Mar 9, 2019 | ~ Why Prince Frederik's brother is leaving Denmark? ~ | Blogger: [🗼Danes vertically disagree with the Prime Minister's Office: A Get Out of Jail Free card🥐] ... {Like Father, Like Son: HRH Prince Joachim - The Danish Monarchy - has not become demented, he has a very selective memory. Perhaps of his elongated skull?} ... AND... WHY, the 49-year-old Prince Joachim 'steels' 3.58 million danish kroner from the annual apanage given to the royal family by the government, entering France one-way?. That's even though it is in direct conflict with The Constitutional Act of the Kingdom of Denmark... That is - DKK 299,125, every single month of taxpayers money, directly wired through Western Union, not even a 'normal' dane could be allowed to wire this much money, due to Standard- ized Anti-Money Laundering Programs... Every single newspapers, and royal groupies, is defending the Prince, of course, like Michael Jackson fan club is protecting their idol (with all due respect - no comparisons)... Saying, Prince Joachim of Denmark, takes part in a prestigious and VEEEEEEERY important military training course and could be 'the' changing factor for the danish military, when we comes back... We now know for a fact, that he is and has been, 'dogfigh- ting' with his own Royal family for years, and years, and has been beaten/hitting by their 'papa', that we know now, is common in France!? (former Prince Henrik was the head of the family and defended his education methods, even though he received some criticism)... By the way, the prince is patron (protector) for over 40 different organisations (only shows up in 1 of all these per year).. First, The Royal Danish House's communications department, tells us he will KEEP ALL his duties as protector in Denmark, then they say, he will not anyway ( lying through the teeth, as usual) ...⚠️ PS: ANYWAYS LISTEN UP - VERY interesting it is (Alice Through the Looking Glass about France, King George I, elongated skulls and Denmark) -- Movie "Above Majestic (2018)" and David Wilcock is saying this, around the 50 minute marker: "King George I, who began ruling in 1714, was a direct bloodline descendant of these people who obviously had the elongated skulls in the 1400s. And then you find out that a variety of earlier British consorts, meaning nobility, also were direct descendants of the d'Este clan. Then it gets even more outrageous when you discover that the royal families of Norway, Sweden, Spain and Denmark are all descendants of the same elongated skull d'Este clan."... Did, Macron strike a deal with danish PM, sending the Prince to France as a PR stunt and giving Denmark, a Tour de France start. #TourstartDK???... (But like Jesus just said to us, we shall forgive)... So be it, and so it is... READ MORE... |

A skinny pale sick and alienated looking Prince... seoghoer    
PIC above - A joke yes of course - but, funny that Danish Royal family is related or direct descendants of the d'Este clan...
The Danish monarchy is a popular institution in Denmark and is one of the oldest in the world.
The current monarch, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, can trace her lineage back to the first
Viking kings of Denmark over 1000 years ago.
1400s, the Italian noble D’Este family clearly displayed these physiological features in various depictions, such as the paintings of Pisanello. This becomes far more interesting once we realize that a majority of European royal bloodlines have direct genetic ties to the D’Este clan. ~ From DAvid Wilcock: Something Very Big is Coming, Part II: Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke?
"... We furthermore see in the case of the Mongolian conquerors that there were reports of them having weird elongated skulls. And, most recently, even in Europe, we have found tombs of the nobility, the wealthy people who preserved their bloodlines, such as in France, and they also have this bizarre elongated skull feature. It wasn't until insiders started talking to me that I thought about the fact that in the Vatican, you see people wearing these miter hats, and those hats would very nicely conceal an elongated skull. These people with elongated skulls would look like us in their faces, and the hat would conceal the only thing that would make them appear to be different. My research also turned up data on an Italian noble family from the 14th century known as the d'Este Clan, and the d'Este Clan had very close ties to the Vatican. What's so bizarre is when you look at a painting of Prince Leonello d'Este and someone who is either is sister or his wife, the scholars don't really know, they usually call her Princess d'Este, they both have freakishly elongated skulls in this painting. The story gets even more interesting when you trace the descendants of the d'Este clan, the lineage that they left behind, for what you find is, that King George I, who began ruling in 1714, was a direct bloodline descendant of these people who obviously had the elongated skulls in the 1400s. And then you find out that a variety of earlier British consorts, meaning nobility, also were direct descendants of the d'Este clan. Then it gets even more outrageous when you discover that the royal families of Norway, Sweden, Spain and Denmark are all descendants of the same elongated skull d'Este clan. And let's not forget that only recently, we found royal tombs in France and other countries in Europe in which the nobility, again, had these elongated skulls. And if you think this only has to do with divine right of kings in European nobility, you would be wrong. In 1988, an article in the New York Times traced fully 13 out of all of the 40 US presidents at the time as having a direct bloodline connection to European nobility. In 2012, a 12-year-old girl named BridgeAnne d'Avignon actually did a much more complex genealogical study of the US presidents using the power of the Internet and computers. On the "School Watch" tonight, the story of a seventh grader from Salinas who claims to have made a major discovery about President obama. She and her grandfather say that President Obama is related to all but one US president. And she found that 42 out of 43 US presidents all had a common ancestor in King John I from England. And this is not just any old king, this is the guy who actually chartered the Magna Carta which became the defining element that turned into the British Constitution.." ~ Movie Script from the movie.... 

Message from Jesus | Channeling through John Smallman | ~ ❤️ Forgiveness calms the storms of painful emotions within 💕 ~ | Blogger: 'Jesus was 125 years of age and biblical evidence shows Jesus Christ wasn't born on Dec. 25, rather at spring - according to Denmark's most important scholar and the book "Christ in Kashmir" written by a mohammedan named Aziz Kashmiri, in 1973 '... This, a according to the danish blog owner; Stig Boye Petersen - motivation mediator - there is more between heaven and earth - RIP 2004. Although the article is about 10-15 years old, and book 45 years old, it is very educational in these Nibiru times (link embedded) ... |

Sananda sends weekly messages for the time being, for those of us who have followed Jesus Sananda for a long time, it has always been a joy and uplifting experience for our understanding of what is happening around us. The Ascended Master Sananda / Jesus / Christ / Yeshua serves as a teacher of the whole world, and was one of the greatest spiritual healers who walked on our beloved planet Earth / Nova / Gaia. It is important to understand that all our ascended masters and galactic friends, so to speak, are not allowed to use their powers to change the course of civilizations, only in very rare cases. Law of the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness.

Channeled by John Smallman
© 2019

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday March 8th

Jesus blev 125 år - ifølge Danmarks betydeligste bibelforsker og bogen "Christ in Kashmir“ som er skrevet af en muhammedaner ved navn Aziz Kashmiri i 1973

The Oneness that is God, that is All That Is, includes every sentient being ever created or that ever will be created: There is NO separation! Ever. But, living in form, as humans, the reality of this escapes you. You have forgotten the Truth, and because of the severely limiting beliefs that being human imposes upon you, you need divine Guidance to find your way Home. And that Guidance – the Holy Spirit – is always with you waiting patiently for you to take the time to listen.

Living as humans in form your egos are extremely vociferous, making it very difficult for you (you are not your egos, although your egos don’t want you to know that) to hear the still small voice for God. Sometimes you do hear but refuse to believe it, thinking that you know better. You have all at times gone against your intuition, your inner knowing, and, when things have not turned out as you had hoped they would, you have regretted not listening to your intuition. Your intuition will never lead you astray. Nevertheless, that does not mean that your path will always be smooth, because before you incarnated you set yourselves up with a path that would present you with the lessons that you needed to learn, and that you had therefore chosen to learn.

Most of you have had many human lives and have not yet learned all the lessons that were appropriate for your circumstances. Now, as your awakening approaches, these lessons must be learned to enable you to move forward. Within every human these lessons are now arising in myriad ways, causing chaos, confusion, and conflict in many places, and in many relationships. The way to deal with them is to listen! Your divine Guidance is always with you, and Its message is consistent, it is always the same: “Love one another!”

Deep in your hearts you know this to be true, and yet you disregard it when you choose to be offended by another’s unloving judgment of you, or by their unloving words directed at you, and instead of responding with Love you choose to respond – or, more honestly, react – in a similarly unloving fashion. Many people are forever attacking others, or defending themselves against others, and even though it is normally done only silently in their minds, what people do in their minds establishes their beliefs, the beliefs they live by and which direct their lives: “I cannot trust anyone; I am always being attacked; no one appreciates me; no one understands me; no one LOVES me!”

Allison Coe | ~ Inner Earth video 1 & 2 - Hypnosis Session Trends ~ | Blogger: [🎫 ".. Andy Dufresne: (in letter to Red) Remember Red, ""hope"" is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" 🎟️] ... (Quantum Healing and Bey- ond & Past Life Regression:) Allison Coe is promoting stuff that 99.9 percent of her own family don't believe in... However, Allison Coe, she's still a down to earth kinda woman - like you and me. At the same time, she's funny, lively and charismatic ... My own mood barometer rose significantly, each time i listen to her 🌡️+... PS: Do you remember the now deceased, but amazing and well known Dolores Cannon? She also used Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) ... 👩‍⚕️ Verdensalt meet a amazing woman at Awake & Aware conference in London (Simon Parkes, Project Camelot), Liz Vincent, Past Life and This life Hypnotherapy Regression Specialist. I listen to her's life experiences with other people sessions and she has a very deep understand and knowledge - amazing!!!... 💊 Be red-pilled ... |

Allison Coe. My name is Allison and I'm a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner living in Portland, OR, USA. I do hypnosis and dream interpretations. I set up this channel to share portions of my QHHT sessions that I deem beneficial to the public, and dreams that are sent to me from all over the world that I have interpreted. For more information on Quantum Healing Hypnosis please visit my website at - I'd love to answer any of your questions.


In this video 1of 2 I'm just explaining about a new trend that has emerged in my sessions. All of the trends mentioned are steps of information we need to fully grasp. Step one: we are raising our consciousness and an energy event will soon come and help. Step two: we are preparing for the next dimensional shift in consciousness and being. Step 3: The Earth will shift to its next level and dimension - she will be the New Earth. Step 4: Our soul is a fractal, part of which is a higher dimensional ET sending information to us that can help raise the vibration of the planet. Step 5: The Inner Earth is of a higher dimension and we need to connect to it to help with this next stage. This is video 1 of 2 on the Inner Earth. This is short and sweet and just gives you a tiny bit of information. Video 2 is a transcribed session that ties all the information together. This is important information for us to understand as we are nearing the climax of a grand metamorphosis. You have a unique role to play in this - we all do. Thank you for holding the light in your area, for purging out the old and healing your hurts and your hearts.

I sincerely hope these two videos help someone. Thank you to all who allowed me to share and for those of you who reached out recently. | ~SPACE NEWS WEEKLY #6 March 8, 2019 with Emily Windsor Cragg ~ | .. Why governance fails the ET Visitor Hospitality Test, fearing what might be, not known ET attacks .. |

☢️ intellihub | ~ 5G, IoT, A.I. Surveillance and Smart Cities = Enslaved Citizens ~ | ~ "THIS IS AN IMMΕDIΑTΕ THRΕΑT" Special Οps Vεt w/ Sεcrεt Clεarancε WΑRNS us all! ~ | Blogger: Udrulning af 5G vækker bekymring - men skal du være nervøs? Kritikere mistænker 5G-netværk for at øge risikoen for kræft og sterilitet, men eksperter og myndigheder maner til ro... siger TV2 og DR... |

People who have a modern smartphone normally think of 5G as nothing more than a progression from 3G and 4G. Offering fewer dropped calls, faster data transfer, and more convenience. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology.

This thinking barely scratches the surface. There must be a greater reason why CEOs of major cellular carriers are breaking their necks to railroad the fastest implementation in history of a new communication standard.

This reason has little to do with your personal cellphone and everything to do with the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) where all electronic devices will be connected together in real-time. Collectively, the IoT is the core technology used to implement Smart City makeovers.

“Real time” is a magical tech term. 5G is at least one order of magnitude faster than anything before it. It is comparable to everything being connected directly by fiber-optic cable where as soon as you touch the send key, your data transmission is received at the other end, faster than a blink of your eye.

Let’s do some math. 4G can transfer data at 100,000,000 bits per second (which is 10 megabits per second). That’s really fast!

However, 5G blows out the same data at 10,000,000,000 bits per second, or 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second). This is 100 times faster than 4G. Secondly, 4G has a typical “ping” factor between 10ms and 50ms (milliseconds) that measures the time needed in order to send a single packet of information. 5G drops that time to 1ms.


"THIS IS AN IMMΕDIΑTΕ THRΕΑT" Special Οps Vεt w/ Sεcrεt Clεarancε WΑRNS us all!

verdensalt | ~ Overvågningskapitalismens tidsalder. Opvågningen samt oplysn- ingstiden, lader vente på sig ~ | Blogger: [🇩🇰 Danmark, et digital diktatur med en perfektion, der ville have overrasket George Orwell. En blanding af teknologi- bevægelsen »The Singularity«, Søren Barbapapa Pape Poulsen's ulovlige session-logging på steroider og it-ministerens tilknytningsmønster til robotter og den nationale AI-strategi. Også her, gør vi Staten til værn🤖] ... {Demokrati kan ikke gradbøjes, kun Staten må. Findes der nogen former for frihed mere? Hvor er gennemsighed og respekt for borgernes privatliv? Vi kan vælge frihed og evigt liv ved at følge Jesus Kristus, mens Staten, bestemmer, om du skal leve eller dø} ...👪 Sådan er hr. og fru Danmark: der overdrager bemyndigelseslovgivningen „magten“ til ministeren, embedsværket, kommunerne, Kongehuset, politiet, efterretnings- væsenet, militæret og dermed, HELE 'centraladministrationen' ... Mens klagein- stanser nedlægges på stribe, sørger de diabolsk geniale techgiganternes konstante overvågning af vores vaner og færden, nye highspeed 5G samt high-tech afhængig- heder, at vi 'ikke' glemmer de politisk skabte falske flag begivenheder, altid online via sociale medier og Internet of Things. Vi er blevet optaget af det udefrakom- mende 'terror', som har skabt 'frygten', siden terrorangrebet 11. september 2001, og frem til i dag. Politiet udnyttede deres know-how af video-optagelser til at finde frem til Omar El-Hussein, var ulovligt, mens danskere, der deler såkaldte 'ægte' drabsvideoer, kommer, i fængsel ... Det er blevet til en overset samfundsødelæg- gende kraft, der får ben at gå på, i takt med vi overdrager, al vores energi, medan- svar, suverænitet, medbestemmelse, til nanny-staten ... 🤚 Lad os for en god ordens skyld, lige remse op... For listen er alenlang... LÆS VIDERE... |

... Når de siger ... OVERVÅGNING, så gradbøjer vores højesteretsdommere kildebeskyttelsen til mere magt for politiet eller genindfører vi det såkaldt sessionslogning mod alle danskere. Det er direkte i tråd med amerikansk politik - desværre - og ULOVLIGT.

... Når de siger ... fuld retsforfølgelse af WHISLEBLOWERE, så bliver der ingen dansk amnesti til Snowden, danskere får pludselig Register-angst: Ansatte tør slet ikke klikke på whistleblower-ordning. Igen, berøringsangst blandt danskere. Eneste sted hvor sådanne en ordning fungere, er hos kommunerne, fordi her kan man anonymt tippe eller anmelde "mistænkelige" ting over sin naboen - OG DET udnytter vi stor stil, janteloven og misundelsen tager ingen ende....

... Når de siger ... KONTROL, så forcere vi latterlige love igennem så som politiet der vil masseovervåge bilister med automatisk nummerpladelæser på 30 mio. bilister på årsbasis, nøjagtigt som i USA. Eller Tre ud af ti virksomheder fører kontrol med Facebook-besøg i arbejdstiden. Eksperter som mener, at Politiets brug af visitationszoner er i strid med loven. Så får vi knivloven, hav af kritik som stadig vil ramme forkert. Pia K.har kommenteret, hvor latterlig peberspray-lovgivning er.

LÆS VIDERE: "The Untouchable Society" sætter dagsorden med rigdom, stormagtsfordele, teknologiske- og militære overlegenhed, mens danske teflon politikere i årtier, ikke tør bøje af, bruge vores værktøjskasse af dekreter, veto, fastholde en vis integritet eller sund værdisæt..

📌 1,5 millioner overvågningskameraer i Danmark. SikkerhedsBranchen har opdateret sit bud på antallet af overvågningskameraer i Danmark, og tallet på halvanden million kommer nok bag på mange. Med næsten ét overvågningskamera pr. fire danskere er Danmark et af de mest kameraovervågede lande i verden.

📌 Minister vil gøre dit gule sundhedskort digitalt. Implanterbare kreditkort RFID-chips: Praktisk, men 'creepy... endnu en overvågningsplatform... og salg af borgeres sundhedsdata til andre 3-parts interessenter, foruden scanning af hvad du foretager online..   

📌 Dankortet dør og mastercardet bliver udskiftet med et udenlandsk af slagsen.. Snart kan du scanne din håndlæser RFID ind i en kortterminal for betaling og smart mobiltelefonen, bliver eneste redskab... (Dankortets ejer spår: Mobilbetalinger overhaler dankortet om lidt)

"Regeringens sammenhængsreform" eller "afbureaukratiseringsreform"- kald det hvad du vil ... Innovationsministerens drejebog til den formentlig største reform af den offentlige sektor i 10 år begynder at tage form. Den vil bestå af fem-seks store delreformer og udspil, der får omfattende konsekvenser for de 800.000 offentligt ansatte. Selve reformen er dog udskudt til efteråret ..  StatsAdelen aka embedsværkets elitekorps af partisoldater, har for længst beregnet sig frem til en cost benefit model og kommet frem til et resultat, der brænder de offentlige ansattes lys af i begge ender. DE OFFENTLIGE ANSATTE koster for meget, af have siddende (godt gammeldaws Venstre politik)...

📌 Opretter du et virksomheds DK domænenavn, 'skal' du identificeres med CVR-nummer, CPR-nummer, Nemkonto til virksomheden, NemID medarbejdersignatur og en digitale postkasse. Vi er det eneste land, som gør dette...

📌 Adressebeskyttelse via Du kan stort set ikke foretage dig noget og hvis du skal identificere dig mod Staten, eller bare rekvirere et rejsekort, er en af de nærmeste besøgssted, Hovedbanegården, hvor man skal medbringe kørekort sygesikringskort eller pas og stå i timevis af køer sammen med de stakkels, udlændinge, der også har problemer, bare fordi, de er udlændinge ... og sådanne, er det med mange ting, når man har hemmelig adresse...

📌 B.T. og har noteres sig, mens hundredtusindvis af danskere tjekker deres årsopgørelse, netop nu, opruster Skat, med nyt våben for overvågning, mens du er online ... |

📌 'Vi er ikke bare tal, vi er ikke bare til': manuipulerede Merete Riisager og Sognepræst Kathrine Lilleør med ord og videomateriale? Undervisningsministeriet ønsker klarhed, og derfor har ministeriet nu bedt om at få udleveret samtlige videooptagelser fra besøget. Det gælder både skolens overvågningsvideoer og elevernes egne optagelser fra Ørestad Gymnasium ... |       

📌 'Den Digitale Prøvevagt': Totalovervågning af elevers computere midlertidigt trukket tilbage: Program, som skal detektere eksamenssnyd, er midlertidigt blevet trukket tilbage af Undervisningsministeriet. Programmet overvåger stort set alt på elevernes computere ... |

📌  Én af de aller største skandaler lige nu og hvis, vi levede i et frit demokratisk land, så ville Statsministeren stilles overfor en rigsretssag, ligesom tidligere justitsminister Erik Ninn-Hansen blev i 1995 for ulovlig suspendering af familiesammenføringer. Det drejer sig om, et 'hemmelig notat' som Anders Fogh Rasmussen varslede støtte til USA et år før Irakkrigen. Nu ser det ud til, at disse tophemmelige Irak-dokumenter er "forsvundet" fra det 'ukendte' sikkerhedsarkiv i Statsministeriet. I sommer forsikrede statsministeren ellers Folketinget om, at dokumenterne i arkivet blev behandlet i fuld overenstemmelse med loven. Med andre ord, regeringens mest sensitive og topfortrolige materiale om Irak-krigen, er VÆK!!!! Som nævnt tidligere af flere omgange, HVIS de dokumenter fik set dagens lys, ville det højst sandsynligt være dødsstødet, ikke blot for Venstre som parti, men også starte stor tumult overfor USAs tidligere præsident George H.W. Bush og Tony Blair ... |