August 31, 2019

👾 ~ Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This ? Unseen Weather, Free Energy And Mind Blowing Videos (THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE) ~ | Blogger: VIDEO of Weirdness : Effects of Dorian. Tesla coil. Strange weather & sounds. UFO sightings. Moon bases. Deepfake. Gigantic Amazon Anaconda. UK blue lights & purple lights in Yucatan. Fake eggs. Unusual cloud formation... |

💰 ~ Det Optiske Bedrag og Løkke-posen, er FÆRDIG! Smidt på Porten af Åndssvage­forsorgens Brejning og Baglandet, Grådfyldt KJ, lige efter! L(ø)kken står den kække bi (verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [🤔NÆSTE spørgsmål der melder sig, hvad skal han leve af, nu hvor "smadremanden" er erklæret konkurs?🤫] ... Så bare bare bare ta' det roligt, 'Kisser' fra DKR, har et bud på en saftig BØF!... (ARKIV) {🚴Lille Lars fra Græsted er blevet til Generalen fra Gribskov. Statsministerens feriebuddie, Claus Hougesen og cykelven dømt i Danmarks største historiske bestikkelsessag, mens den teknisk insolvente, Statsminister, skaber i panik, #DenPrivateLarsLøkke- Sugar-FondensPensions-ScamUdenRegnskabspligt, mens #UdenlandskeFrem- mede-Magter-Svenske-Handelsbanken, har en gældslemme på Larskviklån realkredit mens Venstre og skatteyderne, betaler hele gildet💸} ... 00'ernes Don Ø's Kommanditselskab, som komplementar og UDEN regnskabspligt, snører Løkke og de 9 kommanditister, bla. med Fitness-konge Palm og Jørgen Glistrup, der går konkurs og man hæfter solidarisk med Don's sommehuse-indkøbs-fidus, tager skraldet, men en lille kæk cyklist, blev Statsminister og gik 'fri', så ham kan vi li’! ... Der var en , der var to, der var tre, der var fir’, der var fem, der blev til grin. Der var seks, der var syv, der var otte, der var ni, men den tiende, han var FIN!??... ⚠️ PS: Bergur Løkke Rasmussen hylder sin far: 'Far, Formand, Forbillede!' - klar til en karriere i politik, dog uden plads i Europa-Parlamentet, men del af Venstre-kabalen, når hans farmand, er gået tabt, og forsvinder i glemselens kontinuum og de magtfulde politiske (Guldjyder) med jyske gårdejere og jyske (citronmåne) millionærer af forretningsmænd, bestemmer sig for hvem, der er bedst som formand for jyske motorveje, jyske virksomheder, radio24syv og Danmarks højeste tårn... |

Kilder som 'Kisser' nævner (nogle): 👉

    Her er Løkkes kaotiske privatøkonomi

    📽️ ~ Edge of Live 22 Space Force, Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 ~ | Blogger: PS: On Kauilapele's blog there's a 3 parter notes by Joan Wheaton from DW/CG talk... You could also purchase livestream / package... |

    🐪 ~ You Won’t Believe What’s Buried Under the Sahara…Hidden Lost Ancient Civilizations ( Bright Insight) ~ | ~ Sun vs Dorian, New Property of Matter, China Spying (Suspicious0bservers) ~ | Blogger: Waaaaaauv!... |

    👼 ~ 💗 Kryon 2019 - The New Connection 2019 💕 ~ | .. Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a "Support" Entity, Expressing positiveness in a beautiful ways .. | Blogger: PS: 15 minutes of amazing and useful spiritual messages from "Kryon" - presented as an entity from the "magnetic service", before Q&A with Lee Carroll...🙏 |

    ⚖️ ~ Rudy Giuliani: Deep State Prosecutions Coming Following IG Report (newspunch) ~ | .. reports: The report determined that Comey broke FBI rules by leaking memos from his private conversations with President Trump. It also found that the former FBI director set a “dangerous example” for other employees and noted that Comey sought “a personally desired outcome.” .. |

    Rudy Giuliani has promised the American people that “prosecutions will happen” following the release of the DOJ Inspector General Report on Thursday.'


    👼 ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self (TreeOfTheGoldenLight) 💕 ~ | .. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God .. |

    Channeled by Mike Quinsey

    30th August 2019

    There is so much happening on Earth at this time and if the outcome is as intended then you should be well on the way to very acceptable changes. Those entities that influence you for the betterment of all people are trying to influence you to take steps that would hasten your days to Ascension. As we have mentioned quite recently, leadership changes are important so that you can be certain that you leave the old behind, making room for the long overdue advancement that can propel you into the New Age. Progress cannot be held back any longer, and if your Governments do not make the first moves others will. Whilst your destiny is in your own hands, there is a goal that we will direct you to so that you are prepared for a future much different to what you are experiencing at present. Without our help you would be at the mercy of those who have their own agenda, and in no way contribute to your evolutionary advancement.

    You may quite rightly point at the way Humanity seems to have lost its pathway to better things, as you quite obviously realise that by now you should be enjoying a far more advanced quality of life. It is certainly there waiting for you but vested interests do all they can to hold it back. Their God is profit before people but they will eventually have to change. Sharing and caring for each other will the basis of lifting up the levels of life so that they are more acceptable to all people. Do not despair, it will come in many of your lifetimes and all of your sacrifices will have been well worthwhile. So we will say once again keep looking straight ahead and try not to be distracted by other happenings. In the big picture all is well and you have many different civilisations standing by to make sure you reach your goal safe and sound.

    Regardless of what is happening on the world stage you are assured of making progress, as even now behind the scenes there are many people and organisations working to bring the changes to fruition. In fact they are growing in numbers as more people awaken to their life plan to help bring positive measures into being. You will find that there is a division taking place whereby those of the higher vibrations are having less and less to do with those of the negative energies. This is a form of segregation that is preparing you all for the time when you shall go your own ways and it is perfectively fair and reasonable, with no judgement being involved. The opportunities of the future are open to all souls with no picking or choosing and hopefully all will progress in accordance with their life plan.

    🎡 ~ Nun's Walk, Nr Tufton, Hampshire. Reported 4th August (cropcircle connector) ~ |


    🧊 ~ Thule Air Base: inside the US’s northernmost military base in Greenland (airforce-technology) ~ | .. “The Thule Air Base is strategically positioned for locating space threats over the Arctic region.”. Thule Air Base’s 821st Support Squadron Civil Engineer flight commander captain Stephen Caple said: “Everyone here at Thule Air Base plays an important role in securing Air Force Space Command, North American Aerospace Defense Command, Combatant Command, United States Northern Command, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization defence .. |

    The US’s northernmost military base is the Thule Air Base in Greenland, which was strategically, yet illicitly, established to offer the Danish colonies protection from Germany in the Second World War. Today, the base is used for monitoring space for defence purposes.

    The Thule Air Base is a military base in Greenland belonging to the US. It is, in fact, the US’s northernmost military base in the world, located just 1,524km from the North Pole and 1,207km north of the Arctic Circle.

    The US established the Thule Air Base in 1941 to help Denmark defend its colonies from increasing German aggression. Today, the military base in Greenland is used by the US Air Force (USAF) Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Specifically, it is home to the 21st Space Wing’s network of sensors that provides early missile warning, space surveillance and control.

    Establishment of the Thule Air Base

    On 9 April 1940, the Danish Ambassador to the US Henrik Kauffmann commenced an agreement with the US that permitted the US military to help Denmark defend its colonies from advancing German forces, who had begun occupying the Danish mainland under a protectorate government.

    Exactly one year to the day later, the Danish Ambassador signed ‘The Agreement relating to the Defense of Greenland’, which the protectorate government quickly denounced. However, the decision allowed the US to operate across Greenland as long as there was at threat to North America.
    The agreement quickly culminated in the US Coast Guard and War Department setting up weather and radio stations at Narsarsuaq Airport, Sondrestrom Air Base, as well as sites at Ikateq and Gronnedal. This was followed by the US Army Air Forces establishing weather stations at Scoresbysund and finally Thule, which was operated by Danish personnel.
    The decision by Kauffmann to go behind the back of the Danish Government earned him a charge of high treason and he was stripped from his rank. But Kauffmann ignored this and one of the first things the new parliament did after the Liberation of Denmark in May 1945 was to revoke these charges.

    According to Time, the US planned to place “up to 600 nuclear-armed medium-range ballistic missiles” in underground tunnels – spanning more than 4,000km – during the Cold War. However, the so-called ‘Project Iceman’, which was located close to Thule at Camp Century, failed due to the fact that the ice sheets covering the tunnels were constantly shifting. By 1965, Camp Century’s personnel were removed and the project was scrapped.

    Modern activities: a US space base

    🔴 ~ MASS SHOOTING at High School Football Game in Mobile, Alabama, At Least 10 Injured (VIDEO) ~ | Blogger: Another MASS HOAX or FF Ops?... Nothing conf- irmed as of now... All we know is, that at least six people were injured after a shooting at a high school football game in Ladd Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama... |


    😷 ~ The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests (Paul Joseph Watson) ~ | Blogger: PS: (verdensalt) -- Violent Pro-China ‘triad’ mob (riotcops) attacks Hong Kong protesters, no arrests made❓ British betrayal of Hong Kong. UK Opium wars & Red Dragon❓ Massive procession of Chinese military, near Shenzhen, stopping all protesters before Oct 1, 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China❓ America & Antifa ignited Hong Kong violence by George Soros right's boogeyman❓... |

    👯‍♀️ ~ Det Mest Skrøbelige & Feministisk Initiativ i Mands Minde af Ministre. Fra Blodrøde Faner, Nepotisme, Embedsværftets Magtfuldkommenhed samt 'Nul' Erfaring til 'Løftebrud' (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [👧Datter af ræverøde skole- pædagoger, blændet af smuk cowboy, elsker e-valg, hader IT-fyre i tennissokker og yngste Qvins i Bond-Q forsvarsministerium, der ansætter en medsøster, begge med NUL-kvalifikationer i et Old School mandedommineret militærsystem. Hvad pokker sker der❓] ... {Danskere er vellidt afstemt EFTER sommerferieperioden, til at elske deres NYE regering, fordi, de er TOTALT renses for alle dårlige sager, fra hukommelsen FØR de gik på ferie} ... Kys, medsøstre & bimboer - men INGEN Åndsmennesker! Ikke set siden den svenske regerings-rævekage blev dannet af useriøse politiske 'Qkvins' talent-pulje samt Povo-Pernille.. ALTSÅ, en ting er at, 'Rita', smutter til USA med Game of Thrones-skuespiller i hovedrollen, det er til at forstå, men at en 38-årig kvindelig Forsvarsminister, der ansætter sin 37-årig veninde som "særlig rådgiver" i Forsvarsministeriet, der (muligvis) absolut Zero-But-No-Hero, erfaring har fra forsvaret, politiet eller kæft trit og retning... HVORFOR ansætter StatsAdelen djøfere, som INGEN erhvervserfaring har, fra virkeligheden?... 🚩 HVORDAN vil hun afgøre om vi skal ændre, udvide eller nedlægge de 'TOP-hemmelige' aftaler samt samarbejdet, som Danmark indgår i, der bliver kaldt ’De 9 øjne’, det næsthøjeste og placerer Danmark over en række centrale europæiske allierede❓❓... 🚩 VED HUN noget om The Rand Corporation (Den u-barmhjertige samaritaner), DR-formand har økonomiske interesser i valg af F-35 kampfly (dansk lobby-bureau - Lead Agency), Terma A/S (Aerospace and defense company) som afgående Forsvarsminister, Claus Hjort Iceman Vader, har været vant med et (2-cifret million beløb) af et 'hold-kæft-bolsje', for alle de hemmelige aftaler, Venstre har indgået med NASA, ESA og verdens mest magtfulde lejesoldat firma, Blackwater og Lockheed Martin Corporation!❓❓... 🚩 HVAD vil hun gøre med Grønland i missilskjoldets hemmelige skygge fra den amerikanske regerings og militærs forsøg på at opnå fuld territorial kontrol over Grønland via den hemmelige atombase (Camp Century) som nu, er sunket i isen og forurener hele Den Kongelige Grønlandske Handel (KGH) med atomaffald og de 200.000 liter dieselolie, der ligger begravet❓❓... 🚩 BIDER hun til bollen om, at hemmelige lyttestation på Dueodde og andre hemmelige lytteposter, der FEJLAGTIGT tror på, at Putin og Co. ejer en russisk troldefabrik og vil angribe danske interesser❓❓... 🚩 FÅR HUN set filmen 'STAY BEHIND - MIN FARFARS HEMMELIGE KRIG', hvor masser af mennesker fra efterkrigstidens danske patrioter og helte fra Anden Verdenskrig, arbejdede som agenter for CIA i et hemmeligt, europæisk netværk, Gladio - NATO / CIA ”Stay-Behind” hemmelige hære, opmagasinere våben, og stadigvæk gør det i 2019❓❓... 🚩 HAR HUN nogen ide om, at Kvindelige soldater fortæller om overgreb og sexchikane i Forsvaret og henvendt sig til foreningen Kvindelige Veteraner i løbet af de sidste to år med historier om chikane og overgreb i Forsvaret❓❓.... 🚩 DER ER NOK, at tage fat i Madame Bramsen og co. som syntes, at søster-nepotisme, er okay, til at besidde Danmarks mest MAGTFULDE erhverv.. AT sende unge, naive mors skødebørn af idealistiske soldater af sted til fjerne lande med den enehånd bundet på ryggen og Genève-konventionen i den anden, kampgejst til at bekæmpe fanatikere, som er opdraget til at elske døden, og som aldrig har hørt om ’krigens love’ og ikke ville drømme om at overholde dem, hvis de kendte dem... GUDFADER bevar mig vel... |

     .. "A call for IT nerds: Stop wearing tennis socks — and speak so that we can understand you!"  ~ Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen....

    Bramsen henter forstærkning: Ansætter 37-årig veninde som "særlig rådgiver" i Forsvarsministeriet

    🛡️ ~ Are US Aircraft Carriers secretly protected by Electromagnetic “Tesla” Shields? (Dr. Michael Salla] ~ | Blogger: What's POTUS been up to most recently, besides leaking classified aerial photos of Iran rocket site, nobody knows... It might be so, that The “Tesla” shields has been secretly equipped to U.S. aircraft carriers, but I'm from Barcelona, I know nothing... |

    In January 2017, all U.S. aircraft carriers were recalled to their home ports for unknown upgrades. There has been much speculation about what the carriers had been secretly equipped with given the growing threats posed by hypersonic cruise missiles against which the carriers appeared defenseless. The 2018 release of a Navy patent provides a compelling answer to what had happened during the recall. The carriers were secretly equipped with powerful electromagnetic “Tesla” shields that could neutralize all hypersonic and ballistic missile threats.

    👱‍♀️ ~ 💗 Nordic Alien Facts That Will Certainly Make You Wonder What They Are! (Matrix Wisdom) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👱Danish and Swedish Nordic Alien Prototype of Blue Eyed, Blonde-Haired Tall Humanoids👽] ... Got my first intuitive under- standing about Nordic Alien Ancestors by Tolec during my visit to Interplanetary Cultural Exchange Summer Conference in Mt. Shasta 2015. Tolec is a human representative of the Andromeda Council, an intergalactic, interstellar and interdimensional governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient, intelligent life for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies... |

    ☀️ ~ CLIMATE BOMBSHELL : NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels (NN) ~ | .. NASA space agency, for whatever reason, has chosen to let the man-made global warming hoax persist and spread, to the detriment of human freedom, in more than 60 years .. |

    ... If we had to sum the whole thing up in one simple phrase, it would be this: The biggest factor influencing weather and climate patterns on earth is the sun, period. Depending on the earth’s position to the sun at any given time, climate conditions are going to vary dramatically, and even create drastic abnormalities that defy everything that humans thought they knew about how the earth worked...


    August 30, 2019

    🤥 ~ Why Everything They Say About the Amazon, Including That It’s the ‘Lungs of the World,’ is Wrong (GAOG) ~ | .. I was curious to hear what one of the world’s leading Amazon forest experts, Dan Nepstad, had to say about the “lungs” claim. “It’s bullshit,” he said. “There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.” .. | Blogger: [🏴󠁴󠁷󠁬󠁩󠁥󠁿The Hoax Greta Thunberger Syndrome🏳️‍🌈] ... AND we still don't listen, not even when Artic & Africa fires are humongous larger than Amazons ("The lungs of the Earth are in flames" - lies) ... |

    The dramatic photos shared by celebrities of the fires in Brazil weren’t what they appeared to be

    by Michael Shellenberger, August 26, 2019,

    The increase in fires burning in Brazil set off a storm of international outrage last week. Celebrities, environmentalists, and political leaders blame Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, for destroying the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, which they say is the “lungs of the world.”

    Singers and actors including Madonna and Jaden Smith shared photos on social media that were seen by tens of millions of people. “The lungs of the Earth are in flames,” said actor Leonardo DiCaprio. “The Amazon Rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen,” tweeted soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. “The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen — is on fire,” tweeted French President Emanuel Macron.

    And yet the photos weren’t actually of the fires and many weren’t even of the Amazon. The photo Ronaldo shared was taken in southern Brazil, far from the Amazon, in 2013. The photo that DiCaprio and Macron shared is over 20 years old. The photo Madonna and Smith shared is over 30. Some celebrities shared photos from Montana, India, and Sweden.

    To their credit, CNN and New York Times debunked the photos and other misinformation about the fires. “Deforestation is neither new nor limited to one nation,” explained CNN. “These fires were not caused by climate change,” noted The Times.

    But both publications repeated the claim that the Amazon is the “lungs” of the world. “The Amazon remains a net source of oxygen today,” said CNN. “The Amazon is often referred to as Earth’s ‘lungs,’ because its vast forests release oxygen and store carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping gas that is a major cause of global warming,” claimed The New York Times.

    I was curious to hear what one of the world’s leading Amazon forest experts, Dan Nepstad, had to say about the “lungs” claim.

    “It’s bullshit,” he said. “There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.”

    Plants use respiration to convert nutrients from the soil into energy. They use photosynthesis to convert light into chemical energy, which can later be used in respiration.

    What about the New York Times claim that “If enough rain forest is lost and can’t be restored, the area will become savanna, which doesn’t store as much carbon, meaning a reduction in the planet’s ‘lung capacity’”?

    🌪️ ~ HURRICANE DORIAN THE MAN MADE STORM #WEATHERWARFARE LIVE!! #ANALYSIS ~ | Blogger: [🌬️ALWAYS use your own spiritual discernment 🎐] ...PS: "Power outages are set to affect 7.5 MILLION Florida residents when monster Hurricane Dorian strikes on Labor Day - possibly as a Category 5 - the strongest storm to batter the state's east coast since Andrew in 1992" (daily mail)..

    🏩 ~ 💗 Sexual Vitality Summit: FREE Online Event (wakeup-world) 💕 ~ |

    Recent research data says: you’re having LESS sex than your grandparent’s generation. Whatever your bedroom issues, there are solutions out there – but many of the best new sexual health solutions are not yet used by the mainstream medical community.

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    • Overcome the obstacles of a low-desire partner
    • Choose non-hormonal contraceptives
    • Heal from endometriosis, PCOS, vulvodynia, prolapse, incontinence and hysterectomy
    • Protect yourself from surges in STI superbugs
    • Use alternatives to “The Pill,” bleached tampons, latex condoms, chemical-laden lubricants and carrier creams
    What’s more, when you register for the Sexual Vitality Summit, you’ll also receive access to Susan’s powerful eGuide, Hot to Trot: 38 Facts to Supercharge Your Sex Drive.

    Ready to turbo charge your sex life and put intimacy problems behind you? Don’t miss this chance to regain the happiness and sense of connection we all crave. See you there!

    🔴 ~ Danske Bank politianmeldt for Flexinvest Fri-sag (ritzau) ~ | Blogger: ["Forsvarsadvokat om sigtede Danske Bank-chefer: "Ikke fugls føde på den sag" ~] .. Det er usikkert, om sagen mod en række tidligere Danske Bank-chefer overhovedet kan føres i Danmark, lyder det fra en juraprofessor... |

    Finanstilsynet politianmelder Danske Bank for sagen om investeringsproduktet Flexinvest Fri. Det oplyser tilsynet på sin hjemmeside.

    Udover politianmeldelsen får Danske Bank fem påbud fra Finanstilsynet - herunder, at banken skal gennemgå alle aftaler med kunder, der har købt Flexinvest Fri for at sikre, at aftalerne lever op til kundernes formål.

    Danske Bank hævede i juli 2017 gebyrer for bankens kunder af investeringsstrategierne Flexinvest Fri.

    På det tidspunkt var banken detaljeret advaret om, at det ville betyde, at titusindvis af kunder måtte forvente at få et negativt afkast. Altså ende med at betale flere penge, end de tjente på deres investering.

    Som bank skal man varetage kundens interesse. Og derfor har Finanstilsynet slået ned på bankens gebyrstigninger, da de ikke var i kundens - men i bankens interesse.


    🙍 ~ 😿 (Sjælesorg) Hver tredje af os har slået hånden af et familiemedlem, hver tiende afbryder forbindelsen helt. Psykolog Camilla, er stoppet med foredrag - det var for smertefuldt, når folk begyndte at græde (Verdensalt Arkiv) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [💟 Camilla Carlsen Bechsgaard (psykolog, foredragsholder og forfatter) og stadigvæk meget aktuelt, beskæftiger sig en del med konflikter og brud i familier og har lavet bøger om emnet 🙏] ... 🔛 Vi skal også se eller gense Chalotte Buhl Mayland, som finder sin far igen efter 12 års brud... 🔛 Sissel Bergfjord, som er forfatter og har blandt andet skrevet en børnebog om at bryde med en forælder... 🔛 Sognepræst i Havdrup Helle Viuf har set mange eksempler på, voksne børn som har afbrudt kontakten med Deres forældre, som netop har afsluttet et master- studie i "sjælesorg" - som handler om den sorg som opstår når der er krise i forholdet mellem voksne børn og Deres forældre... 🔛 Til sidst, 10 GODE RÅD - Sådan tackler du en konflikt i familien...🔚 |

    Udgivet første gang 25. December 2014 af Verdensalt

    Chalotte Buhl Mayland havde ingen kontakt med sin far i 12 år. Se i videoen, hvad der førte til bruddet,
    og hvordan de fandt hianden igen.

    Jeg tager udgangspunkt i DanmarksRadio, henviser til de mange artikler om emnet - (billedetekst links ), men mest DR P1 Morgen hvor Camilla Carlsen Bechsgaard, samt Sognepræst i Havdrup Helle Viuf, giver Deres bud på hvorfor vi bryder med vores familie.... 

    ....kender det på nært hold mht. min egen datter (Isabella), som pludseligt afbrød forbindelsen til mig - i hendes trettenårs alder, samt andre familiemedlemmer som har brudt med søskende i min familie. I dette blogindlæg vil jeg ikke inddrage en anden form for dybere spirituel tilgang, eller personlig sjælesorg, blot fakta fra DR's arkiv.. )

    PS: Hvis du ikke kan finde P1 program længere, har jeg selv lyttet til programmet og oversat noget, resten er fra DR's programoversættelse..... 

    SE OGSÅ: Psykolog Camilla Carlsen Bechsgaard har skrevet bøger om brud i familier og holdt foredrag om samme emne. Nu er hun stoppet med foredragene.!/01:20:20

    DR P1 Morgen ( Del 1 )

    - Det er som regel voksne børn som vælger at bryde med den ende eller begge af Deres forældre eller søskende imellem, som stopper kontakten til hinanden. Det hænder, men ikke så tit, at forældre til Deres egne børn, vælger at bryde kontakten. Camilla Carlsen Bechsgaard (psykolog, foredragsholder og forfatter) som beskæftiger sig en del med konflikter og brud i familier og har en bog nr 2 på vej om emnet) - svarer på spørgsmålet, hvorfor hver tredje af os, der har haft en konflikt som har medført til et brud med nogen i familien...hvorfor er det så mange som vælger de drastiske skridt? 

    Camilla beretter, på det pågældende tidspunkt, føler de, det har været den eneste udvej... de har forsøgt i rigtige mange år, ved at løse det, ved at snakke sammen, skriver breve og på alle muligheder måder, forsøgt at være sammen på, i familien, men det har ikke fungeret.

    Camilla Carlsen Bechsgaard
    Samtidigt tænker Camilla også på, at samfundsmæssigt, at kunne håndtere disse situationer på, er blevet væsentlige mindre, fordi de fleste mennesker generelt er meget presset... der er ikke kræfter og energi til, at blive ved mere, med disse tunge og konfliktpræget forhold....

    DR - Camilla bliver spurgt ind til, hvad der er gået galt, med disse typer af konflikter? 

    Camillia nævner, der som regel er én form for begivenhed, som kan ligge mange år tilbage i familien, det kunne typisk være skilsmisse, dødsfald eller psykisk sygdom ..... på en anden måde, sket et brud i den nære familiekontakt eller familiemedlemmerne, der ikke har haft overskud til hinanden..  det kan også bare være en generel dårlig evne, til at kommunikere ordentligt, og til, at forstå hinanden på det følelsesmæssige plan... 

    "Det er jo ikke alle mennesker som er vant til, at tale om følelser og sige: når du siger sådanne og sådanne, så gør det noget her ved mig! - men bare ved,  at reagere med en bitter bemærkning eller trække sig væk, så eskalere det jo rigtigt hurtigt til det dårlige"....
    Langt de fleste mennesker, lever med disse indre konkliter, og førsøger at undgå at skabe de situationer, hvor konflikterne sker, men det er for nogen, hvor det bliver så sårende og livsinvaliderende, bare det, at være sammen med de mennesker, der sårer en gang på gang, er man nødt til at konkludere; "det kan jeg ikke håndtere mere! - Nu er jeg nødt til, at sige fra" - Camilla tænker ikke, det er en beslutning, man blot vågner op til en morgen og siger til sig selv " når, nu tror jeg vil skrive til min mor og bryde med hende" , der er snarere, tænkt over i rigtigt lang tid, før man vælger at tage selve skridtet.....

    DR - Nogen gange kan det vel også være det rigtigste at gøre? Hvis et familiemedlem drikker for meget, ikke til at stole på, eller på andre måder overskrider ens grænser - så kan det vel være en god ide?

    Camilla - Det tænker jeg også på, at nogen gange er man simpelhen nødt til det, grundet selv-beskyttelsen, at trække sig tilbage... men det skaber et rum, hvor der er en masse spørgsmål, som er ubesvaret, og en masse ting som ikke bliver gjort færdigt. Når det er sagt, er jeg også godt klar over igennem mit arbejde og faglige kontakter, der er nogen mennesker som er på hendes side( moderens eksempel) : følelses- og udviklingsmæssigt, hvor man bare HAR en forældre eller søskende, "hvor der bare ikke er hul igennem" så er det måske også det nødvendigste skridt at tage, fordi de ikke tror de kommer længere med denne relation ...

    Camilla oplever bare, når hun taler med sine klienter, en rigtigt stor smerte, når de befinder sig i denne situation, at familiekonflikter ikke rigtigt bliver løst, når der kommer et brud...

    DR - Så hvad råder du dem til ?

    🛡️ ~ The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland ~ | Blogger: [🔦As Always A Superb Must-Read. Thanks to ECETI🙏] ... |

    James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

    The Schumann Resonance is off the scale

    The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland

    The Schumann Resonance is off the scale so if you are felling out of sorts keep an eye on it. 

    Peaked at 17 usually 7.8 expect a little chaos. 

    Dimensions of Disclosure has wrapped up many are still watching the presentations with the streaming and overall it was a tremendous success.

    Lots of allies came together with a common cause ending the reign of the enslavers. Adriane, family and staff should get a gold medal of honor for pulling the conference off with all the interference seen and unseen. Anyone pulling the masks down, exposing the dark hearts, and bringing out a truth that unifies and empowers the people are going to take hits. The puppet masters, the draconian grid they support and their physical counter parts took a real hit last weekend. Truth bombs were dropping everywhere, eyes were opening, the social programming was failing and the disseminators of deception came unglued. The lame stream media pulled out all the stops with their manipulating power houses of twist and deceive hit pieces only to draw more attention and subscriptions to those dropping the truth bombs.

    There was a reference to Rachel Madcow, not sure who that is, smile. What it is now looking like is all the lame stream media has madcow disease, maybe rabies. It is like they all took a terminal dose of Exlax and it is coming out the wrong end. To those awakened it has been that way from the beginning. People with self-serving agendas within the UFO, Spiritual and Conspiracy field received a major reality check exposing their jealousy, misinformation and attempts to one up and tear down others to bolster their careers. I found it amazing all the slanderous rumors flying about yet no one has any facts or firsthand experience. Rumors about myself included. It is odd when all you are doing is gardening, building, counselling, writing newsletters and doing radio shows people actually think you have time to do all these crazy things. Seriously, some are totally contradictory. How can you be gay, a sexual predator, a pedophile, run a Russian Beastiality Ring, practice dark sorcery and have any time for gardening, building cabins, bringing in fire wood, counselling sessions, taking care of the animals and running a 70 acre ranch? I did not even know all this was going on until I entered back into society.

    We have tracked down the source of some of these rumors and they come from people who were asked to leave the ranch due to drug & alcohol abuse, theft, sewing seeds of dissent, let their egos run amuck or in the worst case scenario they tried to create a coup. They forgot one thing in their delusion, whose name was on the deed. I also found one source to be an ended relationship. News flash not all relationships last or end well. There is a saying, “It all begins with good intentions, over time without each taking personal responsibility it ends badly”. Sad, when one cannot overcome their abandonment and betrayal issues, refuse to heal and the relationship becomes toxic self-love demands separation. There is no wrath or fury than a woman scorned yet why does it have to be that way? Why not forgive, gain the wisdom from the experience and move on? In my talk I said I am going to make a T-shirt that says, “I am not your father, your mother, or your X lover I am just sitting here”.

    👼 ~ 💓 Extraterrestrial Holographic Simulation Games OnBoard of Ships - Pleiadian Communication (Cosmic Agency) 💕~ | Blogger: [OF COURSE, we're not ready for mass contact!. Not even for 'First Contact'?] ... {Will Ascension or the EVENT not happen before 2025 or later!? ~ verdensalt} ... 'Spiritual Realism', is the collective human soul of humanity exists in a transcendent and exalted form. But most people around the globe, remains in the 3-D matrix of illusion, and WE, the 144.000 Starseeds, Lightworkers & Lightwarrios, cannot hold the LIGHT intact, when the Cabal (controller, authorities), Mainstream Media dumb us down, with the Mother of all Wars, The War on Consciousness... A external worldly Matrix, full of distortions, distractions and illusions, keeping humanity enslaved to a decaying materialistics, terroristic and technocratic paradigm, inside A.I. Hunter Games, that is already exhausted... How do we win these battles of Spiritual Warfare & prevail on Earth? Good question... (unconditional) LOVE is one, yeah!.. Righteous- ness -- Spiritual disciplines are vitally necessary to achieve righteousness... LISTEN to the word of God / Source & Christ Consciousness... Heart over Ego... |

    💨 ~ From Darkness To Light | 8K (Stormchaser Ty Schmitt) ~ |

    💀 ~ 3.8 million-year-old hominin skull unearthed (unexplained-mysteries) ~ |

    Is this the skull of our direct ancestor ? Image Credit: YouTube / The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

    The remarkable discovery has reignited the debate over which hominim species gave rise to modern humans.

    The well-preserved skull, which dates back 3.8 million years, was unearthed by Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and his team in Ethiopia.

    It is the best example to date of Australopithecus anamensis - the oldest known australopithecine.

    Previous studies had suggested that Australopithecus anamensis was the direct ancestor of a more advanced species known as Australopithecus afarensis which in turn gave rise to the Homo genus.

    This latest discovery however has cast this idea in to doubt on the basis that anamensis and afarensisare now thought to have co-existed for at least 100,000 years.

    This makes it difficult to know which of them ultimately gave rise to modern humans.

    "For a long time, afarensis was considered the best candidate as an ancestor to our kind, but we are not in that position any more," said Prof Haile-Selassie.

    "Now we can look back at all the species that might have existed at the time and examine which one may have been most like the first human."



    🕳️ ~ A Defense Agency Asked People For Help Finding Dark Underground Tunnels ASAP And People Were Like EXCUSE ME (buzzfeednews) ~ |

    Ever heard of DARPA? The research agency within the US Defense Department? Yeah, you, me, and probably 97% of the rest of the country hadn't...until Wednesday when it sent a super random, weird, creepy tweet that was basically the intro to Stranger ThingsSeason 3 and caused people to be like, "Oh, OK, yeah sure, this is fine."


    👒 ~ (DK) Henriette Zobels selskab under tvangsopløsning (Ekstra Bladet) ~ | .. (ENG) Henriette Zobels company is supervised and under compulsory dissolution for cheating with 2 million unpaid taxes from her spiritual retreat center .. | Blogger: Oh My Freaking God! 😲... Verdensalt is NOT trying to be 'mean', personally or disrespectful of the so-called "spiritual community" of Denmark... WHEN HKH Prince Henrik of Denmark was alive, Frau Zobel, continued to post Instagram pictures of her dearest friend, Prince Henrik - 'I stand against all the authorities' (double standards and not deeper spirituality)... 🙇 I'm so sorry to say this, before we come to any conclusions about Zobel's company bankruptcy, or why she picked an non-spiritual partner (tobacco heir Erik Stener Færch, whose father created millions on shares from the current Scandinavian Tobacco Company, that kills people), which is not of my concern, but here on the verdensalt channel, i'll tell it straight to your face and i'm NOT scared to let down my guard and open up to my significant other... For me, (people will be upset now) for me, Zobel, is a bankrupted, alcoholized condemn, traumatized, depressed, heart- broken, glamorous, mysterious, spiritual self programmed jet-set adventurer - yet another innocent spiritual 'figurehead' (pretender) like so many, many other hollywood wives (forsidefruerne)... (I have to get something off my chest, perhaps you can help me❓) -- I just don't get this - every time i'll visited, lets say, places like The Health Fairs and the Universe of Mysticism (Krop-Sind-Ånd Helsemesserne) i see these types of 'women' living in glamour and luxury, (born with a silver spoon up the arse) attending these events, like it was some sought of Lifestyle Magazines (Bo Bedre) to meet other Hollywood Wives, but do they KNOW what's it like to live outside the 3-D matrix of illusion? With no work, no money, spiritual 'naked' from any negative attachments, de-traumatized, to counter ones ego that deploys unconscious defense mechanisms, letting go of materialism, facing fear for a true spiritual awakening? I think not... AND of course, there is no recipe - everyone has their own spiritual path and that makes us unique and special. No one can be better in being you then you, because no one has your history, your genes, your parents, experiences or failures. It is up to you what you make of it... All i'm saying is, be authentic, be honest, truthful to yourselves, don't be like Frau Zobel, a part of Denmark's rich jetsetters, cheating taxes on spiritual retreats, an mindfulness of honey trapping, similar to Pernille Sams (Real estate agency for rich people) and reiki master, who i meet on one of my courses and people gotten embarrassingly starstruck by meeting their favorite celebs, i actually quit the course, because of the spiritual numbnessess, the rich and famous attitude that many danes, have in their blood. There's so incredible many alternative healers in Denmark, but the questions is, can they fix themselves, before they're able to fix others?🤔... ANYWAYS, peace and out.. |


    👯 ~ Prince Andrew ‘knows what he’s done and should come clean’ Epstein victim says (METRO) ~ | Blogger: [🚨The pressures of being a celebrity and sexual teen predator. May justice be served. Immunity or not⚖️] ... PS: (UK) "The royal prerogative is a body of customary authority, privilege, and immunity attached to the British monarch (or "sovereign"), recognised in the United Kingdom. The monarch is regarded internally as the absolute authority, or "sole prerogative", and prerogative the source of many of the executive powers of the British govt". " (EU) "Parliamentary immunity is not a Member's personal privilege, but guarantees that a MEP can freely exercise his or her mandate and cannot be exposed to arbitrary, political persecution"."(Danish Parliamentary immunity - parliamentary inviolability - non-accountability. S. 57 of the Constitution Act) - About 10 years ago Jeppe Kofod had to resign all his political positions within the Socialdemocrat party, due to a huge sex scandal. The new Foreign Minister was in 2008 partici- pating a socialdemocrat party event, where he during the evening had sex with another girl of just 15 years old. The girl was also member of the Socialdemocrats. In Denmark the minimum sexual age is 15 years, thus Jeppe Kofod did not commit any crime according to danish law????😟... PS: Why are a naked boy caught jumping out of Buckingham Palace window and nobody is talking about this???... |


    Parliamentary immunity
    Royal prerogative in the United Kingdom
    Denmarks new Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofoed’s sex scandal with a just 15year old girl is haunting him
    DENMARK Folketinget (The Danish Parliament)

    ⛺ ~ 💗 35-Year-Old Saves $100,000 in 7 Years by Living in a Tiny House, Plans to Retire at 40 (people) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🤗 Custom Tiny House On Wheels - Solar Power, Running Water, Toilet, Shower, Kitchenette.. Ohhhh yes, this is definitely me... "I looove it" (like the brand 'Ole Henriksen' would have said) 💜] ... {Reminds me on the new Project that Cobra presented at the Conference in Sao Paulo, called "Island of Light"} ... Tiny homes are all the rage. Real estate is getting expensive, and younger people are more worried about paying off student loans than saving up for a house. Tiny homes offer a way to live somewhere on the cheap, pare down your life to the essentials, and not necessarily skimp on some of the nicer things in life. And if you don't want to buy one, they're great to rent for the weekend. Tiny homes are a popular category on Airbnb, and there's even a company worth millions of dollars dedicated to renting out tiny cottages.... 🤔Soooo, here comes the challenges... From USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Estonia etc. its seems so easy, but in Denmark, it's very expensive and complicated, to say the least.. NOT if you rent it ($750 for rent per month) - The costs depend on of transport time - DKK 947 per tractor hour - and installation costs for electricity, water and sewer connection - usually between DKK 5,000 and DKK 20,000, depending on local conditions... IF, you have the "monedas", and there's no handy-man around - As an indication, the price is usually between DKK 480,000 and on the other side of DKK 1,000,000 for a house built according to the building regulations for year-round housing... ☝️ HERE'S THE PROBLEM, (Illegal trailer parks a growing trend in Denmark) like with (permanent residences of) campers, waterhouses, holiday houses, allotment huts, you name it - our government, municipality rules, that they must do whatever possible to create a nightmare based society, were you have to pay taxes (death and taxes). And therefore, tiny houses don't come cheap and you just can't park it in a forest nearby, unless you get special permissions e.g. - You can usually only place the house on private property. When the house has to stand somewhere for more than 6 weeks, the municipality must be contacted to apply for permission to park / place the house. A Tiny House can also be used as a summerhouse or colony garden house, but also here the municipality and possibly the garden association should be contacted. If you want to place the house on a whole new building site, the building plot must be renovated so that it is ready for sewerage, electricity and water, and before then you need a building permit (look for more info at😔 |

    Losing his 'first adult job' 6 months out of grad school inspired Ryan Mitchell to build a new life—in 150 square feet


    🍏 ~ 5 Things You Might Not Know About Apple Cider Vinegar (The Alternative Daily) ~ | Blogger: [🧠As verdensalt always says; Detox your HEART.. Detox your BRAIN.. Detox your BODY.. Detox is not just for CLEANSING!. It can be considered a SPIRITUAL therapy form - a daily ELIMINATION of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, & Parasites. AND to completely STOP the spreading of CANCER🌿] ...Verdensalt's recipe : ⇛ TAP WATER (countries who can) ⇛ NATRON (Bicarbonate) ⇛ MSM (Natural source of sulfur) ⇛ COLLOIDAL SILVER ("silver water" worlds best natural penicillin) ⇛ ORGANIC LEMON & GINGER (into tea etc.) ⇛ COCONUT OIL (Unrefined cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil) ⇛ VITAMIN (antioxidants like Omnimin Pure) ⇛ (the list goes on and on)... |


    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you are probably well-aware of the cultural health phenomenon that is apple cider vinegar. Everyone from celebrities to naturopaths has been touting its benefits as a household cleaner, healthy gut elixir, and natural beauty product. You may think there’s nothing left to say about this astonishing liquid. However, when you think about it…how much do you really know about ACV?

    Not all ACV is created equal

    If you’ve ever perused the vinegar section of your local grocery store, you’ve most likely seen two types of apple cider vinegar. There’s the clarified version that looks just like white vinegar with a slight brownish tint to it, and then there’s the other kind with strange-looking sediment resting on the bottom. So what exactly is this weird floating stuff and why would you want it in your vinegar?

    The floating stuff is also known as “the mother” and is an essential component of ACV. ACV is created through a two-step fermentation process involving yeast which is added to apple juice to break down the natural sugars and turn them into alcohol. Next, bacteria turns the alcohol into acetic acid. This bacteria is what we call the mother and is where all of the beneficial enzymes and probiotics are contained.

    Unfortunately, many people are turned off by the mother and assume that the clarified version is healthier. In reality, the distilled ACV should only be used for cleaning and other external uses. There is simply no health benefit in ingesting it.

    ACV should always be diluted

    Never drink ACV straight. Many health enthusiasts recommend starting your day off with a shot of pure, undiluted vinegar. Though this is a quick way to get it into your system and is helpful if you detest the rather potent smell, it can be extremely harmful in the long run. Like other kinds of vinegar, ACV is highly acidic and can erode your teeth enamel and damage your stomach lining if consumed in large quantities or taken as a shot. Always mix into dishes or enjoy as a warm tea along with 10 parts water to one part vinegar, a squeeze of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey. Drink this tea through a straw to help bypass your teeth and always rinse your mouth out with water after drinking.

    AVC could help with weight loss…but not on its own

    🌀 ~ USA: Locals brace for impact as Hurricane Dorian approaches (Ruptly) ~ | Blogger: [🆘State of Emergency declared in Georgia ahead of Hurricane Dorian as well as Florida🆘] ... Trump warns Florida it faces 'absolute monster' storm as warnings grow... Puerto Rico was spared, but storm is expected to land in Florida Sunday night, potentially as a category 4 hurricane. A direct hit to central Florida, I am praying that no one will get hurt 🛐... |

    📸 ~ Doorbell-camera firm Ring has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance reach (NNN) ~ | Blogger: [🔜“Ring Of The Cabal & Eye of the Oracle” : Coming Soon To A City Near You🛎️] ... They say it's to make neighborhoods safe, the only thing is Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, bought up the company. That's a lot of information-gathering and dissemination in the hands of one person, besides the expansion of police power in private homes... |

    he doorbell-camera company Ring has quietly forged video-sharing partnerships with more than 400 police forces across the United States. The connection will grant police access to homeowners’ camera footage and give them a powerful role in what the company calls the nation’s “new neighborhood watch.”


    August 29, 2019

    🙏 ~ 💓 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (verdensalt) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🤩 The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version (The Venus Project) 👀] ... Stream it to your telly 📺... Documentary movies on Gaia, HBO & Netflix, doesn't come even close to the TRUTH, like this flick does...🛐 |

    👼 ~ The Arcturian Group Message ~ | Blogger: [💕 Greetings, Light Warriors, Light Workers, Awakening souls! 💕] ... |

    Arcturians is a race that comes from the blue planet that circles the red giant Arcturus in Boote constellation. Arcturus circles about 36 light years from our solar system. Arcturians are the most advanced civilization in the galaxy, transcending into the 4th and 5th dimension. Many people know Arcturians as benevolent beings. But what only some people know is the teaching of Arcturians. Shrouded in mystery and lost in the spiritual translations through communication and channeling of Arcturians to humans, a race of beings appears to exist and communicate fundamental laws that govern the existence of peace, love and joy. This basic law allows the Arcturians to push towards higher plans of existence and allow for continued growth in a limited physical universe. Arcturians are believed to come from a circular celestial body that has not been discovered by earthly astronomers.

    Arcturians (channeled messages) by Marilyn Raffaele 
    © 2018 onenessofall

    AUGUST 25, 2019

    Welcome dear readers of the Arcturian Group messages.

    Increasingly high frequency energies pouring to earth at this time are serving to bring up deeply buried personal and global fears on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels for many already awakened as well as for the un-awakened.

    Much of this fear has its root in the programing that has taken place for everyone on earth throughout their hundreds of lifetimes. Mankind has been taught that if they are "good", obey the ten commandments, go to church, and follow the laws and rules of those in charge, God will reward them--if not on earth then in the afterlife.
    These teachings epitomize the myth of separation, one in which spirituality consists of pleasing a male God made in man's image and likeness that resides somewhere up in the sky and who spends his time watching each person's every move in order to assign them to his naughty or nice list for future placement in heaven or hell. You who read and understand these messages have long moved on from this myth, but sticky remnants of it can and do often pop up to effect even the most evolved.

    Intense higher dimensional frequencies of Light are exposing these still active lower resonating energies. This in turn is causing issues to surface through one or more areas-- physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Rather than reacting with shock, resistance, or denial if or when this happens, rejoice, for it indicates that you have attained the spiritual readiness necessary to acknowledge and clear these obsolete energies.

    Occasionally the energy of some past life trauma or disease will physically or emotionally re-manifest for a short time as their clearing takes place. It is fine to seek some basic relief if a clearing becomes painful or intense but avoid remedies that obliterate the clearing process (heavy drugs).

    As uncomfortable as some clearings may be, they are a necessary part of the ascension process as low resonating energy cannot exist in the higher frequencies. Do not assign power to uncomfortable clearings but rather simply allow the process to unfold and you will find that it soon completes.

    Some believe that by clearing all old energy, they lose their individuality and become spiritually "neuter". Nothing could be further from the truth. Every life experience serves to create individuality. Energetic clearing removes energies of attachment, fear, and power accumulated from certain experiences, but not the lessons learned or the joys experienced which become a part of one's state of consciousness and unique soul signature.

    🕵️ ~ (DK) Verdens største mordmysterie - eller mest idiotiske konspirationsteori? | .. (ENG) The world's greatest murder mystery - or most idiotic conspiracy theory? .. | Blogger: [📽️Danish Award Winning DOX: Cold Case Hammarskjöld. Who killed Dag Hammarskjöld?⚰️] ... 6 Years of investigations, has lead Mads Brügger & Investigator Göran Björkdahl to Africa, to solve the mystery. Is this the world's biggest murder case or the most idiotic conspiracy theory? But what they find goes beyond their wildest imagination... PS: TRUE!!! CONFIRMED by my alternative holistic / natural doctor, (Louis) in naturopathic medicine and 50 years of experience in the matter. He says, that he could track every single (clue) all the way back to the 60's... PS: FULL LENGTH documentary can be watched on demand at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), but ONLY in Denmark (enclosed link)... At the 1.20 minute marker, it gets really, really nasty (South African Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR)... Spreading AIDS-virus, killing black people, military operations, operated by foreign powers etc. etc... |

    In 1961, United Nations secretary-general Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane mysteriously crashed, killing Hammarskjöld and most of the crew. With the case still unsolved 50-plus years later, Danish journalist, filmmaker, and provocateur Mads Brügger (The Red Chapel, The Ambassador) leads us down an investigative rabbit hole to unearth the truth. Scores of false starts, dead ends, and elusive interviews later, Brügger and his sidekick, Swedish Göran Björkdahl, begin to sniff out something more monumental than anything they’d initially imagined. In his signature agitprop style, Brügger becomes both filmmaker and subject, challenging the very nature of truth by “performing” the role of truth seeker. As Brügger uncovers a critical secret that could send shockwaves around the world, we realize that sometimes absurdity and irony are the emboldening ingredients needed to confront what’s truly sinister.

    Directed by Mads Brügger.

    🔴 ~ Forsker kritiserer samarbejde mellem Tvind-organisation og medie (24syv) ~ | Blogger: [📻A radio-station in Denmark, Radio24syv has given the old giant DR a run for their money, claims that the state-sponsored project 'The World's Best News' (Verdens Bedste Nyheder) is partnering up with UFF Humana, a contro- versial relief organization with links to 'Tvind organisation' (Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement Trust, UFF and DAPP)👣] ... {World's Best News is (claming) to be an independent news organisation for constructive journalism about solutions and progress in global development} ... 🎂HAPPY 80 year old birthday, Mogens Amdi Petersen - Mexico do not have an extradition treaty. Founder and leader of Humana People-to-People and the Tvind Teachers Group, has since August 2013 been on Interpol's Most Wanted list, and is being sought by his native Denmark for serious financial crimes. Four of Petersen's aides are also Interpol fugitives. Petersen is now known to be hiding in Mexico... But we all have to be Calm (before the Storm)😌... To establish our own frequency of Joy, of Love for ourselves and others, and anchoring that into all that we do, feel, say, and believe emotionally and spiritually🤗 ... Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality, helped by Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program, runned and controlled by Banksters, who bought up every stated-owned newspaper, in the world... (but) you be the judge of that... |

    Det statsstøttede projekt Verdens Bedste Nyheder samarbejder med UFF Humana, der er en kontroversiel nødhjælpsorganisation med forbindelser til Tvind. Det får kritik af Christian Bjørnskov, professor ved Institut for Økonomi på Aarhus Universitetm, som vi taler med. Vi fremlægger desuden kritikken for Thomas Ravn Pedersen, der er direktør for Verdens Bedste Nyheder.


    🔮 ~ 💗 September Predictions and Spiritual Insights : MASSIVE Change is Happening NOW! (Joni Patry Vedic Astrological) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Waaauv!... Thx to Galactic Center🙇‍♂️.. |

    Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

    September 2019 Spiritual Insights and Predictions 

    I just returned from Europe and it is always interesting to experience the world and people through many different cultures. It is like getting outside yourself and seeing things from an entirely different perspective. When I travel and teach, I get to know people as they live and not as a tourist. Listening to their perspective based on their experiences actually helps me understand astrology more.

    I noticed on this trip how we all connect on some kind of commonality. When we find something we agree on or feel a commonality we bond and like that person. Those that we have no commonality we do not bond or come together. Of course, the commonality on this trip was astrology. The first part of the trip we were in Germany with many western astrologers. We attended the wedding of Ray Merriman and Antonia Lansdorf, both my dear friends for many years. It was amazing to cruise down the Rhine river with all the intellectual minds in astrology. Even though we had different perspectives of astrology we bonded on the commonalities. As I taught in Vienna there were students from many countries, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, England, Canada and South Korea. We all bonded in the passion for astrology. This was so much fun. Many thanks to Natalie Alison Aufischer who arranged our event there.

    Outside of the astrological circles I noticed when we spoke with others we search for some kind of commonality in conversation from the love of high heel shoes, to travels and interest in different cities, to children, pets or sports. Also, I noticed wherever the people were the happiest they treated you with more kindness and had a way to make you feel special. This was in certain cities and even in certain hotels. When you have a good experience with people feeling accepted with recognition and a smile you feel good about the place and people.

    Because the world is becoming one with globalization we have to find commonality that we can connect with to open the world to a much more loving place, without this we will destroy ourselves. To focus on the differences and not the commonalities will hurt us. One of the big things that separates is our religious and political beliefs. We have to let go of these strong opinions. There is always a reason why we feel the way we do based on our upbringing and what we are told. We must always have an open mind and understand why someone believes the way they do. The most important aspect of our lives beyond all else is the way we treat others. Our opinions that cause us to not connect or not like others is all in the lack of finding something to bond us.

    The truth is, if the divinity of God resides in all of us then the way we treat others is recognizing that divinity in all other human beings. This has nothing to do with wrong or right but the respect, appreciation and caring for others. Remember the way you make people feel will be the most important thing people will remember. Don’t complicate this with all the rights or wrongs. Connect with others through a commonality and kindness and the same will be retuned to you. And you will begin to feel the presence of God in everyone changing your outlook on the world.

    Many planets will be transiting in Virgo in September which will bring out the hypercritical ways in all of us. But we can use this scrutinizing and critical energy for the positive by analyzing ourselves instead of criticizing others. When we criticize and find faults with others this indicates an insecurity within ourselves. When we focus on other’s faults we are making ourselves superior because our way is the right way and they are wrong. The more you find faults with others the more you are trying to make yourself right. This all boils down to the fact that you feel the need to validate your own beliefs by making others wrong. When you know you are right you will not have to validate your beliefs by making others feel wrong. The more secure you are with your beliefs the more you will not have to validate them.