October 20, 2020

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🎃💀👻 ~ (BREAKING) GHOST OCTOBER RITUALISTIC TIMING FAKE SUICIDE BELT, FAKE GUN AND HELP FROM A WHITE VAN FOREIGNER NON-DANISH SPEAKING PERSON? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Peter Madsen detained by police following brief escape from prison. The convicted murderer in standoff with authorities a few hundred metres away from his prison, threatened to detonate a bomb-belt and and took a psychologist hostage as shield at the prison exit, at gunpoint ~ Media👈] ... 🤪THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM IN THESE INSANE OCTOBER HARVESTING ILLUMINATI TIMES😜... 🤔No shots fired by danish special forces, snipers, bomb squad, S.W.A.T., military specialists... 🤔Nobody got injured and Peter Madsen had a (fake gun) and (fake bomb-belt) still to be confirmed... 🤔FIRST OF ALL -- Netflix refused to air the controversial documentary ‘Into the Deep’, earlier of 2020, but yesterday, danish media and Netflix, could announced a NEW go-ahead to the documentary about the convicted submarine killer Peter Madsen still premieres on Netflix but has cut out some scenes and unwanted cast... 🤔THE NEXT DAY -- SUDDENLY -- the MOST exposed and SECURED man on EARTH, who was imprisoned at Institution of Herstedvester (Herstedvester Fængsel), a "Supermax prison" for life for sexually assaulting and murdering a journalist, on board his homemade submarine has been captured after attempting to escape from prison - HOW IS THAT EVEN HUMAN POSSIBLE????... 🤔Do you really think the Utoya attacks False Flag Anders Behring Breivik, acted ALONE?... 🙃IF you REALLY want to study Peter Madsen's case, check out Peter Madsen's connections to Kristian Von Bengtson - a space-architect, former contractor for NASA and co-founder of Copenhagen Suborbital... 🙃Check out why Peter M. broke contact with Kristian Von Bengtson to start a new space project for himself with the plan to launch himself to space...🙃Then, Peter M. was stopped by the Danish government...🙃Check out Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist, father worked as a freelance MSM news media guy at Google, mother writer and Swedish journalist, both working for Swedish government...🙃Kim Wall had 2 twitter accounts, one she painted herself as a white Japanese Geisha woman, why?, the other one called "Nicole Goddard" and Goddard, is a American space center figurehead...🙃It is rumored that, 'Both Peter Madsen and Kim Wall were part of a very hardcore SM environment, at Amager', heavy metal festival CopenHell. COPENHELL has loads of entertainment, evil art, demonic hangouts and twisted metal, besides a satanic culture... 🙃What happened to 'Mad' Mike Hughes? He died TRYING to get ABOVE, the top secret SPACE, controlled by NASA and Secret Space Programs (SSP)... 💩It all just smells like BS in the middle of Humans biggest crisis, made by a "Corona Corporation" and "could" be a distraction... |


October 20th, 2020 12:05 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Convicted murderer Peter Madsen has been re-apprehended by police following a brief, but dramatic escape from prison this morning.

He reportedly threatened to detonate a bomb strapped to his waist in order to force his way out of Herstedvester Prison in Albertslund, where he is serving a 20-year sentence for murdering Kim Wall in August 2017.

He is also reported to have taken a hostage from inside the prison as part of his escape.

He was detained again about 1 km from the prison.

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Convicted murderer Peter Madsen has this morning escaped from prison.[READ MORE]



Danish rocket enthusiasts Peter Madsen and Copenhagen Suborbitals are NOT alone. Around the world, amateurs gather about what can be called a DIY revolution in space. Where everyone can help explore the world out there, with homemade equipment....
Kim Wall's dad working for Google and MSM news media?  coincidence? 
Why were Kim Wall painted the face in WHITE?
corpse-like or Geishas Painted?? Why is Kim Wall goddess, angelic being
and hero, she is part of the mainstream media (MSM)? But many 'unknowns' who has
been killed is still anonymous

🕵️‍♂️😥🔫 (False Flags) Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on Facebook & another survivor gives testimony he saw shell casings strewn across nearby hotel parking lot (SoTW Archive) ~ | Blogger: [👉2020 UPDATE: Strange it is Queen Elizabeth II has approved a rare royal pardon for an inmate convicted of murder and London Bridge “terror attack” - was another false flag like Las Vegas?👈] ... {⚠️Please note, verdensalt.dk has already many times, send prayers and condolences to all the victims of this mass atrocity and their families and friends in Las Vegas} ... Soooo...Yoo-hoo!!! Attention!!!!.. According to A View to a Kill FBI bluebook, it's still a mystery(FBI investigators have 22,000 hours of surveillance and cellphone footage and 250,000 photos to look over, amounting to about 40 terabytes of data) ... First of all, I'll been visiting Vegas 2 weeks prior at MGM resort and other different hotels (conferences and shows - Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil - Mandalay). Let me tell you, there's LOT of security, high tech cameras etc. etc.. There's no freaking way, a SHOOTER could have fired his weapons with 1,000 rounds munitions firing over an 11-minute period, with nobody noticed it, Hotel police security was aware of it, and SWAT had killed him, immediately - no WAY!!. Have you seen how many cops, securing in that town city center?? It's the most protected Mafia U.S. Inc. due to the billions of money in circulation.. On top of that, CBC News has interviewed Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's brother, Eric Paddock, who talks to reporters in Florida Vegas and dumbfounded by mass shooting (He's TOTALLY CALM and crazy talking).. So, let me get this straight... That particular sunday's horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas once again shines a light on a nation awash in guns, Democrats are jumping straight into the gun-control debate (surprise?) ... What about the woman wandering throughout the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival warning people they were about to die, around 45 minutes before Paddock opened fire on the crowd - that's a NO NO ❓ ... We can also limited out the fact, that two cryptic emails Paddock sent to himself which have puzzled investigators and fueled the "gun deal gone wrong" theory - yeah a hoax, acc. to FBI ❓ ... And Shepard Ambellas that gives proof of the helicopters in the following video with sheriff's office lying - FBI is STILL not talking, why ❓.. There are so many speculations, about motives and theories surrounding Vegas shooting. I just don't know.. I do believe that Paddock worked for Lockheed Martin in the 80's and he's a gambler, but winning millions upon millions on video poker. It is strange - i'll give you that... Most crazy unsolved mysteries of them all is about when INTELLIHUB.COM (and Baltimore Post Examiner noted last year) noticed some insane weird stuff going on at Las Vegas coroner's office and Paddocks autopsy... READ MORE... 🔦 PS: under verdensalt's extensive investigation, many video proof has been censored, but check out my many posts, use search bar... |

Blogger: Officielt siges det, at skyderiet fandt sted på 32. etage i Mandalay Bay Hotellet (hvor jeg har været et par gange som turist) - men flere og flere amerikanere står frem og siger, at skyderierne foregik på 3-4 etage og også på gadeplan. Tonsvis af videoer modsiger de officielle forklaringer. Nu har flere amerikanske efterforskere fundet mystiske spor efter en mobiloplader, som ikke matchede, Stephen Paddocks mobiltelefon. En anden efterforskning indikere, at en af Paddocks nøglekort blev brugt til at få adgang til sit værelse, mens hans bil var uden for hotellets parkeringshus. Ifølge en casinoejer, var Stephen Paddock ikke en problem-gambler, men blot en rig millinær som vandt 31 millioner i 2015 via casinospil. Fotografierne som viser Paddock's lig med en våben over hans fod, uden blodspor samt et mystisk stykke papir (formodet selvmordsbrev) er blevet spottet ud for den døde krop (præcist som et movieset, hvor alting er nøje planlagt?). Nogle har indikeret, at Las Vegas SWAT team, ventede i evigheder, før de tog aktion på Hotellet.. Denne sag om Vegas skyderiet, er meget sparet og viser, at vi ikke kan stole på myndighedernes udlægning. Bare vent, flere og flere beviser kommer frem og vil blive nøje gennemgået, her på bloggen.. |




Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on Facebook

Blogger: 👉👉👉
  • Q: Why did Stephen Paddock wearing gloves to cover his tracks and then shoot himself? 
  • QWhy did the eyewitness like "Jesus Campos" disappear and reappear? (like Jesus Christ)
  • QLas Vegas coroner's office on lockdown -- but why? 
  • Q: Maintenance worker at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino claim he reported hearing gunfire within the hotel minutes before the massacre started, according to the Los Angeles Times. What's that about? 
  • Q: Las Vegas shooting: Woman told crowd 'you're all going to f***ing die' before attack started? 
  • Q: Did Trump & Saudi delegates had a secret meeting at MGM about the crackdown in Saudi Arabia before the shooting took lace, and if so, how did they escape the mercenaries (FF ops)? 
  • Q: Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has been found dead, but nobody is investigating. Why? 
  • Q: WHO, if anyone, helped Paddock carry out his operation? WHAT was Paddock planning to do with a car full of bomb-making materials? Gunman Stephen Paddock had 19 guns inside his hotel room. How is this possible with hundreds of CCTV cameras and most advanced surveillance in the world i Vegas?
  • Q: Cell phone charger that does not match any of the devices that belonged to the gunman?
  • Q: Hotel record showing that one of Paddock’s key cards was used to access his room while his car was outside of the hotel’s parking garage?
  • Q: Why didn't campus police and LVMPD intervene, we've talking about 15 minutes a least of nonstop shooting?
  • QWhy did Las Vegas SWAP units waiting it out before breaking into the room were paddock were shooting at 32nd floor?
  • QHotel says 4 officers were on 32nd floor as Las Vegas shooter fired. Should they have acted?
  • Q: Why are some eyewitnesses claiming that other shooter fired from other floors and other hotels?
  • Q: FOX: Las Vegas shooting victims file more lawsuits, press for answers. Why don't we heard about this?.. Have so many other questions, so many why's of the presence of helicopters in the air during the Las Vegas shooting... |

The Free Thought Project: Vegas Police Captain Behind Gunfire Location System Reported Missing, ‘Endangered’ | .. During the middle of one of the most secretive investigations in history, a Las Vegas police captain has disappeared and is considered "endangered.".. The Shotspotter program is part of a one-year pilot that uses sensors to triangulate the source of gunfire. It was brought about in response to the horrific shooting which took place in October | 

OOM2 \\ YourNewsWire  Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Ran CIA Child Trafficking Ring | .. Alleged Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, ran a drug running and child trafficking company – making millions of dollars in the process – according to explosive new evidence that threatens to disrupt the official narrative and prove law enforcement and mainstream media are colluding to misinform the public about the Las Vegas attack |

intellihub.com: Fmr. military intel analyst: ‘Saudi Arabian-based risk management company was on the ground during the Las Vegas shooting’|

Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert: Tom Heneghan just reported one of his sources said Stephen Paddock never fired a shot and was a Patsy! That was my guess when I saw the muzzle blasts of what appears to be at least 2 shooters at the lower levels (probably floor 8-10) near the center of Mandalay Bay! Get this out everywhere |

🦸‍♀️📢😱 ~ (Mavefornemmelser) »Fuldstændig vanvittigt«: Der findes ikke et eneste sundhedsfagligt dokument om milliarddyr coronaregel (Berlingske) ~ | Blogger: TIL ALLE, som netop er vågnet op og ud af Tornerosesøvnen, så handler COVID-19 epidemien, som har øgenavnet "COVID-1984" eller "Certificate Of Vaccination ID-19", om en Agenda 2030, om SOCIAL KONTROL, OVERVÅGNING, MAGT OG INDFØRELSE AF KUNSTIG INTELLIGENS i form af Digitalisering og Robotisering (eks.vis. kontantløs samfund, blockchain, fintech, softbots etc.) på allerhøjeste geopolitisk plan; domestisk og med udenlandske påvirkningsprocesser ... Det har ikke noget at gøre med »mavefornemmelser« eller "man" skulle indhente en sundhedsfaglig vurdering fra regeringens egne rådgivere, Statens Serum Institut og Sundhedsstyrelsen... COVID er en "agenda" og det er FØRSTE spæde skridt mod Totalitarisme, der som ofte, ledsager, Fascismen... Som corona-commander-in-chief og Landsmoder, har en Statsminister i Dannevang, A-L-D-I-G, haft så meget MAGT som nogle førhen, og som vi ved, er MAGT, en stærk og vanedannede narkotikum blandt Politikere... Så kan berlingske bruge den journalistiske indgangsvinkel og inddrage aktindsigt, så meget de vil, danskere, får ALDRIG, den hele og komplete SANDHED at vide, før AGENDEN enten, er tilendebragt og fået succes eller "nogle" får ødelagt "cabals" (Mørke Stat, Banksters og den Medicinske Mafia) planer... Det er så bare min egen mening efter i 20 år at gennemtrawle "agendaer" og deres påvirkninger på den nye samfundsorden... |




🌬️🛸🤖 ~ (Superhuman Robots vs. Spiritual Beings) The Truth About Alien Life | How Long Can the Secret Keepers Keep the Secret Hidden? (The WTF Files) ~ | Blogger: I believe it's Richard M. Dolan voice and storytelling, which I have listen to on U.S. conferences and meet in Denmark, last year... It's much more than alien life - THE MASSIVE transformation... |

The Truth About Alien Life | How Long Can the Secret Keepers Keep the Secret Hidden? Many now believe a full Alien Life disclosure could be right around the corner. Senators and Governors alike across the states are starting to dig deeper, and starting to knock on doors looking for answers. The secrets that have been kept for so many years now may be getting harder to keep secret. The truth could be around the very next corner. The question is; Are you prepared to find out the truth? What will humanity really do if they find out Aliens have been here living side by side with humanity for hundreds of years? What then?


🧰🔌🤏~ (5G, Implans, Chips, Big Tech Data) "People need to know what's coming, SOON it will happen to you" (Anonymous Official) ~ | Blogger: Hijacked from Jason A News channel... |

👩‍💻💊😱 ~ (Get Redpilled) UPDATED: LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! DISMANTLING THE DEEPSTATE OPERATIVES AND DOUBLES!! (CDU) ~ | Blogger: [👉Thanks to my FB friend Helene C. for sharing this so-called MEGA-update long list of 'conspiracy-facts' and it's not for children to watch👈] ... {As of July 2020, Trump’s feds rumored to have issued nearly 180,000 sealed criminal indictments} ... I mean, I know, more or less that there's vast amount of proof, about President Obama's falsified birth certificate, is a gay Muslim and 'Michelle' (Michael) Obama is transgender... Of course, it goes without saying that Serena Williams was a MAN, once, as her sister... Rumour has it, that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is a MAN, i don't know about that, but in this article, some claims, that Kamala Harris, is also, a MAN... NOMATTER all that, according to this report, there's unbelievable and unimaginable claims, VIP's has BEEN arrested waiting tribunal or been executed and the doubles and AI clones were activated and the deepstate now work for Trump... PS: As always, use your own spiritual discernment... |


⚖️🥺😒 ~ (#ViGiverAldrigOp) Sagen, der ikke vil dø: Jeppe Kofod anmeldt for voldtægt af 15-årig af flere borgere (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Narcissistiske Psykopater, Energi- og Følelsesvampyrer og Magt-Parasitter ~ SoTW👈] ... {1970'erne Den seksuelle frigørelse, Rødstrømperne satte seksualiteten fri, vores regering tvang os til 'samtykke' og #Me-too comma 0, slår krølle på Dansk politik, der står midt i et sceneskift, undtagen i JK's tilfælde og Statsministeren, har flere sager, der venter, på afklaring} ... 🤔HVORFOR bliver jeg ved med at dvæle og være forbitret over JK?... 👨Fordi jeg (også) er FAR til en datter og haft flere papdøtre / papbørn, som jeg alle, har holdt utroligt meget af og 'beskyttet'... 🙇‍♂️Jeg bliver "næsten" aldrig personlig her på kanalen, jeg ved det hele er DRAMA, vi drages ind i de opblomstrede Følelsernes vold og Forsvarsmekanismerne som mediernes overdimensionerede og umoralske Sensationsjournalistik, skaber, for at tjene på 'click-baits og storytelling', som i sidste ende, er FALSKE eller fordrejer SANDHEDEN - vi falder i, HVER GANG... 😟De såkaldte 'negative tanker', er roden til al ondskab. Jeg kalder det Spirituel Terrorisme - den altødelæggende indre stemme, "underbevidstheden" som angriber os og forgifter vores ego, tanker, væremåde, evne til agere og vise medfølelse, omsorg, forståelse, tilgivelse og i den grad vores evne, til at acceptere, vi selv er en del af problemet... ☝️DOG er én ting sikkert og vist FAKTA... 👧NÅR man som i JK's tilfælde, bevidst, går i seng med en uskyldig jomfru 14-årig plus 366 daggamle DSU'er, uden KONDOM og pigen, er TVUNGET til at tage en fortrydelsespille, så bruger man sin Magt-parasit-rolle, ædru eller fuld, INGEN, undskyldning kan RETFÆRDIGGØRE situationen!... 😳Denne unge kvinde, får SKAM, ind på livet og det, at blive, "VOLDTAGET", for et bedre ord, er et TABU og lægger sig som en DYNE på en kvinde, FOR ALTID! Hvorfor, at hendes familie ikke tager fat og ANMELDER, JK, er mig en GÅDE og ønsker, blot, hun er kommet godt videre!.. 💃Jeg har selv, datet en kvinde sidste år, som blev voldtaget som 14-årig og så alle hendes FØLELSESAR, dvs. psykologisk stress og fysisk sygdom, i form af fysiske skavanker (måtte ikke røre hendes ansigt, seksuelle traumer m.v.)... 👋MIN naturlæge, måtte bruge 4-5 timer på hende og forsøge, at GENOPRETTE, hendes Aura, som ligger som en ekstra hud uden om kroppen, den er et energifelt som rummer livets 'OPLEVELSER'... 👪Min søsters tidl. mand, DRÆNER også min søster, fordi hun lytter og har medfølelse, selvom de har været skilt i mange år, er hun en blevet et OFFER for den følelsesmæssige vampyrer, der “absorberer vores energi”... 🧠På hjernens lager (sindet) opbevarer du dine tanker, mens dit farverige aurafelt opbevare dine følelser (Auraen - afspejler forskellige af menneskets facetter og muligheder, -fysiske/mentale formåen, ubalancer, svagheder, -fortid, nutid, fremtid)... 🤯Din negative tanker eller uforløste følelser kan bedst sammenlignes med krypterede filer som du overfører på din Dropbox, uredigeret, for evigt, på nettet...⚰️Når du dør og overgår til Nirvana (Summerland, Himmeriget) og vælger, at komme tilbage til den tredje dimensionelle virkelighed på Jorden, findes dine filer stadigvæk på din Dropbox...🗄️Stien til hvor filerne ligger (hukommelsen) er dog nulstillet, men tidligere livs oplevelser følger med dig i evig tid, de negative af dem, skal afkrypteres og stisystemet genoprettes. Med andre ord, al det volapyk som stammer fra tanker og følelser vi ikke helt forstår, skal, dechifreres, behandles og til sidst slettes fra din Dropbox... 🤪Giver det mening - det gør det for mig - måske skal man være inde i det psykologiske, spirituelle, åndsvidenskaben esoterisk astrologi... |