Feb 29, 2020

🔮 ~ 💗 March Predictions and Spiritual Insights 2020 💕 ~ |

Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

Source (Joni Patry)

March Spiritual Insights

Now that we are into 2020 the effects are about to mark this year profoundly. I predicted that there would be an event in February that would bring great loss, but would bring us all together. Interestingly the coronavirus has taking the world by surprise with fears of a pandemic. No matter what we may think about it, it has paralyzed the economy in China and now we have come to realize that we are a global economy. The economic effects of China has reverberated into the U.S. economy as the stock market plummeted to new lows. What will come out of this is that we must all work together to heal this global crises. This is not a political issue, it is global healing. Now it all makes sense to me why this is happening.

Every 18 ½ years when Rahu is in Ardra and Ketu in Mula we have an extreme crises, but each time it concerns something very different. 2001 was the September 11th attack, 1982 was the AIDES virus, 1963 President Kennedy’s assassination, 1945 Bombing of Hiroshima, 1927 one of the worse earthquakes ever in Xining, China 200,000 deaths, plus there was a flu virus that killed thousands in England. But here is an amazing finding I just discovered that indicates this coronavirus is much more than we may think right now. I thought to check out the most destructive virus we have ever had in recent history, which was the pandemic of 1918.

Here are the facts:
“The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, the deadliest in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet's population—and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans.”

Here is why I am pointing this out! To my shock and surprise this was when Rahu was in Ardra and Ketu in Mula, 18 ½ years prior to 1927.
• So from this finding do not take the coronavirus lightly.

💙 ~ COBRA Update: Endtime Madness Continues Part III ☮️ ~ | Blogger: SoTW used to be part of Cobra's secret missions around the world, and have in utmost secret placed Cintamani stones near the Darkest Center of all, Christiansborg Palace (Christiansborg Slot) the Danish Parliament and public park in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen (and other places in Europe)... It's (very) hard to do that without being detected by CCTV cameras and the constantly crowds of people... |

Who's Cobra: Founder of the blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com; This blog is the official communicator of resistance from the Resistance.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

 Endtime Madness Continues

Last week, when it became clear that China is winning over Coronavirus, the dark force Zionist agents have released three new different genetically modified strains of the virus, different from Wuhan strain, in key strategic areas.

First one, in South Korea into a controversial cult whose leader claims to be an incarnation of Jesus who will take 144,000 people to heaven:

Second one, among top level of Iranian government:

Third one, near Milan in Italy to suppress Goddess Vortexes in Northern Italy and facilitate spread across Europe:

Therefore we are including all those three areas in our main meditation to stop the virus:

Special meditation for Italy is still active and very much needed:

Despite the indices that life in Italy appears to be going back to normal:

🛡️ ~ Tulsi to MSM: Stop referring to Al-Qaeda in Syria’s Idlib as ‘rebels’ to make them seem like ‘freedom fighters’ (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🗣️Hear! Hear! Make Peace Not War☮️] ... SoTW 2020 Presidential Election Forecast: Simple, Mr. Magoo (denied by Trump) wins the presidency, again, and 2nd place - DNC's “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden... My (only) wish is that Tulsi Gabbard, who recently said that; 'Everybody knows' Hillary Clinton is a 'war-monger', wins it all... Best (female) candidate right now, fighting for Hawai'i - Tulsi Gabbard - could well be the only genuine Anti-war, Anti-Fake News Centre, Anti-Globalist, Anti-Interventionist & Anti-LGBTQ legislation candidate... |


☢️ ~ Is Wall Street Behind the Delay in Declaring the Coronavirus Outbreak a “Pandemic”? ~ | Blogger: Same as my own thoughts😔 and I have been working for these guys for well, 30 years time, and danced with the devil, and i liked it... The financial instruments, derivatives, is like playing poker or betting on lottery numbers, you can win BIG or loose BIG... Why do you think they have Weather derivatives? Manipulating the weather for profit?... The banksters are running the world, oil, dollar printing machines, wars, drugs, whatever... Right now, the Wall Street danish part of Rothschilds, who string their citizens up (by their balls) by 13 major banks, that already introduced negative interest rates, which means you have to pay to have money in the bank. Today, 700,000 Danes have at least DKK 250,000 in the account, and they could potentially be hit by negative interest rates if the entire banking market goes down to that level. Who wins? THE BANKSTERS! ALWAYS!... |

Source (mintpressnews)

A little known financial mechanism set up by the World Bank could be behind the decision not to declare the coronavirus a pandemic reports

A little known specialized bond created in 2017 by the World Bank may hold the answer as to why U.S. and global health authorities have declined to label the global spread of the novel coronavirus a “pandemic.” Those bonds, now often referred to as “pandemic bonds,” were ostensibly intended to transfer the risk of potential pandemics in low-income nations to financial markets.

Yet, in light of the growing coronavirus outbreak, the investors who purchased those products could lose millions if global health authorities were to use that label in relation to the surge in global coronavirus cases.

On Tuesday, federal health officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they are preparing for a “potential pandemic” of the novel coronavirus that first appeared in China late last year. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that an estimated 80,000 worldwide have contracted the disease, most of them in China, while more than 2,700 have died.(READ MORE)

🙄 ~ Mads & Monopolet: Civilsamfundets ABC eller Glamouriseret Realityshow❓ 🤦 ~ | Blogger: [🥳DDR - Festsang-robotten, de vilde Festorginaler Salim, Gintberg og Festens Dronning og midtpunkt, den Jubelglade Helle Thorning😂] ... {Er Børnenes 'Mads & Monopolet' på Ramasjang, der giver råd til bamser, bedre❓} ... Er det i orden at Helle Thorning-Schmidt gør grin med den dødsensfarlige Coronavirus og kalder den for PESTEN❓🤔... Hvorfor griner Helle hele tiden uanset hvad folk sender ind af dilemmaer, seksuelle ekspader og er hun ekspert på mande / kvinde / kageklubber❓ Er hun en ny altvidende Sexuella Suzanne Bjerrehuus❓ Hvor går grænsen mellem impostor-fænomenet og borderline❓ Hvorfor invitere DDR Skattejæger-Helle medejer af skattely-selskab, der plejer selskabsforbindelser med en af aktørerne fra OW Bunker-skandalen, ind i M&M❓ En overpriviliget hvid kvinde me-too look-alike Socialakrobat, som har taget kvælertag på sin børn i Folkeskolen og smidt dem i fængsel i Privatskole, mens hun leger rollelege som bestyrelsesmedlem af hemmelige klubber af konservative korporative Tænketanke og leget far, mor børn i Londons fineste kvarter med Gucci-tasker og Luft- frikadeller og skysovs🧐. En kvinde som var "mastermind" og stod bag lockout i 2013, vidste besked om hvad Bjarne CoryDON og DON Jørgensen foretog sig mht. henholdsvis gedin enarmet-tyveknægt i DONG sagen samt bag salg af vaccinefabrik og Fødevareministerens Frække Fortid, nu også et 5G monster og falske klimakamp🧐. Corydon og Goldman-Sachs til hemmeligt møde i 2013 - Fritz Schur, Anders Fogh, Bjarne Corydon og Helle Thorning er alle med i klub Bilderberg. Sjovt nok er Goldman Sachs også med i klubben🧐. Det, mange ikke er bekendt med, er, at Henrik Sass Larsens Mened om Pengeskabelses- privilegiet! (bevises af partiet JFK21 - JordenFrihedKundskab)🧐 Der fik besked dage før Krudttøndens terrorangreb fandt sted af PET🧐. En politiker, blandt mange, der væltede over hinanden af deres iver for at få samtlige fremmede smidt ud af landet, efter sammen at være mopsede og direkte forargede over resultaterne af en ikke-ædruelig politisk bestillingsarbejde fra Catinét Research-undersøgelsen, der viste, at 11 pct. af muslimske flygtninge/indvandrere i Danmark »havde fuld forståelse for flagafbrændinger, ambassadeødelæggelser og boykot af danske varer«🧐... En Advokat, Klaus Ewald, har ligefrem politianmeldt Helle Thornings organisation og NGOer der udfører Red Barnet International og mener, at den tidligere statsminister bruger indsamlede midler til særlig grov type af menneskesmugling. Det gør den italienske admiral, Enrico Credendino, øverstbefalende for EU’s antimenneskesmuglingsindsats Operation Sophia, også, men hun er beskyttet af hvem❓... Er DDR bedre og den magi fake news DDR bogstaveligt talt benytter for at hjernevaske dig❓... Ja beklager, verdensalt.dk siger blot tingene, som de er og der er LANGT flere hemmeligheder, fejet ind under gulvtæppet, end du eller jeg, nogensinde kommer til at opdage, som dansker i dette land (Statsministeriets hemmelige arkivskab, Forsvarsministeriet og Rigsarkivet) ... |

The Four Hells Angels Horsemen of the Apocalypse

☮️❓ ⚔️~ (RT) Trump announces US-Taliban peace deal, ‘path forward to end war’ in Afghanistan ~ | Blogger: [🤔ISIS = CIA proxy army. WHAT'S that Mr. President. I can't hear you?👂] ... {As of October 2019. - U.S. keeps 13,000 troops in Afghanistan. The Afghan Armed Forces - 360,000} ... You're telling me that America’s CIA & Israel’s Mossad who created and funded the proxy army of Al-Qaeda, ISIS terror groups and some factions within the Taliban, militant Salafist Islamist multi-national organizations, will now peaceful lay down their arms on your request?... What about the CIA supported (and Afghan drug trafficking) various Afghan rebel commanders, such as Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who were fighting against the government of Afghanistan and the forces of the Soviet Union which were its supporters... How can The military–industrial complex (MIC) benefit from your US Taliban peace deal? Mr. president... Please tell me?... America and the insurgents of the Taliban have been battling for close to 19 years, making the conflict the longest America has ever fought. Something, that will NEVER EVER be won by America, like Vietnam. Not while CIA heroin drug trafficking still operates in the area and Arms-producing companies, arms dealers of defense contractors and the the military industry, makes a HUUUUUGE profit... AND as long as Pompeo says U.S. reviewing options to aid Turkey in invading Syria with Russians as protectors and the REAL heroes of fighting the terror groups with the $1 billion secret C.I.A. war in Syria, we will NEVER see peace in Afghanistan or Middle East with Iran, Syria and Afghanistan, as America's enemy as well... Just an opinion.. You be the judge... |

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💧 ~ 💙 Man Who Said He’d Make Oceans Clean Themselves Has Now Created Solar-Powered Barges to Clean Rivers 💜 ~ |

Source (themindunleashed)

Up to 110 tons of garbage can be collected by one barge, drastically reducing the amount of waste reaching oceans.

(TMU) — Although we all experience life changing events, for some it becomes the catalyst for real change not only on a personal level but on a scale in which we attempt to improve the planet for everyone. At the tender age of 16, Boyan Slat from the Netherlands had an epiphany while in Greece on a diving trip. Boyan was dismayed when he saw more plastic than fish in the coastal waters and promised himself that he was going to do something about it.

Just two years later, Boyan started The Ocean Cleanup project and created a passive floating device to collect plastic from the ocean. His mission didn’t stop there. He also created solar powered barges to collect plastic in the rivers which was a brilliant idea considering the fact that rivers are the largest source of plastics ending up in our oceans.

Feb 28, 2020

♆ ~ Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: Trouble ♂️ ~ | Blogger: [🔮"Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself - it's completely Hoax and Scandalous. It goes along with the connection of the eighth and twelfth house and the corruption and addiction with underage girls. Prince Andrew is going to be in "very serious" problems with Mars and Neptune in his natal chart of Mercury. But he is Royal, so perhaps no retribution or punishment, but the next 2 years, Queen Elizabeth, it is going to really wear on her, severely. Neptune reveals the darkest secrets of all! Especially in June for a lot of people." ~ Joni Patry💫] ... |

Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

Source (Joni Patry) 

👼 ~ 💗 Pleiadian Message for 2020-2021 (Bracha Goldsmith) 💕~ | Blogger: [🌟 Summarize: "Ice is going to appear on new places. New discovery of Fish and Animal species. New places to live on Earth and new planets will be discovered. Healers like Doctors are fighting back and should be Trusted as Healers. New languages and a big focus on our Words and it's Powers. E.T's will appear, time to Trust the Inner Guidance. More channelings. Letting Go. Earth will assist and Activations from other Starsystems and Galaxies. New solution to difficult problems. New and easier transportation methods. Very big upheavals in Economics and humans need to Disconnect Emotionally of the Financially System and Money. Keep open the doors and more doors. Activation of the brain now, since humans only use 5% of its capacity. Make yourself into new ways, paths. New zone with no time (and more)" ~ The Pleiadians🌟]... |

Source (Bracha Goldsmith)
Enjoy the unique perspective of the Pleiadians for this coming year, 2020-2021!

👼 ~ 💗 March 2020 Energy Update: Birthing a New Identity + Love is a Superpower (LeeHarrisEnergy) 💕| Blogger: "As the March Energy Update came through me, these themes emerged: + Birthing a New Identity + Momentum Energy for Building for the New (and Getting Things Done!) + Love is a Superpower + Transumuting our Shadows + The Power and Healing Found in Silence"... |

Lee Harris has monthly forecasts via 15-25 minute intensive videos and he works with energies that are truly rewarding and very real bids on how we are influenced by the energy fields and energy streams that exist everywhere in nature and around us. Lee Harris describes the current situations that all people and children should relate to and how we restore the balance.

Personally i think his mindfulness of things is a uplifting experience and actually, very appealing. Will also say, Lee Harris, is at an awareness level I also share, many things he tells us are pretty much many of the topics I describe on my blog...

🧟 ~ Umbrella Corp Zombie Manic Panic 'Ghost Towns' World Order: Amid Coronavirus, the World Closes Its Doors to China & Govt's Closes Its Doors To Its Citizens ~ | Blogger: [⚠️Coronavirus Global Threat Upgraded To ‘Very High’ By W.H.O.⚠️]... Tons of Conferences Canceled. Cruise Ships under Quarantine. Tokyo Disneyland & Schools closes down; Iranian Schools & Parliament. Russian Gymnasts & Airplanes. Liverpool from winning the Premier League title. UK Buxton school closure. U.S. Bothell High School. Samsung shuts down a factory in South Korea. Indonesia shuts down embassy in S.Korea. California monitoring 8,400 people, stocks continue free fall. Danish Doctors to patients: GO HOME! Many under Mandatory and Voluntary Quarantine. Nearly 2 in 5 Americans won’t buy Corona BEER over virus concerns... |

🦠 ~ 💗 Current Viral Pandemic (Same Name as Popular Beer) - Origins and Antidotes 💕 ~ | Blogger: [⏩"The MAJOR Black Box technology construct intentions of "Coronavirus" military bio-weapon was NOT meant for human, but animals and battlegrounds. It was then hijacked and mutated, and one aspect was to created Panic, Fear and Chaos, in order to prevent Carbon to Crystalline transformation within humanity memory recall and thus, Ascension. Another aspect was to 'CONTROL' humanity through the "Problem, Reaction, Solution" pathway of chemical "False" Antidote as Vaccine! This is the utmost import: The Crystalline aspect, CANNOT be hijacked and knowing of this is your Antidote" ~ Magenta Pixie⏪]... {And there's much more in this key code video transmission} ... Waaaaaaauv!🙏... And the TRUTH will set you free... |

Source (Magenta Pixie)

Keycodes, seed points and light-encoded information for starseeds, lightworkers and healers regarding the current viral pandemic (same name as popular beer), its origins and the antidotes to it.

⛔ ~ Folkets: Nej, vi har ikke en vaccine om få uger ~ | Blogger: [💉‘LOOKING FOR A MAGIC BULLET’: OG HVIS nu det viser sig, at eksempelvis, Israel eller andet land, så som det britiske medicinalflagskib GlaxoSmithKline, der påstår hårdnakket de har en effektivt Coronadræber, så TÆNK DIG RIGTIGT GODT OM!🤔] ... En gruppe israelske forskere ved Galilee Research Institute (MIGAL) er tæt på at udvikle en coronavirus-vaccine, der kunne være klar om tre uger og tilgængelig inden for 90 dage, ifølge den israelske videnskabs- og teknologi- minister Ofir Akunis. Det samme påstår, Thomas Breuer, medicinsk chef for GlaxoSmithKline's vaccine (GSK.L) enhed. GSK samarbejder med udviklere ved at levere en teknologi, der kan gøre deres vacciner mere potent... |

Kilde (Folkets.dk)

Faktatjek af Jyllands-Posten

På facebook deler mange et indlæg med overskriften:
Forskere: Vi har en vaccine mod coronavirus om få uger
Artiklen er fra Jyllands-Posten, en del af JP/Pol som beskyldte mig for at lave junk news.

Jeg ved snart ikke hvad jeg skal kalde den journalistik JP/Pol selv leverer her i disse uger og måneder. Jeg tror jeg vil nøjes med at analysere lidt på den og undgå mærkater.

Men altså: "Forskere: Vi har en vaccine mod coronavirus om få uger"

Ifølge Jyllands-Posten.

Nu ved jeg selvfølgelig ikke helt hvad der ligger i året "få" i denne sammenhæng.

Men det er desværre ikke realistisk at nogen vaccine mod den nye coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 - som giver infektionssygdommen covid-19, vil ligge klar om få uger.

🚨 ~ 60 Minutes Australia: EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Harvey Weinstein trial and his guilty verdict ~ | Blogger: [📑"WOMAN are attracted to older powerful men! They don't care how they look like, how big they are! They are attracted to the lifestyle and the benefits of the lifestyle! Woman was throwing themselves for Harvey Weinstein." ~ Donna Rotunno📋] ... |

Source (60 Minutes Australia)

Once upon a time in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein was an icon. But no more. On 60 Minutes, Tom Steinfort travels to New York to report on Weinstein’s trial and the claims and counter-claims making daily headlines around the world. His story includes interviews with alleged victims Ambra Battilana and Rose McGowan, the controversial lawyer in his corner Donna Rotunno, and the spy hired to dig up dirt on his victims, Seth Freedman.

👯‍♀️ ~ Michael Bloomberg Was In Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book ~ | Blogger: [🤜FACTS: The convicted and now dead pedophile's infamous contact book contained the names of approximately 1,000 people, many of whom were well-known public officials🤛] ... Most disturbing it is, that while Poland has declared a third of it's country as “LGBTQ-free zones,” sexual offenders and teenage predators are still on the loose... Disgusted with the continued spread of gross perversions like “Drag Queen Story Hour” coming out of the West, Poland is being forced to either accept or reject it – and the consensus seems to be to reject it. At the same time, America and other countries "surrenders" its children to mentally ill perverts and pedophiles? Why is that? How do we stops those people on Earth? Even Denmark, our new Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofoed’s sex scandal with a just 15year old girl, is haunting him. In Denmark the minimum sexual age is 15 years, thus Jeppe Kofod did not commit any crime according to danish law.... |

Source (nationalfile.com)

Where Is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Democrat presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg appears in the late pedophile and accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book of contacts.
Bloomberg appears on page six of the address book maintained by Epstein’s late former butler (READ THE REDACTED LITTLE BLACK BOOK HERE).

Bloomberg was also photographed socializing with Epstein’s close companion Ghislaine Maxwell.(READ MORE)


🧑‍⚕️ ~ 💗 Gaia TV: Naturlig Behandlingsformer - METAsundhed med Lars Mygind 💕 ~ |


TFT & EFT, METAsundhed & Metamedicin (SoTW Arkiv)

Udgivet første gang den 30. Oktober 2014 af Verdensalt 

Var på et inspirerende foredrag med Lars Mygind som foredragsholder i Nordsjælland, et par dage siden. ( Lars Mygind er faktisk søn til Jytte Abildstrøm og alle kender jo Peter Mygind)  

Inspirerende, ikke alene fordi Lars Mygind er en fantastisk dynamisk formidler, men i særdeleshed, også fordi han praktisere METAsundhed, tankefeltterapi, EFT og PeakStates terapi, hvilket sikkert i "bedste" grad har skabt en vis berøringsangst indenfor den almene lægevidenskab tidligere, tror jeg. Dog mener jeg, at Mygind berettede for os, at han selv sparrer med læger i hans daglig virke og i dag bliver METAsundhed videreudviklet af læger, terapeuter og forskere fra hele verden gennem IMMA ( The international meta-medicineassociation).
Mygind ser sig selv som ekspert i det transpersonelle og urbiologiske felt, kombineret med en stærk åndelig kontakt, som ofte skinner i hans arbejde med mennesker. I kan læse mere om Lars Mygind her

  • Tager mig den frihed og udtrykker mig således, hvis man har en naturlig nysgerrighed for alternative behandlingsformer, kombinere det med lægevidenskaben, almen lægepraksis, en nuanceret forestilling, at medicin og prognoser ikke kan stå alene og retfærdiggøre og opløse kroniske sygdomme, fysiske skavanger- og smerte, angst, en fobi, et traume, savn, sorg eller følelser som vrede eller depression, så kan det være, at en Exam. Psykoterapeut, METAsundhedsbehandler, er lige for dig. 
Det var min opfattelse, vi fik et lille kort indblik i og omkring alle emner i hans behandlingsformer på det 2 timers lange foredrag, METAsundhed blev især uddybet. (brochurer her  
  1. En afklaring af hvilken biologisk fase du er i - konflikt/stress eller regeneration
  2. En forståelse af din krops aktuelle, naturlige biologiske proces
  3. En terapiplan som tilrettelægges i et samarbejde med dig, indeholdende: 
a. kost
b. bevægelse
c. bearbejdning af tanker og følelser
d. fysisk miljø
e. sociale relationer
f. spirituel praksis

Jeg overbeviser mig selv om, jeg forstod budskabet, derfor skal jeg ikke gøre mig klog her, vil blot sige, at jeg begynder at forståsammenhængen med det Mygind praktisere og det som Louise L. Hay (Helbred Dit Liv) beskriver i sin bog, nemlig hvor klart man ved nye tankemønstre kan ændre sit liv til en positiv forandring, hvor man genvinder styrke og sundhed via kærlighed til os selv og andre. Fik ikke spurgt Mygind om METAsundhed og Metafysiske årsagsforhold (som udspinder fra Louise L. Hay) har en vis bindeled til hinanden. Jeg praktisere det selv, og har i en del år nu også brugt Affirmations  

Det var spændende at høre om, hvordan forskellige sygdomme så som psoriasis, blærebetændelse, kronisk rygsmerter (nedre), hæmorider, hedeture, prostata, havde sammenhæng med ens selvværd, Fornægtelse af de kvindelige processer, undertrykt vrede, frygt for tidspres, vrede over fortiden, mandelig princip og så fremdeles. Meget indlæring kommer af, hvordan man visuelt formidler et budskab og det gjorde Lars Mygind, rigtigt godt. Han fortæller os hvor meget betydning at binyrer har på vores krop, forbindelse til den gamle og nye hjerne. 

✖️22 Report: Future Topic Coming Into Focus, Wait For It, Timing Is Everything ~ | Episode 2108b |

Source (X22Report)

The [DS] is fighting for their lives, this is their main event, they need to push this to the extreme because they know what comes next. This event was planned from the start, [GS] announced in Davos. The patriots are prepared, Trump not worried, the market needed an adjustment, timing is everything. The future topic is now coming into focus.

🙏 ~ 💗 Rumi & Buddha Doodles: "Thank You" 💕 ~ |

🤯 ~ (Apocalypse?) It Begins: Hawaii Stores Empty Out On Coronavirus 'Panic Buying'' | Blogger: [👉About 90% of generics made in the U.S. require components from China👈] ... The essentials toilet paper, paper towels, bottles of water, soap, a lot of Clorox stuff, cleaning supplies' as the same fear that is seen in Italy and Asia has now spread to Hawaii... |

Source (Zero Hedge)

Hawaii is urging residents to prepare for a potential breakout of Covid-19 amid new warnings earlier this week from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the deadly virus quickly spreading across the world could cause a "significant disruption" to American life.

Although there are no confirmed virus cases in Hawaii (the state Health Department says 80 people are self-monitoring for the coronavirus in Hawaii after recent travel to China), the CDC's warning sparked a buying frenzy among residents this week as they emptied store shelves of food and supplies.(READ MORE)

🎈 ~ Jimmy Church: The only official Roswell Crash Site photo... does this look like a weather balloon to you??? ~ | Blogger: PS: SoTW meet and talked briefly with radiohost, FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church, in 2018 at The Conscious Life Expo. Lucky to have got a 'signed' Fade to Black t-shirt back home to Denmark... |

🛸 ~ Dr. Michael: Evidence Grows that Tic Tac UFOs are Secret Air Force Spacecraft ~ |

Source (Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics.org)

After the November 4, 2019 emergence of a former USAF Intelligence Specialist, Mike Turber, claiming that the 2004 Tic Tac sightings recorded by Navy pilots were antigravity spacecraft belonging to the USAF, three Navy witnesses have come forward confirming key parts of Turber’s ground-breaking testimony. Turber and the Navy witnesses testimonies are important since the US Navy has confirmed the authenticity of the video showing the Tic Tac incident, and given an official briefing to Congress and President Trump about what transpired.

Turber says the fleets of Tic Tac shaped craft recorded by ships and aircraft belonging to the Nimitz Aircraft Carrier group between November 10 to 14, 2004, were being flight-tested by the USAF against the Navy’s best radar recording technologies and intercept aircraft. Turber asserted that Air Force personnel boarded different Navy ships to confiscate the flight recordings of the UFOs that attained speeds of 24,000 mph in the air and over 500 mph under the water.(READ MORE)

💧 ~ 💙 GAIAM TV: The Secret of Water 💜 ~ | Blogger: Thanks to PAO/Galactic Heart for sharing... |

Source: Trailer for the movie ~ The Secret of Water (2015)

Note: I have not see the entire movie. I loved the trailer so I'm sharing it with you.

From the moment life first came into existence upon our planet, it was dependent upon the vitality of water. Over the years, our use and misuse of this precious resource has altered the vital information it carries in unexpected ways. As we consult with prominent scientists, including Konstatin Korotkov and Masaru Emoto, we gain insights into unlocking the secret of water so we can begin restoring vitality and vibrancy to all life on Earth. —Anonymous

Water - a living substance, the most common and least understood. It defies the basic laws of physics, yet holds the keys to life. Known to ancients as a transmitter to and from the higher realms, water retains memory and conveys information to DNA. However, water can die if treated poorly. Water's arrangement of molecules can be influenced by such factors as sound, thoughts, intention, and prayer, as well as by such toxins as chlorine, affecting all that comes in contact with it. In this documentary, prominent scientists help reveal the secret of water, allowing us to use this amazing element to heal ourselves and our planet.

😷 ~ COVID-19 Live Updates: 2 California Community College Students Exposed To Mystery Coronavirus Patient; S.Korea Nears 1,000 New Cases In 48 Hours (ZH) ~ | Blogger: [🧑‍⚕️New infections and deaths reported around the world, with Brazil confirming its first case in Latin America🤒] ... Coronavirus Live Updates: W.H.O. Warns Outbreak Has ‘Pandemic Potential’... Global stock markets have been sent to the bottom in response to the fact that the coronavirus has now spread to 50 countries, and things will get worse ... Mongolian President Reportedly Placed Under Quarantine After Returning From China ... Worst week since ‘08 crisis: Indian stocks tumble as coronavirus fears grip global markets, plunging Sensex by nearly 1,300 points ... |

Summary: (Zero Hedge)
  • Nigeria confirms first case
  • South Korea reports 256 new cases
  • WHO says outbreak in Iran likely worse than official numbers suggest; outbreak could go in "any direction"
  • Cali monitoring 8400, 28 cases in the state
  • China reports 327 new cases and 44 new deaths on Thursday
  • Dozens of hospital staffers who treated US coronavirus patient with 'unknown' origin being 'monitored'
  • Facebook cancels annual 'F8' developers' conference
  • 700 in New York asked to 'self-isolate'
  • Iran confirms 26 deaths, vice president for women and family affairs infected
  • The Netherlands has confirmed its first case
  • Northern Ireland confirms first case
  • Norway confirms three new cases
  • Germany confirms 14 new cases
  • Lagarde: Not yet time for ECB to intervene to fight economic backlash of outbreak
  • HHS says risk to public remains "low"
  • Italy reports 3 more deaths, bringing total to 17; total cases hit 650
  • Pence, Azar appoint Mnuchin, Kudlow & Surgeon General Adams to Coronavirus Task Force
  • Starbucks says it has reopened 85% of Chinese restaurants
  • Azar: Sonoma case might be 'community transmission'
  • Salvini meets with Italian president amid national unity government speculation
  • South Korean new cases surpass China's new cases as SK confirms 505 new cases
  • China, Japan close school nationwide
  • CDC fears 'community outbreak' in Sonoma County after discovering first US case of "unknown origin"
  • CDC says patient from Solano county
  • Saudi Arabia suspends pilgrimages to Holy Sites
  • Hawaiian Airlines suspends service to South Korea
  • Brazil's neighbors take steps to keep virus out
* * *
Update (2008): South Korea reported 256 newly confirmed cases in its first update of the day on Friday (this week, health officials have been updating the count every 12 hours or so). The new batch brings the small East Asian country's total to 2,022, and also puts South Korea on track to confirm more than 1,000 new cases in 48 hours.


Feb 27, 2020

🙏 ~ 💓 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Say out loud: "I surrender to the Guidance of Pure Light, of the Source and the Pure Light beings". You don't need to be Strong. You can be Soft and just Surrender. Let light Guide you. No attachment of Anything or to Anyone and you will not have Worries. You are an Angelic being. You are Pure Source Light. So much light in you. Be confident every second. I truly love myself...So be It, and so It is...🙏 |

🌩️ ~ 🏳️ New MASSIVE White Spike 170 Power in Schumann Resonance, Solar Geostorm & Plasma From Space ❕ ~ |


😲 ~ (VaccineEnablers): The Panic Coronavirus Controlled World Stage Update ~ | Blogger: [🦠Coronavirus spreading to more countries around the world, with Estonia, Denmark and Georgia confirming first cases✊] ... In Japan 13 million children at almost 35,000 schools closes... Danish Doctors warn with posters: Please go home! and employees from a danish TV station, in quarantine. Not allowed to see their partners or children... Trump insists America “very, very ready” for any coronavirus pandemic, fails to mention virtually NO ONE being tested in America… the “Trump TRAP” is now set by the CDC... “The pasta shelves are empty”: panic buying continues in Italy... Countries affected now 48: Saudi Arabia bars pilgrims: UK Government, patients could be denied life-saving care 80% of the country could be infected: Dow Panic: Respirators selling for $10,000 on E Bay... Pope Francis falls ill day after supporting people with coronavirus & Iran health minister appears ill at news conference before COVID-19 diagnosis... Corona costs already hitting Norway hard. Norwegian air carrier has lost over half its value on the stock exchange in a week, same goes for SAS... |



🔴 (INGEN PANIK) Coronavirussen spreder sig. Beredskab sat i gang, men ingen epidemi. Ligesom Trump CDC, henviser Heunicke til S.S. hjemmeside (TV 2 LIVE) ~ | Blogger: [🙋Spørgsmål til professoren:🙋] ... (Verdensalt) 🤔(noget som min niece bekymrer sig om) Tør jeg rejse til Norditalien❓... 💬 Hvorfor ikke? Der bor 27 millioner fra Aosta Valley - Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. Byer lukket ned og smittefaren inddæmmet. Odds er 1:1000? Og hvis du bliver testet positiv, skal du i forvejen være ekstrem svækket og svarlig sjæl, for at det udbreder sig til noget alvorligt. Masker, mundbind og briller, hjælper ikke! (desuden er alt udsolgt på apotekerne ifølge Folkets.dk og kommunerne har ingen). Kun når du er smittet, for ikke at smitte andre! Denne mutation af virussen er ekstrem smitsom og kan ikke måles, før man er syg (selvom minister og eksperter på TV2 siger det anderledes). Men god hygiejne og undgår folk med symptomer på lungevejsproblemer eller influenza. Derfor er den også "farlig", for svage ældre! Men designet til "Asiatiske Mænd", hvis man tror på konspirationen... 🤔Modtagelse af medikerede behandlingsmidler og Influenzavaccination❓... 💬 Under ingen omstændigheder. Behøves vist ikke at fordybe mig i det emne... 🤔Betaler forsikringen hvis man fortyder at rejse til lande hvor mennesker er smittede❓... Efter hvad jeg har set, så skal man være varsom. Forbrugerrådet Tænk siger, at man ikke bare kan aflyse sin rejse og få pengene retur, hvis der er coronavirus i det land og den landsdel, man skal til... 🤔Kommer der flere tilfælde med smittede i Norden❓... 💬 Naturligvis, Sverige og Norge har allerede haft Deres smittede, men derfor skal man ikke gå i panik, selvom (nogle) af de 1200 medarbejdere på TV 2/Danmark A/S, vil blive sendt hjem, ligesom de danske myndigheder højst sandsynligt, vil sende flere hjem fra andre firmaer... 💙Men, men men, nu er jeg én som ikke har "frygt" tæt inde på livet, så jeg gør hvad jeg finder rigtigt og bliver heller ikke smittet med noget, min energi-frekvens er høj, detoxer min krop hver dag, ved hvad jeg skal spise, dyrker sport og har en sund tilgang til tingene... |

Den første dansker med coronavirus: 'Jeg fik et chok'

Jakob Tage Ramlyng, der er den første dansker, der er blevet testet positiv med coronavirus, skriver på Facebook, at han fik et chok, da han fik diagnosen.

- Vi er selvfølgelig dybt rystede over, at det vi troede var stærkt usansynligt, nu er vores virkelighed, skriver han.

Han fortæller, at han og resten af familien skal være i karantæne i deres eget hjem i 14 dage, hvor han vil få en masse opkald fra lægefagligt personale. 

- Vi er ved godt mod, selvom vi er trætte og præget af hovedpine, ondt i halsen og hoste. 

- Det bliver uvirkeligt at skulle være indespærret i to uger, men vi prøver at få det bedste ud af det, skriver Jakob Tage Ramlyng på Facebook. 

🧙‍♂️ ~ Kolloidalt sølv i Nano-format - Vidundermiddel eller Hokus-Pokus Snydemedicin? - Svaret er meget overraskende (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [⚠️Min holistiske naturlæge med 50 års erfaring er gået i gang med produktionen af Kolloid Sølv, efter Dr. Magnus Heunicke's elefantastiske Baron von Münchhausen løgnehistorier om en Evolutionskage samt Redningsfeber🤛] ... {Kan sølvet slå Coronavirusen ihjel? Svaret er højst sandsynlig - JA!} ... Ionosil kolloid sølv (blandt flere mærker), der kan dræbe bakterier, svampe, borreliose, virus og encellede protozoer typen amøber og Plasmodium (malaria), Mononukleose, ADIS, paravirus hos hunde og kræftceller. IONOSIL (en ud af mange producenter) er et produkt der er klassificeret som et vanddesinfektionsprodukt med styrken 10 ppm, (kan laves lang stærkere) hvilket svarer til 100 mikrogram sølv per 10 ml produkt. Hvem vil ikke eje et prisbillig naturligt produkt med antibakterielle, antimikrobielle, antifungale, antiviralle, parasit- og kræftdræbende egenskaber? Listen er ane lang...Noget som det danske medicinal-industrielle kompleks aldrig nogensinde vil anerkende. Helt uden recept, uden bivirkninger, uden godkendelse af Sundheds- styrelsen (SS) eller din læge, men det redder liv, tro mig... 💑|

Udgivet første gang den 9. Maj 2015 af Verdensalt

I Lucky Luke tegneserier eller western-film, 1800-tallet guldalder, optræder der altid 'charlatan-medicin-sælgere' som lokker med de intetanende befolkning med Snake Oil, vidundermiddel-medicin kan kurere alt lige fra hovedpine til gigt og lammelse. Blot virker vidundermidlet først 48 timer efter indtagelse af medicinen, og så er sælgeren over alle bjerge. Dog, fandtes der produkter som indianerne og kineserne benyttede sig af, som virkelig var helbredende. 

 I dag kan vi raffinere og fremstille produkter på organisk eller økologisk vis som rent faktisk virker. (Naturligvis uden om lægevidenskabens klare lys eller medicinalindustrien accept). Vidundermiddel som er hotte i vores tid, er Cannabis OlieKokosolie og Natron (bikarbonat) og som sagt Kolloid Sølv.

Radio24syv's 'Bæltestedet' med Jan Elhøj & Simon Jul kom faktisk lidt ind på emnet angående Sølv:  https://www.facebook.com/Baeltestedet/photos/p.1766428726916907/1766428726916907/?type=1&theater men det blev som sædvane gjort til en joke, fordi mennesker blev farvet blå ved indtagelse.

Lidt forhistorie 

Sølv blev anvendt op igennem middelalderen. Man brugte det til behandling af åbne sår på slagmarken i krigstider, og indiske ayurvediske læger anvender sølv den dag i dag. Før køleskabet blev almindeligt, brugte man at have en sølvmønt eller noget sølvtøj til at ligge i mælken og vandtønden, for at holde indholdet frisk. De første indvandrere til USA og Canada i 1800 tallet brugte sølv, og mange kan berette om, at deres bedsteforældre plejede at placere en sølvdollar i mælken, så den kunne holde sig frisk i stuetemperatur. 1924 blev den første elektro- kolloidale sølv fremstillet og det viste sig at være meget mere virksomt end de medikamenter, som havde været tilgængelige hidtil, og det blev dengang regnet for at være højt avanceret teknologi. I flere hundrede år havde den kendtes metode, hvorpå man kunne fremstille sølv til brug for mennesker, været at male sølvet til et fint pulver, enten manuelt eller kemisk.

Udtrykket "blåt blod" stammer fra en antagelse om, at royale måtte have sølv i blodet; for de spiste udelukkende med sølvbestik og af sølvskåle. - De indtog faktisk grove sølvpartikler, og det gjorde deres hud misfarvet. Så sent som i 1930'erne blev der anvendt sølvnitrat til at dryppe de nyfødte børns øjne med. Det skulle forebygge blindhed hos barnet, hvis moderen havde fået en kønssygdom. Dette bliver stadig praktiseret i mange lande.

Kolloid Sølv var almindeligt indtil 1938, hvor det blev brugt imod 650 forskellige infektionssygdomme, men det var meget dyrt at fremstille på den tid. Før 1938 blev Kolloid Sølv indtaget oralt, rektalt, vaginalt og intravenøst, eller det blev sprøjtet op i næsen, blev inhaleret med forstøver og dryppet i øjnene. 

🗳️ ~ The Strange Coincidences & Democratic Manic Syndrome: Denmark is Once Again Highlighted in the US Election Campaign as Best Place To Live The American Dream, Universal Healthcare with a Labor or Social Democratic Government ~ | Blogger: [👉By design: Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Rufus Gifford and even the Republican, Trump👈] ... {there's "something rotten in Denmark" and "no one wants to work" ~ Trish Regan Fox News} ... Denmark and other Scandinavian countries are 90% democratic in nature, it's no secret... In Denmark, right now we have a government "fueled" on a socialism - communism control. Did you know that? YES, most of the ruling parties or politicians has at one time, been attached to the Communist Party of Denmark (DKP)... SoTW 💖 Trish Regan and most of the stuff she says is true, even if all hell breaks loose... ☝️FACTS: We are 2,303,400 full-time employees in Q3 2019 in Denmark - 800,000 out of them work for the State - did you know that?... ☝️FACTS: Denmark is the highest taxed country in the world. Right again Trish... . ☝️FACTS: People are not lazy, but everything is paid for, including the educational system, and student loans (SU) are common, but State education system are failing, due to State "controlled" and "suppresses critical thinking" system... ☝️FACTS: Denmark to slash car taxes from 180% to 100%, with additional high yearly green taxes, but Trish is still right about, you pay more in taxes that you actually do on the car... ☝️FACTS: Trish is right again. Out of 5,6 million people living in Denmark, HALF, of the population is not working and depends on the State (lazy, sick etc.)... 2.1 million adult Danes are on publicly supported transfer income. Among other things, this amounts to 1.1 million pensioners, 329,000 SU (student loans) recipients, 190,000 people on unemploy- ment benefit and cash benefits, 199,000 early retirement pensioners and 49,000 people on retirement pay... |


👀 Your Must-Listen Alternative News Broadcast 🙏 | Aired Feb 24, 2019 | ~ Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness ~ | Blogger:... () = SoTW... Simon says 🚩... {headlines only} ... (sorry no transcript from SoTW - this time)... PS: Simon Parkes take on 5G, China and Coronavirus might surprise you... |

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams...

📺 ~ Intellihub: TV commercial contains subliminal message in which government declares martial law due to a pandemic outbreak (VIDEO) ~ | Blogger: Shepard Ambellas opinion journalist, analyst, political pundit: "How could a commercial produced in 2014 foreshadow what is currently happening now with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?"... |

Source (intellihub)

How could a commercial produced in 2014 foreshadow what is currently happening now with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?

(INTELLIHUB) — An AARP television commercial released in 2014 that pertains to caregiving actually contains a subliminal message about the government declaring martial law due to an outbreak, one YouTuber reveals.

Audio playing in the background of the video can be heard which states: “Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law. The president is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm. Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.”

🏃‍♂️😧🦠 ~ Hal Turner: Elites Are Bugging-OUT! CEOs of DISNEY, MASTERCARD and SALESFORCE all RESIGN within 24 hours ~ | Blogger: Hal Turner: "WHY🤔 Many people are now openly wondering why these top three CEO's all chose to leave on the same day? Some people say they believe it has to do with the Coronavirus outbreak and continued spread globally. It is being widely RUMORED that these rich and powerful people are "bugging-out" to their bunker-type survival locations to try to survive the coming pandemic"... |

Source (halturnerradioshow)

Head honchos at Mastercard, Walt Disney Co., and Salesforce, which all sit in the top half of the Fortune 500, are stepping aside, leaving many to speculate about the strange confluence of high-profile departures.

Robert Iger, who has helmed Walt Disney Co. since 2005, will retain the role of Executive Chairman through 2021, but will be replaced as CEO by Bob Chapek.

“With the successful launch of Disney’s direct-to-consumer businesses and the integration of Twenty-First Century Fox well underway, I believe this is the optimal time to transition to a new CEO,” Mr. Iger said in a statement released Tuesday.

“I have the utmost confidence in Bob and look forward to working closely with him over the next 22 months as he assumes this new role and delves deeper into Disney’s multifaceted global businesses and operations, while I continue to focus on the Company’s creative endeavors.”

Mastercard’s Ajay Banga will also transition from CEO to Executive Chairman effective Jan. 1, 2021, the company announced.

Banga will be replaced by Chief Product Officer Michael Miebach.

☸️ ~ 💗 Great Turning of the Wheel (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ |


Since the momentous cosmic events in January, followed by the rare 222 Gateways in February, we are moving into an up-leveling to higher energies. You may have been experiencing massive clearings and adjustments since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12th. It triggered much to the surface for review, healing and transmutation. We are involved in a physical transfiguration from physical density to translucent light bodies.

As you continue to spiral upwards in light frequency, your energy field transforms into the home for Soul embodiment. The ascension photonic waves of plasma and diamond light act as cosmic catalysts for rebalancing. The energetic circuitry of the electro-magnetic body is also adjusting from opposing polarity to united singularity. I’ve been noticing this adjustment occurring in both left/right side of the circuitry, as well as the feet chakra magnets.

Assisting this balancing act is the upcoming Aries Equinox on Thursday, March 19th at 8:50pm PDT/11:50pm EDT. The Equinox occurs at 0 degrees Aries, launching the start of a new season and new 12-month astrological cycle – when the day and night are equal length.