August 24, 2019

🎁 ~ Tin boxes prompted police responses in Boston and Cambridge. Inside each was cash and a note ( ~ | .. "Today fortune strikes.". The mysterious objects are reportedly part of a global social experiment, with similar items having turned up recently in Switzerland, New Zealand, Italy, and Germany, acc. to police .. | Blogger: [👛Reddit : "the “open me” sticker is numbered in the 900s. Either there are a lot of these things around (though no real reason to think they’re all in Boston), or that’s a real complicated red herring"🗒️] ... |


🔥 ~ Biblical Changes are Happening Worldwide! (Jason A World News) ~ | Blogger: [☯️ (#PrayforTheAmazon) -- I've been enjoying his channel, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but he is offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events around the world🌋]... |

🌌 ~ EVENT UPDATE: Space Force COMMAND is Part of the EVENT- - QTZ1278 ( The Positive Side of 2012) ~ | .. The Pentagon will stand up a new combatant command before the end of the month, with the official launch of U.S. Space Command set for Aug. 29 .. |

The U.S. Space Force Command will be officially launched on Aug 29. Wow! - - this matches exactly with other EVENT NEWS, and this video puts all those pieces together for you. All I can say is WOW!

☢️ ~ Google Wants to Put Football Field Sized Drones in the Stratosphere, to Beam Down 5G Radiation (HAF) ~ | .. Sign the petition to help stop the 5G drone development in Hawaii ✍️ .. |

As we approach the 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability online summit, Dr. Debra Greene uncovers a crazy development in Hawaii, in her 4-min video below, or on YouTube here. Sign the petition to help stop the 5G drone development in Hawaii.


👼 ~ 💗A Message to Lightworkers 💕 (Caroline Oceana Ryan Newsletter) ~ |

Greetings, Great One! 

(Caroline Oceana Ryan:) 

I send Light for your Peace and well-being, particularly considering all the Earth is traveling through now.

I spoke with a friend this morning, and with my Spirit team, about the fires raging through the Amazon Rainforest, as well as speaking with my team about the hundreds of concentration camps now operating around the US.

My friend Shirley B, a gifted psychic/medium and numbers activation practitioner, relayed to me today that Earth Elements were telling her that if we could all drum for a few minutes for the Rainforest—as if we were both rain and a high vibration pouring down onto the trees—this will help tremendously to end the fires, heal the region, and encourage and comfort the animals and indigenous peoples.

As we connect with those peoples, or with the clouds of rain, Tree Nation, or Earth Herself, we can fill them with higher Light.

Drumming is a powerful way to lift energies and bring in a higher resonance to any situation. 

If you wish to drum for your or a loved one's healing, transition, or to move to a higher vibration, add that in to your vision and requirements for fifth dimensional frequencies to assist the Earth now.

Even if we drum at different times, our energies will meet etherically, creating a group magnification of permitting only that which is for the higher good of all involved.

Pick a time today or tomorrow that is meaningful to you—7:07 PM, or 10:10 or 5:55 PM, for example—and drum at that time. Set an alarm so you'll remember to drum at that time.

If you have no drum, use a desktop or a wooden spoon and cooking pot, or whatever you can improvise. The meaning and vibrations are the same.

The Collective and I will drum, tone, and envision with you. 

Also powerful is the method they describe below: Blending your energies with that of your higher self, and entering the frequency of a challenging situation.

👽 ~ Will 'Alienstock' at Area 51 be the new Burning Man – or the next Fyre Festival? (TheGuardian) ~ | .. Conspiracy theorists, shitposters and EDM enthusiasts plan to descend on rural Nevada and locals are worried .. | Blogger: [✋'Storm Area 51' Just Forced This Tiny Nevada County to Vote for a State of Emergency" ~ Vice🚨] ... |


🛶 ~ Mysteriously vanished Dutch WikiLeaks partner ‘likely’ lost in kayaking accident – Norway police (RT) ~ | .. His body has still not been recovered .. | Blogger: IN THE MEANWHILE, Julian Assange, is rotten in jail, (maybe), the case of Ola Bini, a Swedish data privacy activist and associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has been shrouded in mystery since his arrest in Quito, Ecuador, on April 11. He was detained on the same day Assange was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom, inevitably raising questions about whether Bini was being held because of his connection with Assange and whether the United States was involved in the case in some form... |

The Latest Victim in the Crucifixion of Julian Assange

👼 ~ 💗 Sheldan ` Upon our beloved planet (PAO/Sheldan Nidle) 💕 ~ |

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Excerpt from Sheldan Nidle's book ~ Selamat Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans

"Upon our beloved planet, there have long existed individuals using their energies as well as abilities to aid Gaia, and humanity. Now the time has come for a new beginning that builds on the achievements of those bright souls. And that is where we come in.

This is the moment for us to realize how wonderfully connected each of us is to one another. Ours is an age of seeming miracles in which electronic technology has opened up a new era of information and instantaneous global communications. For the first time in the history of our species, we are daily witnesses to the human and planetary drama playing out before our eyes, and it has deeply affected us all.

In this era of immediate communication, you and I are on the verge of being swept away in an ever-expanding tide of worldwide information. Yet, even in this, we are blessed. For out of this glut of facts and opinions, we are able to feel the heartbeat of our civilization, of planet and our universe.

The information explosion allows us to understand not only what is happening around us but also what is going on inside our bodies and souls. More and more, we are probing the nature of our human awareness of who and what you truly are. In that search, we are transforming our modern age of communications by moving our growing global connections into an exciting era of inner exploration of what truly consititutes human consciousness.

😮 ~ (DK) Milliardær revser 'Hylekor' efter Trump-konflikt: ’Det er helt bizart’ ~ | (ENG) Billionaire rebukes 'howling chorus' after Trump conflict: 'It's quite bizarre'... | Blogger: [🙇‍♂️Verdensalt, totally agree with Lars Seier Christensen assessment, but it has NOTHING to do with POLITICS. It's about DESTROYING a sitting president, who's trying to lure out his opponents, Deep State Cabal, before Military Tribunals begins (arrest those who oppose the gold standard, save the US Dollar = RV/GCR. #CleanHouse, #ChildTrafficking, #PedoFiles #SprititCooking, #PizzaGate) 😳... AND verdensalt's predictions was right (sorry) : Greenland is for SALE, Trump admin planning to open the U.S. consulate in Greenland, amid increased strategic and economic interest in the Danish territory😉. ALL the Trolls, from left to right with Trump haters, is out in the OPEN NOW!👺] ... {Former MEP & Danish Social Liberal Party, Jens Rohde, has told his children, who is afraid of Trump; that the World most powerful man, is, and I quote; "VERY, VERY dangerous. He is not fit to be a leader in this world, he is dangerous, VERY dangerous to world peace. A man with such unbelievably low self-esteem and my children calls his hair for, "pee hair". AND there's something wrong with his "sex organ", says Jens Rohde} ... 🤔No one in their right mind would say something like that and Mainstream media (MSM) has claimed, that DANISH children are literary "CRYING" after they heard, Trump, was coming to Denmark (WHAAAT?)😲 ... 📞'Trump? Hello?' The danish PM of Denmark has 'reached' out to POTUS, to APOLOGIZE???... Trump says he had 'great conversation' with Danish leader after clash over Greenland, yesterday (acc. to TheHill & Danish Newspapers)... AFTER the phone call, Trump admin will REOPEN the greenland consulate, closed down in 1953... "The government will now strengthen the Danish presence in the Arctic and to a greater extent involve Greenland. Denmark has slept for hours in relation to the Arctic, and the recent debate on Greenland and Donald Trump canceled the visit should be a wakeupcall for the entire Realm." ~ Martin Lidegaard... "Greenland’s growing strategic value is linked tightly to new North Atlantic shipping lanes opening up due to melting polar ice caps. Its largely ice-capped land mass is also rich in untapped natural resources." ~ CNBC... "Denmark is a close NATO ally, and relations are described as "excellent". Denmark was the only Scandinavian country to approve of the American Invasion of Iraq, and Denmark and the United States consult closely on European political and security matters." ~ wikipedia... ❓DID YOU KNOW, USA has the largest foreign representation in Denmark (compare to our size) and houses a number of regional headquarters, including the The Office of Science and Technology Cooperation, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and a large FBI Office?... [READ MORE] ... |

"It is all the Leftist conservative-liberal parties chorus comes into play. It is so incredibly embarrassing and unprofessional that the danish politicians Rasmus Jarlov and Søren Espersen to behave that way, "said Lars Christensen in a article at danish newspaper, 'Weekendavisen', referring to the two politicians have lashed out hard after Trump's proposal to buy Greenland...


Elefantorden til Trump - B.T.

Denmark is a belligerent nation. From 1864 until well into the 1990s, Denmark's relationship with war was something we should stay away from. 
For the last 15-20 years we have been a belligerent nation. Right now, we have Danish Special Forces operating in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, Mali, (whatever) just to name those we know of (verdensalt  (used to) have a good friend from the Special Forces, make your head spin, DK OPS from Mali and other operating areas, are secretly stamped, for good reason) ... 

We might as well stop refusing it. Denmark is one of the oldest allies of the United States that has been able to Americanise our culture, knowledge and the goods we buy and in some cases have been subject to their dominance, to further our influence on the world stage and retain our triple AAA ratings. The Danish government leaders over time, begging and yelling for the attention of the US administration, lobbyists for powerful companies, but it is not ALWAYS the sun, shining back on Dannevang, we are small and not strategically important enough (except Greenland). 
Or, could it be that we have signed a 'non-disclosure agreement' and received advantageous benefits since the Danish-American agreement in 1951 and the Thule base in Greenland?
DID YOU KNOW, Denmark recognized the United States as early as 1792, and there was a Danish diplomatic representation in the United States as early as 1801?. In 1827, an American diplomatic representation came into Denmark. Only interrupted by Germany's occupation of Denmark during World War II, Denmark and the United States have been close allies throughout the period, and in particular posterity, where both countries were instrumental in establishing NATO. Today, NATO cooperation, where both countries are key members, is a cornerstone of the relationship between the two countries.

In 1947, the US diplomatic representation in Denmark was elevated to embassy. In relation to the size of the country, the embassy in Copenhagen is quite large. It is by far the largest foreign representation in Denmark of any country, and houses a number of regional headquarters, including The Office of Science and Technology Cooperation, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and a large FBI Office...

👼 ~ 💗 MASSIVE SHIFTS! 8/21 (Aluna Ash- 9D) 💕 ~ |

👼 ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self (TreeOfTheGoldenLight) 💕 ~ |

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

23rd August 2019

The changes that are taking place are all the result of the uplifting of the vibrations, and they are continuing to rise up and for those souls who are still tied to the lower vibrations, it is proving to be an uncomfortable time as they are unable to adjust to the changes. Consequently they are destined to stay at their present level until after Ascension when they will find themselves moving onto a similar planet to Earth.

Naturally, those who have lifted up their vibrations will ascend with Mother Earth. There is no picking or choosing as you simply go to the level that is compatible with your vibrations. It is what you have been working for since the last Solar Cycle began and you are to be commended for having reached the higher level.

The importance of getting close to nature cannot be sufficiently emphasised, even to the extent of running barefoot through the grass. It is a way of getting closer to the Earth and benefitting from the energies coming from it. They are healing and uplifting helping you relax and enjoy the “feel-good factor.” Not least of all the Sun itself gives off energies that are vital for your good health.

Nearly all of the best healthy foods are provided by Mother Earth, and the more you can feed yourself on fresh unadulterated foodstuffs the better it is for your body and digestive system. As soon as chemicals are added the quality, the goodness can be affected and could result in illness or disease taking place. Your body is like a superb machine that does need looking after to get the best performance.

🔑 ~ Stocks Plunge After Trump Vows To Retaliate To China "This Afternoon", Orders US Companies To Find "An Alternative To China" (ZeroHedge) ~ | Blogger: Told You So.... |


🛸 ~ Large Green UFO Hovers over City in Chile. UFOs Captured By Stunned Schoolgirl From Japan. UFO Sighting in Minerva, New York (OMM2) ~ |

🪐 ~ Exoplanets could host abundant life – even BETTER than Earth, scientists discover (RT) ~ |

Exoplanets in our universe may be home to abundant life that enjoys a more hospitable home than we do on Earth, surprising research has revealed. The news may help in the search for alien life.


🌑 ~ Chandrayaan-2 sends photo of Moon from 2,650 kms away (indiatoday) ~ | Blogger: ALTERNATIVE headline : "One Giant Leap For Mankind & Alien DNA, NASA Fake CGI Department, Delivers Snapshot of The Hollowed Out Moon 'Death Star' Alien Base To India's Chandrayaan-2 Spacecraft For Public Display"... |