Dec 26, 2014

Post-9/11 military costs hit $1.6 trillion - Dec 26, 2014

(GAOG) To put this into a bit of perspective, I tried to search the web for how much the US has spent on education since 2001. I found this awesome, and shocking, breakdown for different programs on the National Priorities Project website. This group has been working for over 30 years, to create a US national budget that is balanced, and fair for all citizens.
This detailed page, really shows how out of balance the US national spending is. Politicians simply have no clue what citizens need, at this point, and the government is no longer listening to the voice of the people. I do hope this changes, as more people become aware of the astronomical disparity in funding and ask the government for an explanation.
A neat part of this website, is the ability to virtually “reallocate” the budget the way you feel it should be spent. You can also share your budget ideas with other interested citizens. It really is thought-provoking, to check in with our own beliefs and values, and create a budget that supports the divine qualities. Simply taking what is there, and redistributing it in a fair and loving way, would be a complete game changer. ( Source )

By Martin Matishak - 12/22/14 10:38 AM EST

The United States has spent $1.6 trillion on military operations and counterterrorism, including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, according to a newly released report by the Congressional Research Service.

“Based on funding enacted from the 9/11 attacks through [fiscal year 2014], CRS estimates a total of $1.6 trillion has been provided to the Department of Defense, the State Department and the Department of Veterans Administration for war operations, diplomatic operations and foreign aid, and medical care for Iraq and Afghan war veterans over the past 13 years of war,” the report, dated Dec. 8, states.Of the $1.6 trillion total, $815 billion was spent on warfare in Iraq and $686 billion was spent in Afghanistan.

Another $81 billion went toward other “war-designated” funding, and $27 billion was spent on Operation Nobel Eagle, which conducts air patrols over the U.S.

The price tag includes all operations through the end of fiscal 2014, which ended in September.

It does not includes the roughly $64 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations that was included in the fiscal 2015 budget to pay for efforts against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“The main factor in determining costs is the number of U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq at different points in time,” according to the analysis.

In Iraq, the number of U.S. troops peaked at 165,000 in late 2007 as part of the “surge” strategy implemented by then-President George W. Bush. Soldiers in Afghanistan topped off at 100,000 in 2011, but there are 11,600 in the country today as the U.S. draws down.

The CRS analysis does not include the "life-time" medical costs of caring for the war veterans or "imputed interest on the deficit or potential increases to the base defense budget deemed to be a consequence of the war." (Source)

Numerology 2015 – Balanced Dominion

December 26, 2014 · 4:36 pm

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Numerology Calculation for 2015 = 2 + 1 + 5 = Universal year number 8

Metaphysical Meaning Of The Number Eight For 2015

Power, Money and Karma with a strict focus on the balancing of these energies. Personal and global challenges, Success and momentum are flowing traits of the number eight. Dexterity within the confines of ones own personal power, Intensity to maintain balance, Potency, Spiritual Consciousness. Abundance in all it’s various forms including positive and negative. Self reliance, Justice and Stability.

Spiritual Shift Of Energies For 2015

The spiritual energies of 2015 are linked to stability, perseverance, determination and self-belief. A truly powerful person will receive respect and trust from others through their steadfastness, honesty and integrity. Formidable energies of personal power rise to the surface this year, once we have tapped into our strengths and recognized our weaknesses, we will need to carefully direct them. Staying cautious not to let our emotions color our reasoning. Letting go of negative emotions, brings stability to be able to hold on to our truth.

Truth will always come out in the end and balance will always be restored, it is the divine nature of things. In order to effect positive change in ones life, we must first take full responsibility for the life we have created. If goodness, kindness, honor and right of action are at the forefront of our thinking we will naturally move into the universal flow of the number eight, harmony and abundance.

Numerology – World Affairs 2015

The Numerology for 2015 augers in a vibration of justice and balance but not without turmoil and extreme change. The first half of the year brings excessive winds and dangerous tides to the east coast and far west coast of Australia and America. Japan also receives a bout from mother nature in the form of earth quakes and floods affecting nuclear power stations and major cities.

China will have a revolution on it’s hands in late 2015 bringing about governmental changes on a grand scale. Russia will see a shift towards a softer more moralistic government with those in power losing favor.

The first eight months of 2015 will be focused on balance therefore igniting the necessary changes, the last four months of the year are focused on abundance and prosperity for those who chose right action as their guide for the first eight months of the year. In the end a strong successful year with notes of wisdom and harmony. 

Russian FM: US, Ukraine will have to answer questions about MH17 crash

December 25, 19:29 UTC+3 (The Rumor Mill News Reading Room)

Sergey Lavrov mentioned data from US satellites and planes, testimonies by Dnipropetrovsk air traffic controllers and a logbook of that day's sorties of Ukrainian combat planes

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, December 25. /TASS/. The United States and Ukraine will sooner or later have to answer questions within the framework of the investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine near Donetsk last summer, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

He was speaking in an evening talk-show on the Rossiya-1 television news channel on Thursday.

“”We still have no replies to the questions: Where are the data from the US satellites that monitored the area on that day? Where are the data from US planes that were flying over that area? Where are the testimonies by Dnipropetrovsk air traffic controllers who were responsible for keeping track of flights in that part of Ukraine’s airspace? We have long requested a logbook of all sorties Ukrainian combat planes based on that area flew on that day,” Lavrov said, adding that nothing had been done.

“We only hear accusations that Russia is to blame for everything, that the militias are to blame for everything, and that our questions are being asked for the sole purpose of misleading the investigation,” Lavrov said.

He is certain, though, that truth will make its way to the surface in the long run.

“It is impossible to pretend ignorant on and on when very specific questions are asked again and again. We have opened a criminal case. It will be impossible to ignore this process. The questions will have to be answered,” he said.

New evidence in the case

Earlier this week, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said investigators have received evidence of involvement of a Ukrainian military aircraft in the Malaysian Boeing’s crash.

Russian investigators on Tuesday evening questioned a Ukrainian serviceman who earlier gave an interview to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper on the Boeing crash. In line with his testimony, the Boeing 777 could have been shot down by a Su-25 of Ukraine’s Air Force flown by Ukraine Air Force pilot surnamed Voloshin.

However, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) said Voloshin had not flown on the day when the Boeing crashed in the Donetsk Region.

Markin said that “as the witness may be endangered, the investigation is considering granting him state protection under a witness protection program.” He said that if “representatives of the international commission investigating the air crash are interested in establishing the truth and turn to us, we are ready to provide [them with] all available materials.”


Mexican protestors claim that German arms manufacturers exported rifles to corrupt police department implicated in the disappearance of 43 students

Published: December 25, 2014 (Blacklisted News)

ABC News Reports:

Protesters in Mexico claim that German arms manufacturers exported rifles to a corrupt local police department implicated in the disappearance of 43 students. About 100 demonstrators gathered outside the German embassy in Mexico City on Thursday to denounce what they said is the use of German-made G36 assault rifles by police in southern Guerrero state. The police are accused of detaining the students and turning them over to a drug gang, which apparently killed them. Protest leader Felipe de la Cruz said Germany should prevent such sales. Germany's government told weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH in 2010 to cease all arms deliveries to Mexico amid concerns the guns were ending up in parts of the country where Berlin has forbidden weapons exports over human rights issues. At the time, the company denied any wrongdoing. No one from the company's public relations department immediately responded to an email seeking comment Thursday. A person who answered the telephone at the company's office in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany, said no one was in the office on Christmas Day.