Jul 7, 2022

🎺🐸🤓🎉 ~ (THIS IS "YUUUGE!" Todays date: 7-7-6 = 20. Symbolic meaning balance and harmony!) OMG! THEY LEVELED THE WHOLE STONES ! IT'S GONE! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: 👉Did LIGHTNING or WhiteHat controlled Air Force 'RODS FROM GODS' Laser-DEW 'Project Thor', destroyed GG?. Right when 'Thor 4: Love and Thunder' had it's premiere - July 6, 2022. 2 days when movie-theatre was closed after Copenhagen mall shooting at "Fields" and reopened again, July 6, 2022 for "THOR 4". - DAMN, SoTW is getting better and better reading into the SIGN!.. 👉If this is not a MAJOR sign that we are winning, I simply don’t know what is. It’s interesting that they made the decision to destroy GG instead of making a replacement. The symbolism is as strong as the FALL of the Berlin Wall. The dominos will keep on FALLING now!... 👉'Thor Han' contactee to Elena predicted this on January 4 2022... 👉Yo Folks! Phil Godlewski + others says SCOTUS overturned the 2020 election! YIPPEE!... 👉Roe V Wade FALLS and now GG - first BLOWN up - later - DEMOLISHED!... 👉Resignations exceed 50 but PM stays in post!. Even Brandon Lewis resigns as Northern Ireland secretary. Boris the Clown is FINISHED! SoTW is 100% sure of that!. And the rest of the CABAL need to seek shelter! ... 👉(Red False Flag) "I think it's a cover up": Mayor Don McLaughlin points finger at the Texas DPS for covering-up investigation regarding the Uvalde school shooting. Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School Set To Be DEMOLISHED... 👉Reports reveals that the Eiffel Tower is in a 'VERY DEGRADED STATE'... 👉GG Date of Creation = Skull and Bones Society Order 322. Destroyed 7-6-2022 = 13. Bush Jr. birth date is 33... - OR - The Guidestones fell after 15,447 days. 1+5+4+4+7=21 2+1=3 (Holy Trinity) Or.. 21 divided by 3, is 777... ✊Here we go! Finally, we have movement. Get ready to celebrate!... |

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"I think it's a cover up": Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin questions DPS investigation into Robb Elementary School shooting (sportskeeda.com)
Uvalde's Robb Elementary School Set To Be Demolished - American Liberty News
Reports reveals that the Eiffel Tower is in a 'very degraded state'. (tdpelmedia.com)
Thor 4: Love and Thunder' had it's premiere - Google Search
These Air Force 'rods from God' could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon - We Are The Mighty
Nordisk Film Biografer holder lukket i dag tirsdag den 5. juli (kino.dk)
fields shooting - Google Search
boris johnson - Google Search


👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: 'Secret govt within the Govt.') Bob Lazar describes alien technology housed at secret S-4 base in Nevada -- Part 5 (8 News NOW Las Vegas) ~ | Blogger: SoTW 'stormed' Area 51 and it was even weirder than I imagined... Is Bob Lazar telling the truth? Was he the first person to discover SSP Solar Warden program existed after a hack? (not that 8 News NOW Las Vega dares to talk about that - no sir!) Anyways, you might wanna listen to Dr. Michael Salla's latest interview with Andrew Basiago - Project Pegasus & Time Travel - mind-blowing stuff (first documented time-traveler in history?). Why is the urge to go further down the rabbit hole so strong for me? SoTW have talked in person with Ken Johnson at a Vegas MUFON symposium. Meet world's most experienced German guy, Jürgen (dreamlandresort dot com) and his American buddy, Tony, a very skilled US guide, towards back door Area 51 (Groom Lake) where we meet the infamous Area 51 camo dudes - lethal force authorized. Was contacted by a VERY shy and mysterious guest (IT specialist) from Janet Airline (EG&G - Janet, the mysterious airline that serves Area 51. Both Janet and SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, is corridor between Vegas and TTR) at a MUFON conference. Spoken or meet, Pleiadeans spokesperson for COBRA RM, meet Ted Mahr a few times, who is psychic, and has experience from UFOs and metaphysical phenomena. Had a longer talk with Tolec of the Andromeda Council and got my first intuitive understanding about Nordic Alien Ancestors. Went chanting calling out the E.T.'s with James Gilliland.. aaaand experience much more ( in the days)... I don't trust, Buzz Aldrin - never will... |

Bob Lazar describes alien technology housed at secret S-4 base in Nevada -- Part 5. Thirty years ago, on May 15, KLAS-TV’s 5 p.m. newscast aired a live interview with an anonymous man who made some extraordinary claims. Bob Lazar, who was being called “Dennis” at the time to protect his identity, alleged that the U.S. military was secretly studying alien technology out in the Nevada desert near a base that is now well known all over the world as Area 51.

😱🆚😌💖 ('Last bite of the dog'...) Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashtar: Potential False Flag (GAOG) ~ | Blogger: "Many may still be unaware of the plans of team dark to scare the bejeebers out of people with actual death and destruction at the hands of fake aliens from outer space." ~ GAOG... |


Editor’s note ~ The truther community has had awareness of the fake alien invasion for some time now, but not everyone travels in those circles. Many may still be unaware of the plans of team dark to scare the bejeebers out of people with actual death and destruction at the hands of fake aliens from outer space.

I don’t feel that the bad guys have the resources at their disposal at this point to pull off the full monty of chaos and destruction that they dreamed of, but they might just go for theatrics. In fact, with all the information available now, chances are that it would be entertaining at best; and it might not come to any kind of fruition at all.

Jennifer and Ashtar make a good point, though, about the importance of our choice to remain focused on Truth and Love, and claiming our sovereign right to not engage and go into fear.

The ds controlled media has been been putting it out there in soft ‘disclosure’ form for quite a while now, apparently priming us for what they’d hoped and planned on bringing about. Humans have been gifted with the ability to create with our thoughts, and I’m going with the idea that the intentions of the smart, healthy and well-informed among us FAR outweighing the creations of the sleepers and non-human life forms.

Jennifer: Unfortunately, I don’t have a record of the channel, as it happened spontaneously during my Monday Meditation session with my spiritual co-conspirator, Narendra Mishra, so all I can do is share my memory of what he said, rather than a verbatim channel.

I have only channelled Commander Ashtar once before, and he has a very specific energy, so it’s easy to distinguish him from Ashian. I’ve posted a commentary on Youtube, so I won’t repeat myself here. The important point is that a channel from Commander Ashtar is very unusual, and I’m still not sure why he chose me, when he has so many others who channel him, but here it is…

👟🟪🚴‍♂️🏴‍☠️👳 ~ ('SHOES are symbol of DEAD - used as a GLOBAL Fear-Trigger our Subconscious. BS. BS and BS.') Ole LIVE: Falseflags in Oslo &Copenhagen (Ole Dammegård) ~ | Blogger: [👉Tour de France riders praise ‘unbelievable’ fan support at Danish grand départ and remember victims of Copenhagen shooting before stage 4👈] ... I have meet Ole several times and he discuss all the latest "shootings" around the world... At the 42 minute marker Ole will go into more details about Denmark and "2022 Copenhagen mall shooting"... FF-ops controlled by NATO Operation Gladio, Crisis-Actors and Crowds-On-Demand (Global-Tour-Of-Terror)... (this is made from what says Ole and SoTW) - 2011 Norway attacks (involved Haakon WEF + Jens Stoltenberg Bilderberger + more). 2017 Westminster attack (Two knives + Bridge cycle lane for terrorist attack). 2022 Kazakh unrest (Pyramid, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation). 2022 Oslo shootings Muslim terror (pride colors). Russo-Ukrainian War (yellow and blue colors). Robb Elementary School shooting (green shoes). 2022 Copenhagen mall shooting (magenta shoes). Joe Biden falls off bike while cycling in Delaware (Bicycles). 2022 Berlin car attack (France made cars). etc. etc... 2022 Copenhagen mall shooting - there's no photos of anything inside Fields, says Ole (like SoTW). Ole talks about "Steen & Strøm" Scandinavian retail and real estate company at Fields (owns supermarkets etc.), who is connected conducted businesses with a guy called "Olav Thon" Norwegian real estate developer and listed in the Forbes list of billionaires. Olav is again connected to some of the shootings and attacks in Norway. SoTW has also mention this in a earlier report (French Klépierre, who through Steen & Strøm owns Field's in Ørestad and Bruun's Gallery in Aarhus)... PS: Copy this quickly since G-blogger has already taken blog-posts offline today and yesterday, at verdensalt.dk (SoTW).. |

'Det er ikke ægte, du er ikke ægte, det er en drøm' – Ekstra Bladet
Tour de France to remember victims of Copenhagen shooting before stage 4 | Cyclingnews
Tour de France riders praise 'unbelievable' fan support at Danish grand départ - VeloNews.com


Ole LIVE: Falseflags in Oslo & Copenhagen - Ole Dammegard - Truth Seeker, Code Breaker - Peacemaker (lightonconspiracies.com)

⚠️✊🔮⏰ ~ (BREAKING B💥💥💥💥💥M: BoJo resigns as UK leader & TBJ YT-channel removed after video about Boris!) TAROT BY JANINE TAKES YOU ON A DRIVE AND CHAT, CHANNEL TAKEN DOWN… UPDATE😅 (Sending Ravens with Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Tarot By Janine YouTube-channel removed by the "Terminator". Just after Janine was reading cards about "Bozo the Clown". She also mentioned "Mr. Trump" would be "arrested" in public to take over “Swagger-in-Chief” Joe presidency (something like that)... Another thing - according to BBC Buckingham Palace - DECLINES to comment on whether the Queen has had any communication with Boris Johnson this morning.. Well, let me tell you something from SoTW own observation. "Buckingham Palace" has been emptied and it's boarded up. The Royal Coat of Arms missing from the gate of Queen Elizabeth’s residence. The "real" original Queenie-Lizzie has left Earth 2 years ago. The "actor" playing Queen Elisabeth II, seen limping and crippled and Platinum Jubilee "she" couldn't attend anything etc. etc... Another major thing in ITALY. Italy's Prime Minister Draghi cancels NATO summit ! He left Madrid to be back in Italy!️ Power is dwindling. The people of Italy are rebelling and demanding the removal of the government!... Dutch Farmers Have Had Enough - The Netherlands in Revolt over WEF Backed Nitrogen Policy... In Denmark - NOTHING. Danish PM Female-Freemasonry leader is still around seeking shelter for incoming missiles... |

Tarot By Janine takes you on a Drive and Chat...Update on Tarot By Janine Channel Being Taken down..A Sign to Janine the night before...involving My Black Kitty, Betty and a Coyote...