Dec 17, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (MERRY CHRISTMAS PATRIOTS!! - LETS GO BRANDON) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Biden calls VP ‘President Harris’ again during a graduation speech at South Carolina State University ... One Crazy-Christmas Shenanigan-Shitshow I've ever experienced in my 50 years lifespan... |

⚠️📢👂 ~ (Charlie: We are in a critical phase crazy 24 hours; the military perfect time to operate under x-mas and lockdown) Simon Parkes on the Charlie Ward Show With Dallas & Chas Carter - Must See Updates! (THE PATRIOT PARTY NEWS) ~ | Blogger: Finally some (good) news for the SP fans and us, CC members... 🙏As always guys, use your own spiritual discernment... 💞PS: I manage to go into International CC member Meditation to raise consciousness - lovely (w/ Leigh – NZ/Oceania IS/Antarctica, and Jo – Oceania/Asia)... |

DISCLAIMER: SoTW transcript - in order to avoid any possibility of inaccuracy or misunderstanding, please listen to the video. () - brackets is my own comments on SoTW...

📌Topics; Nashville “Bombing” was from Directed Energy Weapon or Star Trek Phaser weapons, as Simon is calling it... 

📌South Korean President Moon Jae-in and China did in fact reunite the two Koreas by signing a peace agreement after 69 years of war. And MSM has gone silent... 

📌Biden (and his handlers) is a vey very clever man, said Charlie. He manage to bankrupt the richest company in the world in under 12 month. Congress approval $2.5T debt limit hike is a scam.. 

📌We also knew that WH and BH has it's own HAARP (weather manipulation). No answer what happened Kentucky tornadoes... 

📌Sergio Aguero who breaks down in tears and confirms retirement because he is brainwashed, manipulated and payed to shut up by FIFA and forced to get the jab. We have 128 footballers DIES on the field of play and over 500 collapse of a heart attack, says Charlie, after he interviewed some old icon footballers (proof from Italian doctor, Christian Eriksen, Danish soccer player who collapsed, was vaccinated)... 

📌Then they talked about child sacrifice. After Alec Baldwin shooting, Charlie, has talked to 5 movie producers now and they all saying, you would never, ever, ever, ever have any live ammunition at the movie set. This was a human sacrifice in plain sight and showing his standing in the freemasonry order... 

📌Simon; this Octopus of power stretches its tentacles all over the world deeper and far greater that is why, it's taking so long time. But we are really near.. Then Charlie takes over - the head that was taking of the beast 18 months ago (The Archon Bloodline Rulers - The Manchurians). Only remains, is the Japping little dogs... 

We are facing a time of change and Simon, Charlie, and Chas explain what we can expect. Our world is evolving quickly as the winds of change blow, and the people are getting closer to taking back their freedoms and countries.

🥶🛂🚧 ~ (Årets ord 2021 er... CORONAPAS og jeg blandt “Booster-refusors”) Mens hver anden dansker efterlyser yderligere restriktioner. Jamen - here you go! Man ligger som man har redt (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: ÅBENBART er årets ord kåret i Dannevang udvalgt af en jury i P1-programmet 'Klog på Sprog', der sammen med Dansk Sprognævn står for kåringen. Med i opløbet var blandt andet ordene; krænkelse, klimaangst, landsholdseufori, druk, vaccineskeptiker... Epidemiudvalget anbefaler omfattende nedlukning - DET ER VIDUNDERLIGT at medierne er blevet så kloge, at de kan gang på gang på forhånd, åbent annoncere og vide hvilken ulovlige Corona-draconian restriktioner som kommer, inden, de bliver meldt ud, som lov i det offentlige rum, og reglerne, dem ønsker man så inderligt og følge, uden at fortrænge en minde (især jyder hold-nu-kæft)... SIKKEN et pragtfuldt land, vi bor i og hvilken fryd at se DK-borgere, og det (perfekte) spirituelle menneske, der for alvor er blevet en del af flere og flere menneskers tilværelse, bare ikke nok det kommer til tryghed, frygt, ego, loyalitet og regler. Skideværmed at selvstændige erhvervsdrivende går på røven, der ingen sygeplejepersonale til at passe på de ældre, manglende sundhedsplejepersonale og operationer, stoppes. Medarbejdere på landets bosteder og plejehjem går på arbejde, selv om de er testet positive for coronavirus. Bare Big Pharma, StatsAdelen og Kapitalfonde, som styrer landet, får flere milliardærer ind på Forbes' liste over de rigeste i verden. Andenrangsborgerne, de ikke-vaccinerede, pure-blood og skeptikerne, er nu de facto lukket ned for, og som det ser ud lige nu, bliver det kun værre... |

"Biden Says We 'Remain in a Very Dark Winter' ‘Winter of Death is coming for the Unvaccinated’"...

"Sundhedsvæsenet står overfor en hård vinter. Statsministeren siger, at de nye restriktioner kun er en del af strategien. Det vigtigste ben i strategien er, at befolkningen bliver vaccineret."...

Epidemikommissionen anbefaler en omfattende nedlukning. Det erfarer Politiken fra flere kilder.

Sundhedsordførerne er i øjeblikket til møde med sundhedsminister Magnus Heunicke (S), og statsminister Mette Frederiksen har varslet pressemøde kl. 14. Regeringen kan dog ikke beslutte noget, før restriktionerne har været igennem epidemiudvalget.
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😎🥳✌️ ~ (I'm Telling: London Olympics 2012 = 2021) Hot Fun Party Pooper Freaky Friday (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: (even more freakier than freaky)... |


👩‍💻💊🕶️ ~ (Welcome to the 12 Days of MatriXmas) Neo: Happy Holidays We See You In The MATRIX ~ | Blogger: [👉'DECEMBER is the month for massive changes and leads up to extraordinaire spiritual paradigm shift in JANUARY AND FEBRUARY because so many astrological events are occurring all at once.' ~ SoTW👈] ... We have now pasted DECEMBER 15 - Actor Joe Biden was suppose to step down, (damn it) but his "handlers" are still ruling the Cabal (from a public perspective) while he signs debt ceiling increase - preventing first-ever US default (D.C is bankrupted. Corporation does not exist anymore. Illegal for Congress to pass this)... DECEMBER 16 - Beijing court rules Bitcoin mining contracts invalid and Melania Trump pitches NFT Crypto plans (strange)... DECEMBER 21 - Mass-meditation and Divine Intervention Activation (Cobra2012blog)... DECEMBER 20-23 - Yule - winter solstice (also last Illuminati occult harvesting)... DECEMBER 22 - The Matrix Resurrections (to wake more people up and reveal more secrets)... DECEMBER 24 - 25. THE CHRISTMAS PROCLAMATION (Jesus Christ WAS NOT born on December 25th! Born in the spring equinox date of the creation of the world and the fourth day of creation, when the light was created, as the day of Jesus' conception (i.e., March 25)... PS: That date March 25, plus some years, 2025, was suppose to be the project end for China-Corona-Corporation (and their aggressive Dark Alliance off-worlders)... NOTE: Still (nothing) from Simon Parkes (quiet as a mouse same as CC members)... |

 "The eclipse on December 4th was the kickoff. Astrology wise, 30-31 days of December, a land mine that is about to explode. This degree point is close to the fixed star Antares, which is associated with war like activities" ~ by Joni Patry (newsletter)

{Joe Biden Actually Said This — ‘Winter of Death is coming for the Unvaccinated’}

As of December 10, the CDC said it had received 14 reports of myocarditis among children aged 5-11 years old who received the shot. Of these, it said eight reports – involving four boys and four girls – met the agency’s “working case definition” for the inflammation.

❤️‍🩹😟 ~ (VIRAL VIDEO: 'A virus that was NEVER isolated and thus NEVER proven to exist.') THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - Part 19: Covid-19: The Midazolam Murders (FallCabal) ~ | Blogger: Besides the Bullshitter, Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, funded by Dr. Evil Bill Gates... Here is undeniable proof, Boris Johnson, The Cabinet Office and Health officials AKA "Bozo the Clown", was fully aware they killed (choke to death) 25.000 people after they (ordered) medicine for the elderly by Midazolam and morphine in the same needle. UK emptied their supply and France, help them in their effort for (Corona-Corporation) Agenda 21 (2030) and mass genocide. Typically, three drugs are used in lethal injection. Pancuronium bromide (Pavulon) and MIDAZOLAM... ⚗️PS: Another of my female friends who works at The Civil Health Rights Movement May Day, told me her 101 year old dad got hospitalized in Denmark and isolated after tested positive for, COVID-19. They gave him the experimental drug, REMDESIVIR, and "Serenase", but he had NO Corona symptoms. For ONLY 2 days, they ordinated "midazolam" and he began to shake and didn't sleep at night. He finally said, his heart hurts... |

The Covid Scam started with social distancing and face masks. Based on scientific fraud, people were led to believe the horrific predictions of incompetent advisors to the government. Millions of people were to die if we didn’t obey! And so… the people obeyed. Families were torn apart, societies were split. Everything that gave joy – singing, dancing, hugging, laughing – was prohibited. Instead, fear ruled the planet and turned it into a dark place. Midazolam and morphine was used to purposefully euthanise many thousands of elderly people in care homes. Hold on to your seat as we prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our world leaders arranged all of this during the lockdowns, so nobody would notice. Hard to believe? Then follow us… to part 19!

By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

Music: Alexander Nakarada, AShamaluev