Dec 17, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 ('FEDERICO' accused of CHEATING on wife. GRANDPA Wales 'animal daemon' on TRIAL and SUCKERberg in hiding) Today's Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Dec 17, 2023 ~ |

➝ World Health Organization (WHO). 🔦 – :The-Great-Work. ( 

🔮👑💂🗽🥰 (Most important / positive reading on future events in Denmark that will affect the world?) WAUV - I almost cried! SoTW comments in brackets (). Izabela says 75% of the govt will resign and to be replaced. Politicians will be speechless when it happens. Tons of protesting danish angry mob with viking boiling blood into the streets. There's so much more. How do you like them apples!!! ~ Dec 17, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note: Thank you so much Tarot by Izabela for spending 1 hour on a very detailed sharing for this incredible good news. Like Tarot by Jannine, who also had amazing good readings on Denmark, before she was banned from youtube. What Izabela sees in her crystal ball and tarot cards, correlates with SoTW's Higher Self (H-S) readings, that, PM and DK-govt, will resign before May of 2024 and 1000+ year old Monarchy, will stop to exist in 2025... | 

Tarot by Izabela: 'A lot of military airplanes, ships and troops surrounding Copenhagen like D-Day. 75% of the govt will resign, one-by-one and new replacements (surveilled). (White Hats) to stop scuba diving sabotage and unknown submarine chase. Talks about Denmark leaving NATO end of 2024. Greenland will be lost over nasty stuff that has been going on. Earthquake to hit southern Jutland and extreme bad weather from Norway (cleanout tunnels?). There will be a Royal divorce in Denmark. All EU monarchies will disappear and big castles unoccupied or turned into museums (Buckingham Palace is already empty). Huge sex traffering ring will be busted. Explosion of factory. High tax rates down to almost ZERO. No more battery-cars replaced by (water cars?). More trees, hemp and farm lands. Better life for cows. Small communities popping up and people helping each other. More than 50% of all immigrants will leave DK and return to their home country. Danes living in Germany will wish to return to DK. Amusements parks for FREE. Danes will see blue skies and white clouds again with normal weather (no more HAARP or chemtraling). Change of the educational system who's benefiting children. More hope for young people in EU. Enough affordable housing for everyone. (Vaksine KillSh0ts) Vax will be forbidden - doctors will be imprisoned or chased down who was involved in COVID. New health care with natural remedies is coming.'