Mar 23, 2021

πŸ’‚‍♂️⛰️✡️ ~ (BREAKING METTE-KURZ-BIBI 'BACK-TO-LIFE') April/May partly/full re-openings after all 50-99 year old danes has been offered a vaccination and/or tested negative, full proof of recovery (SoTW) | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰The Qabbalah Freemasons Rothschild Zionism Israeli-Denmark COVID-19 Reopenings?πŸ‘ˆ] ... Norway’s prime minister investigated for breaking lockdown rules, Merkel wants to prolong and tighten lockdown, Israel’s strong vaccination campaign has given Zionist Cabal leader Khazarian Mafia Netanyahu an edge and takes personal credit for the vaccination campaign, which has seen about half the country’s 9 million people receive a second Pfizer shot, outpacing the rest of the world, and has declared victory over the virus... The danish PM has visited Israel with Austria' s PM, who awaits the public responds from DK-Israel, before deciding whether to tighten or loosen coronavirus measures... |

(DENMARK) To fully enjoy everything society will be able to offer, the public will need to be able to show a corona pass

Reopening schedule

– From April 6, more young people will be able to return to their education: grades 5-8 (ages 11-15), gymnasium students (ages 16-19) and adult students at a 50 percent capacity – so every other week. Some higher education students can return at 50 percent capacity, others at 20 percent capacity. Face-to-face proprietorships, such as hairdressers, will be able to reopen to those with a corona pass.

– From April 13, stores in small shopping centres will be able to open, providing the mall is less than 15,000 sqm in size. However, this won’t be possible in municipalities with high infection rates.

– From April 21, all shopping centres will be permitted to open, along with outdoor dining at restaurants and cafes (to those with corona passes), museums and libraries. Indoor sports for under-18s (with corona passes) will also get the green light.

– From May 6, indoor dining at restaurants (with corona passes) will be permitted. Likewise, cinemas, theatres, conference venues and other indoor venues will be able to (with corona passes) commence operations again. Adults will be able to resume indoor sports (with corona passes).

– From May 21, all other sports, leisure and association activities will be opened. Indoor facilities at zoos and playgrounds will also be able to reopen.