Aug 5, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (2 years ago Putin announced on NLT Russian Television that the evil New World Order has failed and collapsed!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Aug 5, 2023 (SoTW: Trust the Plan. Never the Man) ~ |

Free Guy: 'The reason we can’t trust the government is because it’s no longer a government “Of the people, by the people, for the people.” Government now is a class – the ruling class. Politicians get involved in government not out of civic duty or pride – they do it for greed, power, and for their own selfish interests. Our lawmakers and leaders are no longer the neighbors, friends, and people in our communities – they’re lawyers and career politicians who rarely if ever spend time in the private sector and rarely if ever return there after their elected time is over – unless it’s to some cushy lobbyist gig where they can get rich and fat from buying votes. Our representative republic is in trouble.' ~ (the_wing_t) ~ | 

🕷️🕸️🚸 ('Only 2 etheric spider families remains who's responsible for taken all children not the reptilians in London underground / Swiss mountains.') Channeled Message to EARTH - The Missing, Spider Bloodline Families, Elon Musk, Earths Future!! ~ Aug 5, 2023 ~ |

'Missing innocence (children) taken off world has now stopped. It took dramatic upticks in avancements when a colony of arachnid (spider) consciousness from Orion reptilian contaminants was set free on Earth's year 1858, as an ill-fated and calculated experiment. Since then, some of the highest factions of masonry and above are linked to this spider consciousness and arachnid groups. Since this issue began and has evolved into the LARGEST SECRET ABUSE e-v-e-r, in your modern times.'
~ Alexander Quinn - Starseed

Free guy; Please use your own spirituel discernment and do not get upset at SoTW just trying to get some facts straight from my point of view!...  Make a note on that there's unconfirmed rumors about the Military Alliance is continuing to blow Switzerland up - massive DUMB actions! Over 15 “earthquakes” that are under 10km deep in the last 48 hours alone. Remember what Benjamin Fulford said about Switzerland? In 2020, a massive offensive aimed at finishing off the Swiss-based Octagon group and putting an end to their Nazi fourth Reich has begun.... Sooo, what I understand and have been taught in C.O.B.R.A. R.M. SCHOOL, spider Queens and spider Kings and their minions (HUmans) are very, very powerful etheric and physical beings, not from this world. Some can measuring up to 10 meters / yards in diameter. They all live in spider nests in Chimera underground bases (and natural tunnel systems around the world connected to and D.U.M.B.s.) Cobra says, they form a spider web, a negative leyline construct which is the antithesis of the Flower Of Life leyline grid on the surface. etc. etc. Alexander Quinn through Mantis Aliens (like Simon Parkes admitted that he has a child with one of the alien species) says, those spider beings are the ones who are taken our children and kinda draining them for chemicals (sounds more like a Adrenochrome setup taken children's lifeforce or immortality serum harvested by fear?). Elana Danaan, who I believe, tries to climb over Corey Goode and become the next SSP superstar and for what I understand from C.O.B.R.A. R.M. is, that the Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).  Dr Greer ('Good' and not 'Bad' ETs), was and perhaps, still is, compromised and part of Clinton / Podesta / Rockefellers UFO Initiative (cannot be trusted). Corey Goode, has later backtracked all the recent statements about SSP and says, there's still dangerous Aliens out there... | 

👁️⃤𓂀😱🕷️💀 (Angst for edderkoppemasons - bekæmp din indre araknofobi og uvidenhed) Jeg vil skynde mig at sige; jeg er ikke bange for noget-som-helst. Hverken for at dø eller livet. Hverken for nogen mennesker, noget kryb, dræberklovne, spøgelser, ufoer og rumvæsner til Det overnaturlige. Har selv prøvet, at blive ramt af et DEW-angreb, som den mystiske Havana-syndrom i Cuba, der skyldtes angreb med kraftige målrettede mikrobølger. Og især efter ufo og spirituelle konferencer i USA og andre lande, hvor nogle dæmoniske angreb, fandt sted om natten fra ukendte entiteter. Der måtte jeg hente hjælp fra dekreter, Ærkeengelen Michael og min REIKI-guider, ellers troede jeg skulle dø af migræne. Derimod, beskytter jeg alt som er uskyldigt (børn, unge og husdyr), som andre, er bange for. Og hvis jeg kan, nedkæmper, hele frimureriet og M-for-Mason systemet (Passer og Vinkel). Det er så klamt, at man tror, det er løgn ~ 5. August 2023 ~ |


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Free Guy: Vidste du, der findes flere farlige dyr i troperne end i Dannevang? Under nogen helt særlige forhold og yderst sjældent tilfælde, kan flåter, som satte sig på mig da jeg tit færdes i skoven, være farlige Men, via medier og film, er vi blevet opdraget til, at hajer, edderkopper, bier og slanger, er så ih, så uh, så åh, farlige for alle. Da jeg boede i Sverige, løb der skov- eller husedderkopper over mit gulv, så store som man kunne høre den løbe. I Sedona, Arizona, besøgte en Giant Crab Spider, mit R&B værelse og havde lidt svært ved, at få ham ud igen. På stisystemet til NASAs Kennedy Space Center i Florida lå der en alligator og lurede og hvæsede af turister. Men det som jeg er 'bange' for, er den magtbesiddelse som Kongehuset og de 50.000 medlemmer af frimureriet har, over deres trofaste undersåtter og tilbedere. Tag bare som et helt random eksempel fra mine såkaldte 30+ Fjæs-venner og et par enkelte grupper, hvor man syntes, at "Luca Gaia Moon Spirit" er det hotteste shit-in-town. Han bliver ved med at poppe frem, selvom jeg har unfriende ham. Næste skridt er, jeg blokkere ham og hans vanvittige frimureriske symbolik og tattoo biks. Er der virkelig ikke nogen, som kan gennemskue det?. Er det mig som er galt på den?... |
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