Sep 1, 2023

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Latest news; U.S. COVID cases RISE - Mask-Mandates-Masquerade RETURN? 'Clone Robotics' McConnell FREEZES [again]. Haley: 'Privileged Nursing Home'

From Charlie Ward Insiders Show w/Mahoney 30th of August 2023
at 55 minute maker before Gene Decode comes on. Gene destroying everything what Simon Parkes claims abt Maui DEW etc. Charlie says, we're been infiltrated in the truth-community by people who just want fame (do not mention Simon of course)... |

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🚀👽💱 (Amazing report. A must-read. You have nooo idea) The ZetaTalk Newsletter: BRICS Bash. Moon Landings. Prigozhin Escape. Beijing Blowout. ~ Sept 1, 2023 ~ |

ZetaTalk Newsletter

The annual meeting of the BRICS founders took place in S Africa this year and was a celebration of sorts. More than 20 countries have asked to join the consortium, and six of them were accepted. No new BRICS currency has been issued, and trade between member countries will remain in their respective fiat. Primarily, they will not be trading amongst themselves with US dollars or Euros. BRICS is noted for being Gold backed and having low interest loans. The IMF is known for a colonial attitude and debt slavery.

Dmitry Trenin: The Founder Members of BRICS face a Historic Decision as they Attempt to Reshape the World Order
August 21, 2023
About 20 countries are reportedly seeking admission to the five-member organization and the list of countries that will be represented at the meeting in South Africa is three times as long. However, the question is would such an expansion make a much more diversified BRICS immediately stronger or not? Calls have been made for the group to create a common currency, to break the dollar's monopoly in world finance. A more practical way would be to improve the currently growing practice of using national currencies in trade between BRICS countries. Russia accepts the rupee for the oil it ships to India; Brazil trades in yuan with China; and so on.
BRICS to Focus on Curbing Dollar Reliance : South Africa
August 22, 2023
Members of the bloc have floated the idea of creating a common currency for intra-member trade. BRICS countries, which currently account for 40% of the world's population and almost a third of the global economy, are also expected to discuss the addition of new members to the group. The 15th BRICS summit is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa between August 22 and 24. More than 20 countries have formally applied to join BRICS.
China says African Countries want Industrialisation over Infrastructure
August 22, 2023
African countries want China to shift its focus from building infrastructure on the continent to local industrialization. China will talk through its plans for African industrialisation with African leaders at a special roundtable on the sidelines of the Aug. 22-24 meeting of the BRICS bloc - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Investments by Chinese companies in Africa, especially from small and medium-sized companies, would increase.

😢💔🙌 ~ (Snøft - når sjælen kalder) På min datters 25-års fødselsdag. Den 'spirituelle lavalder', begynder først omkring 27-30 år. Hvor man STOPPER OP, og ens Sind, Sjæl og Ånd, tager kampen op med Egoet, Forsvarsmekanisme og Samfundets Autoriteter. Her, hentes 'sindet' tilbage til rødderne af sin egen barndom og miraklernes tid ~ 1. September 2023 ~ |


Kære Isabella,

For 12 år siden forsvandt du uden ord, for at få fred, søgte hen hvor din mor og morbror bor.

Fortvivlelse, frustration, sorg og savn, ramte os alle ubemærket hårdt, 
i hjertet vort.

Vi kunne alle rumme dig, selvom du hjemmefra kom vred og farvet, 
var din frustration svær som far, at forstå og at arve. 

Dine første 3 levedage, lyttede du til fars hjerte, unikke duft og varme, jeg bar dig
 stolt, i min arme.

Min familie skabte rammen om din barndom, den kærlige opdragelse
og omsorg, 'storesøster' for fasters børn, du var en ørn.       
 Husk nu på, intet er sort og hvidt, ingen andre især jeg, 
ønsker, du skal have det skidt. 

Du behøver ikke forklare dit Drama, du bliver ført sikkert tilbage, 
på vores vej af personlig karma.

🤑🔮🃏 (IRS on hold. New fresh IRS benefiting HU) TBJ Snippet: Quick Chat Aug. 31st 2023 ~ Sept 1, 2023 ~ |

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FREE GUY: Btw, you can only trust a Tarot card reading as much as you can trust the person doing the reading. Look for someone who is highly ethical, good intuition. Authentic, long time experienced both in the spiritual element and in real life that only wish expansion and the best for HUmanity. It's okay if someone exhibits a glitzy or ‘gypsy’ kinda Good Witch persona. Looking for information from the Divine. To channel the Divine, a reader needs to be a pure and humble vessel. That's what i'm looking after and found it in Tarot by Janine a.k.a. TBJ. Even so, my H-S told me that Tarot cards are an ancient "system" controlled by? jinx or jynz - good or teasing spirits. I think my H-S told me, that Janine has 60% truth reading in her cards.. | 

🌎📢👂 ('Can ONE man Know-It-All? 1000% not true.' ~ SoTW) Simon Parkes & Laura Eisenhower - Diving Deep Into What is Going on In the World! ~ Sept 1, 2023 ~ |

 I AM truly sorry on SoTW, if anybody gets offended. My Higher Self told me that Simon has become ego-driven one-man machine. NOT that there's anything wrong with Simon. I have proof he's disconnected himself to Dr. Charlie Ward (voice-mail from Charlie). The first 35 minutes and then i stopped of this looong video was all about how Simon knows-it-all and everyone else, is dead wrong. He talks about Pentagon and 9/11 that nobody else does. Who (Military) White Hats are. How the Maui attacks went down and rejects all other theories. What Evil and Good is all about. And why Simon doesn't want to write/say something that The White Hats puts in other 'truthers' mouth. Apparently, Simon's truth is complete and unique and absolute truth cannot be bended - right??... |