Sep 14, 2019

👼 ~ 💗 Twin Soul Energy Report; Many Experiencing Turbulence as We Enter The Equinox Gateway (EoL] 💕 ~ | Channeled through Jen McCarty |

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time, with very important information to share with you, regarding the current energetics that are affecting particularly the first wave 144,000 Ascension pioneers.

There are many in the community that are experiencing an unprecedented level of turbulance at the moment, and these challenges are manifesting as a feeling of overwhelm and intense pressure in practically every area of many of our lives.

We would like to now offer some context as to why this is occurring for so many. Please know this is largely due to the profound work and alignment of the starseed community, which has created it so that the vibration of the Earth has exponentially raised now to a level that the entire false collective matrix system is collapsing.

Prior to this, the Matrix system was held in place tentatively through the vibration of Fear but due to the potency of the energetic frequency of so many of the light workers who are now entering into and stabilizing into 5th dimensional consciousness this is activating a complete release for the entire collective from the false matrix grid.

Due to the collapse of this grid, this is activating A profound experience of unsettled energy which is currently permeating the entire collective Consciousness, but we wish to inform you that what is occurring now is actually very good and very positive and indicative of the huge shifts that are taking place within the collective consciousness of humanity.

🛢️ ~ Kim Dotcom tweet: "All major Saudi oil refineries are burning." ~ | .. All major Saudi oil refineries are burning. Saudi Arabia can’t afford losing its only source of income while the US is increasing its oil market share. The world’s largest funder of terrorism is suddenly the recipient of terror attacks. Karma? War in Yemen may soon be over .. |

💊 ~ NYT: New York Uncovers $1 Billion in Sackler Family Wire Transfers (NNN) ~ | Blogger: [🤜ALL focus on U.S., but Denmark, has more opioid dependents than neighboring countries. Round-the-clock Pharmacy & generous doctors and an aggressive pharmaceutical industry are part of the explanation🤛] ... TELL ME, what about all the DEATH people, years after years, when skyrocketing insulin prices, has forced Americans to seek alternative in Canada and black market, to get day-to-day insulin??? Type 1 diabetes, once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin by itself... NOW, According to a report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the University of Southern California Center for Health Policy and Economics, between 2007 and 2016, major brand insulin list prices have increased by 252%, while net prices saw less growth at 57%... FINALLY, of 2019, after several months of harsh criticism of the company's prices in the US, Novo Nordisk will launch a copy and cheap version of the company's top insulin, Novolog, in the US market. The new copier will be sold for less than half the price of the original product. Novo chief executive Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen recognizes that the Danish company is under severe pressure in the US. Novo Nordisk has ALSO settled a US patent case with Teva, which prevents the Israel-based generics firm marketing a cheaper version of its key type 2 diabetes drug Victoza until 2023 (One for all, money for one)... |

The New York attorney general’s office said on Friday that it had tracked about $1 billion in wire transfers by the Sackler family, including through Swiss bank accounts, suggesting that the family tried to shield wealth as it faced a raft of litigation over its role in the opioid crisis.


🎭 ~ Inspirerende læser (DKR) ~ | Blogger: [🧑‍🤝‍🧑A-Team Lynch, Lynch, Lynch. Kisser & Henrik Sass Læse, Læse, Læse🎎] ... {Politimand, Formand, Dement. Glem det. Fra nu af skal det hedde Politibetjent, Forperson og person med Demens} ... Tekstprogrammet Word fra Microsoft vil foreslå »inkluderende« alternativer til ord, der refererer til køn eller kan opfattes som nedsættende for folk med handicap eller sygdomme... 🙄 PS: Andre ord du ikke må sige i Danmark efter kønsneutral opdragelse, Queerfeminisme og Emma Gad for hvide, blev en realitet (Hen, hän, høn:) 'Prinsgemalen'. (PnP chemsex). 'Neger', 'Hottentot', 'Negerboller', 'Mulat' eller ’Sambo-flødeboller’. 'Dværg'. 'Kæmpe'. 'Mongol'. 'Sigøjner'. 'Eskimo'. 'Nydansker'. 'Blondine'. 'Dameøl'. 'Min hustru'. 'Selv tak'. 'Mums'. 'Taskforce'. 'Narrativ' og listen fortsætter... Åhhh nej, Mette F. vil bygge en 'energi-ø'!!🤣 Skal 'flygtninge-øen' (Lindholm) så slås sammen med 'energi-øen'? Så kan udlændinge, der er på tålt ophold og kriminelle afviste asylansøgere, lave bilnummerplader, kinasko og finde på flere ideer på hvordan vi alle redder planeten ved at indrette (flere) storrumskontorer?... |

René Fredensborg har noget, han gerne vil have Kirsten til at tage op, han er nemlig ikke blevet nomineret til Prix Radio, hvilket Den Korte Radioavis er blevet flere år i træk. Han vil gerne have Kirsten til at skrive en forherligende klumme om ham, men taler han overhovedet nogle sprog flydende? Det eneste der efterhånden holder Kirsten Birgits mod oppe, er samtalerne med den sjældne dreng Piet. De har livsbekræftende telefonsamtaler, hvor de mobber Jens Rohde, der sammen med et barn har voksenmobbet Donald Trump i radioen. Nina har ikke forstået en skid af det hele, men er hun klar over, at Socialdemokratiet er ved at køre en hetz mod Kirsten? De kommer gentagne gange ud med noget, hun overhovedet ikke forstår, og hun er ved at miste miste forstanden af det. Hvordan kan man f.eks. redde planeten ved at indrette et storrumskontor? Kirsten ringer til Dan Jørgensen for at få en forklaring, der kan få den socialdemokratiske verden til at give mening. Hvis bare de ikke kun ville gøre det juridisk korrekte, men det rigtige. Kirsten har det ikke godt, hun har brug for en velfungerende kulturpolitik og lovforslag der giver mening. Og så har hun brug for at læse, læse, læse og inspirere andre til at læse, læse, læse.

Hen, hän, høn - LGBT DK

🐠 ~ Red and White Dragon's Update on Ending the Fed (The GoldFish Report) | Blogger: [😲"(45 min marker:) The problem in Scandinavia is that Mainstream media (MSM) is BRAINWASHING the people there. Take for example, Norway, spend time there a few weeks ago, claims to the the best world of living, but all I see is beggars and drugs addicts in the streets and i don't know, who's making this kind of PROPAGANDA. I meet in person, Jens Stoltenberg, head of NATO, talk to him when he was a PM, then he was a good guy, now, he seems POSSESSED!. Send him to Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base)!. Why are the authorities in Scandinavian, police, the intelligence agencies and military etc. not doing their job and arrest the root criminals?" ~ Red Dragon Ambassador🙇‍♂️] ... "A Swedish professor, Magnus Söderlund of the Stockholm School of Economics suggested, "CANNIBALISM" could help fight climate change, this is SICK, says Louis, investigative reporter of GR" ... PS: The GoldFish Report has been censored / illegally deleted on YouTube, loss of 12.000 subscribers, 3 years of hard work and 200 reports... |

On The GoldFish Report No. 388, Louisa welcomes the Red Dragon Ambassador and Benjamin Fulford of the White Dragon Society to discuss the Global Financial Reset that is now being discussed on the world stage by the G7 leaders in addition to the IMF, President Putin, and the Rothschild's Economist Magazine. The discussion surrounds the need to end the Federal Reserve and to establish new currency and a debt jubilee and much more.

🚒 ~ A Quick Burn - Love Will Win - IPOT Presents - 9.14.19 ( In Pursuit of Truth) ~ | Blogger: 😂 This is pretty funny, if you ask me... Remember : #LoveWillWin...💌 |