August 25, 2017

Verdensalt | Aug 26, 2017 CET | In Other Important MSM & Alternative News -- Oh, My Aching Head! -- Yarn. My God. They've got a madman on their hands... | ‘Sein Kampf’: 5 times politicians were depicted as Adolf Hitler | Trump may avoid impeachment if he stops Mussolini act – man who predicted 9 straight elections | Gorka resigned!!! As president Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sebastian Gorka, special assistant to President Trump, has offered his letter of resignation to the president, according to multiple reports on Friday | Live updates: Category 4 Hurricane Harvey comes ashore in Texas | Knife Attacks Target Officers In Brussels And London On The Same Night | Racist & sexist AI bots could deny you job, insurance & loans – tech experts | At least 13 killed in blast & shooting in Kabul mosque, ISIS claims responsibility | Myanmar: 71 Die in Militant Attacks on Police, Border Posts | 100 suspected sex slaves stopped & turned back at Scottish airport | Deadly clashes break out in India after controversial guru found guilty of rape | Samsung leader Jay Y. Lee given five-year jail sentence for bribery | Great American Solar Eclipse Breaks NASA's Web-Viewing Records | What moms should know about baby powder and cancer | Watch a Danish jet intercept a Russian bomber over the Baltic Sea | Danish inventor denies abuse of corpse charge in submarine case | Danish authorities react to Al-Qaeda train threat | Danish government under fire in fisheries scandal | Cyber crime is "one of today's supreme biggest threats to Denmark," according to the government, which will give IT security a saltwater injection | Britain’s new Middle East minister visits Israel & Palestine… but no mention of 2014 Gaza War | US indicts two French ex-Societe Generale managers for manipulating global interest rate | The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade | It’s Not Absurdity, It’s Civil War—The Americans Are Just Too Naïve To Notice | The ruins of an Alien City on Mars in the official images of NASA | Inside Florida's empty 'UFO home': Eerie pictures show bizarre 1970s property is now abandoned and covered in graffiti - but the land is worth $1.6million | Breaking: Rothschild Just Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets Which Experts Believe Could Leave “The Whole Financial System At Stake” |

He may be the most reviled figure of the 20th century, yet that hasn’t stopped people constantly comparing politicians to Adolf Hitler. Here are just five occasions the media got in on the act and depicted political leaders as the German dictator.

Live Stream TV News | Aug 25, 2017 CET | 💥 Live ALERT 💥 HURRICANE HARVEY 111 MPH TRACKING & UPDATE Satellite Texas in Category 4 | Blogger: Worst hurricane since 1961, hits Texas coast. Hurricane Harvey's Real Story Begins: 40 Inches of Rain to Bring Catastrophic Flooding to Southeast Texas...|

Hurricane Harvey’s ‘Astounding’ Strength CAT 4 Will Bring ‘Life-Threatening’ Flooding To Texas And Louisiana. Coastal cities in Texas begin evacuating. In Corpus Christi, where Harvey could make landfall and Mayor Joe McComb has issued a voluntary evacuation order, Walmart shelves were clearing quickly, as the city canceled Friday's dockets in city court and provided self-serve sandbags to residents.
Port Aransas on Mustang Island and nearby Portland issued mandatory evacuation orders. Houston, meanwhile, has canceled the first day of school on Monday.
Harvey is rapidly strengthening and is forecast to become a Category 3 hurricane with winds of at least 111 mph by the time it hits the middle Texas coast late Friday or early Saturday, the hurricane center said Thursday. After hitting Corpus Christi, the storm is expected to stall over the state, forecasters say.
Hurricane-force winds are a concern as the storm builds strength in the Gulf of Mexico, and a potential deluge and subsequent flooding may be a big danger as well, according to meteorologists.
Track Harvey
"Harvey is likely to bring multiple hazards, including heavy rainfall, storm surge and possible hurricane conditions to portions of the Texas coast beginning Friday," the National Weather Service said.
"Those conditions can happen far away from the landfall," hurricane specialist John Cangialosi said Thursday afternoon.
People shouldn't focus on where the eye will come ashore but should listen to local authorities and be prepared for rain through the weekend and possibly into next week, he added.

The Guardian | 24. August 2017 | Russia readies for huge military exercises as tensions with west simmer | .. Display of power involving up to 100,000 people in Belarus, Kaliningrad and Russia itself comes against backdrop of strained relations with west .. | Blogger: Take That SHOCK, NATO. As a Polish newspaper headlines goes: 'World War hangs by a thin thread? Unusual concentration of troops near the border. Russia is preparing for a full-scale war with Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and the Caucasus'.. Russia's military drills near NATO border raise fears of aggression. The exercise, to be held from 14-20 September, comes against a backdrop of strained relations between Russia and the US... |

Polish newspaper: World War is hanging on the hair? Unusual concentration of troops near the border


RT - Russia Today | Aug 25, 2017 | ‘Brains linked to computers will kill our inner freedom’ – Zizek to RT on biohacking & identity loss |

Slavoj Zizek © Chinafotopress / Global Look Press

Humans are losing their freedoms, self-identity and free will, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek has told RT, noting that a recent biohacking experiment by a team from the University of Washington is just another sign of the dawn of a post human era.

A team of scientists from the University of Washington successfully managed to hack into a computer using custom synthesized strands of DNA.

In their study, which is to be presented at 2017 USENIX Security Symposium Thursday, researchers said that it is potentially possible for a molecular code to take over machinery by exploiting weaknesses of gene sequencing software.

 “We designed and created a synthetic DNA strand that contained malicious computer code encoded in the bases of the DNA strand,” researchers from the Paul G Allen school of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington said ahead of their presentation.

“When this physical strand was sequenced and processed by the vulnerable program it gave remote control of the computer doing the processing. That is, we were able to remotely exploit and gain full control over a computer using adversarial synthetic DNA.”......[READ MORE]

David Seaman Update | Aug 25, 2017 | LIVE: Pedogate Police Raid & Horrific Discovery | Blogger: David Seaman is an American journalist, researcher, and YouTube personality and been targeted of TheDeepState for some time. Especially after a deep dive into illuminati's satanic spirit-cooking, #Pizzagate #Pedogate with 'Hitlery Clinton'. He's still been mocked, trolled, attacked and censored, every single day. David is today discussing among other things, major pedofile bust in Seattle house where 3 brothers had ‘obsession with young children'. Earlier this year -- over 1,000 just arrested In major pedophile sex trafficking bust... |

Major Pedogate raid in Seattle; Satanic ritual manifestos, children's clothing, other evidence found.


AE911Truth News Update | Aug 25, 2017 | A Big September: WTC 7 Study, Bobby McIlvaine Act, and More... |

WTC 7 Study and Bobby McIlvaine Act to Propel Next Phase of AE911Truth Activism

Dr. Hulsey Presents from Fairbanks, Alaska, on Sept. 6th
Bob McIlvaine, Peter Ketcham, Richard Gage Speak in DC Sept. 11th 
The fall of 2017 is set to become a “before-and-after” moment in the ongoing efforts of AE911Truth to educate the world and bring about a new World Trade Center investigation.

That’s because, over the course of the next two months, Dr. Leroy Hulsey will be releasing the findings of his two-year computer modeling study on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. At the same time, we will use his report as a vehicle both to intensify our pressure on Congress to open a new investigation and to finally hold NIST accountable for its fraudulent account of the WTC destruction.

Here's the Plan:

Netavisen Pio | Aug 25, 2017 | De rigeste scorer kassen på skatteudspil... | .. Analyse: Regeringen har solgt sin skattereform som ”lettelser i bunden”. Men alt tyder på, at der bliver sænkes mest i toppen .. | Blogger: Behøves jeg at nævne, allerede i 2016 var den gal. Løkke undsiges af regneeksempler: En direktørfamilie med to børn vil få 32.300 kr. ekstra mellem hænderne om året, når regeringens skatteplan er fuldt indfaset i 2025. Det er mere end seks gange så meget som en ufaglært butiksansat.. Kan du huske under valget 2011, da Thorning sage "Ok med skattelettelse til rige"?. Helle Thorning sagde allerede dengang 'god for skattelettelser til de rigeste danskere. Champagnesocialisme, tordner oppositionen. Skat og boligøkonomi skiller blokkene', er du overrasket?.. Så har vi den nye aldersopsparing, som regeringen og Dansk Folkeparti vedtog i juni måned 2017, kommer primært de højtlønnede danskere til gode.. Man indgik en aftale under finansloven 2015, mellem regeringen, Dansk Folkeparti, Konservative og Liberal Alliance, at registreringsafgiften skulle gå fra 180 % til 150 %. Afgiftslettelsen galt dog kun den del af bilen, der oversteg mere end 81.700 kroner.. Regeringen er tilbage med et nyt skatteudspil, der sænker skatter og afgifter for op mod 22 milliarder kroner. Dvs. at forslaget går på at sænke registreringsafgiften til 100 procent på alle personbiler uanset pris, MEN, jo dyrere bilen er, jo mere sparer du. Så en ny Porsche Panamera som koster i dag: 2.676.600 kroner, får du en besparelse på = 617.053 kroner. På en Opel Karl (mikrobil) til 102.995 kroner. Afgiften udgør 30.247 kroner = Besparelse: 3069 kroner.. Og så tænker jeg; Hvordan kan det være at den danske regering, sænker registreringsafgiften på dyre og tungt forurenende benzin- og dieselbiler? Ifølge nyt studie ( dør '100.000 årligt. Dieselbiler forurener meget mere end antaget, og de giftige udstødningsgasser slår titusinder af mennesker ihjel om året. Danske forskere er ikke overraskede'.. Storbritannien, Frankrig vil forbyde benzin- og dieselbiler fra 2040. Sverige i 2030. Norge 2025. Tyskland er den mest agressive, i sær efter de mange skandaler om salg af biler med for høj udledning. I april 2017 er det besluttet, at indfasningen af registreringsafgiften for elbiler udskydes indtil der er solgt 5000 nyregistrerede elbiler opgjort fra 1. januar 2016, dog senest 1. januar 2019. Men når jeg har spurgt efter Volkswagen e-Golf , Tesla Model 3, ingen endelige priser. Noget med registreringsafgiften på 1700 kr. per kWh batterikapacitet, dog med et loft på 45 kWh for elbiler og opladningshybridbiler. Denne gang, giver det mening, jo mindre kWh capacitet, jo mere rabat.. Dertil kommer loftet over beskæftigelsesfradraget, som igen, det at indføre et nyt jobfradrag, tjener dem som er rige, altså dem, som tjener mere end 342.900 kroner årligt. Er din årsløn 600.000 kroner, betyder en fjernelse af loftet, at du vil kunne få et fradrag på 52.500 kroner.. Vi må STOPPE med at være naive. The New World Government, gavner kun de rige og superrige. Sådan har dansk politik, altid været. Uanset hvor meget Enhedslisten og SF har kæmpet imod, så skal ALLE i arbejde, det skal gøres attraktivt, at arbejde sin røv ud af bukserne, jo højere løn, jo mere kan du spare på skatte- og afgiftslettelserne. Er sikker på, mange i min branche jubler, men der findes også et udkantsdanmark med lavtlønnede.. 44.141 danskere lever under fattigdomsgrænsen, viser en opgørelse fra Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd. De seneste reformer af kontanthjælpen vil formentlig få antallet til at stige endnu mere i de kommende år... |

De rigeste scorer kassen på skatteudspil

Analyse: Regeringen har solgt sin skattereform som ”lettelser i bunden”. Men alt tyder på, at der bliver sænkes mest i toppen.