its orbital distance would be some 225 times farther than that of our planet, equaling about 33.7 billion kilometers (20.9 billion miles) from the Sun.

READ MORE: Astronomers find exoplanet with unusual orbit

⏲️🎄🏴‍☠️ ~ (Dommedagsuret viser stadig 2 minutter i midnat) Lukning af natteliv & politizoner 23. Dec. Juleferie for børnene 15. Dec. og aflyste julefrokoster fra 11. Dec. Tredje pfizerstik beskytter men de vaxxed 'normies' skal stadig testes og boostes. Bimbo-Bramsen & LØGNICKE i selvisolation! Mundbind på restauranter. CV-pas fra 12 ned til 7 mdr. (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Et KONSTANT Moves and Counter-Moves... Det helt store spirituelle paradigmeskifte ser ud til, at være 100% parat. EBS, GCR, G/NESARA, QFS, Black Swan, Quantum Internet / SkyLink. Militæret standby for at tage den sidste bataljon af Rothschild-Imperialisterne og alligevel, nægter den danske regering at gå af. Så er det hele en "planlagt øvelse" af hvide hatte, for at vågne endnu flere op fra Deres tornerosesøvn?... Jeg er simpelthen ved at blive sindssyg af hele situationen, men der er lys forude. Besynderligt er det, at man nu ser i aftenens krystalkugle, at ungerne bliver smidt på juleferie den 15 Dec. når vi ved 12:12 og Bidens fald, er lige op over. Den kraftfulde solformørkelse der kommer giver os kosmisk mulighed for at forberede os på en overordentligt "udrensning". Dog, skal vi lige have 'smittet' Epidemikommissionen med Corona også, samt, nanomærket vaccineret Novo, Mærsk, Bavarian og andre private aktører som sidder i det høje tårn af et ekspertspanel, nedsat af regeringen ... Pludseligt ud af det blå siger man nu, at efterretningstjenesten (FE) kan 'potentielt opfange' Mink-Medico-Metto's beskeder. Hvilken betyder nul og nix, siden STM ikke aner hvor mink-telefonerne er henne.. Som også min mor siger, det hele er jo fup og svindel. ja, Hva' ska' jeg sige? - Boller fra Kohberg!... |

En gang Corona samfundskritisk - altid!

"Den næste pandemi kan være mere dødbringende – og vi er ikke klar",  advarer den professor, der skabte AstraZeneca-vaccinen...

New Zealands PM booster-for-ever kommentar: "Der vil ikke være nogen slutdato for brug af vacciner i fremtiden"

Følgende restriktioner træder i kraft:
  • Natteliv og diskoteker lukkes fra fredag 10. december
  • Koncerter med over 50 stående publikummer kan ikke afholdes
  • Der indføres krav om mundbind, når du står inde på serveringssteder indendørs
  • Fra og med 15. december skal elever i grundskolen hjemsendes
  • ​Efterskoleelever bliver sendt hjem på forlænget juleferie fra den 19. december til og med 7. januar.
  • Om natten forbydes salg af alkohol
  • Coronapasset gælder nu syv måneder fra sidste stik
Derudover kom sundhedsmyndighederne og statsministeren med anbefalinger til danskerne: 
  • Aflysning af større arrangementer som firmajulefrokoster
  • Ansatte på offentlige og private arbejdspladser opfordres til at arbejde hjemmefra

👑💂🤡~ (Talk about) Optics Boris The Blonde Bombshell: how low can you go? Straight clown show - with traces of cocaine! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Was Corona-lockdown all planned in advance? Oh dear you're in trouble now Mr... Proof in the Xmas Pudding from hell and a video-joke from Downing Street exposes Johnson (& Johnson). Planning a fictitious Christmas lunch in Downing Street while the whole country is shut down by pandemic restrictions, laughing their asses off.. Everyone KNOWS that lid was on Boris Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine... Rumor has it, every single world leader and celeb that has shown in public being shot by "vaksine" is either a placebo and movie prop. Including the ministers and PM of Denmark. Proof is out there... |


👼 ~ 💓 (Divine Mother, Mike Quinsey, Arch Michael, The Hathors, SaLuSa, Mira Sanat Kumara & Raj) What takes Place on Earth at This Time has Significance Throughout the Universe (GAOG) 💕~ | Blogger: Verdensalt will not censor anything on this blog, not even the elefantastic incredible american popular spiritual site 'Golden Age Of Gaia', with (gay - with all due respect) Steve Beckow, a founder and editor-in-chief (formerly the 2012 Scenario, lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada), in which verdensalt has been followed for many years and all it's spirituel reporters. GAOG truly believe, that former gay Pres. Barack Obama is still and has always been, their saviour and still posts stuff like (money scammers) Zap/Poofness J. A. Holmes and other Dinar-gurus. Buuutt, SoTW did also fall into the trap once, not anymore... |

December 7, 2021 by Steve Beckow

The Divine Mother said in 2014: “This [Ascension] is unique. It is a new creation. Can you imagine, my son, in all this expanse, that this is new?” (1)

It took me quite some time to wake up to how new this Ascension was. I think I woke up in stages.

In the first place, I became aware that, rather than shedding our bodies to ascend, we’ll ascend with them. Of that development, Mike Quinsey says: “You will have become the first souls to have ascended in your physical bodies and that will make history.” (2)

Archangel Michael gives more details:

“It is not that you are going to shed your physical body and just be in a light form. No. Your light form and your physical body basically become a unified grid. That is the miracle of Ascension. It is that melding in that infinite moment into your totality, and the shift that you have been making from carbon to crystalline is so [that] that vibration, that frequency can actually be held, in light body, in physical body.” (3)

Secondly, we’re told that ours will be a mass Ascension. If you think of ascenders in the past – Jesus and Buddha immediately come to mind – they ascended individually, each upon his death. Ascension has always been considered an individual affair and attained only after much study and practice.

The Hathors tell us: “Your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.” (4)

🌊🔮🃏 ~ ('A DEC to RMB: Big Pharma's Three Gorges Dam 'Black Swan event' will trigger everything.') TAROT BY JANINE IS LOOKING AT RECENT INTEL DROP,-IS IT TRUE 😃(Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Sound familiar? Apparently, Janine has no clue who Alex Collier is, that SoTW have been followed like forever and meet IRL. And I do agree too, that what Alex told us in the latest webinar was mind-blowing. I will share a partly transcripted version of key points... PS: You might wanna listen to Joni Patry (Vedic Astrology) new video "Kala Sarpa Yoga Dec 15 - Apr 24 2022" (gran finale)... |

👽🖖🌌 ~ (Matrix system exist nomore. DS been Defeated. Reptilian-Rothschilds hunted down! Quantum Internet going online end Dec.) 17th *LIVE* Question & Answer Webinar (Alex Collier Official) 💕~ | Blogger: Intel from Alex 1st 15 minutes of the LIVE webinar before Q&A started as I remembered; 🔛 Mid-December will be vital to see where we will go 🔛 Quantum Internet going online end December 🔛 Three Gorges Dam 'Black Swan event' will trigger everything (RV transfer of wealth + Med Beds + expanding of freedom etc.) 🔛 Earth Quakes & Mystical Site Colorado taking down DUMBs (check Gene Decode) 🔛 There's not going to be a war with Russia or China - it's all White Hate Ops hunting down Reptilian-Rothschilds and Gangbuster since their bloodline is not allowed to exist anymore 🔛 Alex talks about so many diff. virusses has not been isolated. Polio death came with (Salk) Vaccine and heavy metal (with known neurotoxic effects on human and animal nervous systems) 🔛 Omnicom only transmit through your MSM and TV-set 😉 Alex suggested to watch Christine Massey reveals to the Health Ranger & newest Stew Peters show with? (cannot recall) 🔛 The Iraqi Dinar has a new rate (over $11.90 USD) that went International on Mon.29 Nov. He also goes on with other currencies. Vietnamese dong is unknown 🔛 US remaining troops is about to leave Iraq - to declare total sovereignty nation. GCR Iraq has also been the first country to go with new currency 🔛 All of the Middle East nations conflicts has forgiven and all friends now due to the GCR 🔛 Alex reading from a (another) paper he got from a friend in the military about Med Beds. They are uncertainty and still in question in regards if it's possible to treat "20 and back" program and also Supersoldiers SSP Age-Regression. Everyone will be treated equally in the Med Beds. Vaccine injuries and other illnesses. Worst cases first 🔛 Star Nations, like The Andromeda Galaxy is here and now ready to participate in the Planetary Liberation of Earth... |