March 19, 2015

Golden Gaia News Roundup: March 19, 2015

GAOG: Evolution and the DNA Strand.

Have you ever heard of “Junk DNA”? If you haven’t, are you even aware that as human beings we have two strands of DNA that are connected and active, while we have 10 additional strands that are “junk,” or not fully functional, or misunderstood on a scientific level of understanding? This is something I have been reading more and more on lately as I become more aware of myself on a multi-dimensional level.

Understanding the physical body from only the standpoint of medical science and physiology can oftentimes be very limiting when we think about it. The reason I say this is very simple. Evolution goes so far physically before we need to make the jump “spiritually,” and I mean that in whatever way that means to you, the reader. As the spiritual path is as individual as DNA, so is your connection to how you choose to describe your own experience.

So, given the fact that we don’t have a need to evolve into a human being with five arms, what is the next most natural point of evolution for the beings on earth? This evolution is not just in humans, but in all sentient beings who inhabit this plane of existence. We are all going through a process of spiritual evolution, which brings me back to this discussion on DNA.

If we are created with these strands of DNA, but they are not “firing”, “activated”, or being used in any way, then why do we have them? Perhaps, it’s our conscious reconnection to them that marries the evolution of our spiritual energies and our physical bodies.

Junk DNA: Maybe it’s Just Misunderstood.

In my first article, NY Times offers up a point of view indicating that the once widely used term “junk DNA” is no longer relevant because, as it turns out, geneticists have found that the non-coded DNA appears “to be doing stuff.”

Is Most of Our DNA Garbage? by Carl Zimmer for the New York Times

“Human Genome is 90% Junk…”