Oct 22, 2023

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FREE GUY: Dreading a stormful dark winter, soon Christmas, an utterly pagan satan festival. Endless warfare started by Hamas-Israel handlers, the Rothschild-Rats black magic AKA Ashkenazi-Kabbalah furious frenzy for vengeance on innocents in Gaza or the next place for HUman sacrifice and worshipped their 'The Satanic Bible'? I feel precisely what David Mahoney felt on Charlie's insiders with Ana Margins, Mark Z, Melissa Redpill. Extremely sadness about Israel-Hamas war (no matter if White Hats is involved and in control). Three years of Corona PlanDemic, after that, Russia's Putin (2nd version controlled by WH) authorised 'special military operation' against Nazi-NATO and Ukraine (HQ of Cabal). And now, mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (so heartbreaking and destressing). And many (real) truthers (not controlled opposition) feels the same way. Because, REAL truthers are not soulless NPC's or clones of heartless, narcissistic psychotic nature. For most (none NPC's) people their mourning period is a long process and it can take years. If you have experienced what SoTW have gone through his life - switch bodies with someone - you wouldn't have survived. Stepping out of the 3-D Matrix into freedom is a path within; the path of enlightenment where you experience evolution of consciousness. And you think a 'dark night of the soul', spiritual awakening is tough. Oh man!. If I knew then what I know now, would I have signed a Divine Contract before repeating the Matrix over and over and over - I would not. Did I have a choice, perhaps not... | 

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"A Certain Sacrifice": Madonna's First Movie That Ends With a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice | The Vigilant Citizen

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