Oct 1, 2018

Activist Post | Oct 1, 2018 | ~ Reddit Now “Quarantining” Users Who Question 9/11—Direct Users to Gov’t Site Instead ~ | Blogger: [📰The Mainstream Media is CIA (all TV, Radio, Newspapers & News Magazines). Hollywood is CIA (all Motion Pictures and TV programs). Google is CIA. Facebook is CIA. Twitter is CIA. Microsoft is CIA. Apple is CIA. IBM is CIA. Intel is CIA. Hewlett Packard is CIA…..the list here is endless, let’s just say all of Silicon Valley is CIA! All Defense Contractors are CIA, like: Lockheed Martin is CIA. General Dynamics is CIA. Northrup Grumman is CIA. etc. etc. (..)...📰] ... 🤔No surprise, that the dark forces are masters of deception... Even manipulation in Spirituality (Spiritual Communities & Teachers etc)... I will not tell in details, but the dark lords tried to divide us in Romania, in many, many, many ways and spirituel opening people, has as many internal core issues, vasana, demons and conflicts, as the next person. Because we still live in the 3D Matrix of Illusion and our own EGO (Control-center + defence mechanisms), implants and programming is sooooo strong... One way to solve this, is to be so forever forgiving to yourself and share unconditional LOVE, to everything and everyone that comes in your way. Most important, fall in love, to yourself ... Use the 'Spiritual Contracts Revocation' - EVERY day and ONLY take in the informations that resonate with your higher self and consciousness mind from MSM and alternative media, sends out... |

By Matt Agorist

A highly popular subreddit devoted to posting information which proposed information outside the official narrative to 9/11 has been “Quarantined” by the Reddit Administrators. The community has effectively been cut off from the rest of the platform and anyone who wishes to view its contents are forced to go through a checkpoint while being redirected to a government website.

On Thursday, the subreddit r/911truth was placed under a Reddit Quarantine. The Reddit Administrators claimed that the subreddit posts misinformation and then directed people seeking information on 9/11 to the official government website.
It may contain a high degree of misinformation. If you are seeking historic information about the September 11 attacks, please visit the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (https://www.9-11commission.gov/).
According to Reddit, communities are placed under quarantine to prevent others from accidentally stumbling upon this information. Reddit, like most other social media platforms has begun to control the flow of information and crowning themselves the arbiters of truth.
The purpose of quarantining a community is to prevent its content from being accidentally viewed by those who do not knowingly wish to do so, or viewed without appropriate context. Quarantined subreddits and their subscribers are still fully obliged to bide by Reddit’s Content Policy and remain subject to enforcement measures.
Quarantined communities will display a warning that requires users to explicitly opt-in to viewing the content. They generate no revenue, do not appear in non-subscription-based feeds (eg Popular), and are not included in search or recommendations. Reddit may also enforce a number of additional product restrictions that exist currently or as they may develop in the future (eg removing custom styling tools).
The idea of Reddit redirecting people away from this open source subreddit to the official 9/11 Commission website is as ironic as it is ominous— as the 9/11 commission admitted it was railroaded in their own investigation and it is full of controversy.

Not only were the commissioners given extremely limited funds to conduct their investigation, but they were also met with dead ends in almost every direction.

Intel Dinar Chronicles \\ Rumor Mill News | Oct 1, 2018 CET | ~ Mr. Ed's Intel Update via Email - "Intel Compilation" ~ | Blogger: As always, use your own spiritual discernment, reading on my blog... 🙏|

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Showdown" - September 30, 2018

Posted By: Mr.Ed 
Date: Monday, 1-Oct-2018 01:11:39

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
  • The war is ramping up.
  • Q Post 2298 indicates an assassination attempt was just made on POTUS while airborne on AF1.

(Splash1-X indicates the kill of an aircraft or the impact of a round/missile)
  • BRICS is offering an out to Western countries via African mineral reserves.
  • The Cabal refuses to surrender to G.E.S.A.R.A. terms. They are now digging their own grave.
  • The transition was supposed to happen at 10 AM EDT, on September 11, 2001.
  • The 9/11 attacks began at 8 AM EDT.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank Charter began on December 23, 1913 and expired on December 24, 2012.
  • US Fiscal Year ends October 1st.
  • Trump's presidential alert system test is scheduled for October 3rd.
  • BREXIT, Israel-Palestine's Two-State Solution, Iran's Nuclear Agreement, NAFTA adjustments, Syrian Civil War -- All part of G.E.S.A.R.A. compliance.
  • The RV is expected to begin at any moment.
  • A new age of peace and prosperity is on the horizon.
  • This is now the final showdown.
Source: Operation Disclosure

Council of Love | Oct 1, 2018 | ~ Council of Love Monday Message ~ | .. Healing and Changing Lives .. |

Spirit Broadcast 

DayBreak October 1, 2018 

The Joy of Coffee 

Verdensalt.dk | Archive | PFC \\ TZ | April 17, 2018 - Oct 1, 2018 | by Therese Zumi Sumner | ~ 💗 Isis Astara & Cobra 💗 ~ Just Stay Calm as the Chaos Seems to Grow ~ | Blogger: [⚠️Disclaimer: Verdensalt.dk (The Salt Of The Earth & Cosmos) is a portal to the alternative world and communities - building bridges between our divisions - to encourage discouraged people, that are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Verdensalt.dk do not follow just ONE guru / ONE belief system, but rather many spiritual awakening souls that are leading us towards the EVENT. Awakening is a destructive process of the mind - the Red pill Blue pill battle. Once we have said our goodbyes and parted ways to the Archons & the Reptilian agenda (the MATRIX), you will begin to realize, that your inner guidance is real and trustworthy and that's what matter.. Namaste!⚠️] ... Having said that, my heart goes to Mr. C's conference this April of 2018 (and the recent september weekend in Bucegi Mountains), one of the best EVER and quite important.. 2nd conference since last meet-up in 2015 with Isis Astara (may God bless her soul). The information, guided ceremony and initializations was soooooo powerful - i've never felt and seen anything like It... A dozen of the participants left in the city where the conference had taken place, was incredible lucky to be part of Mr. C's inner circle in a few hours going on a secret mission ... Victory of the Light!... |

Sisterhood of the Rose

Szent Korona ☨ The Crown Of Saint Stephen


💗 Isis Astara & Cobra 💗 ~ Just Stay Calm as the Chaos Seems to Grow

TZ here: I have had some computer issues in the past week and not had access to posting here on PFC but all is resolved right now and I am reposting this blog post that I made on my blog on Saturday 14th April.

TZ here:
I was checking something out on You tube and discovered this video which I would like to share with you (with well known German musicians). Its a tribute to the Love between two souls like Cobra and Isis. On Jan 27th this year Cobra asked us to send our loving thoughts and prayers to Isis who was critically ill in hospital after a scalar attack by the cabal. (no names or groups mentioned ) from what I can see this recording was posted on January 28th and on January 29th Cobra sadly informed us of Isis passing over to the Light. The text is so beautiful – see english translation below video. Let us all strive to see the Light inside those we love and to cherish them even if they have not yet learned how to be in loving harmonious communication beyond ego – I have a ways to go myself I might add.

💗 Isis Astara & Cobra 💗

Let me just remind everyone that might not be aware of it that, without the dedicated amazing work of these two souls, I for one cannot see how we would ever have reached the place that we now find ourselves in. When things started really really getting out of hand for the dark ones, they attacked their favourite enemy of truth Cobra by attacking and murdering the woman that supported, worked with and loved him.

Verdensalt | Archive | FreedomAndTruth4All | 2012 - 2018 | ~ The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light ~ | Blogger: [🌟One of the BEST Motivational Videos I've ever seen!⭐] ... Normally, these types of video messages contains grounding intel about why, Extraterrestrials are here, getting closer and closer to low Earth orbit (LEO). Assistance with the humans DNA (12 strand double helix energetic DNA blueprint) and helping Earth into the next transformation, into the 5D, discuss today's world, inspired of possible outcome. What will happen in this moment of now. World stage, where the globalists are pushing for war, keep us all distracted. Pleiadians will lay out horoscope reading, big changes on our way, conclusion and completions. Relevant, if you wish to have basic understand about heavens, universe, our benevolent friends in the skies etc. etc. 🙏 ... |

Mira, the Pleiadian High Council(example)
The Pleiadian Council was formed approximately 200,000 years after the first major galactic war. The aftermath of galactic war in the Lyra system spread the Lyric civilization of humanoids to the whole galaxy. Historically, this event has been the most dramatic and desperate time for mankind to date. Many of the Lyric refugees found their way to Pleiades Star Cluster, which contains over 1000 stars and spans 8 light years. The Pleiadian Council provides Spiritual, Tactical, and Government Directions to Plejades. The council consists of 12 members per division with 12 departments in total, with 144 elected highest-ranking councilors. The Council carries out many different tasks, supervising Pleiadian relations with the rest of the galaxy. The Pleiadian Council is a significant member of the 'Galactic Federation of Worlds' and has a huge influence on the decisions taken for the galactic whole

Biodynamisk forbrugersammenslutning \\ PARADIGMET | 1. Okt 2018 | ~ SMART METERS - SLUT PÅ PRIVATLIV OG SUNDHED - MUST-SEE ~ | ~Smartmålere pulserer. Smartmeters (el-målere) pulserer 14.000 gange pr dag. Eller henad 10 gange pr minut. Disse el-målere er også skyld i ildspåsættelser ~ | Blogger: Verdens- alt.dk har allerede delt denne og andre videoer, fra Take Back Your Power samt distribueret MASSER af info om emnet... Brug søgeknappen... 💡 PS: Kaldes for smartmeters, smart elmåler, fjernaflæst elmåler eller electricity meters. Slås lige nu med min kommune, siden de skal skifte Deres defekte HYDRUS elektronisk vandmålere med nye. Borgere i Danmark kan intet stille op med kommunerne og samarbejder med samtlige vand-varme og el distributører...Det lokale vandværk ønsker heller ikke at hjælpe. De ønsker heller ikke, at informere hvad årsagen til udskiftningen eller specs. på de nye smart meters. Eneste kommentar er: "Vores produkter er helt ufarlige"... |



af ChaosNavigator

'WHO klassificerede i maj 2011 radiofrekvent stråling som klasse 2B, dvs. muligt kræftfremkaldende. Elselskaberne påstår at målerne kun sender 45-60 sek. om dagen og at de er sikre for helbredet. Dr. David Carpenter, en Harvard uddannet forsker ved Universitetet Albany, New York: 'I retten indrømmede Pacific Gas and Electric at deres smart metre pulserer 14.000 gange om dagen.
Elselskaberne har ofte hævdet at smart metre ikke er et problem fordi de kun afsender informationer ret sjældent, måske et par gange i timen. Det er ligegyldigt hvor tit de afsender information. Det der betyder noget, er hvor tit de udløser højfrekvente felter. Elselskaberne har helt klart skjult at smart metre udløser disse højfrekvente felter næsten uafbrudt. De pulserer meget, meget tit.' I PG&Es; retsdokumentation er det gennemsnitlige smart meter aktivt 45-60 sekunder om dagen, men de har meget belejligt tiet med at disse 45-60 sek. er delt op i 10.000 pulse eller mere, hver puls ca. 4,5 millisekund lang, og med få sekunder imellem, udsendes de dag og nat. Nogle målere er oppe på 190,000 pulse om dagen.'
- fra dokumentarfilmen,'Take Back Your Power' (tidskode: 40:26)

Blot fordi du ikke umiddelbart kan mærke noget, betyder det ikke, at du ikke er påvirket.

Trådløse smartmeters
Problematikken omkring de fjernaflæste elmålere (Smartmeter) kommer stille snigende ind i alle danske hjem i disse år, da Bekendtgørelse 1358 dikterer, at fjernaflæste elmålere skal installeres i hele landet inden 31. december 2020.
Læs mere...

Se den prisbelønnede film som Josh del Sol har lavet, som fortæller, hvorforsygdomsfremkaldende Smart Meters er en meget dårlig idé - og et spionmeter - slutningen på privatlivets ukrænkelighed - ABSOLUT MUST-See.:

NB! Sæt de danske undertekster til i nederste højre hjørne - Final Cut:

David Icke | Oct 1, 2018 | ~ Satanism & Paedophilia - David Icke Exposes The Elite ~ | 14 min video | Blogger: Yes, disturbing... but nevertheless important to understand... 😔Let's send out LOVE & LIGHT by manifesting to dissolve the elite pedophiles and satanic ritual abuse agenda and mass human control by DARPA's Artificial intelligence. So be it and so it is!...🙏 |

David Vaughan Icke er en engelsk forfatter, foredragsholder, og tidligere medie personlighedbedst kendt for sit syn på, hvad han kalder  "who and what is really controlling the world".Beskriver sig selv som den mest kontroversielle taler og forfatter i verden, han har skrevetmange bøger der forklarer sin position og er døbt "New Age conspiracism". Har tiltrukket en betydelig skare af følgere fra hele det politiske spektrum. Hans 533-siders "The Biggest Secret(1999)" er blevet kaldt konspirationsteoretikers "Rosetta Stone".

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Latest News From David Icke - www.davidicke.com

SITSSHOW \\ Voces Nocte \\ The Divine Frequency | Oct 1, 2018 | ~ 🔴 Breaking News Everywhere: Disclosure Community Discernment Call ~ | Blogger: 💭A danish friend asked me the other day, if i knew what David Wilcock was up to, since rumors goes, that he's completely out of GaiamTV/GAIA and rarely update his blog, anymore... Well, he just posted a Mega-update and from my understanding, that is, the core group within Divine Cosmos, are not allowed to discourse a lot of detailed info, like Qanon... You may say, that's not true, but as COBRA said in the latest post: "There is a brilliant plan of the Light Forces to end all this, and they have requested absolute radio silence about that Plan since the end of January 2018. That request was not respected for the first time in late August when QAnon leaked intel about hacking of the spy satellites (Operation Keyhole). Later, David Wilcock released a few breadcrumbs about the Plan in his latest article, thankfully nothing significant..(..).. " ... |


(Teresa Yanaros) Breaking news in the disclosure community is hitting us from all ends across the board this past week, with To The Stars Academy releasing the semi-annual financial report, GaiaTV’s attempt to trademark the word “Disclosure,” and pointing fingers about discernment from the arenas of ex-lovers to new whistleblowers. How does our community discern the truth?

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SourceThe Divine Frequency

by Teresa Yanaros, September 28th, 2018

Niish and Jerry of the radio show, Nox Mente, interviewed me September 26th, 2018, about my experiences with altered states of consciousness. We discussed the subconscious mind, significant dream sequences, ET contact, and how to discern the nature of reality. At the end of the interview, Niish asked me,
“As a journalist, when you are deep in research and talking to people about [paranormal experiencer] incidents, where do you draw the line as far as, do you go with a gut intuition? Because a lot of this stuff, other than having other people substantiate you, it seems like there’s not a lot of crumbs. How do you discern? Where is your line of belief and disbelief?”
-Niish, Nox Mente

READ MORE: https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2018/09/breaking-news-everywhere-disclosure-community-discernment-call/


David Wilcock, Corey Goode, & Emery Smith at Dimensions of Disclosure

LeeHarrisEnergy | October 2018 Energy Update | .. Themes for this month that you may feel coming up: ➽ CONTRACT CHANGES AND RESIDUE ➽ #IDENTITY- SHIFTS ➽ REBIRTH AND HUMAN EGO ➽ #KUNDALINI ENERGY .. |

Lee Harris har månedlige prognoser via 15 minutters intensive videoer og han arbejder med energier som er rigtigt givende og meget reelle bud på hvordan vi bliver påvirket af de energifelter og energistrømme som eksistere overalt i naturen og omkring os. Lee Harris beskriver de nærværende situationer som alle mennesker og børn skal forholde sig til og hvordan vi genopretter balancen på ny.

Personligt syntes det er en opløftende oplevelse og faktisk meget rammende. Vil også sige, Lee Harris er på et bevidsthedsniveau jeg også deler, mange ting han fortæller os, er stort set mange af de emner, jeg beskriver på min blog........

Hey everyone! 

The extraordinary speed with which people went through dramatic or sudden soul contract changes for themselves through April-August felt dizzying during that period, but has now led to a collective burst of new energy throughout September. This may have shown up as a feeling of resolution or a new sense of calm, or a visceral sense of a rush of new energy and possibilities.

Don’t be surprised if in October there is a sense of residue coming up for you as a result of all this rapid change. This may not necessarily show up as grief about what has changed or moved out of your world, (though that is a possibility), but what will start helping you move into the new energy and creating new life is the rise of Kundalini energy and life-force which will be a feature for us all in the years to come.

The Hilarion Connection Update | Oct 2018 | ~ Hilarion (channeled messages) via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ |

Hilarion er Chohan af den femte stråle af healing, videnskab, vision og sandhed. Han er det hierarkiske niveau af Sandhedens templet på det æteriske plan i nærheden af Kreta, Grækenland. Hilarion var ypperstepræst i "Templet af Sandhed" i Atlantis, og han transporterede flammens sandhed sammen med artefakter af templet til Grækenland kort tid før forliset af kontinentet. Han arbejder med sjæle til at beherske det tredje øje - chakra og grøn-ray kvaliteter, herunder healing og videnskaben om at holde den ubesmittede koncept. Hilarion har ikke kun indflydelse med healing, men også omfatter musik og videnskab og målrettet "vision" gennem opfattelser af tredje øje. En kilde tilføjer, at Hilarion arbejder ofte med Ærkeenglen Raphael, der ligeledes tjener på det femte-stråle.

Kanaliseret af Marlene Swetlishoff 
© 2018 therainbowscribe

Finans.dk | 1. Okt 2018 | ~ Bagmandspolitiet: Kriminelle udbytter for 322 mio. kr. kørt gennem Nordea i København ~ | .. Hvidvaskekspert mener, at en stor svindelsag mod en russer og et skattelyselskab rejser spørgsmålstegn ved Nordeas rolle .. Danske Bank finder midlertidig direktør internt i banken .. | Blogger: Overrasket. Forvirret. Vred!?... Endnu en skandale i den danske del af GoLDMaN SLaCKS og hos Rothschild imperialisterne??. Hvor mange gange kan de lyve, uden at blinke eller lukke øjnene?. Indtil vi som borgere, stopper dem, ikke før !?? Narcissistisk personlighedsforstyrrelse, kan ikke tøjles.. ... "Confused? You won't be, after this week's episode of...Soap." ... |


LÆS  VIDERE: https://finans.dk/finans2/ECE10903767/bagmandspolitiet-kriminelle-udbytter-for-322-mio-kr-koert-gennem-nordea-i-koebenhavn/?ctxref=forside

Secureteam10 | Oct 1, 2018 | ~ BIZARRE "ANOMALY" Flying From Antarctica To Space Detected! ~ | .. The ANITA Anomalous Events as Signatures of a Beyond Standard Model Particle, and Supporting Observations from IceCube - preprint arXiv .. | Blogger: [👽E.T. Phone Home? Is it some sought of communication or data transfer through high energy particle blasting through space, communicating with somebody deep under the antarctic ice and Vice-Versa📞] ... |

Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!