Jan 8, 2020

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💊 ~ Corruption in Global Health Care May Exceed $1 TRILLION ~ |

Source (HNN) 

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Story at-a-glance –
  • Dishonesty and fraud in the health care system, including its academic and research communities, are significant barriers to the implementation of universal health coverage, yet this corruption is rarely if ever discussed, let alone addressed in any meaningful way
  • The less transparent a health system is, the more corrupt it becomes. Weak adherence to the rule of law and few accountability mechanisms further invite corruption and, with it, health system performance, quality and efficiency plummet
  • The amount of corruption found in any given system is dependent on three variables: Monopoly on the supply of a product or service, the level of discretion enjoyed by suppliers, and the supplier’s accountability to others
  • Three factors governing the engagement in corrupt practices in the health care system are: being in a position of power; financial, peer and/or personal pressures; and cultural acceptance of corruption. In order for anticorruption measures to succeed, these three factors all need to be addressed
  • Drug research is beset by an astoundingly high incidence rate of scientific misconduct, with 72% of retracted drug studies being retracted due to things like data falsification, fabrication, unethical conduct and plagiarism (READ MORE)

💉 ~ The danish biotech company Adaptvac, a vaccine developer has secured US patents on the company's platform and all the cancer prevention vaccines being developed on the platform ☠️ ~ | Blogger: [🤜AdaptVac Aps is a danish vaccine manufacturer of vaccines against cancer, malaria and antibiotics for pigs and many other products in full cooperation with scientists from UCPH - some is govt funded🤛] ... This is of course SoTW's own claims after 20 years of research... But, we know, more or less, that HPV, MMR vaccines and the danish childhood immunization program has partnered up with WHO, UN, CDC, ECDC and many more organizations - a conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud or scientific fraud, that has lethal consequences... We know, that, data suppressed by the CDC proved that the MMR vaccine produces a 340% increased risk of autism... We know, that, with aluminum and polysorbate-80 tightly bound in the HPV vaccine, are able to pass freely into the brain across the BBB(Blood Brain Barrier), regardless of the state of health of the BBB, this can explain some of the fainting, seizures, and neurological sequelae that have been reported in teenage girls after they have received the HPV vaccine... And the list goes on and on and (on)... Sooo... Is UCPH (University of Copenhagen), the Rockefeller Complex and Niels Bohr Institute, in bed with the medical-industrial complex (mafia)?... 1000% chance of that... The cancer industry is an unstoppable trillion-dollar killing machine... We know that danish Novo Nordisk A/S, Bayer and U.S. Monsanto Company (partnership & merger) is yet another integrated multinational pharmaceutical- agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, who has billions in profit, by developing products, that gets people sick, not healthier... |

AdaptVac is a joint-venture between NASDAQ First North listed ExpreS2ion Biotech and University of Copenhagen spin-out NextGen Vaccines. And we he University of Copenhagen has designed a simple technique that makes it possible to quickly and easily develop a new type of vaccines



🧑‍⚕️ ~ Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow made the 2010s the decade of health and wellness misinformation ~ | Blogger: [Netflix roasted for leading viewers astray with ‘health misinformation’ in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop show] ... Shocker to Gwyneth Paltrow's 6.7m followers on Instagram and millions of other people who idolize the (wrong) kind of celebs, influencers and Hollyweird's Hypersexualization of Children & Woman... |

Source (nbcnews)

By Timothy Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy at the University of Alberta |

Celebrity wellness hype contributes to our “culture of untruth” by both inviting an erosion of critical thinking and promoting what is popular rather than what is true.

In 2010, Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand, Goop, was just starting to get its goop-y mojo rolling. Tom Brady’s lifestyle company, TB12, wasn’t around, so we had no way of learning about bogus fitness concepts like muscle pliability. And Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, a fearmongering and pseudoscience-based business that is currently worth over a billion dollars, was still one year away from inception.

But what a difference 10 years has made. Now all of these companies are thriving and many other celebrities, including Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson, have started similar wellness brands.

But it is hard to deny that things are qualitatively different now. This has been the decade of misinformation. And, in the context of health, celebrities have led the charge.

🛐 ~ Pope Bows Down To The Order Of The Illuminati - Kiss Feets And Hands ~ | Blogger: [🔱There is Good News and Bad News and then there is Vatican News🤘] ... {1.2 billion Roman Catholics who has no idea about the truth of their beloved leaders?} ...Thx to Louis, for sharing... |



PS: The media are seen as an important piece in an open, democratic society called "the fourth state power" because they complement the three official state powers: the legislature, the judiciary and the executive. THIS IS NOT THE CASE ... These misleaders are the fake news, and the fake news problem has helped to ruin this country... Folketinget, (Danish Parliament) is ready to 'expel' or 'dissolve' any negative political 'tabloid' press, who do not consent to political pressure ... So please REMOVE any of the FAKE CIA controlled MSM media agencies, who literally stigmatizes and create Fake News, to ensure we are dumbed down ...
There are far more in debt secrets, swept under the carpet than you or I will ever discover, IN A LIFETIME, hidden, in plane sight or hidden in the Prime Minister's secret filing cabinet or vault, the Ministry of Defense and the National Archives ...

Dear Lord, “My Father”, Source, Christ Consciousness... Please...  

STOP all the sexualization of children, women and exploitation of all the weak in society and in the public space, as a hidden egocentric and powergreedy structure, which one tries to camouflage with a layer of "sugar-coated-care"...

Let us manifest that the danish State and Danish Wall Street banks, which are solely depended by Rothschild & Co, are relieved from their duties, like Russia and other 'free' countries, so we get everything into the sunlight to be exposed, cleansed and forgiven...

Let us STOP the massive buildup of 30 years of the Danish defenses, buying up billions of billions, surveillance, supporting mercenaries like BLACKWATER, inept fighters, drones, robots, tanks, etc. based on merciless WARS, from political 'ghosts' and 'fake terror'... 

Prevent DMI and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency from continuing to stamp and obtain great benefits for the U.S. Deep State, using CIA military aircrafts, torture prisons and over flights, and denying USAF to spray toxic aluminum and barium particles of Chemtrailing the land, to dumb down and makes people and animals, sick... 

Prevent the Fake Toxic Cancer Industry, Lying Healthcare and Artificial Enzymes and Chemical Processes from the Sugar and Food Industry, with microscopic doses of toxic substances that keep us sick, and in the long run, kill and mutilate, innocent, naive citizens who do not, know any better...

Keep the groundwater intact, without pesticides, GMO waste, medicine residues, microplastic, nitrogen, etc. etc. The forests must be good habitats for animals and plants... 

Let us all stop the propagation of 5G, which is so harmful to health, with microwave energy, that books can be written in addition upon the topic, to aluminum based chemtrails boosting wifi anywhere on the globe or the whole climate hoax...

Proclaim that we no longer allow Denmark, continue to help big brother USA, Israel, dictatorship states and Cabal countries, to spy and that Danish intelligence agents and top people, PET and FE-DDIS, have unrestrained long-range means to promote false flag terror and anti-Russian agendas (or any of today's enemy, that has been political handpicked)...

We open up to anyone, who today, has parliamentary immunity can be prosecuted as Anders Fog of War' Rasmussen, who announced support for US invasion, a year before the Iraq war...

So be it and so it is!

🔫 ~ NRA delight: Why Americans won't give up their guns (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: ['Lock her up!'] ... Most europeans, including SoTW, and the enduring question of why America continues to maintain such lax gun laws when such atrocities as mass shootings or America's constant wars, can to a great degree be answered by the eager, almost obsessed behaviour by americans to join the United States Armed Forces (as their father, grandfather etc) and the frightened man’s call and (Deep State) Washington who has become a Warmonger's Paradise for The National Rifle Association... US President's eldest son, Donald John Trump Jr., has shared a photo on Instagram of himself with a rifle in which former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can be seen behind bars (and with medieval helmet used during the Christian crusades). It could make some sense, about Crooked Hillary, however, who is the bad guy and who is the good, has becoming more blurred to me, after the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, the Ukrainian Boeing 737 crash in Iran and the constant incidents of mass shootings or violence, which do not benefit or has any legitimacy for peace on Earth...A constant flow of drama, violence, wars, frustration and missing why's, we are not yet experienced the light in the tunnel. But we have... On the other side of the tunnel and behind the scene, we see all the tensions are rising world wide because the false 3-D matrix of illusion, is collapsing. This world is being washed over by LOVE tsunami and the dark energies are boiling because they are being burned by the higher light entering our world in greater and greater waves at this time...

📢 ~ 💗 Peter Gabriel - Signal to Noise 💕~ | Blogger: [Send out the Signal...Deep and LOUD!!] ... PB was a big name in my youth!... I think it's part of "The Art of Peace - Songs for Tibet II" album... Question is if we got a responds after the big call out to the universe - i think we did... |

🤫 ~ Rævekagen : Efter en time på Ramasjang er jeg klar til at skifte køn ~ | Blogger: ["Hvad gør Danmarks Radio ved vores børn?" ~ Folkets] ... {HELE kønsdebatten, metoo-bevægelsen, krænkelsesdiktaturet, Dramatrekanten med millionæren på sex, Joan Ørting fortrydelse med voldtægtsdømte krammetera- peutens potmeditation, influencergeniet Amalie Have og hvad ved jeg, vil jeg overlade til Lennart Kiil, Kirsten Birgit og mediemøllen} ... Det verdensalt godt vil snakke om, er, hvordan i alverden, vi kan blåstemple, at der hersker en stillesigende accept af DR-diktaturet. De, der betaler licens, deler (gladeligt) 3,7 milliarder årligt, som herunder, går til en direktør, der tjener 3.6 millioner kroner, plus en konstant lønforhøjelse. 2020 er der fundet (væsentlige) ændringerne, der er så omfattende, at 22.500 færre timers flow-tv er forsvundet ud af DR K, DR2, DR Ultra og DR3, der i forvejen, består af propaganda-tv og genudsendelser... Vi må ikke snakke om, at Danmarks Radio faktisk er Pampernes Paradis, totalt inkorporerede i det indenlandske og udenlandske korrupte politiske system (CIA Operation Mockingbird)... Hvorfor betaler danskere, titusinde af kroner til flow-tv i form af licens, koda og copydan, YouSee med dyre tv-pakker & mobilabonnement og alt det skrammel, som (indbygget) reklamer, som gør vores børn syge og købelystne, til endnu mere forbrug?. Nu hvor YouSee er nede (igen), hvorfor dropper man ikke hele platformen? Mine forældre har kæmpet med reklamationer i årevis og et 30-minutters kø og til sidst, sure teenagere som tager telefonen i supporten. Vi er så lille et land, at ingen forstår, at vi alle bliver manipuleret med, via monopol, på pengepungen og på usande nyheder og programmer... |

Kilde (Folkets.dk)

Hvad gør Danmarks Radio ved vores børn?

Tre programmer i rap, så jeg.

Alle tre var i opposition til natur og tradition. Alle tre var “gender queer”. (LÆS VIDERE)

🤥 ~ Regeringen vil have én million elbiler i 2030 – har købt én til staten siden 2017 ~ | Blogger: [😏SMART i en Fart! Smart Klimahoax, Verdensmålene og Smart grøn omstilling: Agenda 21, 5G, Smart city, Smart veje, Smart el, Smart bil - Smart ikke? Blå utopi eller grøn realisme?🔌] ... {Flere japanske firmaer hævder at have opfundet en brændselscellebil, der kan køre på VAND! Verdens første brint-tog kører i Tyskland. I Danmark, skal man være SMART - lidt for smart!} .. Alternativer til fossile brændsler findes! Men de genetisk modificerede politikere, vil ikke lytte... Sjovt ikke? Den nye regering vil lige som den tidligere regering sætte en stopper for salget af nye diesel- og benzinbiler fra 2030, mens ønsket om mellem en halv og én million elbiler er røget ud af aftaleteksten... Nu er det bare sådanne, at elbiler forurener af helvedes til, langt, langt mere mere end dieselbiler. Bare selve produktionen af batterier til elbiler forurener så meget, at det tager adskillige år at indhente en tilsvarende dieselbil i CO2-regnskabet, for ikke at tale om hvordan man genbruger eller bortskaffer, battierene... Så har vi slet ikke taget i betragtning, at elbilers batterier, kan sætte i brand, og når de gør, kan brandvæsenet, ikke slukke ildebrand. Det så vi i Stavanger, hvor dele af p-huset kollapsede efter flere timer i brand, og mere end 300 biler, blev ødelagt af flammerne. Og hvad var årsagen? Branden, var efter alt at dømme opstået i en el-bil og at, Norge, der er kendt som verdens førende elbil-nation, hvor særligt den amerikanske Tesla, er et hit på de norske veje. Forsikringsselskabet Gjensidige Skadeforsikrings kommunikationschef sagde tirsdag aften i et interview hos norske TV 2, at de mange ladestandere i for eksempel p-huse er til gene, fordi brandbilerne ikke kan komme forbi, hvis der skulle opstå brand... men, men, nu har man skyndt sig at ændre forklaring, så nu hedder det sig, at en ældre dieselbil, var årsagen til den voldsomme brand... Hele problemet er at hvem skal betale? Infrastrukturen til elbiler mangler og i 2020 og fremadrettet, bliver registreringsafgiften for elbiler på 20 procent (tidligere 40%). Hvem gider så at købe? og hvem leger regering i 2030?... |



🥶 ~ What I Wasn't Told About Climate Change With Luca Rossi 🥵 ~ | Blogger: (Thx to Anne for sharing) ... Is, Luca Rossi, a (real) green activist?💚... Not (crisis actors) like Swedish Greta Thunberg a.k.a. (Estella Renee - Al Gore–linked corporate green hucksters)... The (Antifa) German Clara Mayer (German version of Thunberg)... David Hogg & Emma Gonzalez (Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida)... The same (crisis actor) girl, CNN used in three different refugee crisis pictures in Aleppo, Syria (HBO Cries from Syria (2017)... The same (crisis actor) Carlee Soto, of a crying woman appears in photos taken at the scenes of massacres in Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston, Oregon, Paris, and Manchester... And many, many more... How would you know all this? According to independent investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, "The so-called 'fact-checking' authentication website Snopes.com is the go-to website for CIA propaganda."... Sooo, in other words, use CIA's site "snopes", to lookup all the facts...What a crazy world... |

🧘 ~ 💗 Cosmic Raindancers (Meditating for Australia - Bushfires) 💕 ~ | Blogger: SoTW got this by a support group chat: "Magenta Pixie and the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine (link below from GAOG) published a great video about the effect of mass meditations focused on assisting nature and earth to restore balance, like in the case of meditations for rain in Australia"... PS: How can we help? ... WLMM: Daily Meditation for Australian Bushfires at 11:30 AM UTC... Cobra and the Resistance Movement's "AGE OF AQUARIUS ACTIVATION MEDITATION JANUARY 11TH/12TH 2020" ... Marlene Swetlishoff and her team of Rainbow Scribe Family's "FIRE THE GRID, JANUARY 13, 2020 AT 11:11 GMT WORLDWIDE"... |


🚀 Newsletter: Happy Year Day from Asgardia's Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli! ~ | Blogger: [🤩The First Nation In Space, Ever!! 1 Million People From 200 Countries🤔] ... {Expansion of humanity, free democratization in space nomatter skin color, race or social classification} ... AT FIRST, it was a really great idea and achievement, to be able to start a (privately) owned Space Nation in LEO... Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, a russian billionaire, scientist, businessman and politician of Azerbaijani origin... Has he gone rogue and become the villain, Hugo Drax?... Because who (really) owns low Earth orbit (LEO) in Space?.. Did you know, that most countries has a "National Space Agency? Including Denmark (DTU Space) and Sweden (The Swedish National Space Agency SNSA, Swedish: Rymdstyrelsen), which is very vital part of ESA & NASA's secrecy in Space (Terma A/S)... Has The European Space Agency ESA, NASA, DARPA, NSA, CIA, USAP, USAF, and SSP or any other dark foreign powers lured us into a trap?... Everything comes at a price.. Citizenship / residency yearly card fee (€100) x 25 years x 1,000,000 = billions... SoTW 'were' actually one of the first danish people to sign up and undergo a very long and difficult terms of agreements etc. etc.. Asgardia is a would-be nation of 1,000,000 people from 200 nations, which hopes to establish its territory in space within the next 25 years... Buuutt, a problem exist... Asgardia, Bezos, SpaceX, China's plans for the Moon, Mars and beyond & India attempt to Land on the Moon in September of 2019, fresh new travel by 2020... Blah Blah Blah... When I see that money changes hands with NASA - I DON'T TRUST any project or prospekt... WHO controls the Space - NASA and several others in the Secret Space Program Factions, Top Secret Black Projects and Unacknowledged Special Access Programs etc... As an example, Asgardia-1 was boosted to space and then deployed by US companies on a NASA-funded mission so the satellite falls under US jurisdiction... THEN Asgardia was suddenly represented in (illuminati) World Economic Forum at Davos in January of 2019!! WHAAAT?... You be the judge... |

Dear Asgardians!

In the New Year, celebrated at different moments in different time zones across the globe, it is customary to make a wish for the future. Let's think of something good and cherished now. After all, we think differently than most, we are a Space Nation, people of the future.

We want the first child to be born in space in less than a quarter of a century, proving to everyone that human possibilities are as limitless as space itself, that humanity is immortal. I wonder who they will be and what they will become — this first space human?

In the three years of our Space Nation’s existence, we have already done more than any other nation in the world has done in such a period. We launched our first satellite and thus gained our territory in Space, endorsed the Constitution and elected the Head of the Nation, the Parliament, formed the Government and Court.

We have a Flag, a Coat of Arms, a National Anthem and a Motto — "One humanity – one unity". We already have more than 1 million people from 200 countries.

Asgardians! Each of you is important to us!

🌎 ~ 💗 The Planetary Federation: Universal Balance In Diversity and Respect 💕~ | Blogger: During December 2019, one of my american buddies from a 2015 conference ask me to join him and others as Ambassadors in the fight for Planetary Liberation, to improve the Planet Environmentally and Humanitarian etc. etc. and I (SoTW) kindly accepted... PS: It's a private FB group... |