August 29, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Peace Meditation for Berlin on August 29th 2020 at 9:11 AM UTC - English guided audio ~ WLMM & Cobra🌟] ... Simultaneously "solidarity demonstrations" in Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and many other countries... SoTW attended partly the Danish 'solidarity demonstration' at Christiansborg Palace (Christiansborg Slot) where (maybe) 1.000 people were listen to the amazing speakers, and I rushed in from Northern Zealand on my MTB-bike and meet a old friend, and shake hand with some new... Normally, i'm not that involved in the protesting stuff, more into the bonding and receiving the good ass positive prana energy from others, like-minded people... |

⚕️💉⚰️ ~ Sweden's Michael Zazzio: How patients are oppressed and killed by medical and government authorities ( ~ |


👑🤑👯‍♀️ ~ (Prince Andrew + Juan Carlos Above the Law) THE FUGITIVE SPANISH KING: More than 1,500 Mistresses, Accusations of $110 mio. corruption, and the PINK elephant in the palace (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Please tell me and give me a straight answer please! Why are the sovereign monarchies in Europe, ABOVE THE LAW?👈] ... How is Spain's former King Juan Carlos, who has left the country following allegations of financial wrongdoing any better than Prince Andrew, that openly groped girls while staying at late pal Jeffrey Epstein's so-called “Pedophile Island".. Any better than, the 1,400 suspects, including politicians and celebrities, revealed by Operation Hydrant, set up by the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) of historical child sex abuse allegations or any better than, Jimmy Savile 1,000 child sexual abuse scandal???... Btw, the "stolen" 100 million dollars, that Juan Carlos left behind to the "LOVER", Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, who is born "Larsen", German-born businesswoman of Danish nationality, claims in court is was "gratitude money"- WHAAT!?... PS: How can Juan Carlos have 1,500 mistresses, when he already has a wife AND "secret lover" as 'beautiful'? as Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (used to be)??. How is that even human possible and WHEN will it all break down?... |

👼 ~ 💗 Your most important duty right now is to let go of all negative self-judgment (Jesus through John ) 💕~ | blogger: [👉Excerpts: "As the COVID-19 global turmoil continues, enormous changes are in progress all across the world that will ease and simplify humanity’s awakening process as it nears completion... Your most important duty right now is to let go of all negative self-judgment – if you have not already made the choice to do so – and make the choice now to accept yourselves fully, just as you are, understanding that who you are in this moment, as a human in form, is exactly who you set the intent to be before you incarnated for your present human life." ~ Your loving brother, Jesus👈] ... |

The Ascended Master Sananda / Jesus / Christ / Yeshua serves as a teacher of the whole world, and was one of the greatest spiritual healers who walked on our beloved planet Earth / Nova / Gaia. It is important to understand that all our ascended masters and galactic friends, so to speak, are not allowed to use their powers to change the course of civilizations, only in very rare cases. Law of the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness.

channeled by John Smallman 
© 2020 johnsmallman

As the COVID-19 global turmoil continues, enormous changes are in progress all across the world that will ease and simplify humanity’s awakening process as it nears completion. So keep your spirits high and intend to be a conduit through which Love can flow to all of humanity. When you set the intent to be a conduit through which Love can flow without restriction to all of humanity, you are massively adding to the Tsunami of Love that has been assisting in your awakening process since 2012. Yes, the awakening process has been flowing since 2012 and its intensity has been increasing, and now very few of you could claim to be unaware that change is most definitely in the air as you observe and feel the energy of Love arising in many unexpected places.

Love is the power that is awakening you. It is gentle, but completely irresistible when you make the informed choice to open your hearts to invite It to enter. It has always been there awaiting your invitation, but because so many of you have been unable to love yourselves unconditionally, it has seemed to you that Love is not present, is not available. In other words your own negative self-judgments, which are not in alignment with Love, act as a thin veil or screen which seems to separate you from Love, and yet Love is always with you because It is what you are, always and eternally.

🤯👃💩 ~ (BRAIN FART) High-tech dystopia or evolution leap? Elon Musk rolls out working Neuralink brain implant prototype embedded in live pig ( ~ | Blogger: [👉"TRANSHUMANISM: ELON MUSK’S NEURALINK PLANS TO HOOK HUMAN BRAINS DIRECTLY TO THE MACHINE CITY COMPUTERS." ~ SoTW👈] ... WHO is this guy? -- SpaceX; Seeding the human species on other planets, like Mars. Neuralink skull implant. Bill Gates "ID 2020" - seeks to "microchip" the world population using a COVID-19 vaccine... AND I know what Cobra is saying, that Mr Musk a.k.a. Starman a.k.a. Iron Man (DARPA CIA Con-artist?) has turned and is now one of the GOOD guys, however, as long as he 100% depends on Big Tech, Big Pharma, NASA and SSP (Secret Space Program) to help him get to the (Secret & Restricted) LEO (Low Earth Orbit), Mars & Beyond, I don't trust him or his super advanced implantable brain–machine interfaces (BMIs) Neuralink... |

Gertrude the pig, fit with a Neuralink skull implant, is seen at a presentation delivered by futurist entrepreneur Elon Musk, livestreamed on YouTube August 28, 2020. ©  Neuralink YouTube screenshot;  AFP / Neuralink

🕊️🔑🦄 ~ 💗No Lockdown, No Masks, No Hysteria… NO PROBLEM: Sweden is Living in Glorious Normality (D.MAIL+HAF+GAOA) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉No lockdown, no masks, no hysteria… NO PROBLEM: Sweden didn’t go into a corona coma – and it’s living in glorious normality. Now DOMINIC SANDBROOK asks: Is this proof we got it all terribly wrong?👈] ... PS: (SoTW) Miraculously, somehow SWEDEN got away and said "NO" to the Planned[Demic] Ghost[Virus] Black Nobility Cult Agenda & Swedish Order of Freemasons... |

⌛🩸⛓️ ~ (Time's up! Helle Thorning and many others) Fact Check: TRUE! The Cabal is Panicking (Amazing Polly) ~ | Blogger: [👉BLOW YOUR MIND!: Topics are - QAnon -- Adrenochrome -- Haiti + Clinton Foundation + Human Trafficking + SaveTheChildren + Ghislaine Maxwell + Bill Gates -- John O. Brennan -- Avril Haines -- WayfairGate -- Hollywood = And it all links together, according to Amazing Polly👈] ... CAN SOTW JUST ADD and nobody believes that, but I have linked👉👉🔺 #SaveTheChildrenDenmark (part of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) that now recommends legal gender reassignment surgery from Pre-school kids & former danish PM, Helle Thorning, former CEO at Save the Children, present censor judge at Facebook, board member in tax havens, was the FOREFRONT of a human trafficking organization at Save The Children... That's N-O-T me at SOTW that are saying it, it's according to SaveTheChildren's own homepage about (LGBTQ) and several people, A) danish lawyer, Klaus Ewald, b) Peter Krogsteen, a trained yachtskipper, c) an danish IT manager and d) the Italian admiral, Enrico Credendino, commander of EU anti-smuggling operation Sophia ( + 🤔MY CLAIM at SoTW; What was the "REAL" reason, why Helle Thorning decided to LEAVE SaveTheChildren in the first place?... 1️⃣ -- Because of the danish lawyer, Klaus Ewald's reported Save the Children to the police for human trafficking, called the organization's life-saving actions in the Mediterranean illegal trafficking of migrants. TOTALLY REJECTED by danish police (of course)... 2️⃣ -- Oxfam and Save the Children after news broke about employees of those two humanitarian aid groups allegedly being involved in sex scandals around the same time. The Times of London reported on Feb. 9, 2018 that senior Oxfam staff working in Haiti held sex parties and hired prostitutes... 3️⃣ -- The Daily Mail reported, on Feb. 18, 2018, on allegations of sexual harassment by Save the Children’s former policy director Brendan Cox in its London office. Then, the BBC reported additional allegations: that former Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth had sexually harassed female employees... 4️⃣ -- Bill Gates donated 50 million dollars to them! & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation executive Greg Ferrante joins as Chief Financial Officer... 5️⃣ -- There's sooooooooooo many involved, you will not believe this in A MILLION years; More than 120 workers from a range of Britain’s leading charities have reportedly been accused of sexual abuse in the past year alone / allegations of sexual harassment by Save the Children’s former policy director Brendan Cox / that former Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth had sexually harassed female employees / the U.K. & EU European Commission threatened to cancel their funding and the Haitian government kicked Oxfam’s British division out of the country / celebrities such as South African Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu and actress Minnie Driver stepped down as Oxfam’s ambassadors. Two years later, the group is still reeling financially... THE LIST GOES ON AND (ON).... |