June 26, 2020

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😞 ~ The “Corona Hoax”, The Proliferation of Racial Riots. Towards a Military Lockdown? ~ | Blogger: [👉"The Second Coronavirus Wave: Last and Final Economic and Social Collateral Damage That Will Break Every Small Businesses in the Western World & Create the Well Planned Digitisation, Robotisation and Control Grid?" ~ SoTW👈] ... Oh man! I'm sooooo sick and tired of hearing about the CoronaCrisis or #Black Lives Matter or whatever that "matters" for a small bunch of old white elites delight or what's (next) in store for us, to (save) HUMANITY, but only saves Banksters, "Tech Giants", and The medical–industrial complex... ENOUGH ALREADY!... |

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The “leak“– this time from the German Ministry of the Interior – shows a “secret” 93-page document, admitting basically how badly Germany reacted to the corona hoax – no, the paper doesn’t call it a ”hoax”, but you can taste it between the lines. In essence it says the economic and social collateral damage is much, but much larger than the impact of COVID-19- in terms of lives lost due to postponed treatment for cancer, heart and other life-threatening diseases, collapse of social infrastructure, despair, suicide, joblessness – no future in sight… for many the world just collapsed like a house of cards – no perspective nothing.(READ MORE)

😨📉📈 ~ 2020 Economic Predictions: This Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse ~ | Blogger: IMF, Experts, Central banks, Economics Blogs, RT's Keiser Reports, you name it - warns Covid-19 (and BLM) recession could be worse than any financial crisis in the existence, even worse than 1929 crash... But, where is it?... And like in America, Danish PM and other EU leaders warned us, that a new (economic disaster) reality awaits the Danes after corona-epidemic is over... And like in America, Danish govt entities, has warned us, that savings cost money in our bank accounts, pensions has already lost huuuge, and our retirements, vanish. Not to mention that danish people's 100 billion holiday pay, due to Corona, is in a government "lockdown" and if you want it, additional 12,5% top tax rate is required.. And like in America, Danish elites, big companies and CEO's are the true beneficiary, when push comes to shove... What are we gonna believe?... I truly believe, that (cabal banking cartels) are planning something BIG, something todo with a cashless society, but who knows?... Who will save us this time? Pleiadians? White Hats? Trump? Dragon families? St Germain quadrillion world trust? GESARA / NESARA? Archangel Michael & RV/GCR?... Time will tell... Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths?... |

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The troubles listed here in my 2020 economic predictions are so severe and so likely to get even worse that it’s more difficult to imagine they won’t get worse than to believe they will. Just a few of these misfortunes would be enough to plunge us into an abyss of social and financial catastrophes.

Here are my economic predictions for the remainder of 2020

This list of economic predictions is not hard to come up with. It is, however, the fact that it is so easy to predict these things this year that makes this year’s list so important.

I think most readers will agree with the likelihood of most predictions on this list. The point of the list, then, is to show by the aggregate of calamities that will wash over us how close to certain is a deep economic depression. (Most are problems central banks have zero capacity to resolve.)

This depression is something many people may not perceive until they widen their field of vision to see the full ocean of likely troubles that are nearly certain to pound the entire world in wave after wave for months or even years to come.

(Though I focus on the US, the same economics predictions are likely to apply all over the world with their own variations of local color.)

Many people are living right now in the delusional hope of a V-shaped recovery from the recent Coronacrisis lockdown. The list below shows why that is the most unlikely possibility imaginable.

During this time of economic crisis, most of the predictions listed below are current events that are almost certain to continue as the major trends of 2020 and are likely to even worsen, plunging us into the chaos of a deep economic collapse, worse than 2008:

🤩 ~ 🤍 New White Spikes Power 66-54-48-49-58-62 In the Schumann Resonance, Solar Geostorm & Plasma From Space 🏳️ ~ | Blogger: [〰️ The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like verdensalt! (SoTW)〰️] ... |


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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

The call goes out! All Lightworkers and Starseeds are being called to amp up our energy work.

The work that we are doing together is the way of the peaceful warrior. We work with energy and we effect positive changes in this way!

We are being asked to Trust that the Universe is unfolding everything as it should and that we are supported on our journey. We are key to what is now unfolding. My guides tell me to continue to stand in my Light and maintain my core center. They advise us to seek that connection within our heart space with our Higher Selves in our alone times.

There are so many diverse energies playing out upon the cosmic fields. There are infinite possibilities and probabilities...the golden gates of miracles are wide open. We all know how important setting intentions is. So in the morning before you get out of bed, be sure to set your intentions. This will help you navigate the chaotic energies that we are experiencing globally. Our combined Light is countering all that is not of the Light. Nothing can be hidden from the Light of Truth any longer...all is being illuminated, and being released for transmutation! That's our job. That's our Joy. We are the system busters, the transmuters of the dark. We are the Light. It is our task right now to remember who we are and unlock our training for these uncharted times.

Keep shining your Lights bright in this world and beyond.

Selamat Ja!

🕉️ ~ 💕 New Crop Circles: Smeathe's Plantation, Nr Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire. 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🍥What is Crop circles? - sometimes called corn circles in the UK, are geometric designs of flattened or knocked-over crops🍥] ... Hoax or not, still strange and unexplained phenomena! Some say, that these strange things were initially made by two Englishmen in the late 1970s, who thought up the idea in a pub when they should have been reminiscing about the good times with their beshhtt friend evah (rationalwiki.org).. Foster Gamble from Thrive movement tells us that; "Thousands of extraordinary geometric patterns have appeared in crop fields in more than 50 countries throughout the world.. There has been a lot of controversy about the origin of these designs. While some crop circles are created by pranksters to undermine the possibility of a non-human source, most crop formations are actually done in a way that defies current earthly science or technology. Laboratory studies have indicated that the nodes of some of the stalks get blasted out on one side, which can only be replicated by highly localized microwave heating. There are often anomalous electromagnetic effects and magnetic particles found as well…something hoaxers with planks would have trouble accomplishing"... You be the judge... |


🛸 ~ 💗 Fleet of hundreds of UFOs "in the direction to Earth" is caught from the International Space Station 💕~ | Blogger: [👉Benevolent Extraterrestrial Guides and Galactic Friends in the Skies or Elon Musk's SpaceX 1 million Starlink antennas and '64,000' 5G satellites?👈] ... |

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Many years ago, Stephen Hawking warned us not to send messages into space. Because they could be captured by a “malevolent civilization” that could reach earth and conquer us, in a process similar to that which occurred when the Spanish colonisers came to America. However, when global events on Earth like the coronavirus pandemic occur, UFO sightings tend to increase and are reported in excess. Is there a relationship between these factors? What we do know is that in the past few weeks, reports of sky lights, anomalies, and unidentified flying objects have increased exponentially.
Are we alone? What are the strange lights coming toward Earth in formation? Comment below about your opinion.

🌞🧑‍✈️ ~ (Danskerne og nordmænd tænker ens) God tur til Puerto de Corona! (nordnorskdebatt.no) ~ | Blogger: [👉Det er sgu blevet fredag og er du typen der har værkstedshumor, så er denne Norske artikel sjov som en i fanden👈] ...Hvorfor? Fordi, alle de (stakkels) Nordmænd og Danskerne som stadigvæk TROR, at COVID-19 er farlig, må få dårlig smag i munden af kronisk Coronapest, når de finder ud af sandheden... Når man (engang) finder opdagelsen til det sunde og (kraftfulde) menneske... Det sunde menneske i form af bygning (anatomi), funktion (fysiologi) og regulering af funktionen med henblik på at opretholde organismens indre ligevægt.... Det sunde menneske, i form af tankekraften, psykisk årsag til sygdomme, de metafysiske årsagsforhold, og trillioner af hukommelsesceller, der er fuld af praktiske råd og redskaber til at udrense og afgifte kroppen, fjerne følelsesmæssige blokeringer og hæve bevidstheden, så vi kan genvinde vores naturlige balance... Dårlig aura, immumsvækkelse, traumer, frygt, ego, forsvarmur, fobier, chok og sorg og (følelser) jeg kunne blive ved (og ved)... Der findes IKKE uhelbredelige sygdomme, og kroppen har en fantastisk evne til at heale sig selv, er min påstand... Når det højere selv er engageret, finder vores kreativitet løsninger på alle vores problemer, og vi har motivation og beslutsomhed, til at realisere vores drømme. Disse to aspekter er ofte de første, der svækkes, når et menneske bevæger sig fra SUNDHED til SYGDOM... |


248 tabte liv - desværre ikke nok til at stoppe eller skræmme folk i fuld fart mod Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Malaga eller Puerto de Corona, skriver læge, Hanne Heszlein-Lossius

Søring-karantene får trolig en ny betydning når de 300.000 nordmennene som har planlagt å gi blaffen i myndighetens reiseråd vender hjem fra sydentur i sommer.

Mens Nakstad ber folk om å tenke seg om, jobber flyselskapene for harde livet med å motarbeide både ham og norske helsemyndigheter ved å sette opp ekstrafly til edens hager.

Norwegian sier til VG at responsen er positiv når det gjelder pågangen til Spania og andre europeiske reisemål.


293,584 mennesker har fått påvist Covid-19 i Spania.

28,324 mennesker har dødd av covid-19 i Spania.